Super Stardust Ultra and Hustle Kings are coming to PlayStation VR

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Super Stardust Ultra and Hustle Kings are coming to PlayStation VR

Two PSN mainstays are getting a virtual reality makeover

You might be thinking that after the recent cavalcade of announcements at E3 earlier this month, we’d have run out of PlayStation VR news to bring you. But you’d be wrong. Today we’re happy to tell you about two PSN favourites coming soon to PSVR: Hustle Kings and Super Stardust Ultra. Allow me to hand over to the relevant producers to tell you more…

Super Stardust Ultra VR (Pedro Sousa, Associate Producer, XDev Studio Europe)

After 10 years of pushing boundaries on PlayStation platforms, we are pleased to welcome Super Stardust to PlayStation VR. Adopting a whole new perspective of gameplay, you will jump into to the cockpit thanks to Super Stardust Ultra VR’s first person perspective and blast countless waves of enemies as they attack from every angle, in a frenetic fight that puts you right in the centre of the action.

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Called Invasion Zone, this new mode designed specifically for VR is played in a first person cockpit view, where you take control of a ship armed with the advanced weaponry typical of Stardust: plasma cannons, missiles, EMPs and an Inertial Disruptor. For optimum results, the targeting system is fixed to the pilot’s head movement… look to aim and pull the trigger!
With two difficulty levels, you will battle for world domination in the online leaderboards and claim the title of best Super Stardust pilot.

Along with the new Invasion Zone, you can also play all the traditional SSU game modes enhanced for PlayStation VR, diving into a fully immersive experience. This release includes not only the classic Super Stardust experience, but also all the game modes included in Super Stardust Ultra!

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Hustle Kings VR (John McLaughlin, Senior Producer, XDev Studio Europe)

Calling all hustlers! The most popular pool game on PlayStation 4 is coming soon to PlayStation VR. For the very first time you can look around the pool table and work out your angles just like you would in real life.

Choose your method of playing, either with the standard DS4, motion-enhanced Dualshock 4 or dual Move controllers, newly implemented to enhance your VR experience.

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Chalk up your cue and shoot some 8-ball, black ball or try some of our other modes like 3-ball, 9-ball, 14-1 continuous or even a game of killer. Think you totally own the pool table and need a bigger challenge? Then try your hand at our snooker mode (bow tie and waistcoat optional).

Play locally or online against your friends, or if you are feeling up to the baize challenge why not delve into our multi-tiered online leagues and tournaments? Here you can pit your skills against the very best PlayStation pool and snooker players from all around the world. When you want to be a show-off, head over to the Puzzle Challenge Mode for a series of increasingly difficult puzzles for you to solve.

Finally, just when you think you have seen everything, we’ll hit you up with our two crazy tables. Trust me, you’ve never have played on tables like these before.

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)


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  • *grabs bag of popcorn and waits for any agreements relating to Hustle Kings VR* “Why not go and do it for real?” “A good way to practise without beady eyes watching you!” etc.

  • what in the world is a “motion-enhanced Dualshock 4” ?? o.O

    • I, too, would like some clarifcation on this… has someone let slip some information on some new tech???

    • As far as I know the Dualshocks have been motion-enhanced since the Sixaxis (the early ps3 models). It’s understandable you’ve never heard of it, it’s never been implemented in many games.

      Which I am personally thankful for, I don’t like gimmicky add-ons like that, it only adds to the price, weight, size, power usage, etc.. of the controller for the one ‘advantage’ of having a distracting, different input model… This is something I really dislike in Nintendo now, too, especially if it’s being forced on you in games like StarFox Zero.. All gimmicky add-ons should be optional at all times. Not just the hardware for it, but the implementation of it in the games as well!

      On ps3 the best case I can remember of it is turning a valve in Killzone 2 by turning your controller (counter)clockwise… At least there it didn’t bother me and it usually worked as responsively as a button push, but other than that I didn’t get a better experience out of it than a simple turn of a joystick..

    • By motion enhanced, it means making use of the lightbar to track the controller, thus expanding its motion capabilities. This feature has thus far only been used in The Playroom.

  • I’m going to assume they mean you can play with standard DS4 controls (sticks and buttons) or using the motion sensing features (tracking, tilt etc). I can’t imagine they’d bring out another version when DS4 was always designed for tracking as it is.

  • Looking forward to SSUVR, but i’d rather have VR on Pure Pool, not that free2play Hustle King rubbish,

    • I think since u pay 20 euro for it u get the full game. I would really hate it if i paid that amount for a game with as much microstuff as the free-2-play version has

  • i would like to know if we own them on ps4 will we get access to the VR versions for free as in a patch ?

  • Scrap that what i posted :)

  • The links aren’t working for me? I’m on the South African Playstation store

  • Weren’t both of these already announced for PSVR?

    Anyway, I really like the look of SSUVR; I was really only expecting the same view as you get on the standard version, so I’m really looking forward to playing it in first-person. I imagine it’s going to get very difficult though when you can’t see what’s behind you.

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