Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival is out now on PS4 – watch the launch trailer

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Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival is out now on PS4 – watch the launch trailer

The classic arcade footie sim returns this week

Dino Dini’s Kick off Revival is finally out today! First off, I would like to thank all of you for your tremendous support. It means a lot to me. I have waited a long time to make this game, and your support has really motivated me.

I am proud of the game and even if I did not manage to get everything I wanted into the initial release, I believe I managed to include the most important things.

This release is the first step in the development of the new Dino Dini’s Kick Off franchise and I am lucky to now have a team working with me to help improve the game throughout its life on PlayStation Network. I am committed to delivering high quality added content updates at no extra cost.

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We wanted to be there for the Euros and we are! After 25 years, our goal was to offer players the possibility to share the experience of arcade football with their friends, their family; to replay Euro 2016 matches in Kick Off Revival and enjoy again the thrill, the sensations and emotions of a time when they played the first Kick Off and Kick Off 2 on their Amiga!

Here are the key features of the game:

  • Three game modes: Practice, Single Game, European Cup
  • Online gaming: 1 vs 1 with random matchmaking, invites and leaderboards
  • Offline multiplayer: 1 vs 1
  • 24 European teams
  • Radar for full view of the pitch
  • Tactics (4-4-2, 4-2-4, 5-3-2, etc)
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We’re also very happy to have been able to offer a retail version of the game on day one thanks to our partner Avanquest. In order to achieve that, we had to make important choices for the launch. Make sure to download the Patch Day One before playing as it improves a number of things we got in at the very last minute.

We’d like to thank you for your patience and your trust! We really hope you will enjoy the game. I have so many ideas and things planned for the months to come! For a full list of things to come please you’ll find it on our webpage.

Finally, I will be having an online launch party on my Twitch stream this Friday starting at 2.00pm BST. You can ask me questions about the game, I can demonstrate what it is all about and I look forward to playing some online matches with you.

Take care,

Dino Dini


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  • News about the Physical release?

  • Will there be a demo released for this? Need to test play it before I splash the cash…

  • will it just be an on disc only release or available on the ps store?

  • Only one competition and 24 teams? Sounds a bit light on content. Maybe you should have taken more time over it rather than rushing to release it for Euro 2016.

    • Oh dear…

      I was just watching Dino Dini’s live stream and he admitted the game wasn’t finished. Well, if it’s not finished, why release it? I doubt anyone who was excited for this cared if it came out at the same time as Euro 2016 or not; they just wanted a decent game.

  • Want this for the vita. Will it be cross buy?

  • Great, I have been waiting for this to release, I purchased it immediately. I only had a chance for a quick go (I was supposed to be working) but what I played was great. I look forward to having a multiplayer match over the weekend. Thanks for reviving this great game :o)

  • As much as I loved Kick Off on the Amiga, and as excited as I was for Kick Off Revival, it’s hard not to feel slightly disappointed. It feels very much the work-in-progress DD has alluded to but more so it feels like it should be much more. Sadly, even though the core mechanics are there and it’s solid if rather unrefined, I can see many passing it over before it ever reaches anything like it’s potential somewhere down the line.

  • It’ll be on plus before end of year.

  • This game is an unfinished, buggy mess. Should never have been released in this state, Dino should be ashamed of himself.

    • Shipping the game is more important than anything else.

      Everything else can be fixed later.

      This is dinos view, he said it himself in the review thread I posted

  • So just to get this right in my head , this is pretty much just the core and dino will add team selections, various pitches, sounds etc very soon ??? £12.99 and much anticipation has made me feeling gutted especially after playing the football manager Version made by fans on iTunes which is brilliant. I’ve waited 20 years .. I could have waited another month or two for it to be fixed then released

    • ” ….especially after playing the football manager Version made by fans on iTunes which is brilliant…..”

      You mean the game that “copied to death” Dino Dini’s kick off? ;)
      The one that is using the “exact same gfx” (sprites/pitch/ etc…) copied 100% from Kick off 2??

      This is not a Fans version…this is a “rip off version” of Dino Dini’s original game with worse gameplay!!

      Shame on them….

  • This is pretty much the opposite of what everyone said about the No Man’s Sky delay!
    Might not have been you saying it, but seems the devs can’t win

  • Was actually looking forward to this, glad i looked things up before i bought it. Guess i’ll wait until the game is done.

    Gaming nowadays sure is weird..


    This game is incomplete, and was release too soon. It’s nothing more than a glorified demo. This game is not worth the £7.99 price tag and I want a refund NOW!

    I loved Kick Off 2 and Sensible Soccer and this game has not done any justice to their legacy.

    The issues so far:

    – Goal kicks are automatic, you have no control
    – No red or yellow cards
    – Virtually impossible to dribble the ball
    – Control scheme just does not work. Left stick to control the player and power of passes just doesn’t work
    – No “offsides” means that CPU can hoof the ball up to their players and your defence seem to be nowhere in sight
    – Loads of glitches

    Really disappointed, was hoping for good things, but even the online play is laggy and not fun.

    • Kick off fans beware!! Lies lies lies and more lies….

      The game is INCREDIBLE!!! It’s as fun as Kick off 2 plus they’re coming many free patches from Dino Dini that they’re gonna fix all the bugs and will add extra free content!!

      Internet is full of “trolls” and haters…so be careful what you read ;)

      Kick off Revival is the best soccer game in ages!! It’s worth every penny!!
      Super fun and super addictive!

      I bought the retail version of the game but I’ll also buy digital too because I want to support the dev so that he can go on to his next biggest project “Player Manager”!!!

      If you want to ask him about bugs-fixes or learn what’s next for Kick off Revival follow his twitter @dndn1011 or watch him in action on hisTwich channel

      If you’re a Kick off fan you can’t afford to miss this amazing game!!

      Thanks Sony for bringing our favorite game to PS4!!

    • If you feel £7.99 was too much, I spent €24.99… the nostalgia was worth it, the game not so much at the moment but I trust that upcoming patches will make it better. Not too happy with the trophy list either, way too many online.

    • Kick off fans beware!! kprountzos is blatantly affiliated with this game.

      Read the reviews, all saying the same thing. THIS GAME IS NOT COMPLETE.

      Maybe once all the patches have been released this game could be fun, but at the minute, don’t waste your money.

      Iff you’re a fan of the original series, don’t buy unless you want to be disappointed.

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