PlayStation Plus open weekend kicks off this Friday

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PlayStation Plus open weekend kicks off this Friday

PS4 online multiplayer is free for all, this weekend only.

Come and play this weekend and take on friends, rivals and the world in action-packed online-multiplayer for any of the titles you own with multiplayer modes. You have from 10:00 BST 24 June until 10:00 BST 27 June 2016 to play online at no cost.

Round up your buddies pronto or find new ones online from around the world because now is the perfect time to check out all the newest multiplayer games and DLC you own.

Whether you choose to journey through hell in DOOM, fight through paradise in Uncharted 4 or get in the sporting spirit with Pro Evolution Soccer, the world of online multiplayer is your oyster for an entire weekend. So boot up all your favourite titles and get online – there’s no excuses for missing out!

There’s more to PlayStation Plus than online multiplayer – if you’re not a member yet, find out about all the other great features such as 24 games a year at no extra cost, exclusive discounts, 10 GB cloud storage and more, here.

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  • Fantastic E3 Playstation,

  • Kinda wish online stayed free and my Plus membership just went into great games like it used to and being a great overall service for all platforms…

  • “find out about all the other great features such as 24 games a year at no extra cost”

    72 games, surely? Or if you’re talking about PS4 only, 23.2? Yeah, I’m still bitter about King’s Quest

    • I agree with you on Kinq’s Quest. I bought the complete collection when it went on sale shortly after playing the plus chapter. On a separate note the game is worth every penny of its £31.99 price tag. The wait between episodes is a bit longer than usual but when they come they are brilliant.

  • OI! I paid for those 3 days!

  • So do I get a 3 day extension on my PSPlus this month? You know, since I’ve paid for them and all.

  • Can we have a blog post which actually breaks it down what we are actually paying for when we are “paying to play” online? Other than the privilege?

    • That would be embarrassing, their whole scheme up in smoke! They could say whatever they want, PS3 proved that it was more than feasible to offer a free online service and store. This is just a money grab, plain, simple and in the open. If it weren’t, they might be fair and confident enough to split the costs of PLUS and online, but they won’t, because most of the costs go into PLUS (that explains why the subscription still costs as much as it did when it was an optional subscription for ps3). To make matters worse the quality of the IGC has been dropping steadily ever since making it mandatory. This is nothing short of a joke, completely unfair towards the people who aren’t interested in PLUS as a ‘limited digital library for rent’ and only do it for online.

  • No PS4 for me, as long I have to pay to play online!

  • Well how very nice of you, Sony. A whole weekend free online after making it mandatory and making everyone (including those with zero interest in PS PLUS) pay for it, which wasn’t even your own ‘bright’ idea, you got it from the competition. This is a cruel joke, adding salt to the wounds. And to think I used to look up at you.. smh

  • Globally? Or just in Europe?
    I’m from India…

  • I’m happy with PS Plus on my Japanese id.

  • Duke Nukem Forever!
    Assassinso Creed Rogue
    Prequel sequel Bordlands

  • Rofl at all of the people complaining about it just to whine & moan over nothing. : D
    Seriously. And, Sony didn’t force anyone to pay for +. The only difference is people can’t play with others online.
    Also, paying for + not only allows that (gripe all you wish or get over it…), you get six games monthly for the price of almost one new game if you pay for + annually — if you still own (and you should) PS3 & Vita.
    Astonishing are the benign things people cry & complain about over the net. Truly, it’s just sad.

    • Actually its 6 only if you own ps3, ps4 and vita otherwise you get less but when you have a ps4 do you actually put your ps3 on often enough to claim the ps+ games on it. i know i dont my ps3 is nice but its sitting in a drawer with my ps2 gathering dust.

    • Lol facepalm. Yet here you sit, crying and complaining about something as benign as people having a different opinion from yours (who would’ve figured?!). You’re clearly a PS+ fanboy so you obviously can’t bother to understand the side of those who only want their online. Yours is the perfect public to work these schemes on, you don’t only seem oblivious to the workover, you actually promote their ways. smh
      To each his own ofcourse, if having a bunch of games for rent (that they chose for you) for the duration of your subscription is enough for you, so be it. But the people who aren’t even interested in that, now need to get it for online. It’s funny how you people who are always complaining about complaints are the ones who either love PS+ apart from the online component, or the former Xbots who are used to paying just for online gaming anyway. It never seems to dawn on any of you that it could be better.

    • Stonesthrow bud you got + there so makes what you say a bit redundant. But if it really is that bad for you buy an xb1 im sure you will like it there and having sense and defending a decent system doesnt make me a fanboy theres plenty of crap sony do wrong ps+ isnt really one of them is it.

    • RpgCraig I was replying to lilbluemonkey buddy :) And yes I do have PS+ but I’m forced to get it for online, that’s the whole point.. Wouldn’t get PS+ in a million years if it weren’t for that.. An X1 wouldn’t help me there since Microsoft is the one that came up with the idea of working your audience over like that in the first place and still keeps doing it as well (they might even start charging for PC now..). And I’ve loved every Playstation since the first, it’s their philosophy of charging people for online via PS+ that bothers me.

  • This is an awesome development. Can’t wait ….

  • Its all about online gaming……….

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    • يعني بلعطلة من ٢٤ الشهر حتى ٢٧ فيك تلعب اون لاين بدون ما يكون عندك اشتراك بلس

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  • How to get ps plus free but no viva

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  • ما عندي بﻻستيشن 4

  • I can’t wait

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  • Its very generous of u :D playstation is just getting worse u have to pay to play online on the console and games that u already bought. Its not fair u get player who does not play all the time, so they ending up paying for the whole year and only play few weeks.

  • It’s very nice to hear now welcome to all players on board on all these days

  • ola or hello
    but I speak Portugal

    • is very nice idea for a good play for this weeks but i have all ready the playstation plus for 3 mouths i can just wating and looking for the friends online multiplayer !!! this time i need to more live streaming on live for playstation thank you !!!

  • Childs who dont know what “earning their own money” means, go home and cry to Mom and Dad! I have no problem with Sony regarding the monthly price and crappy free games ( maybe it should be higher so less kiddies come up crying). If the games (and server) are better i would easily pau 10Bucks every month just to keep all those little childs away…

  • Had an X-Box 360 with subscription and PS3, decided to go back to PS3 for the free online.

    Upgraded to a PS4 because I assumed online would be free like PS3 big mistake should have just brought an X-Box One as they are cheaper to buy.

    I think Sony has made a big mistake on this one going to loose a lot of customers to X-Box

    • People would still be paying a subscription if they wanted to play online on either console. It’s not free on Xbox One, so switching wouldn’t make much of a difference.

    • I know mate, got a x1 as well as my ps stuff, X1 though with it’s backwards compat plus the Gold games are ‘sometimes’ good, much better than anything plus has given out, i subbed to plus day1, think i was no8 to rate it lol, stayed with it ever since, before IGN it was more of a fad, i mean early access to betas and some ps1/minis haha.. once IGN hit though everyone got a bit entitled, i hated it though, i mean i used to enjoy buying games as much as playing em, got fed up buying something only for it to be a plus monthly gsme (ps3) so just stopped buying games as much, my fingers are crossed MS do better which might give sony/sen a reality check, Lord knows they need one. wish i’d of continued ‘buying’ the 360 Gold games after getting X1, lots of them are ending up backwards compat, plus there Not rented like ps3 plus games.

  • I love you Playstation.♥

  • Awesome Sony so nice of you to make this happen.
    Sebastian Wesseling

  • كيف الحين ادخل ايدي حقي القاء فيه بلس

  • I like the fact that PS Plus is a lot cheaper than the Xbox Live.
    Just one of many things why PS is better.

    • same price in UK, probably most other places.. also the 360 Gold monthly games are for keeps, a few of them even becoming backwards compatible on the X1,ps plus might of been better for many when IGC (i called it IGN lol in other post) arrived but since PS4 launched plus has been massive letdown and lost any lead it had over Gold, imo Gold is the better of the services atm, plus MS actually have well better servers which is all most gamers care about anyway.

  • Thank you I need this

  • No online no playstation

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  • وش السالفة انا اختاروني

  • This is just a scheme to get other non PlayStation plus players, to play online. If they like it , those players will go and buy it… Very Cruel. Unless ofcourse , you plan to make it free in the next few months or something…

    • can’t blame them for trying that, it’ll be cruel when it finishes though, MS had same deal either last week or week before. instead of this or indeed for those of us who already sub there should be some other freebie, UK could get a free movie, although i hear theres still a lot of Countries without the video service so what they could offer them? got to be something though.

  • I’ll try this opportunity.

    For the complaining people out here.. so you want the same as a discount on your gym subscription, because some new people may try the gym for free for a couple of days? Or a discount on your new car, because people may take a car for a test drive? :)

  • stop complaining its only fro the players

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