New PlayStation Store discounts start today: Ratchet & Clank, Star Wars Battlefront, more

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New PlayStation Store discounts start today: Ratchet & Clank, Star Wars Battlefront, more

Look out for huge savings on a range of great EA-published games

Join everyone’s favourite Lombax and his robotic sidekick in this week’s PlayStation Store Deal of the Week, Ratchet & Clank.

Get ready for an unforgettable trip across the universe in a game that retells the plucky pair’s adrenaline-charged origins story. Available on PS4, you can download today on PlayStation Store.

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

EA promotion (until 29/06/16)

With discounts of up to 60%, we have a whole host of amazing EA titles and DLC available on offer on PlayStation Store until 29th June.

Don’t miss out on big games such as FIFA 16, Battlefield 4, Need For Speed, Star Wars Battlefront and many more. With discounts available across all PlayStation platforms, there is something here for everyone.

The EA promotion page has details of regional pricing but here’s a look at what titles are on offer.

*Some titles may not be available in your region

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

Digital Discounts (15/06/16 – 29/06/16)

We also have our Digital Discounts update this week on PS Store featuring some great digital titles such as Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Skullgirls 2nd Encore and Toren. Discover something new for your PS4.

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  • Why not mention everything? Drakengard is on sale too, but no mention of it. Also.. Can you please try to get a sale on the Drakengard 3 DLC? Been waiting years for it and still waiting.

    • I was going to make a flippant comment on how after waiting all these years you probably should have just bought the DLC and could have enjoyed it by now. While that comment might hold some wait, I’m really surprised by how much DLC there is for this game! I mean there’s A LOT!

      I’m sorry you’re still waiting for the DLC to go on sale but if you love the game and can see some value is the DLC you probably should by it, if you can afford. Happy gaming!

    • ugh… weight not wait. Still waiting for my morning coffee to sink in.

    • The thing is, it’s expensive. And it’s short as well. Not to forget its more of cut content from the game made to be paid DLC. It’s more for completions sake. So £25 is way too much for so little content sadly. Just gotta keep waiting sadly. I mean some day it will go on sale.

    • Yea I get that. £25 is like a new game!

    • Well it’s $19.99 on US store (probably a permanent price drop) and the dlc sister pack is $29.99 – which makes the dlc even more expensive in the UK at £24.99. Possibly better chance of it going on sale in the US, than UK though as the dlc for Nier (The World of Recycled Vessel) has never been on sale six years after release.

  • A very good sale, but I don’t think a lot of people will like it. Let’s be honest here, most of those games, if not all, have been on mutliple sales.

    • Agreed. Although the EA DLC sale is very good, and I haven’t seen them cheaper than this before; so I bought the DLC for four Need For Speed games and finally bought the Mirrors Edge DLC too :D

    • True but ea have far better ideas of sale prices than sony

  • Wow Ratchet and Clank on Sale after 56 days on release. Same happenened to DOTT. You should reconsider Day 1 Discounts for plus members. Now i think twice before i. Iy Games Day one on Store.

    • This “sale” price is just the price most people paid at retail on release. There’s barely any reason to buy off the store if there’s an alternative, unless you think not having to get up to change a disc is worth an extra £10 and losing resale value

    • You would dare sell Ratchet & Clank? It was already cheap on release.
      Would honestly save $20 max. I mean, that’s just deciding not to order the Emperors Plate at Daikoku on the next Saturday night.

      NZ also has never had R&C cheaper than this digital price. It’s pretty good.

    • Lucky for some getting Ratchet & Clank for that price at release. €35 on the store on release, but here in Ireland you wont find it new for less than €45.

      Not all countries can get games super cheap. Some of us have to pay a little more on a regular basis so we appreciate sales like these.

  • What is for PS4 and what isn’t?

  • Got the Battlefront Bundle. That’s by far the best deal. Now hopefully they don’t make it a Plus title just to annoy me.

  • In the US the E3 sale is MUCH better. It even offers Dragon Age Inquisition for PS4 for $5,99 instead of €12,99 we have here… I was looking forward to some of the same titles that are on sale in the US E3 Sale… This is really disappointing !!!

    • When i notice that the americans get better deals I just remind myself that we have universal healthcare.

    • @matdub69

      for now there is the NHS but with countries lining up and bending over for the US (in Europe TTIP)- a lesson can be learned from the American intervention in the former Yugoslavia where not only do they buy up on the cheap public services they then sell them back at inflated prices.

      Didn’t Australia already sign up for the TPP? Even Japan is waiting until August and their elections before signing it.

  • Nice! I’ll be picking up the Burnout Paradise complete DLC pack. Great excuse to revisit a classic game.

  • Kids have been wanting unravel for a while. I was gonna get it anyway but i will say that it is because they did well at school. Welldone girls your dad is proud.

  • It would be nice if some of EA’s psp/ps1 games worked on the vita. ALL of the ps1 and psp games in this list don’t work on the vita. Seems like a deliberate move on EA’s behalf. How many times did you guys win “worst company”? It seems in this instance it only costs you a few sales. Remember everyone that you don’t own your digital games. They can revoke your rights whenever they want.

  • Can you please look into Prince of Persia’s (2008) Epilogue DLC not being available on the Russian store? I believe our store is not the only one affected, and it used to be available for everybody.

  • I highly recommend Ratchet & Clank. It’s a superb reboot/remaster/remake/rewhatever and a lot of fun.

    • Although I’d recommend it too, it’s worth noting that it’s short, with about half the content from the original missing. I enjoyed it but was quite disappointed in what felt like half a game to me…

    • Unless you do Challenge mode to get all the cards and bolts. I’m on my third time round just need to fully upgrade weapons. It’s lots more fun if you try get everything.

    • I have the Plat jelly, got it in 2 play-throughs, which is something that is almost always required from Ratchet games. It was good, but 6 or 7 planets were cut, many characters missing, skill points gone, no giant clank… I did like some of the additions, like the cards, and it’s enjoyable, but it’s nowhere near the scope of a full Ratchet title, something we’ve not seen in a long, long time unfortunately.

  • Seriously, how many times has Battlefield 4 been on offer???

  • Ratchet & Clank added to the list.

  • If anyone hasn’t played Alice Madness Returns then should pick it up – what starts as a fun psychedelic platformer then descends into a disturbing uncomfortable gaming experience – . It’s one of the most overlooked games on the PS3. It released on disc as a 15, not surprised it’s an 18 on the store. I played Alice Madness Returns 5 years ago and the story still disturbs me.

    Hopefully more interesting sale starts on the 29th

    • I just checked out the trailer. It looks awesome. Thanks for the heads up, I wouldn’t have noticed it otherwise.

    • Noticed in another post you have children – I wouldn’t play it in front of them unless you want to have a discussion about the content (like Heavy Rain where you have to explain that yes some adults are bad and do horrible things to children).

  • They should say this before selling the game, but actually Autolog in Need for Speed the Run has stopped working since January, making the platinum unachievable

  • What a stupid pointless sale this is.. It’s 90% old dlc on PS3! Why give us this After E3? Awful sale

  • I hope we’re going to see a similar E3 sale that NA is getting right now, getting really tired of the disparity in content and pricing between the regions.

  • Is Dragon Age: Inquistion worth it? Every 2nd or 3rd month this game is on sale. (I loved Lords of The Fallen, Witcher, Deus Ex. Didn’t loved Fallout.)

    • Yes it’s definitely worth for that price, but i wouldn’t buy GOTY if you are unsure. In short, buy cheaper version, you can buy DLC’s later, they are as you said on sale every 2nd or third month.

    • Thanks! I was on to buy this game in the past months, but everytime i watched a video, i felt like this isnt for me.

    • The DLCs are definitely not on sale often. So do buy the GOTY.

  • Hardline for under £4, that is an amazing deal.

  • Is south Park the fractured but whole coming up for pre order on the psn store today? It’s on the US one but not the UK one

  • How much is it? I am not finding the price

  • Where is The Order: 1886?? I heard it’s a stinker but I saw the US Sale has it going for about £5 and figured I’d give it a shot if we ever got it at that price.

    • Yeah, part of the reason I made post 17. I think it works out at £7 in the NA sale, we had it last week for £17/18… -.-

  • Bored and don’t know when the physical copy will drop to that price so I guess I’ll pick up Ratchet & Clank.

  • Where is the original PvZ? Looked it up yesterday and couldn’t find it, seems related to licensing issues crap. Meh.

  • Well how about an E3 sale in Europe? As always, in Europe, the sales doesn’t match anything it happens on NA market…it should be an universal service correct? At least the prices could be from $ to € directly. How about some information about it?

  • Going to buy Ratchet and Clank, great deal …..

  • Purchased bf4 for ps4 download keeps getting stuck at 3.110gb anyone else having this problem? I have tried all the suggested fixes on the psn help page.

  • Make Theme Park, Populous & Theme Hospital compatible with Vita

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