Here’s your first look at the incredible new God of War for PS4

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Here’s your first look at the incredible new God of War for PS4

Santa Monica Studio returns with a bold new vision for the long-running series

Everything, everywhere changes. Change is an essential part of life. In creative development change is often the explosive spark that transforms good enough into truly memorable.

Several years ago we at Santa Monica Studio began the journey of creating a new God of War. All of us recognised a special honour and responsibility to create a different, better and truly more memorable experience than before. I realised early on that we had to make changes in every aspect of the game.

I knew I didn’t want to simply reboot the franchise, starting over with a retelling of the origin story. I wanted to reimagine the gameplay, give players a fresh perspective and a new tactile experience while delving deeper into the emotional journey of Kratos to explore the compelling drama that unfolds when an immortal demigod makes a decision to change.

For Kratos, this change means breaking the cycle of violence, distrust and deception that his family, the Greek pantheon, perpetuated for so long. That cycle drove a whole host of bad decisions – the ill-fated deal with Ares, the murder of his family and a rage fueled descent into madness and vengeance that ultimately ended with the epic destruction of Olympus.

God of War

It also means learning how to control his rage, the intensely turbulent monster that lives within him, steering him down ever-darker paths. Kratos needed to figure out how to put the monster back in the box, how to control when he does and does not let that monster out.

Kratos’ rage has provoked a tonne of bad decisions in his life, so I was fascinated to see what would happen if he actually made a good one. What would that look like? How would he struggle with this very difficult and unfamiliar road? And more importantly, why would he do this?

God of War

The last question was answered in my own life with the birth of my son, a tremendously transformative event that had me thinking about all kinds of change in life. It is hard for human beings to truly change, but one thing that can really motivate us is the thought of being responsible for a life, and especially the life of our child. The weight of that responsibility drives the instinct to protect, to want to prevent the mistakes of our past being delivered upon them. There is no end to the lengths we will go, no adversity we will not overcome, to be better…
for them.

Once the decision to change was made, things got really interesting for Kratos and for all of us here at SMS. The road to creating a new God of War is a seemingly endless climb up an impossibly enormous mountain, filled with countless gut-wrenching failures and joyfully sweet successes.

God of War

Change is hard, but through it all we persevere, getting back up each time we are knocked down and celebrating each breakthrough, knowing that this journey ends in the realisation of a collective vision – a great change in something we all hold very dear – a chance for us all to be better.

This playable gameplay teaser is an early first glimpse at the new beginning for God of War. We are so very eager to show you more as the game continues to take shape.


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  • New start and they still make Kratos insufferable to play as, pass.

  • One good decision for Santa Monica to have made was if they had had Kratos wipe out christianity (the Father, the Son and the Holy Goat[sic]) on his merry way thereby saving humanity nearly two thousand years of misogyny, self-hate and stress, putting us out of it’s misery.

    Ah well, it was not to have been, but this latest offering (“still under development”) looks fine to me. I will be pre-ordering the inevitable collectors edition once it is made pre-orderable.

  • This was the only thing I really wanted to see but I have to say I’m fairly disappointed by first impression. Mainly due to the camera now being controllable and behind the character. I’m no fan of fixed cameras but in this brawler series I thought it worked particularly well, especially in 3. I just loved how the camera would zoom out to show the entire environment with Kratos still whipping chains and enemies coming at you. It just felt like a technical powerhouse all the way through. I’m getting more of a story vibe and slower pacing from this one. Looks more like an ordinary third person focussed on melee now, getting a bit of a Dark souls vibe from the combat, not a fan of that either. This was the only series where the combat felt really brutally enticing to me, if only visually, and was really itching for a good brawler. Not too happy with the complete overhaul at all, although I’m sure I’ll enjoy this too, I wished for more direction like 3. Really loved what Stig and team did with that one.

    • I have to concur with you on most of your points. I do trust Mister Balrog to do what needs doing in order to bring us a new, fresh perspective on the franchise though.

      I must say that when I first started watching the E3 demo of the game I really wondered if we were viewing some kind of a God of War/Skyrim mash-up. I didn’t recognise Kratos at first, because of my hitherto fresh conceptions, and despite his distinctive red tattoos, I really thought I was viewing some Nord ancestor or descendant of his Kratefullness. I am surprised at the new game’s tone, but find myself pleasantly surprised and wishing to see and play much more of what Cory and team have to offer us.

  • This is the first GoW that I have been interested in. Love the new take and the gameplay has clearly moved forward in to the modern era. A bold move, and I can’t wait!

  • What a nice dad. Will this be the “Dad of the Year Edition”? :)

  • Could be good. I’ve never really enjoyed the stories in God of War games so I often skip the cutscenes. I’m mostly into them just for the 3rd person hack n slashy fun.

  • muneer_12-husain

    Really disappointed i owe the playstaion console only for god of war. After playing gow2 on ps2 i was really impressed by the game and then bought ps3 only only for gow3 and after that ascension camed up with a new gameplay n was very excited to play ascension but in this new version of gow for ps4 is crap..
    Where the hell is blade of chaos of kraots like earlier series where is the anger of kratos. They have change the kratos character not really like i was eagerly waiting for this new god if war for ps4 n just bought new ps4 console only for god of war new series but after the trailer for the same i m really disappointed by the santa monica. Where the hell is magic power and blades gones anger.

    The games seem to be like an ordinary game like other games man is running here and there with 1 child and one most important thing where the music gone like earlier series
    What a awsome music in gameplay of god of war earlier series they have but now this time sucks no music in gameplay

    Not expected this kind of trailer from the developer really not expected

  • I’ve been a huge fan of God of war and played all series but I have to say that the new camera angle is kind of weird havens played the trilogy in an addictive manner. Still open to new things and experience, hope they don’t disappoint.

  • Hope Kratos is adapted very well inside the Nordic’s legends.

    Gameplay-wise looks strange obviously. Would like to know if it’s still an hack n slash or more 1 Vs 1 combat like Hellblade.

  • Wow, that trailer. Had no idea that it was God of War until Kratos stepped out of the shadows. It was also good to see that he didn’t go crazy when shot with the arrow, especially after brutally killing the grunts. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this.

    • Ugh I loved him being so short tempered and full of hate. Really set him apart as a game character.

  • So is this a reboot storywise? This makes it look like a direct sequel after his adventures.

  • Is this open world, tomb rider style (+25 tracking)? Really? What was the issue with the original GoW gameplay? If this is Assassin’s Creed: Kratos or Far Kratos, I’ll pass. I want a good hack n slash game.

  • ABSOLUTELY AMAZING !!!! God of war makers !! Hats off to you. Don’t even listen to the haters for even a second because some people are so trash they’ll never be happy no matter what you do. This is the best looking God of war and the story looks too good. Im definately buying this on release. Its good that you made kratos look new, fresh weapons and a real story this time around. Well done and keep it this way

  • Now I’m hyped. Put God of War 3 Remastered with discount again :D

  • Awsome! can’t wait..

  • Oooooooooo my GOOOODDDD!!!!!!!!!!

  • A real change ..ah!

  • Combat looked a bit crap, but i like the direction the game in general is going

  • Finally new GoW with [DELETED] dragons.. I think he went to north becose he never befor kill a dragon :) (Btw nice beard kratos )

  • I appreciate Cory being back at the helm (GOW2 is still the undisputed jewel of the PS2), but I’m really not sold on the new gameplay mechanics, which seem slow and not that fun. Change for the sake of change is not necessarily a good idea.

  • Kratos has gone all Jeff lebowski in that screen shot.

    Day one for me.

  • Y porque solo salen juegos para play4 o play4neo.Para la play3 que pasa , se acabo lo de sacar juegos?
    Me parece fatal….

  • Los juegos de god of war son mis favoritos, pero con los precios que tienen las consolas no es para estar cambiando cada año, así que creo que el nuevo GOW aunque tarden en sacarlo más tardaré yo en jugar!!

  • alice_push_lara2

    looks like an ARPG to me
    and if you tell me the new GOW game was developed by Naughty Dog I will believe you

  • Looks like a good game but unfortunately not a good god of war game. Shame, was a fan of the others

  • is it going to be coming to ps3 also i would love to play a new GOW game. just wondering i hope it does

  • What a start of a perfect E3 presentation. The life orchestra set the tone, so classy. Then the reveal, God of War. It looks so alien but also so recognisable. The setting looked stunning and the conversation between father and son was very natural and emotional. The fights where brutal and beautiful at the same time. This is a perfect way to continue an ip without getting stale, great job!

  • åååh nordisk mytology :p gee meej nuu

  • مدري بس اسوي زيكم

  • This is not god of war. I was expecting something I’m familiar with. Where are the chains or the blades? Might as well take off the red tattoo and call it a reboot. God of war is my only reason I play PlayStation. Looks like an awesome game for Xbox.

  • Yes ByBy !!

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