Destiny: Rise of Iron is coming to PS4 this autumn – watch the trailer

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Destiny: Rise of Iron is coming to PS4 this autumn – watch the trailer

Follow in the footsteps of Lord Saladin in Bungie’s upcoming FPS expansion

This week at Bungie, we’re super excited to reveal the next adventure in Destiny. This autumn, we’ll launch a new expansion entitled ‘Rise of Iron.’ Here is your first glimpse.

You’re invited to follow in the footsteps of Lord Saladin in a brand new story that culminates in an epic Raid. We’re giving you a new zone to explore, packed with new enemies to fight and new mysteries to solve. We’re even bringing back the most iconic weapon in the Destiny arsenal.


The Gjallarhorn is just one of the weapons you can earn in Rise of Iron (it even comes in Black if you pre-order). As you confront a new threat, you’ll be rewarded with new weapons and armor and make your Guardian more powerful. Rise of Iron will deliver more of everything you love about Destiny. If you missed our reveal stream today, there are even more details you can learn from the development team.

This kicks off a conversation about what awaits Guardians that will last all summer long. Next stop: E3. We’re looking forward to talking with our friends at PlayStation on their own stream, so keep an eye out for us.

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  • SOLD!!!!!!
    Give me gjallahorn

  • Count me in :D

  • Another expansion…. Probably at full retail. Haha. I bowed out just before Taken King with it’s diabolical pricing after already owning the vanilla game plus expansion pass.

    Thought I might dip back in when Comet drops… And true to form… Bungie deliver… Slow clap

  • nope 29,99 € = now on psn to pre-order= fine to dlc ( i waited whith fallen king also price point of 29,99€ )
    more = no go ( then you need match more content )

  • also 3 question to bungie
    1= wy not give already more diferent patrol misions true the summer to al
    2= more enjoying strikes then raids ( so hooping more raids then 1 )
    3= atack pets whith their own skil tree :)

  • edit ( so hooping more strikes then 1 )

  • XxDark-ThruthxX

    It’s gonna be epic!

  • Nope, No, Never…
    I don’t like this… Why?
    Because as much as it seems intresting and will add a bit more life to the game i’ve become to enjoy, Im getting sick of companys thinking the can get a way charging over the top prices just to add few extra missions to a game while making all the current content irrelevent, removing it or making games nearly unplayable for those who already paid tones of money for the game (in this case “the taken king”) to then be expected to pay to continue to play.
    I would of prefered this to be a new game, with new things (like the wolves/dogs) and explore more planets and moons.

    Gonna sound a bit negitive to some but its the truth: this is just another money making scheme… I dont expect certain people to understand my issue with this.
    And before anyone trys the whole “making money to pay workers who spend day and night to make these thing…”
    Well yeah i understand that, but don’t you think your time would be better spent making a new game instead of update/messing with one been out for quite a while…

    anyway all that aside, I really would like dogs/wolves or some kind of animal that could assist in battles, like in Call of duty… I’d pay for that, as long as its not over priced.
    Also, probally going on too much now, but wouldn’t it becool if game decripions like those on psn explain exactly where the money was going?
    also i never understand why digital copys cost more that physical when theres no box or packaging being sold.

    • You must be new to the gaming industry. So what you are saying is, World of Warcraft shouldn’t have had like a bajilion expansions… they should’ve started from scratch year after year, releasing WoW 1, WoW 2, WoW 3, and so on?

      Bungie already anounced a 10 year strategy or something like that, and they don’t make a new game cause it’s easier to expand on something you already have, than to actually start a new. Think about it like renovating a house, you don’t build a new one… you just improve the old one.

      Destiny falls into the MMO category, if you never head of one, or played one before…let me get you up to speed fast.

      The point of MMOs is to run for as long as possible, before (if ever) a sequal is made.

      Look at World of Warcraft, it has like 10 expansions now…
      Guild Wars, after a few years and many “Chapters” they released a second Guild Wars, that had it’s first Expansion last autum.
      Black Desert Online, gets a new expansions months after release, and so on.

      What they promise is not just a few missions, and naming it a DLC is stupid, this is an Expansion….but sure, how much content they add it’s another story.

      You don’t want all that work and maps to go to waste? Go and play Guild Wars 2 on PC, they tried something new with the expansion thing. No level cap raise, no rendering old weapons/armours useless, etc… sure they added new things, but those are mostly equal to the old ones.

      This is how MMOs work…expansions, and the single player games recieve DLCs (this one sucks if you ask me…either sell me the whole game or not at all…i’m paying full price for a game…not for like a little more than half a game. But expansions i do not mind)

    • “Destiny falls into the MMO category”….

      No, it doesn’t.

      Also, irrespective of that, the support that Warframe gets puts Destiny to shame. Bungie seem to want to pick and choose the best for themselves, and perhaps worst for the customers, from every game distribution model.


    Uh… what? Since when was this a thing, Sony?

  • I would like to know if this is the last expansion for Destiny. It would be nice to know ahead of time the number of expansions that are in-line for production and release.

  • destiny mmo = no
    destiny beter then start = jes

    game + dlc prices need to be placed in peopel who are abel to say good price point ( to day = very rong system )
    to many games are priced like ( insert some bad word )
    i hope if bethesda remakes skyrim who i own + pay al dlc them realy not asking 59€ choot a arow in you leg !

    dlc = to al devlopers /publishers ( some paying dlc -some free dlc ,why = be hapy we buy you games )

    desteny need lot more events

    need conpanion whith bufs to carakter ( protecting / atacking skil tree )

    to peopel conplaning =

    if bf ore cod brings out 1 game every jear
    ore them make 1 en then bring out new maps FREE + some paying

    if bf do ww1 now buth say next jear them update whit new campain + maps in other seting = jes the same like destiny + others .

    also mi hunter not have emote from the taken king when you geting ful set of taken armore


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