Watch the first Volume: Coda gameplay trailer, coming soon to PlayStation VR

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Watch the first Volume: Coda gameplay trailer, coming soon to PlayStation VR

Take a closer look at the upcoming VR expansion to Mike Bithell’s stealth hit

Today felt like a fun day to show off what we’ve been up to with Volume: Coda.

Our game, Volume, was released a year ago on PlayStation 4, with a port a few months later to the mighty PS Vita. It’s a stealth puzzle game the way we wanted to make one. We were immensely humbled by the great reaction it got from players and critics, and set about making a little something to say thank you.

Volume: Coda is that ‘thank you’; a free expansion for everyone who owns the original game, exclusively created for PlayStation VR. You’ll guide your character around stealth missions as before, but now you’ll be doing so in an immersive story environment, with a cool holographic simulation floating in front of you. A simulation we’ve added user scaling to, primarily so you can go ‘swwooosshh’ as you pull back on the DualShock and let the hologram engulf you.

Volume: Coda continues the story of the main game across 30 new levels, but this time, you’ll be privy to the knowledge of the villains and the scoundrels, and how they react to a new breed of revolution and a new protagonist.

We cannot wait to show you more. We’ll be demoing the game to press at E3.

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