Everything you need to know about Watch Dogs 2, out this November on PS4

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Everything you need to know about Watch Dogs 2, out this November on PS4

Find out how Ubisoft is pushing its future tech open world series forward

Today we’re excited to finally announce that Watch Dogs 2, the second installment of a series inspired by the hyper-connected reality of our daily lives, will be coming to PlayStation 4 on 15th November.

Here are a few things we want you to know about the game while you get ready to fight the establishment:

1. “Big Brother” no longer works alone

After Aiden Pearce was able to momentarily shut down the entire ctOS system, Blume quadrupled their work on it and released ctOS 2.0 from the heart of Silicon Valley. With billions of connected devices, it has truly become the “Internet of Things.”

But now, it’s not just the government and criminal forces monitoring you. Corporations are building full digital profiles of citizens that can be tracked, traded, sold and stolen without you having any idea.

With so much control over the population, hackers, whistleblowers and activists are raising the flag and drawing the battle lines. It’s time to take the power back.

Watch Dogs 2

2. You’re no longer working alone

You’ll play as Marcus Holloway, a brilliant young hacker who’s been wrongly accused by ctOS 2.0 of a crime he didn’t commit. He’s a charming, funny guy but also a passionate idealist who wants to give back control to the people.

He’ll join the San Francisco cell of DedSec, and only with the combined power of his new hacker family and community will he be able to take on a corrupt establishment and achieve his goals.


3. Every activity counts toward your progression

We wanted every interaction or event in the game to feel meaningful, and everything you do in Watch Dogs 2 will help you reach your final goal.

Speaking of which, there are no more towers to unlock. The entire San Francisco Bay Area will be open from the start for you to explore and discover the stories and secrets that lie within. From the lush lawns of Silicon Valley, to the cultured streets of San Francisco and the gorgeous views of Marin County, each neighborhood has its own vibe and feel.

We’ve packed the game with a lot of content and there will always be something for you to do or see in this massive world.

Watch Dogs 2

4. Hacking is expanded, opening up many new possibilities

Every character, vehicle, electronics and other object you’ll come across can be hacked. Everything is a target that can be hacked in multiple ways. Hacking traffic signals not enough? Take control of a vehicle’s steering wheel or overload the engine.

We want to empower you with even greater control and possibilities with hacking, and we’re really excited to see how players creatively use these tools (when the game is out, don’t forget to share your highlights on the /r/watch_dogs subreddit or our official Tumblr account). You’ll even have an RC car and drone at your disposal to open up the world and create new hacking opportunities.

Watch Dogs 2

5. We took a lot of fan feedback into consideration for Watch Dogs 2

We’re very proud of what we accomplished with the first game, but we also realised we needed to push the experience forward. We scoured the forums, read every tweet and every comment. With the sequel you’ll find a dynamic new protagonist, a denser new setting, deeper hacking possibilities, rewarding world activities, and more accessible vehicle handling (just to name a few things).

The team took special care to make sure the biggest points of feedback were addressed in Watch Dogs 2, and we hope you enjoy what we’ve cooked up for you.

Thank you for reading. We’ve got a lot more to share before the game releases on 15th November, and we hope to see you around. You can find the latest updates on the @watchdogsgame Twitter account.

Watch Dogs 2

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  • Ooouuuch hell yeah, music to my ears. Can’t wait 15 november, an instant preorder.
    WD1 was one of my favorite, still playing online hacking from time to time.

  • Despite it’s flaws, I really liked Watch Dogs. Way too few decent cyber/sci-fi-thriller-games out there.

    On a side note, great job on not announcing it years in advance. ;)

  • Excellent news, so glad this is actually get a sequel. There was an awful lot that Watch Dogs did right; and it deserves a second outing. Also, I agree, good to see an announcement where we not waiting years for the product to come out.

  • Won’t believe the graphics until it’s released. The first one disappointed greatly in that regard.

    • well :) I bought watchdogs 2 or 3 months ago and played it and at some moments i questioned if this is bad graphics at it looked really nice. I also liked driving more than GTA, I really enjoyed it from whell camera standpoint. The game wasnt that bad as everyone aclaims there were really many memorable things, like explosions, side misions, stealth, planning.

    • Erm, GTA isn’t Gran Turismo, but the cars on Watch Dogs were broken, they were always turning slightly to the left when you drove fast. I used to shoot one of the wheels with my gun to compensate…

  • I just hope it won’t be a repetitive drag after a few missions. And if anybody can tell where the graphics come from (PC, PS4, Neo?, render target?) I’d be more impressed.
    I think the correct status for me is now ‘cautiously optimistic’.

  • I know that the final work of Ubisoft can’t be this good, so…And please, do not make us steal the songs in the streets again!!!

    BTW, i’d like to see a sequel of I Am Alive.

  • I never played the first Watch Dogs, and at first glace this looks uninteresting to me as well with Marcus Holloway and his DedSec pals looking stupid and immature as hell.

    But then there’s a gorgeous open world San Francisco which turns the whole thing around. So I might actually go for it, at some point.

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great trailer! Love hip hop and this isn’t too bad, don’t know it. Also gives a good feel for the atmosphere of the game. I really enjoyed the first one (as well as every console AC for that matter, some more than others), a lot of people seemed to have really high hopes for it and were disappointed but I didn’t have that problem. Sort of knew what to expect and felt like they delivered after seeing actual console footage. My only real issue was the vehicle handling at times so it’s good to see that being addressed. I’ll take any good AAA I can get, even more so this gen.

  • I guess exclusive content will be announced at the Sony press conference.

  • ‘brilliant young hacker who’s been wrongly accused by ctOS 2.0 of a crime he didn’t commit’

    eurgh haha feel it’s an over used backstory in films and games but ah well

    other than that, I’m super psyched/

  • Add me to the list of people who enjoyed Watch Dogs. It wasn’t perfect but it was good fun and sometimes a fun open world is all you need. As for Watch Dogs 2, it sounds like you guys have taken a lot of the criticism on board. Top work! I look forward to it.

  • I think Watch Dogs wasn’t as bad as some people said, but it wasn’t that great, either. I hope the sequel is better, and I hope it’s not as much of a Ubisoft game as your other games (your “sandbox” games are their own genre now… too much really; visiting places to unlock parts of the map, assaulting fortresses, etc. It doesn’t matter if it’s Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Watch Dogs or even The Division). I’m not too confident about the game, but I’ll wait and see. I hope I’m wrong so we can enjoy it.

  • Really looking forward to Pet_Dogs 2. See what I did there?! ;) lol

  • Watch Dogs was one of the most boring games I ever played. Very repetitive and annoying character (talking about Aiden Pearce) That guy was horrible.
    It’s tempting to pre-order the game actually. It seems to be nice. But I guess I’ll wait till the release and read the reviews. Anything less 8 Metacritic score for this one would be a no for me.
    You set the bar high for yourself then UbiSoft has to meet it.
    I lost trust in UbiSoft

  • I don’t believe the game will look like the provided press images, we learned that from the previous game. I’m glad they have listened to feedback and improved on vehicle handling and gotten rid of having to ‘unlock’ areas on the map. That is always one of the worst parts of open world games, it’s just padding that adds nothing to the experience.

  • I’ve got Watchdogs for my birthday last year and bought the Bad Blood DLC last Christmas and I have enjoyed playing the game. I hope the sequel be better then the last one and the season pass has more DLC levels and spin-off game with one of the supporting characters as the playable protagonist.

  • This will be delayed !!! Ubisoft always announces to early. I really enjoyed the first watchdogs game, look forward to this, but don’t believe it will be this year.

  • Ubisoft please read this: Watchdogs 2 resembles gta 5 a lot because of similar open world gameplay and freedom. But one thing that gta 5 includes in the game is the ability to go online and order vehicles (planes, cars, tanks, that sorta thing) and go on the stock market and other stuff. Your phone is also used a lot as you can receive emails and be able to call people. I noticed that in the Watchdogs 2 gameplay the main character sort of uses his phone so I would recommend using his phone a lot more (for Internet, calling people, and more) like gta 5 just because it would be a cool feature that I have enjoyed a lot in the past and I feel like it fits the world of Watchdogs better than gta 5 because it’s all about hacking and technology. I hope you consider adding this if you have not added it yet. Thank you! So excited for Watchdogs 2!!!

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