World of Final Fantasy is coming to PS4 and Vita this October

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World of Final Fantasy is coming to PS4 and Vita this October

A brand new take on Square Enix’s much-loved RPG series

Whether you’re an old school Final Fantasy fan, someone who has played a couple of games in the series or perhaps someone younger who is completely unfamiliar with the franchise, I have the Final Fantasy game for you – World of Final Fantasy!

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
In World of Final Fantasy, you will lead a pair of twins, Reynn and Lann, through the land of Grymoire on a search to rediscover their lost memories. Along the way, they’ll come across many familiar faces from the Final Fantasy franchise in an incredible and adorable adventure!

I’m very happy to let you guys know that World of Final Fantasy is coming out on 28th October, 2016 in Europe on PS4 and PS Vita! To celebrate, we’ve got a brand new trailer that gives you a glimpse at the wonderful world (of Final Fantasy) and see some of the iconic Final Fantasy monsters and heroes that’ll you’ll meet on your journey. They probably look a lot cuter that you may remember so check out the trailer below!

There’s a lot to love about World of Final Fantasy. If you’re an old school Final Fantasy fan, you’ll love the unique story, seeing all the legendary heroes together in a new (OMG they’re so adorable!) way and experiencing a new strategic take on the Active Time Battle system that features stacking characters and monsters.

The new Active Time Battle system isn’t the only new feature in World of Final Fantasy. Throughout Reynn and Lann’s adventure, you will collect, raise and battle adorable beings of classic Final Fantasy lore including the lovable chocobo, cactuar and behemoth to create customisable, strategic tower combinations to take on the most challenging foes.

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However, if you’re new to the Final Fantasy franchise then World of Final Fantasy is a perfect introduction to the series and its characters. You can jump into the game without any prior knowledge or experience with the rest of the franchise. So whether you’ve played all the Final Fantasy games or only a couple, World of Final Fantasy is perfect for all generations of Final Fantasy fans.

As a special treat for those of you who are really looking forward to World of Final Fantasy (and why wouldn’t you be?), those of you who purchase the day one edition of the game will receive the legendary Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII as a summon to aid you in battle!

I don’t think anyone remembers Sephiroth looking this adorable!

That’s it for now but I hope you like the look of World of Final Fantasy! We’ll have lots more to share with you guys in the near future so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates!

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DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004
DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004
Everybody's Gone to the RaptureEverybody's Gone to the Rapture

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14 Author Replies

  • Can you confirm yet if the Vita version will be PSTV Compatible?

  • Reynn is wayy too hot/bootylicious for an insane chibi. What the heck. Japan pls.

    Sephiroth can’t be adorable. That form only makes him 10x more [DELETED] crazy. *Shudder
    Wow are they the legit voice actors? Hey look it’s a PS Vita.

  • Woooohoooo!!
    Square Enix, you are in fire! This looks heart stoppingly cute, I was afraid I wouldn’t like the chibi but it actually works for me! Brig it on :)

  • infernalmonkey1

    Retail Vita release cancelled?

    • Cancelled by who? We haven’t cancelled anything!

    • infernalmonkey1

      Good to know. Considering Square Enix is one of the worst publishers in the West with Vita games, I naturally assumed the retail release had been canned.

  • I am going to need more Gil.

    So if there is a Day One edition will there be a collectors edition?

    I will preordained this and Ff XII once I get that information.

    • Nothing I can confirm yet I’m afraid but if we have something to announce then I’ll be sure to let you all know!

  • Now this is the Final Fantasy I have been waiting for! Looks so good.Can’t wait for this super cute game!Day one :)

  • Yay thanks for also bringing Vita version, but I’m still unhappy with FFXII news

  • Looks amazing and adorable!!! I’m a bit confused with something. I watched the video from someone posting it on Twitter and it says

    Worldwide release 10.25.2016

    Then the video above says

    So why is one saying worldwide release and the other is saying it won’t be?

    • Sorry about that, that was a mistake and it shouldn’t have said “worldwide.” 25th Oct is the North American release date and 28th Oct is the European release date. It’s only a couple of days apart but sorry about the confusion

  • I preordered this back in August 2015. Such is my hype for an ATB final fantasy, after the travesty of the FFXV combat and news of FFVII-R changing combat system.

    • The Final Fantasy series has always been about change and innovation which is why every game has different mechanics and systems and even World of Final Fantasy has a new take on the ATB battle system. Fair enough if you prefer turn based battle systems though, that’s part of the reason why WoFF is turn based, so every kind of FF fan has a game to look forward to :)

    • Dan, the first 9 final fantasy games had different systems and mechanics, but were much more similar to each other than X onwards. Not that X (or X-2) had bad combat, but XII and all (read 3 too many) iterations of XIII stepped too far from their predecessors. Now XV is almost unrecognisable from the games that came before on a combat level, and numerous hours in both demo’s has done nothing to alleviate my fears.

      Having a cutesy spin-off (how many years have passed since an ATB mainline FF game, where you had control of all characters?) to placate fans of the more traditional FF series, whilst releasing two (!) action FFs in quick succession, is not a triumph for ATB fans, imo…

      Roll on WoFF, I am Setsuna and Persona 5 I say.

    • I’m totally with you on this! Far more excited for this than FFXV due to its battle system I found my

    • Couldn’t agree more. Played Lightning Returns and spent 15 minutes battling one random monster, only for it to re-spawn as soon as I turned round. Turned it off and never played it again. Wouldn’t buy another game from the main franchise. The beauty of VII to X for me was the reinvention of the ATB battle system, Materia, Draw, Sphere Grids etc, the total abandonment of it that followed was an aberration. They should have created a new IP for their fancy, real-time action based, cinematic snore-fests.

  • Thanks for finally announcing a release date! Now, I have two questions:

    1) Will the Vita version be released in retail form?

    2) Is there going to be a dual audio option for the original Japanese voice acting?

    • 1 – Yes!

      2 – Can’t confirm at the moment but if you want it, I’ll pass the message onto the team

    • This is also a deal breaker for me, so if you could get that confirmation it would be really helpful.

  • I want this more than FFXV!

    • You and me! I want this waaaaay more than FF XV. Although I’m not fan of cutesy style. But I hope that this will succeed and we will get more games like Bravely Default (ON VITA and PS4 – you hear that SE?) which will replace the lose of FF series.

    • madmanwithabox12

      Make that three of us. I don’t want FF15 at all hahaha.

    • You’re not alone. Hate to say it(not really), have no excitement for XV, but this on the other hand I really do want. Just need them to also confirm a retail Vita version of this then all is good! Heck, do a LE/CE version with both versions included like Steins;Gate and im happy.

  • Finally a release date. Pre-ordered it back when it was announced. Game looks so cute!
    Hopefully there’s going to be a retail Vita version. If there is then im going to buy it for both consoles.

  • Day-1 – if it is retail that is….I want it way more than I do FF XV. Sadly that’s lost franchise for me. But getting both Bravely Default on PS Vita and PS4… that would be something. That would be very good news for all old FF fans.

    If only Square Enix truly loved its fans and brough more games to Vita, like: Type-0 HD – a Vita tier game on PS4, Adventures of Mana, I am Setsuna, Dissidia, FF XII.

    Not to mention if SE could truly respect the fact that majority of old time gamers like to buy retail version instead of digital.

    Just saying…

    And please… nobody believes in argument “it wasn’t possible this time”. Just do it! @Dan as a CM the only thing many people want to hear from you, is “I will pass that MAJORITY of people who are replying on blog, twitter, facebook want X or Y on Vita”. I don’t expect you to make sure that X or Y (mainly I am Setsuna though) will make it to Vita. I expect you to inform about “swell of demand”you gues were talking about.

    Just do it! Vita gamers are passionate fans… listen to other publishers which are way more experienced in Vita market than SE. It is worth it. Isn’t it amusing that WFF is just a 2nd game you released on Vita?

    • I always do pass on what the community says but that doesn’t always mean the dev teams can act on the feedback. There’s lots of factors that dictate whether things are viable for us, whether these be market factors, internal factors or other external factors.

      We always appreciate the passion of our fans and do take everything into consideration but we can’t always “just do it.” Releasing a game is sadly not as simple as you make it out to be. It’s also unfair to compare companies because each one has different ways of operating so what will work for one company may not work for others.

      We’ll always do what we can if we’re able to.

    • @Dan
      Good thing you mentioned internal factors… because lack of good will and trust from Square Enix is a massive problem here.

      And I really doubt that Square Enix trully appreciate passion of fans. Square Soft did! But since Sakaguchi left it’s not the same company. Did you trully appreciate passion of fans when PSP and later on Vita owners asked for Type-0? You didn’t even appology for making grave mistake. Sakura Minamida and Lee Williams just ignored hundreds of people writing here (not blaming you as you didn’t work back than). You just claimed that because PSP/Vita owners wanted game… you brought it to PS4…. great… that’s black PR in finest form. Great way to enrage fans.

      We hear Square Enix saying : we listen…. and you guys keep saying that quite a lot. But as I’m seeing it…. no you are not. You rarely do. That’s how I trully feel about Square Enix these days. Again… how many games Square Enix released on Vita? Sure there are only several milllions of owners… but you guys are not even capable of seeing that system has tremendous attach ratio several times bigger than PS4 has. Many publishers actualy says that they are selling in west more copies on Vita than on PS3/PS4… (SAO:HF just an example)

      And it’s not unfair to compare giant Square Enix and Tokyo RPG Factory (which as you mentioned alone has 20 employees) to companies that have around 5 employees (like for example Marvelous) all in all and are capable of releasing games on Vita and earn money on that with ease. The only difference are those internal factors, and the will to take a risk. Look Square Enix recently was a target of laught from Robert Boyd (one of 2 devs of Zeboyd Games releasing Cosmic Star Heroine on both PS4 and PSV) for claiming that it would be too expensive and not worth it. It’s a fact.

      All in all it comes down to simple statement:
      1. Square Enix does have resources to localize already existing Vita version.
      2. Square Enix does not have a will to make fans happy because it prioritize money over fans.

      Vita is not dead. You can earn money on it, ask other publishing companies how.

      You guys are mistaken if you think that you can ignore Vita fans without any harm. I can assure you that it will influence sales of your other games on different platforms. I and many other people I know won’t be buying used FF XV so that you guys won’t earn on it penny. How many other people like us there are? Maybe just a few, maybe quite a lot. Thx for reply!

    • Vita gamers tend to confuse “passionate” with “entitled” a great deal, I’ve found.

    • @Resolute45
      Look. It’s not about Vita, it’s about how Square Enix runs.

      I heard the same thing about Bravely Default… and found amusing that Square Enix later on was suprised that game sold so well in west despite them claiming otherwise. (all in all Square Enix didn’t publish game in west, nintendo did).

      Square Enix is not omnipotent being, it proved more than once that it’s making decisions on wrong assumptions. And seeing how every post or twit get spammed with people begging for I am Setsuna… I dare to say that Square Enix is once again making bad decision.

      If Tokyo RPG Factory trully was too small to release it on Vita… they wouldn’t bother with making whole new port for PC. And once again… release at later date is always a viable option. But Square Enix shows lack of a tiny grain of good will.

    • Well it’s your choice to believe what you want to believe Archacus and it doesn’t sound like anything I say will change your mind. If you decide to purchase any of our games in the future then I hope you enjoy them.

    • “If Tokyo RPG Factory trully was too small to release it on Vita… they wouldn’t bother with making whole new port for PC”

      Really, Archacus? This is probably the most ignorant statement I’ve ever seen you make.

    • @Daniel
      It’s not that you can’t convince me. That’s entirely possible, and there was a case with XSEED which convinced me to bow my head and agree with them. And contrary to what you think gaming industry is not unkown for me topic as I have a bit of experience working here and there. It’s just that you didn’t use any arguments, just PR very vague statements that doesn’t tell much.

      Pretty much you can use the same words for every other issue. Very CM-like statement.

      It’s just like hearing politician and believing him that what he says is always true and he is always right. That’s more or less how it looks from my side.

      Look, I know that you can’t say much. Because as a CM there are things you can say and some things you cannot say. I really do. And I really respect you that you even took time to reply to someone who clearly doesn’t agree with you.

      And jut to let you know. On PS3 I shared my account with brother, back than I bought there every single FF game from 1 to 9. On my Vita I have new account… and I bought here once again every single FF game + most of other Square Soft games….

      I spent probably around 100 EUR on Square Soft games for my Vita.
      +Retail FF X/X-2
      +Retail FF X-2

      That’s a lot of money if you take into account that you released JUST ONE GAME for Vita.

      So take care, and cheers.

      Spare me those words. I know that PS4 has almost twinlike architecture to PC, but the facts are: it’s way easier and more simple to make a localization of already existing game than creating something brand new. Sure it’s not simply putting text here and there as our copies has regions coded into game code… But it still hold true that If the size of a team really was an issue here, than they wouldn’t bother with PC port.

      Again Tokyo RPG Factory has 20 employees. Not to mention that if Square Enix really wanted they would outsource porting game to another company. Because as you probably know Square Enix is well known from outsourcing even publishing games to Koch International.

  • I’m relatively new to Final Fantasy but this game looks perfect! Will definitely be picking this up on my Vita!

    • Good stuff! :D
      World of Final Fantasy is actually a great starting point because you’ll get introduced to lots of FF characters and locations. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the game enough to check out the other FF games where these characters come from too.

  • This looks horrendous. That creepy overly-chibi Sephiroth is the stuff of nightmares.

  • madmanwithabox12

    Seeing the likes of Refia, Faris, Celes, Edgar and Vivi was great. Takes me back to when I used to love this series. I’ll be buying this on Vita when it releases, rest assured.

    Anywhere we can see Vita footage? I feel like it probably looks quite different…

  • “Square Enix’s much-loved RPG series”, that made me laugh so hard. And what a shock, Lightning is up there in one of the press pictures. People saying they want this over FFXV, how about not wanting any Square Enix games at all?
    Like EA, I haven’t bought anything from them this gen, well maybe FFVII and FFX again but that’s sort of proving a point too.

  • Also, there seems to be a special edition in Japan that’s going to become available in the Square Enix Japan’s online store, is that special edition coming outside Japan?

    • Haven’t got anything to announce at the moment I’m afraid but I’ll let you know if that changes

  • I’m all over it!

  • Looks cool, would love to have a pyhsical version for my Vita.

  • FF Dissidia remaster please! :3

  • Chibi art is the absolute worst. Though given I’m about 25 years older than the target demographic of this game, it obviously wasn’t written to appeal to me. Don’t care, still getting it and will suffer through the bobbleheads.

    • To each their own. i am 28 years old and love the art-style and can’t wait to play this and Dragon Quest Builders in October.

  • This game looks really interesting to me, and I’d love to buy it on PlayStation Vita! Let’s just hope that there will be a physical version for it in Europe. If not, than at least there must be an Asian English release out there somewhere when the game launches! :)

    Looking good! Can’t wait! ^^

    • No need to import as the Vita version will be a physical release in Europe :) Glad to hear you’re excited though!

  • Oh, really? Thanks, Daniel! That is really great news for me! Good to know that there are still plenty of companies supporting the Vita with their games. It’s a great device! :)

  • And here is how every console can become like Nintendo, the PS4 can become game console for everyone, be they 5 years old or 99 years old.

  • i say to squireenix
    tank you

    only ting i do not understend =
    why bring remasterd of 12 out after part 15 ?

    also i love 7-8-9 ( first of 10 ) hate 13

    i understend yo game need to evolve to bigger audience
    so part 15 i tink ficht system = beter again then 13
    sad onlin ff no abo tru psn = so i stopt playing ( i hope next mmo if you do , also option tru stores )

  • Do I preorder the physical vita version now… Or is there going to be a collectors edition later on…? So happy to have a cart in this (bit sad about Dragon Quest Builders tho).

  • The Final Fantasy franchise has been kicking around for 29 years (since 1987), or since I was 20. Its been a huge part of my gaming life and I’m delighted that even more generations are now going to discover, hopefully, what makes it so special. Of course now that I’m a grown-up … I’ll be there day one ;)

  • @Daniel Seto. You people do realise that my bank manager is now sobbing in a corner, right? Currently buying PS4 and Vita retail copies of this, a digital purchase on Vita of DQ Builders, Final Fantasy XII on PS4, Final Fantasy XV Steelbook edition.

    My Vita currently has every single Final Fantasy loaded on it from 1 – X/X-2, along with Tactics and Dissidia, so this will be a great addition.

    The one thing I’d say is that it’s time to step up the game when it comes to Collectors Editions in the EU – both this and FFXII could really use a collectors edition (a plush Montblanc would be an amazing thing). The XV Collectors Edition pre-order release was a bit of a debacle. It should have been limited to one per customer and have proper waiting lists / purchaser verification so better organisation would be appreciated.

  • this game is sooo awesomely cute! one question though since i have a vita and a ps4, will it be cross buy?

  • Is Japanese audio going to be available as an alternative or is it gonna be English only here in the West?

    On another note, I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT

  • Hi Daniel, It seems a mistake to me that S-E will not release Dragon Quest builders for vita on retail version at Europe, minecraft it’s every month one of the best selling games of the system, and I’m sure it will be the same with D.Q.B. given publicity and a retail release…

    if you could pass this info, that’ll be great.

    Anyway, great news about world of final fantasy, btw.

  • Can’t wait for it! So gonna pre-order this game for my vita. <3

  • Why is something so epic so kid looking lol. It’s going to be amazing though can’t wait for it to be released.

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