World of Final Fantasy is coming to PS4 and Vita this October

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World of Final Fantasy is coming to PS4 and Vita this October

A brand new take on Square Enix’s much-loved RPG series

Whether you’re an old school Final Fantasy fan, someone who has played a couple of games in the series or perhaps someone younger who is completely unfamiliar with the franchise, I have the Final Fantasy game for you – World of Final Fantasy!

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In World of Final Fantasy, you will lead a pair of twins, Reynn and Lann, through the land of Grymoire on a search to rediscover their lost memories. Along the way, they’ll come across many familiar faces from the Final Fantasy franchise in an incredible and adorable adventure!

I’m very happy to let you guys know that World of Final Fantasy is coming out on 28th October, 2016 in Europe on PS4 and PS Vita! To celebrate, we’ve got a brand new trailer that gives you a glimpse at the wonderful world (of Final Fantasy) and see some of the iconic Final Fantasy monsters and heroes that’ll you’ll meet on your journey. They probably look a lot cuter that you may remember so check out the trailer below!

There’s a lot to love about World of Final Fantasy. If you’re an old school Final Fantasy fan, you’ll love the unique story, seeing all the legendary heroes together in a new (OMG they’re so adorable!) way and experiencing a new strategic take on the Active Time Battle system that features stacking characters and monsters.

The new Active Time Battle system isn’t the only new feature in World of Final Fantasy. Throughout Reynn and Lann’s adventure, you will collect, raise and battle adorable beings of classic Final Fantasy lore including the lovable chocobo, cactuar and behemoth to create customisable, strategic tower combinations to take on the most challenging foes.

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However, if you’re new to the Final Fantasy franchise then World of Final Fantasy is a perfect introduction to the series and its characters. You can jump into the game without any prior knowledge or experience with the rest of the franchise. So whether you’ve played all the Final Fantasy games or only a couple, World of Final Fantasy is perfect for all generations of Final Fantasy fans.

As a special treat for those of you who are really looking forward to World of Final Fantasy (and why wouldn’t you be?), those of you who purchase the day one edition of the game will receive the legendary Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII as a summon to aid you in battle!

I don’t think anyone remembers Sephiroth looking this adorable!

That’s it for now but I hope you like the look of World of Final Fantasy! We’ll have lots more to share with you guys in the near future so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates!

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DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004
DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004
Everybody's Gone to the RaptureEverybody's Gone to the Rapture

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