Horizon Zero Dawn release date announced & new trailer debuts

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Horizon Zero Dawn release date announced & new trailer debuts

New video for Guerrilla’s upcoming PS4 epic focusses on heroine Aloy

We’ve been quiet in recent months, but rest assured that development on Horizon Zero Dawn is still going full steam ahead! In fact, I’m excited to be able to break the silence today with a brand-new trailer focusing on our lead character, Aloy. We’re exploring the mysteries of her origin, her journey as an outcast and the events that set her on a dangerous quest.

As you can see in the trailer, we’ve decided to push the release date for Horizon Zero Dawn to 1st March 2017 (3rd March in the UK). It wasn’t an easy choice to make; we know many of you have been anxious to play the game since we first announced it. However, we also want to ensure that Horizon Zero Dawn lives up to the visuals and gameplay quality that our games are known for. The new date affords us the extra time required to deliver fully on our ambitious vision for Horizon Zero Dawn.

We realise that this decision may not please everyone. At the same time, we’re confident that the advantages of the additional development time afforded by the new date will become clear in the coming months, as we start to share more cool details and videos from Horizon Zero Dawn.

We really, really appreciate your patience and continued support, and look forward to bringing you the best game we possibly can in March 2017.

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  • Thanks for the update Herman. Shame to hear that the game has slipped into next year but I would always rather wait for a better final product.

    It’s about time games stopped being given advanced release dates and pre-order schedules anyway, it’s ready when it’s ready.

  • Sorry Hermen, I spelt your name wrong there.

  • Interesting video. We have seen how great it looks, we have seen some the action and some of the machines.
    Next time I would like to hear about the RPG elements of the game. Is it like The Witcher or is it completely different.

    • Heard or read somewhere that it’s supposedly similar to Assassin’s Creed. So principally no RPG elements, just a skill chart.

    • The official PlayStation page says rpg and they have actively hired Witcher people that why I asked what kind of rpg it will be.

    • I hope it get’s more rpg features than a mere skill tree, because those might have been rpg elements back in the day, but today almost every action game, be it 3D, 2D, indie, aaa, platformer and whatnot has those, doesn’t count anymore. I don’t need dice rolls behind every action or turn based combat, I got games for that, but give me meaningful decision making, branching conversations, stuff that immerses me into the personality of the player character, and let’s me ‘think like it’ (the main character), not just a player. Ummm, does that make sense? Well, the Witcher, for example, does that.

  • Looking forward to it regardless :)

  • This story trailer looks awesome. Wonder if it unveils too much about the story. Either way, I’m getting this, since I’m a big Guerrilla fan.

  • Please guys – in the UK – please don’t make the limited edition exclusive to ‘Game’!

  • “As you can see in the trailer, we’ve decided to push the release date for Horizon Zero Dawn to 1st March 2017 (3rd March in the UK).”

    “look forward to bringing you the best game we possibly can in February 2017.”

    Need to up your copy and paste game from the US Blog ;)

    On a serious note though, take your time – game looks awesome and I don’t mind waiting a little longer if it means a better game :)

  • Dammit, I know you need all the time, blah blah blah but its still disappointing. It was quite amazing to see GG get a game out at launch on PS4, back when it was a bit more unoptimised and harder to develop for.
    I expected to see a new game by GG within 3 years with improved developer tools and experience from the last game.
    All this points to for me is the rumored Neo being the culprit and you want extra time to bring the game to this also. This gen has been quite stagnant for new releases. Not only have we not heard a peep from Sucker Punch Studios since Infamous Second Son (and its little followup) but there are some devs that haven’t even shared a screenshot or announced their games yet with these games more than likely getting releases in 2017 or 2018 now. To put this into perspective, Infamous 2 was announced only a year after the first game with a release 12 months later. The same goes for Killzone 3 and 2 really and pretty much Shadowfall and on a brand new console too.

    What has happened this gen?

    • I think the studios are getting too ambitious. Guerrilla is making a new IP and it’s an open-world RPG which they haven’t done before.
      Evolution Studios was making Driveclub a new connected driving experience and they really struggled with that.

      I think the Sucker Punch announcement is delayed the delayed games, Sony had to spend a year longer than expected talking about the prettiest game on any platform, Uncharted 4.

      Games should not be announced sooner than a year before their expected release especially with all these delays.

  • After Infamous Second Son (2013->2014), The Order 1886 (2014->2015) and Uncharted 4 (2015->2016) I,m not really surprised that Sony has moved the game to make their 2017 line-up look better. I really hope the game profits from the delay and that it’s not just a business decision. Trailer looks really promising though!

  • Aaaaaand delayed, more or less. I’m not surprised. Seems to me it’s the “new chic” to delay. Trailer looks okay, though, average story, beautiful visuals. But then again, trailers almost always look and perform better than the finished product.

    Buuuut let’s see what happens come holiday season 2017.

  • Looks great! Looking forward to the game :D

  • I don’t mind the delay if it means fewer issues in the final game, it’s not a big delay anyway. Horizon Zero Dawn and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice are two of the PS4 games I’m most looking forward to.

  • Even I would have love to play Horizon this year, I prefer quality games. This delay is fine for me.

  • Honestly before this trailer I was only mildly interested in this game. Now I’m completely sold. I hope to see more of this game soon.

  • This looks absolutely stunning, I’m so excited for this game.

  • This will get delayed again…..we’ll be lucky to see it before June next year.

  • After listening to feedback about No Man’s Sky multiple release dates I’m surprised Sony has done the exact same thing here! I’m not fussed by the delay as it’s always better than a buggy or unfinished game but can we please just have one worldwide launch date for these big publisher backed games.
    Rant over, I’m really looking forward to this especially if the gameplay is as dynamic and varied as it looks!

  • This game is by far my most anticipated game on the horizon….and that’s saying a mouthful with games like Mass Effect Andromeda, No Man’s Sky, Deus Ex, Detroit:Become Human, Wild, The Last Guardian, Gran Turismo Sport, Ghost Recon Wildlands, etc. etc all must plays for me.

  • wax on, wax of! Polish it and sell it to me without a gigantic day 1 patch ^^

  • While I’m not surprised, or that fussed about it, I do have a question. How many more of the games slated for this year are going to slip into next?

    I just wonder what’s actually going to release this year at this point, aside from the few games that have been given concrete release dates.

  • Definitely top of my “Can’t wait to play” games. Was hooked the minute I saw it last year.

    This kind of game, I definitely hope is successful enough for sequels and *cough, maybe a PS Vita spin off…*

  • Shame but looking solid

  • This is Guerrilla we’re talking about. I’m not surprised and I expect the game to be pushed back again. Now as far as the game is concerned, they’re capable of pulling out a mindblowing Killzone 2 or a lacklustre Shadow Fall. This generation has proven us that pretty graphics don’t necessarily make a good game. No pre-order from me, but I’m cautiously optimistic.

    • Graphics alone never made a good game. Beyond: Two Souls, or even further back, Black & White are good examples. ;)

    • Beyond not being a good game is your opinion, not fact.

    • Of course it’s my opinion, what else should it be? Beyond wasn’t even a bad game, just a game where graphics couldn’t conceal a rather hollow product.

  • March could become an epic month with this, Mass Effect Andromeda and a certain Legend on another console

  • mwahaahahaaaa……. typical of a SONY release, announce way to early, then set a release date way to far, seriously……. YAY…..E3 in a few days, think Ill record the sony part it an watch it in a few years time…..

  • Very beautiful, one of the few developers that can compare and equal to Naughty Dog’s range of beautiful graphics and technical refinement, atleast that’s what I always thought (exclusives ftw). Killzone was always a very beautiful series too, but it took place in mostly uninviting locations and environments. So it’s nice to see what they can do with these almost opposite, full of vibrant colors, kind of graphics.
    Really excited (and yet still hoping for more Killzone some day, even after Shadow fall:p) for this and full of questions. The ‘boss’ battles against big creatures look amazing, kind of remind me of an action packed Shadow of the Colossus experience, but I’m anxious to see more about the general open world gameplay in between.

  • I was hoping for 2016 release in november. :( But I can wait a few months. :) Love the design and game from the first time I watched the annunce trailer! Definitely I will buy it, of course Collectors Edition, as soon as it will be available to pre-order in Europe.

  • Is the Collector’s edition coming to the UK?

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