Get a 3-month premium sub to Spotify on PlayStation Music for £0.99/€0.99

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Limited time offer is valid until 30th June

Good news! Spotify has a fantastic special offer for new-to-Premium listeners: three months of ad-free, offline music for £0.99/€0.99 available on PlayStation Music.

This limited-time offer comes hot on the heels of PlayStation’s one-year anniversary with the award-winning digital music service. With Spotify on PlayStation Music, you can soundtrack your gaming with background listening of your favourite tracks on your PS4.

Available to new and existing Spotify users who have not previously received a trial of Spotify Premium, visit through 30th June to redeem. Terms and conditions.

Happy listening.

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  • Umm, Link takes you to: “Try Spotify’s Premium Service. 2 months for just £1.99.”

    Well done!

    • I want to point this out also but, have change to 3 month for 9.99 kr. Which makes no sense €0.99 is 7.36 and £0.99 &is 9.66 kr. (this is after afrunding)

  • “Available to new and existing Spotify users who have not previously received a trial of Spotify Premium”

    You mean the trial that everyone had when Spotify launched on PlayStation? :|

  • When I click on the link it just says £9.99. Is this normal or does this mean I dont qualify? (I dont remember if I’ve had a free trial before or not). I dont wanna click on the subscribe button in case it charges me the full price immediately. On the flip side I don’t know if clicking on the button will take you to another screen to be able to redeem the offer

  • Shows £0.99 for me.

    However it won’t allow me to link accounts. I’ll try again later.

  • Can’t sign up as link says £9.99.

    Never paid for premium before…
    Only used Spotify when it first hit PS4…

    Would seem I’m illegible for this, even though it’s a promotion to get new subscribers and I’ve never subscribed….


  • The account link up is a bit of a mess for me…and I would be interested if it could even remotely be as good as the old PlayStation music was on my vita (is the vita a hdr audio device like Sony phones and Walkmans? It’s got really good sound with decent headphones.) but….it’s not on my vita at all.
    I think the guys in Soho square need to remember the real way PlayStation made its way into UK culture, rather than imagined nostalgia, and start supporting the Vita (the perfect device for this of us that started PlayStation gaming at the begining) and take a leaf out of Nintendos playbook…history is sonething you can nurture into good sales via nostalgia (how often do zelda remakes pop up…how many older games with real lineage are on their virtual console…and at a price that seems more logical than the small high priced and now mostly ignored library on Sony)
    The PlayStation brand has always tied to music (for many of us it may have been our first cd player, the breakout soundtracks for things like wipeout, even popping some games into cd players for hidden soundtracks) but the modern tie just isn’t the same (not even going to mention the abysmal launch for the vita, or money being spent on hiring big name artists to promote system launches, when cheaper underground stars are a wiser choice when you consider the history of PlayStation, and make much more financial sense.) where more seems to go on an imagined ‘cool’ factor with the actual gaming part of the equation forgotten.

    The modern marketing is not a patch on the 90s, and you have to feel for those games where we can now ignore the soundtrack made for the game to play whatever Os being pushed on Spotify. At least PlayStation music had game related play lists and didn’t feel like Starbucks.
    PlayStation has no edge, for young or old anymore

  • very tempting…

    shows £0.99 for me

  • Dosen’t work.

  • Make a app for the Vita and I will Sony

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