New SHAREfactory update adds Track 2, green screen, increased export time limit, more

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New SHAREfactory update adds Track 2, green screen, increased export time limit, more

A host of new features go live for PlayStation 4’s video editing app

Today, we are releasing update 1.08 for SHAREfactory, which includes some very cool features. One of the biggest changes to SHAREfactory is the introduction of Track 2, which gives you the ability to add a second gameplay video from your Capture Gallery to your projects. This means your gameplay videos can use various picture-in-picture layouts for side-by-side gameplay video playback, with the ability to add effects. This replaces the previous Commentary Track and gives you more editing options to bring your creative videos to life, so we hope you’ll have fun with it!

SHAREfactory Update 1.08

We have also added Chroma-key support to video Commentary, so you can use green screen or white screen in your project, as well as a cut-out mode. Using Chroma-key effects, you can personalise your videos to look like a livestream with animated backgrounds, SHAREfactory theme art, as well as your own screenshots from your Capture Gallery.

SHAREfactory Update 1.08

For those who like to create playthrough videos, great news – we’re also increasing the video export time limit to 60 minutes. You can also export your SHAREfactory videos in the background while you are on the PS4 home screen. Plus, based on the community feedback, we’ve enhanced the Move Clip function so you can arrange your video clips much easier.
Other features in this update include:

  • Text layers can now rotate.
  • 2 new music tracks.
  • 15 new filter effects.
  • Video Commentary clips are now saved to the Capture Gallery for easier access and reuse in multiple projects.
  • Trim Lock feature making it easier to trim clips while not altering the overall length of your project.

We’re eager to see your creativity using the new features of Track 2, plus the rest of the additions with this update. Our continued growth and support from the community keeps us working hard to enhance your video editing experience on PS4. Keep the comments coming, and have fun with 1.08!

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  • Amazing update, thank you very much!

    However, for that new 60-minute to be actually used for playthrough videos, the PS4 should have an option to save the 15-minute gameplay chunks to files automatically.

    No one is going to go to their Share menu to save their playthrough videos every 15 minutes manually, which is the only way to save videos right now (leaving your game every 15 minutes is an immersion-breaker, and if you forget about going to the menu for over 15 minutes, you lose your gameplay footage). If they were automatically saved by the PS4, then all it would take is to paste them together in SHAREfactory, which would be much more doable!

    Right now the only reliable way to archive playthroughs is through streaming to YouTube, and that is greatly dependent on your upload speed (and fills your video with those ugly notification blockers).

    You guys should contact the PS4 firmware guys to make this happen :)

    Keep up the awesome work!

    • Just to add to this, I know that you can double-tap the Share button and it will automatically generate a video file after 15 minutes, but the point here is that it’s humanly impossible to start recording another video after that without losing some seconds of gameplay in-between, not to mention that it is quite immersion-breaking to be worrying about this constantly while you play. If the PS4 could handle this for us, it would be perfect.

  • jamie-sixtyfour

    Amazing. It’s great to see ShareFactory get so much support. Great work team!

  • ah yeah! brilliant work! Andrefpvs has a point about the 15min thing, hope for a time extension in future firmware updates. Can’t wait to give this a go.

  • As others mentioned, please extend the record time. Or make it auto save every 15 minutes if enabled.

    Else than that, really cool to see how much you are improving on Sharefactory.

  • Like the others say, please increase the recording limit. Or at least allow the PS4 to continuously save the 15 minute segments. (That’s what my camcorder does. Long videos are treated as individual shorter files on the device itself. Also Sony, so you’re being outdone by your own hardware!))

    Editing on and uploading from doesn’t matter whether it’s the PS4 of your PC/Mac if you’re limited to short gameplay segments only.
    To be honest, all you’re really done is make it easier to make too-short videos on the PS4, instead of making it easier to create longer ones off it.

  • X_Blood_Curse_X

    Hey I got a minor issue and would appreciate any advice.

    I made an intro on Video #1, liked it enough that I wanted it for future videos, so I cut it off and saved it seperately so I could use it repeatedly. However when I added it to the beginning of Video #2, the quality isn’t as good as it originally was in Video #1.

    Any help? I’d rather not have to re-do this intro each time.

    Shareplay for the most part is great by the way, keep the updates coming

    • forgive me but i can’t remember what the settings are like, but maybe there is an option of change output quality?

  • Great update, guys! :) ShareFactory is just excellent and one of my favourite things about PS4. Thanks for the continued support!

    P.S. Are there any Uncharted 4 themes on the way? I didn’t see any, but I may have simply missed them :P

  • Apart from the fact that ShareFactory is no Sony Vegas (but then again it’s not the same price), it’s quite a pain to use for producing videos longer than 15 minutes, like previously mentioned.

    And of course, editing lossy MP4 clips means that the final result will be re-encoded and thus even more lossy. Which is a shame, because there are frame-accurate solutions (aka. direct stream copy) to edit H264 videos without having to re-compress the whole thing.

    Does ShareFactory support direct stream copy?

  • Only one problem where’s the Add Commentary in the update I don’t see it!

    • Add Track 2 = Add Commentary

      Commentary’s functionality has been expanded into Track 2, meaning all previous Commentary functionalities are contained within Track 2

  • I really hope someone responds to this because it has been an issue for me for a while. I hear a lot of people talking about putting 15min video clips in sharefactory but can you export 15min of gameplay to youtube. It only lets me upload 2min and 55sec or 3min to youtube and no longer than that. Someone please help.

    • YouTube videos limited are controlled on their website. You may need to look into verifying your account, which should extend the limit to 6 hours.

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