New on PlayStation Store: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered

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New on PlayStation Store: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered

Plus, Dangerous Golf and DLC for HITMAN and DiRT Rally

One of the biggest games of 2015 gets its long awaited expansion – steel yourself and venture into The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine. Joining it is the rather explosive Dangerous Golf, war-torn action strategy Valkyria Chronicles Remastered and some unmissable add-ons for the likes of HITMAN and DiRT Rally.

See below for the full list of new releases.

PlayStation StoreOut this week




  • Valkyria Chronicles Remastered
    1st June

  • Oxenfree
    1st June

  • Oxenfree – Game + Theme
    1st June


  • Oxenfree – Game + Theme + Avatars
    1st June

  • Neon Chrome
    1st June

  • There Came an Echo Dynamic Theme Bundle
    1st June


  • There Came an Echo
    1st June

  • Kick & Fennick (Not in Australia, New Zealand)
    2nd June

  • Score Rush Extended (Not in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine)
    2nd June



  • Anima: Gate of Memories
    3rd June

  • Dangerous Golf
    3rd June

  • Art of Balance
    3rd June




  • One Piece Burning Blood – DELUXE EDITION (Not in India)
    3rd June

  • One Piece Burning Blood (Not in India)
    3rd June



31st May

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • Blood and Wine (Not in Saudi Arabia)
  • World of Tanks
  • The Motherland – Ultimate Bundle

1st June

  • Episode 3: Marrakesh
  • DiRT Rally
  • Fully Loaded Mini Pack
  • Fully Loaded Ford Pack
  • Fully Loaded Rallycross Pack

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store on your mobile, tablet or computer.

Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in June

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8 Author Replies

  • Is Kick & Fennick cross-buy with the vita version?

    Also yay for Primal!

    • Same question for Kick and Fennick. Great game, loved it on the Vita. More people should buy it.

  • Ahhh Hitman Marrakesh and The Witcher Blood and wine, on the same day… im gonna be busy, then i get to Gone Home after that, good month considering the lack of full releases. .

  • Uhm… Am i missing something? Valkyria Chronicles Remastered? That was released last week…

  • There’s also a new Tron Run/r dlc-pack (free with seasonpass) which isnt listed by SCEE as usual.

    – TRON RUN/r Outlands-pack

  • Bring back Jawad Ashraf.

    • Really? That’s like asking David Cameron to be a baby sitter. That guy was awful.

    • Really. Back in the PS3 days he was the most communicative member of the blog staff, answered many queries on the blog. Had a mostly regular update time. Definitely the best staff member this place had.

    • Yeah, except he didn’t bother replying to anything in the last months when he was active.

    • Don’t agree with that, in the first days of the blog Mike Kebby was the store manager and there would regularly be 50 -100 replies every week even telling the blog information that he shouldn’t have getting him slapped down by the bosses. This would explain the reasons why the employees now don’t reply with anything. Gone are the days of the blog being interactive, its a glorified press release machine

  • where is paranautical activity? I thought it was out june 1st whats happened.

  • I might give Oxenfree a bash tomorrow.

  • Oooh great week. Anima: gate of memories,Oxenfree, dead island collection, and art of balance all for me!

  • Any news on Shadow Complex?

  • Hi Francesca,

    Could you please check why it’s not possible to “purchase” (i.e. adding them to the cart and then doing the checkout, so they could get “tied” to my PSN account and become available in my Download List, just like any other purchased content, both free and paid) free STATIC themes in EU regions? I’ve just discovered that it’s totally possible in the US Store.

    Also, they don’t appear in search results when you search for all themes (they have to be searched manually). I tried asking about this a couple of weeks ago but you couldn’t give a proper answer, possibly because you didn’t really understand what i was talking about. I repeat that it’s totally possible to do in US region.

    Thank you.

    • I have just tested this and I am able to add free static themes to my cart through the web store and download them as though they were a purchase. Is it specifically the PS3 themes, or are you experiencing this with all themes across all console stores?

    • Oh, yes, i forgot to say, this issue applies to both PS3 and PS4 themes. But i always use the PC browser Store to get all my content. Static themes cannot be added to the cart from PS3, they’re downloaded directly, in .p3t format, and not permanently added to the Download List like any purchase. Not sure about PS4 since i don’t have onw with me at the moment.

      In the US store, everything is fine, though: free static themes can be added to the cart and “purchased”. Here’s a random example, with the same theme :!/en-us/games/themes/lego-star-wars-the-force-awakens-may-the-4th-theme/cid=UP1018-BLUS31578_00-THEMEPS3UX000152

      As you can see, there’s no “Add to cart” button in the first (EU) link, but there is in the second (US) link. This specific theme is not even labeled as “static” in EU but it is in US.

      I repeat, this is a random example: the issue is with all static themes in EU regions: there’s no “add to cart” button.

      And again, all static themes appear fine in search results, but again only in the US. In EU, a lot of results are probably omitted (another random example in EU: the Pacific Rim static themes. If you search for “pacific rim” they all appear, if you search for “theme”, they don’t)

      And no, searching for the word “static” is not a good idea, since it still omits a lot of results, on all regions. To search for themes, one should always search for the word “theme”…

    • When I enquired about this last, I was informed that there are no plans to change the way themes are downloaded through the EU stores – those I spoke to read your comments.

      From my own testing, I am currently able to ‘add to basket’ static themes for PS3 and PS4 in the web store and follow them through as a purchase. On the console, I am directed to ‘Download’ free static PS4 themes directly from the store page. These appear in my list of themes in my library.

      I am happy to make further enquiries, but bear in mind I have already received a fairly definitive answer from the Store team in terms of how the themes are accessed on console, and personally I cannot make any changes.

    • Well, i don’t know what to say, except that i just can’t add static themes to the basket. Are you sure you aren’t actually using “dynamic” themes instead of the static ones?

      Not sure what’s the problem with not changing the way themes are downloaded: “marketing choices” wouldn’t be a valid excuse since we’re talking about FREE themes. Paid static themes can be added just fine, but i love to collect free stuff.

      And like i already said probably more than twice, in the US store, searching for themes give results for both static and dynamic, PS3 and PS4 (also Vita but there’s only one type of theme for that system), no exclusions. And again, you can add EVERYTHING in the basket, free or paid.

    • I forgot to say, the problem is not limited to a specific region: i tested in the Italian store, and took at look in the UK one, it’s still the same. You don’t even need to be logged in to see if there’s a “add to basket” symbol or not.

    • I also forgot to say one more important thing: for whatever reason, there was a free static theme i couldn’t “purchase” but a couple of weeks ago i managed to get it, the “add to basket” button magically appeared. But that’s the only exception. It was the “Playstation 20th Anniversary” theme for PS3, by the way.

    • The tests I did were definitely with free static themes, just like you said. I know it’s a bit of a long shot, but have you called support about this in case it’s something to do with your account? Do you know if there are others who are experiencing this?

    • Support is pretty much unexisting in my country. They’ll probably tell me to format my system or something lol.

      And like i already said, it probably has nothing to do with accounts, because you can navigate the Store and see if there’s a “add to basket” button for stuff without the need of being logged in. I don’t have a UK account, but i entered the Store page (same for France and Spain, just to try), and just like the Italian one, there’s no “add to basket” button for free static themes. And they don’t appear in search results when you search for all existing themes in the store, for all systems and of all types.

      I would post screenshots but all my posts containing URLs have been moderated.

    • @Francesca Mead I can confirm this problem whit the PS3 free theme for the PS1 20 year aniversary theme. That PS3 theme newer saved it self to the bought list.

    • See? I’m not the only one. Shadow, have you tested other free, static themes? Care to reply again if i try asking about it next week?

      ps: i tried contacting the support, and as predicted, they don’t even know what i’m talking about. They completely misinterpreted my message and copy-pasted a pre-made message about delisted content and things like that! Such incompetence was intolerable at least seven years ago :/

  • Hopefully we get the launchdiscout for Oxenfree aswell, if so i’ll be picking it up for sure!

  • I really wish you would put links to games that will be released a day or two after the store update. It would be nice to know what price they will be and more information about a game. Even a pre-order option would be nice. This staggered release means more often than not I will forget about the game and maybe notice it only if it ends up in a sale.

    Don’t you think it’s a bit detrimental to sales of a game? Of the 19 games you list on the blog only 6 of them are released on the day of the store update…and 3 of those are variants of Dead Island and Dead Island Riptide. Bet everything announced on US store update is released the day of the update not to mention including the sales. Considering you’ve stripped blog info down to some quasi post modern depiction of nothing removing pricing etc don’t you think you could include a short description of a game on the store update post?

  • Bought the new games wooooooooo

  • Could you please tell me when Powers season 1 will be available in the United Kingdom? Just saw that the first three episodes of season two are available to watch, but that’s quite pointless if you haven’t seen the first series… Can someone please enlighten me?

    • I apologize for the probable multiple posts but there’s definitely something wrong with the filter.

    • And again, i didn’t know the series was released. I know someone who kept posting about this will be finally happy about this event.

    • It’s on channel Spike on Thursday (maybe Friday too. Not sure about this one as it was last week but not the week before) at 11pm. Can also watch it on My5 app

  • Looking forward to Oxenfree.

  • @Greyfoxchris they are now on Spike channel on Freeview. Catchup on 5OD, or whatever it is called. Episode 4 airs this week.

  • Now ShadowBlade for Eu, as always :/

  • Really need to get back into Witcher 3 and get the DLC’s. Quit playing after I encountered the money glitch where you lost it all if you acquired too much of it. And I’m reluctant to get back into such an extensive game after such a long break, forgot about a lot of things now though I’ll eventually get back into it :p Same goes for Fallout 4..
    Loved Primal back in the day, might pick that up.

  • Blood and Wine (Not in Saudi Arabia) why why why ?????????????????

  • When are we getting the remaining Rock Band exports for PS4? We were promised full dlc compatability and SCEA has worked it out a while ago. Why are we left in the dark??? What is going wrong here and why aren’t we informed about this? Get it together please!

  • Hi Francesca,

    Sorry for the spam, you can remove my previous reply (11.3) if you want

    With the new DLC for Minecraft Story Mode coming out in a week, I wanted to ask again about the Adventure Pass which was promised for April 8th and it still isn’t on the store.

    It was announced in this blog post:

    8th April
    Minecraft: Story Mode
    Adventure Pass

    Which should be for episodes 6-8.

    Did something went wrong wit getting it on the store or doesn’t it come to the EU stores?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Hi Francesca, it seems there are Plus titles not available at Saudi arabia (god of war and gone home) Do you have info about the replacement?


  • Paranautical activity wont download on my vita its missing from the download list on vita and the webstore only shows ps4 version to download no error code

  • Smite also officially released.

  • The Dead Island Definitive editions aren’t bad, the new lighting and chromatic effect adds a bit to what was an otherwise flat looking game. I would have liked to have picked them up for PS4 but $70 for them both was a bit much considering I already own the PS3 version of Dead Island, ended up getting them for $7.20 together due to loyalty upgrade on PC. Not my platform of choice but hey, 90% off was too good to pass. It would be good if Sony could look at doing this sort of thing too, much rather have them on console. Even the Hard Reset Redux upgrade was $3.20, again a game I would jump at if anywhere near that price on PS4.

  • $24.95 each for Dead Island/ riptide. Or you can pay $55 for the bundle……. Well played Playstation

  • I’m a bit curious about the PS2 Classics for PS3 and PS4. Primal was released on the US PS Store for the PS3 quite some time ago, but never here in Europe, and now it suddenly is for the PS4. Why can’t it be more in sync? Now some PS2 games are for the PS3 and some are for the PS4, why not both? Waiting for Suikoden III to come for the PS4 (and Suikoden IV & V).

    And why, why can’t the PS4 play PS1 games from the PS Store yet? Both the PS3 and the Vita could do it at launch, and eventually the PSP was able to do it too. Now it’s been 2.5 years and the PS4 is still not able to do it.

  • crutch-bandicoot

    I already purchased Witcher 3 season pass. I was able to download and play the Hearts of stone, but blood and wine won’t download. If I can’t get blood and wine I at should get some form of compensation or refund this is unfair.

  • But there are people who already have purchased the expansion pass (the witcher 3).
    And it included blood and wine. Are you gonna return the money?

  • People from Saudi Arabia

  • Rock Band 4 users. Search Rock band export on the store.

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