An update on No Man’s Sky

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An update on No Man’s Sky

Hello Games’ PS4 sci-fi adventure will now launch on 10th August in Europe, 12th August in the UK

Hello, Sean Murray from Hello Games here, working extremely hard on our game, No Man’s Sky.

The game really has come together, and it’s such an incredible relief. As we sit and play it now, and as I watch playtesters every day, I can finally let myself get excited. We’re actually doing this.

However, as we approached our final deadlines, we realised that some key moments needed extra polish to bring them up to our standards. I have had to make the tough choice to delay the game for a few weeks to allow us to deliver something special.

After a short delay, No Man’s Sky will launch in Europe on 10th August in Europe, 12th August in the UK.

We understand that this news is disappointing. Making this game is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but we are so close now, and we’re prepared to make the tough choices to get it right.

The universe of No Man’s Sky is incredibly vast. More than you can imagine. This is a type of game that hasn’t been attempted before, by a smaller team than anyone would expect, under an intense amount of expectation.

And despite all of that, development is genuinely going well. This is the hardest-working, most talented team I’ve ever worked with, and I’m so proud of what we’re doing. For all our sakes though, we get one shot to make this game and we can’t mess it up.

To the loyal community who’s stuck by our side since the unveiling of No Man’s Sky years ago, we hope you’ll accept our sincere apology and I am humbly asking that you’ll still look forward to exploring our universe despite the slight delay.

Thank you so much,


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  • Small delay in a HUUUUGE galaxy.

  • If you were not sure about it the first time you revealed the release date, you might as well have not said anything at all.

    • They probably were sure. Leave them alone, they’re an extremely small team making an extremely ambitious title! A few weeks isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things. That time will fly by.

    • How are game companies supposed to know exactly when they can release a game if they reveal it three year ago? Grow up. That’s not how life is. Life is complicated. Unforeseen things happen in real life.

      You think the game would fare better if they never said anything and suddenly:

      “Booom! Here it is, play”!
      You: “What? Why did you keep this in wraps?”

      Jesus, gamers are the worst.

    • @ColinZeal: You’re being absolutely ridiculous, either you do not understand what I said, or you are trying to make some kind of joke about it and terribly failed.
      When I need your opinion about how life is supposed to go, be certain I will not ask you.

    • Bah. I’d bet you’d be one of the people bugging them to put out a release date if they hadn’t.

    • Haha I think I get it. Sounds like a twist on the Futurama “God” quote who so happens to look like a galaxy?

  • This is annoying, fortunately I have other games to fill the void. take the time you need and hopefully the extra polish time will get the game closer to the original promise.

    • So, it’s annoying that you get a better game with a 6-7 week delay? Ok, mr Ubisoft.

    • Yes, its anoying theres a delay.
      Didnt he also state, maturely, that they should take the time they need?

  • What does that mean for US players, or across the world for that matter?

    • US gets the game on August 9, Europe on August 10 and UK (which surprisingly is not part of Europe according to the video games industry) gets it on August 12.

    • And Ireland also get it on the 12th and Ireland is 100% more in Europe than the UK… we have the Euro here for god’s sake!

    • Come on, whats the point in staying in Europe if we don’t even get the game at the same time as them! I was fully behind staying in till this! Brexit and August 10th release, those are my terms!

    • or NOT and

  • Last again.
    British company, last to play it.
    Makes NO sense.

    • Makes perfect sense when you realize that most of the world doesnt like us. Guess thats weve never been forgiven for the british empire

    • If that’s true, and all pretence of maturity and good relation should be thrown out, then I say keep it to ourselves and release it here only :p

    • It makes sense, games traditionally release on a Tuesday in the US, Wednesday in Europe and Friday in the UK.

      Why break tradition?

    • We should be applauded for the British Empire, do these ignorant people know the amount of good the British Empire did? from technology to having an Empire to help stop WW2… Let’s not forget half the stuff we use today and take for granted were from the British… But also getting it 2 days later is just bull S.

    • I understand that 95% of the time. We get games on a Friday. However why can’t we get games say the Friday before the US get’s it?

      For example No Man’s:
      Sky Europe = Wednesday 3rd August
      UK = Friday 5th August
      US = Tuesday 9th August.

    • Because we wont be part of Europe in August…


  • Why on earth in the UK facing an extra 3 day delay over Europe? British software house? I’d have thought you have released at home first…

  • btw there’s a typo in this

    “After a short delay, No Man’s Sky will launch in Europe on 10th August in Europe, 12th August in the UK.”

    Should be

    “After a short delay, No Man’s Sky will launch in Europe on 10th August, 12th August in the UK.”

    • Actually it should read one of these two ways:

      “After a short delay, No Man’s Sky will launch on the 10th August in Europe, and the 12th of August in the UK.”


      “After a short delay, No Man’s Sky will launch on the 10th August, and the 12th August in Europe and the UK respectively.”

  • And that’s what happens when you announce a game several years too early.

    • I am quite sure this was not by their choice, but they were pushed by Sony that year at E3 and they did not plan on releasing it to the world yet.

      I am still surprised this doesn’t launch on the same day as Playstation VR (I always suspected they were holding it back especially for this hardware). But I understand a game like this does take a lot of work and that it takes a lot more time with only a few people working on it.

    • a whole 6/7 weeks slippage! from “several years”? that’s pretty good going for ANY project

    • That seven weeks slippage is the last in a series of several months slippages. That’s pretty bad (yet common practice nowadays) for ANY project.

  • He dose not say the US so where do most of you get your info about the US getting it the 9th and if so is to be true then why dose my count down still say 24d 02:55:26

  • Thanks for the update Mr Sean, I thought this might happen, but the game well worth the wait, and I can at least save some money and buy Star Ocean.

  • Personally, I’m fine with it. I’m a little disappointed that it’s delayed to August then it come out on June? Ya I am, but I rather have No Man’s Sky that’s work functional and be a proper game to play it on my PS4 that comes out on a later date that actually dose work, then to have it out now and be a glitch broken mess. Let’s just let Sean and his team at Hello Games do their thing and make No Man’s Sky the best Si-Fi video game it can be.

  • Don’t give us your apologies HG, when you’ve had preorders available for 3 months, and the game itself is 3 weeks away then a sudden 2 month delay to add some shine to the game simply isn’t good enough. Whatever you need to do to sparkle the game should have been done ages ago or in a future update, I hope you realise your mistake and keep the release date where it is.

    • Simply isn’t good enough, eh? Gawd, I hate using the term “entitled”, but that’s all I can think of with that sort of post.

      Tell me, would you rather HG release something buggy, or something you can properly play and enjoy? Sounds to me like you’d choose the buggy release, because you obviously don’t care about the quality of this title. Also sounds like you’ve never done any programming in your life, and can’t understand the challenges involved.

  • Welp that’s my pre order cancelled, pointless having money sat in limbo for 2 more months when I ordered on announce. At this rate it will probably get pushed again for vr shenanigans

  • Has Sony forced your hand in giving a release date before you are ready ? Have you had to go back and change the date? Sorry but grow a pair. I have been in admiration of you as a studio, but to announce an actual date then change it is poor. Either announce a release date and stick to it or don’t announce. Also why is the UK the poor relation again. Why the delay to the UK market? I am happy that you are just up the road employing UK talent, as I am happy that any studio is employing any talent, but having such a diverse release strategy appears to be particularly discriminating to the UK market. Is there a reason? If so please explain it as l feel we (the UK) are getting a raw deal.

  • Give us a good game please guys. If half of the developers/publishers added an extra month or two to their release date, they would probably get better review scores for the extra effort. People should be outside in the sun during June and July anyway.

  • So I’m just consfused. Can they not update the game day one like every other dev in history since the internet? What’s the point of revealing the game 2 years before release if you’re a small team and still need more time? Everyone is defending them because they are small but Mojang was once too (making the same concept of a procedural game) and they somehow didn’t take two years of development and secrecy like Hello Games. Either wait until a year mark at max to announce it, or just develop in quiet until you are literally ready to release. I just can’t imagine a game with barely any story and a bunch of fake periodic elements taking that long. There’s no way to fix every single glitch or issue in the first release so update it as you find the glitches? Notice how every Fallout ever is still glitchy but enjoyable? Elite Dangerous is massive too but they certainly aren’t holding back from letting people know what’s up and delivering major game pieces later on. Maybe they don’t want anything to do with it after it’s out but, either way I’m pretty sure I’ve never been so let down. Thanks Hello Games.

    • They’ve probably run across some “show-stopper” bugs, which cannot be allowed on a release title. Could be something which causes the game to crash, or perhaps completely stops you from achieving some objective in the game, or ways to get your character stuck so they can’t move. Plenty of reasons.

      Programming can be pretty weird. You can create a project, find that it has this number of problems, carefully fix each and every one of those problems, only to discover you’ve now doubled the number of problems with your project. It’s something every programmer has experienced. Makes it incredibly difficult to estimate when it’s done.

      Just trust that when Hello Games release the game, it will be playable, polished, and fun.

    • Sean and Hello Games are perfectionists. Releasing a game that needs significant patching wouldn’t sit well with them. They would rather get it as close to perfect as they are happy with. As others have said, it’s a small team and they are working extremely hard to get this out. It’ll be worth the wait!

    • It’s better than releasing it when it’s not ready yet and requiring people to download a 10GB+ update on day one. Games are becoming too reliant on day one updates.

  • Come on people – Take it easy. A genuine apology from a genuine guy. This game will be worth the wait and personally I’m still really looking forward to playing it. There’s plenty of other stuff to play in the meantime.

  • Hello Games, y’all are awesome. Who woulda thought that building a Universe Sized Game would be so difficult?!? ;) You’re building something that’s never been done before and I appreciate the imagination, ingenuity, and frank, open communication you’ve had. Don’t pay attention to the impatient, sense-of-entitlement people/gamers who are throwing negative juju at you. Keep up the hard work, and get it right. Can’t wait to go exploring through your stars in August. :)

    • LOOL It´s about their word not about impatient i´ve been waiting for this game for over a year and this guys drop an official release that and then take it off? what kind of professionalism is that?stop saying you are not impatient, this game is one of the most hyped this year and they are making it bad for their side, i would prefer to PLAY with a few bug than not play at all. what game will i play on my vacations now?
      defintly not no man´s sky, and I will take my pre-reservation not worth it anymore. maybe not even buying it just getting from a friend so i can´t pay to this guys…

  • No it’s not genuine he made the conscience decision to release it in June if he truly know how the fans felt about his game he would have never done this until he was at 100% sure and to top it off saying it’s a few weeks when it’s 7 7 isn’t 3 Sean. what should I do next carry on selling out the UK and make them wait even further than the US sell out

  • In years to come No Man’s Sky will be the textbook example of mismanaged hype.

    • No it won’t. This has all happened before and it will all happen again. The modern generation of gamers will lap up the hype for the next ‘big game’ and throw down their pre-orders like good little drones.

      Just enjoy the show and laugh at all the reactions in threads like this. Seriously, my pigeons learn faster than gamers these days.

  • JSchreuderLemmer

    Can u Guus please give saus Some extra gameplay to keep is waiting

  • I thought this game was released already!? I’m sure I’ve played it a thousand times before!?


  • Not buying it soon so…a game can´t just get delayed so close to deliver, better buy from a company that knows what they say

    • Which companies would you recommend?

    • @Tommy-G- maybe witcher 3 company, i wont really buy games… i will just get plus and play Elder scrolls online and fallout because this was a disapointment

    • See,theres the issue. The attitude toward small studios compared to companies with a decent enough reputation like CDPR and Bethesda is terrible. The witcher 3 had multiple delays yet you seem to think it’s OK because of the studio that makes the game. Similar is fallout 4, or any Bethesda game, which releases on time but launches a buggy mess. Yet it’s fine because it’s Bethesda.

      What makes hello games different? A small team of 14 making a large scale game that gets delayed and people go off their head. I don’t understand it.

  • It’s still going to be worth the wait! So C’MON August 12th!!!!

  • Well happy birthday to me :D

  • Thank you Sean, Big thank you to you and the rest of the team take as much time as you need, I’m happy to wait and looking forward to NMS in August :)

  • The guy wants to get his magnum opus as perfect as he can and people are harshing on him? He actually wants to give us a game that works day one and we’re giving him grief? He genuinely cares about our experience and this isn’t a cynical cash grab selling a half baked product and people are angry about that? Come on humanity! Do what you gotta do Sean, i’d be the same. Takes more courage to say “wait this isn’t my best yet” then cross your fingers and hope for the best.

  • OK, disappointment is obvious for us all I guess, and as usual the comment section as its usual moronic replies, but the delay tbh was expected although was something I guess we all didn’t want to believe when the rumours broke a few days ago, but alas it has, and August it will be.
    First I can’t think of any top release that’s had to be delayed for “polish” reasons that’s turned out bad, and I suspect this will be no different.
    I do feel HG was lead into this date, remember all the constant barrage of requests for a release date last year.

    My personal feelings are, yes of course it’s a disappointment but I’ll live with it, oh and moaning for the extra 2 days for UK is just mind blowing, as if you have a right to the game, Jesus get a grip.

    One thing I would have liked in the statement though , he’s addressing his most important clients, us, the customers, to say “deliver something different” is a little strange, he doesn’t say polish, he says “different”, now I would like to know what that is, or at least an idea of what it is, and tbh what could it actually be, he’s already said VR is a no go, so it’s a very strange message, also it’s very late to be “adding” something now, in which case they must have know this delay was coming.

    Anyway we wait, I’m leaving my preorder makes no difference, and there’s gonna be a big gap now in June/July but hey we have E3 to take the edge of.

  • What happened to this blog? I’ve seen delay announcements on here before and they used to be met with support and understanding. LBP was delayed last second and it didn’t get this much hate.

    • Might be that NMS attracts a disproportionate amount of immature brats and it’s always the most vocal types who set the mood in discussions. So I’m going to leave now and boot up the PS. :D

    • LBP? are you comparing LBP to NMS? what the actual duck,,,

    • Yes, yes I am. The first one at least. Super hyped playstation “exclusive” by a small british dev team, attempting to do something not seen before? Maybe you had to be there.
      However not sure my choice of example is important, my point stands.

    • Also they both have 3 letter acronyms…

    • LBP’s last minute delay indeed bummed people out, but I remember a lot of outcry over the internet as well. The thing is that the PS3 back then wasn’t as big of a deal as the PS4 is now. Stakes are higher. Good to see someone else who remembers those days!

  • I’d rather have a game released with no bugs and get it a bit late than have it released on time with some game-breaking show-stoppers. Come on people, does anyone remember Skyrim’s release, let’s not have a repeat of that debacle – if they need the extra time, they need the extra time, it’s not anywhere nearing Witcher 3 or Persona 5’s level of delay.

    Let’s be thankful that we’re dealing with a company that has this sense of responsibility to their fans. It this were EA, Activision, Ubisoft or Bethesda they’d have just shoved it out the door and said ‘who cares, we’ll patch it later’.

    Still, I am disappointed that as a British company you’re giving the UK the last release date. 9th of August in the US, 10th in Europe and the 12th in Britain. Come on guys, what’s going on with that?

  • Its better to release the game finished even if its disappointing to have to wait longer for it. At least i can get Star Ocean finished first now :)

  • Take all the time you need. Just get it right.

    Can we please have some more game footage instead then? Pretty please!

  • Some people on here are acting like there’s never been a game delayed before.

  • Can anyone explain delay between regions? For a game where one of the main aims is this race to the centre of the cosmos, it’s unfair that some regions get a head start.

  • I have been sat here patiently since the game was first announced. I will be cancelling my pre-order until the game is released. I would rather spend my money on a game I can actually play now.

    • The money will come out just before release though.

    • Yeah, that’ll teach Amazon a valuable lesson.

    • The valuable lesson being learned here is that pre-orders are a ridiculous trend and make no sense at all.

      “I would rather spend my money on a game I can actually play now.” – xsocom85x.

      Golf-clap. Well done.

      Your next step on the road to gaming enlightenment is to jump off the hype train.

  • The amount of spoiled people in this comment section is unbelievable. It’s like their life fell apart with the game’s delay! It has to be sad when your only reason to live is to have a specific have released on a specific date.

    Ubisoft shouldn’t be the norm, guys. A game should be as best as possible when it’s released.

  • Same goes for anyone else!!

  • The premise of this game is mind blowing. I’d rather it come out a bit later ready rather than messed up and early like a lot of games these days.

  • That’s during Sziget festival so I’ll have a disadvantage of at least a week to get to the middle of the universe. And I have a job, so basically I’m screwed. Secretly hoping the game gets delayed until my retirement in thirty-something years. ;)

  • I had for the first time EVER booked holiday for a games release, delays are common so I should of expected it. I’m sure the extra time helps the game at release and I’m sure I can rebook holiday anyway. Keep up the good work Sean, can’t wait to finally Play this!

  • pilgrimyogtho032

    If you were that sorry you’d reduce the price lol

    • So when someone puts in extra work to deliver a high quality product they should get paid less?

    • Why on earth would they do that, you’re not getting any less with the delay and it’s likely to be a better game because of it.

  • Sony, please just have one worldwide release date for your games. You did it for Uncharted so surely it shouldn’t be a problem for this and the likes of GT Sport.
    I’m glad there’s a delay if it means we get a better game so I hope we all get to play a great game when it’s ready.

  • Gaming is the only medium where delays happen constantly. Also nowadays almost every game is released broken and/or unfinished. There’s no excuse, it’s just unprofessional.

  • I can’t believe this! This will totally ruin my vacation! I will cancel my preorder and I will buy Overwatch instead! I really really really want to play this game but I can’t understand why they delay the game 25 days before the release date… There can’t like a huge glitch or bug or something that they only found now… They are just so scared that the players will not receive this game well but they are only ruining the hype for this game. Sorry Sean, but this was not a smart move buddy

  • How about a single-planet demo in the meantime to tide us over? ;-)

  • For me games should be considered an art form like music or… art. At least until the market got flooded with yet more CoD and other same old stuff that has been getting release over the last 10+ years. Here we have true gaming art. I think this is the game I have been waiting for since I discovered gaming decades ago. I cannot wait to play this. But is it so wrong that the devs want to release a game that is the best it can possibly be? Not at all. It’s like telling a painter that they have run out of time and have to release their work whether it’s finished or not. The job is done, when it’s done. Hello games I think this will be truly groundbreaking. Do not release until you are ready. You have made the right decision. Cut them some slack. If more devs did this we would have a better industry right now. Gaming needs you. Turns out I can wait after all…

  • I can understand a delay to get it right but I live 1 mile away from Hello’sr studio and have to wait days longer than people in Seattle or Tokyo…..why?

    • if you actually live a mile away please just bloody ask them why they’re screwing us over like this, i shouldnt be waiting 4 extra days for a company to release a game in their home country.

    • Do you see Sean in the local Sainsburys? I bet he’s been in today buying headache tablets

      I’m not overly concerned about the extra few days, but it is extremely puzzling. The UK Friday game launches have changed drastically. So many people now get paid monthly, so the traditional Friday payday isn’t the case for many people now.

      Take Fallout 4 & The Division they both launched here on Tuesdays with amazing sales figures (last 12 months I’d guess outside of CoD & Fifa they sold the most units).

  • First of all let me say that no mans sky is by far the most ambitious game ever attempted IMHO.
    I have been so looking forward to this game, had even taken holidays to coincide with the release date for the UK more fool me, but hey after considering all the pitfalls etc that can develop with a game of this magnitude then i suppose a delay or 2 or 3 is inevitable, I think it may well be delayed again before the new release date, so close and yet so far away.

    On another note and i am not a sceptic by any manor of means, if Sony as they say are putting their whole weight behind this then why are they not working to get this out when promised.

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