Dragon Quest Builders is coming to Europe on PS4 and PS Vita

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Dragon Quest Builders is coming to Europe on PS4 and PS Vita

Spin-off sandbox action RPG is due on shelves this October

When we released Dragon Quest Heroes last year, we always said that we wanted to bring more Dragon Quest games to the west. You could say that Dragon Quest Heroes laid the groundwork for Dragon Quest games on PS4, and we’re now ready to start building on those foundations!

Today actually marks the 30th anniversary of the Dragon Quest franchise and as part of the celebrations, I am very happy to announce that Dragon Quest Builders is officially coming to Europe this October on PS4 and PS Vita!

Check out the brand new announcement trailer below:

The Dragon Quest games are famous for being turn based RPGs but Dragon Quest Builders is different. So what is it exactly? Let’s bust out those hammers and break it down!


The story of Dragon Quest Builders actually follows a “what if” story following the original Dragon Quest. In this story the realm has been destroyed because the hero (from DQ1) who was supposed to save the world by defeating the evil Dragonlord, actually got tempted into accepting a sham deal with him. This plunges the land into darkness and despair and the few survivors scattered around the world no longer understand the concept of creativity and live through scavenging what remains among ruins.

This is where Dragon Quest Builders begins! The protagonist (that’s you) who can be either a boy or girl, is awoken by a Guardian Spirit as the Legendary Builder who is the only person in the world with the knowledge to create objects through combination and imagination. It’s now up to you to rebuild the world and restore it to its former glory!

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Dragon Quest Builders is a sandbox action RPG where your imagination is the limit! Everything plays out in real time and the world is made entirely of blocks (although it may not look that blocky) and you can use these blocks to build pretty much whatever you want. Building is easy and can be done in three steps:

  1. Plan what you’re going to build!
  2. Gather your resources!
  3. Begin construction and create your masterpiece!

There is an overarching main storyline to follow in Dragon Quest Builders so if you want a narrative to get attached to and pull you through, that’s in there too. It wouldn’t be a Dragon Quest game without one after all! Oh, and there’s plenty of quirky side quests and NPCs to give you that full RPG experience, just with the additional sandbox gameplay and monsters to battle as well.

It’s kind of crazy to think that the Dragon Quest franchise is 30 years old today but despite that, you don’t have to have played any previous Dragon Quest game to understand and enjoy Dragon Quest Builders.

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Dragon Quest Builders is coming out later this year (October 2016) on PlayStation 4 (boxed and digitally) and PlayStation Vita (digital only). We’ll have more information to share with you before the game comes out but in the meantime, be sure to secure your hardhats, polish your hammers and get ready to build!

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  • OMG Yes!
    Thanks Square will be buying it on both platforms!

  • The YouTube channel doesn’t mention Vita version at all? O.o

  • Digital only for Vita, but still retail release for PS4.

    Come on, at least gauge the interest for a limited physical release for Vita.

    • Well… don’t expect too much from Square Enix.

      Little PQube can sell over 140k physical copies of Steins;Gate on Vita and PS3 (majority of which sold on Vita)… but that’s something way beyond of what Square Enix is capable of… even with heavy marketing.

      (yes it is childish taunting… so Square Enix…. will you pick up the glove?)

    • Physical copies on Vita cost much more to produce and order in bulk than simple PS4 discs its not worth it the companies make way less profit

    • @joyrul96

      You say that but if you look at the amount of physical vita games released in Japan each year would beg to differ. The vast majority of games being released on the vita today are Japanese based games either VN, otome, JRPG or hack & slash games with a few beat ’em ups. Most people that buy these games are collectors and want physical copies. People will import a physical copy from Play Asia which has English games or from sellers in Japan. This of course hurts sales in the west and considering they release English versions in Asia – nullifies the argument of cost of localisation.

      Not only that but they also get physical PS3 PSN releases like Tokyo Jungle, The Last Guy, Beatsketcher etc as physical copies. The vita games don’t cost that much to produce – the problem with the vita is that Sony marginalized the handheld in the west. The overpriced propriety memory cards (not even releasing the 64gb in the west and has to be imported from Japan) certainly didn’t help

      The only value digital titles have is when they decide to put them on sale and cheaply (such as PSP JRPG’s that were priced between £2 -£4 last year).

      Archaus is correct if PQube can release a VN game in the west in physical form then Square can certainly release physical vita versions. It’s Drakengard 3 all over again.

  • This is good news indeed, cannot wait to play this on PS4 later in the year.

  • Well, this is a great new, but it will have the same problem than Revelations 2, if there is an asian boxed copy in a european friendly language (let’s say english at least) many of us will buy the Asian version. (I did with Rev.2)

    Anyway, in october we will receive a great game, thank you for that.

  • Gotta love the comments on any blog announcements…”Why not Vita?” “Where is the Vita version?” if a game is announced for Vita…”Digital only? No thanks” rinse and repeat.

    • I thought exactly the same when reading the htoL#NiQ post earlier.

    • Because many people don’t buy digital games? If you are fine with digital only that it’s good for you, but for others it’s nearly as good as not releasing game at all.

      I can’t understand people buying digital games.
      You can’t understand people who refuse to buy digital games.

      Isn’t that’s ok? You and me are different people. So why do you try to laught at the other?

    • I’m not laughing, I just exhausted by all the comments on 90% of blog posts being about Vita versions.

    • X_Blood_Curse_X

      There’s an easy fix for that, release physical copies. Don’t make out like Vita owners are some unreasonable demanding crowd, we get screwed over all the time no matter how much we “speak with our wallets” & “show developers there’s an interest”.

      I’ll skip this just like I skipped Digimon, why pay for an overpriced digital copy?

    • So are people who don’t buy digital games tired with post of those who says to be silent and be greatful for scraps from table. Why not just trying cheering the other side? say things like: I’m fine with digital but can you look into retail for other people?

      Look, I don’t decide whether you should buy something or not. If you buy digital games, than it’s fine! But why can’t you understand that many people won’t buy digital games, it’s their choice. Just like it is your choice to buy digital games. And that’s 100% fine to have different opinions.

      As I said… just as you don’t understand people on the other side. I don’t understand people who buy digital games, I would never ever buy brand new game on PSN. For me it is weird thing to do, paying for something which doesn’t even exist. With retail edition you are free to do whatever you want with it, and by that I mean play it whenever you want. Imported Oreshika, Sword Art Online, Digimons and many other games paying more money just to have retail edition. And I know that I’m not the only who does that.

    • ApocalipticGhost

      I don’t have a Vita, but their complains are legit in this particular case. There IS a physical version in Japan. i get we’re not getting the PS3 version, but no physical Vita? They’re greatly decreasing their own vita sales by doing that. its just non sense.

    • I do 75% of my gaming on my vita (admittedly some of that is remote play). But goddamn are vita fans a whiny bunch. Everytime any indie game is announced for ps4 at least half (bare minimum) of the comments are “is there a vita version”. Face it fellow vitaites, we lost. After a glorious show of AAA potential it was a commercial failure. As such, for most devs, a vita version is risky proposal, a physical release even more so. Deal with it.

  • I’ll definitely pick up the PS4 version. But please bring Dragon Quest Heroes II to the UK pretty please :)

  • Let me say that Dragon Quest Builders is not my cup of tea. I am Setsuna or Romancing Saga on the other is… so I’d rather get those games on my Vita.


    Something is wrong with Square Enix… it needs some drastic changes because as it is now, sadly it has nothing to do with good old Square Soft which existed for its fans. Square Enix on the other exists only for money.

    As I said Builders is not my cup of tea… I was never big fan of Minecraft… but as it is Minecraft is one of THE most popular games on Vita, and Square Enix not releasing physical edition of Buildiers just proves how poorly marketing team of SE works. Sorry, truth stings. Lots of publishers are capable of earning money on VIta… you on the other hand… with everything shameful you said during I am Setsuna gameplay on twitch… proves that Square Enix is lost.

    I dunno whether I will buy Builders or not… game being digital only makes it less probable that I will. I bought Hitman GO before just to show my support to system, but it seems that Square Enix doesn’t care about Vita fans. Maybe I will if Square Enix will stop acting so incompetent… or maybe I will if there will be R3 version of it released in Asia with full retail.

    Sorry, my post might be for Square Enix hard pill to swallow. But life ain’t rosy, and you Square Enix totally deserve a good kick from your Vita fans.

    • Do you have to be so blunt about it, its their game so they got the right to do whatever the heck they want with it unless you’re implying that you wanted to them to let you make a localize for I Am Setsuna and Romancing Saga like you wish it to be localize…

    • to be blunt -> to be frank.

      And yes, I tend to be frank. One of my bad traits, I guess. This honesty of mine.

      And that’s more or less I said exaclty the same thing as you did. They don’t care about fans, they care about money and money alone. Sad state of Square Enix. So yeah… they have every right to do whatever they want… but that doesn’t meant that it’s good for fans.

    • I am currently loving Square Enix this generation, they are providing everything I love and completely happy with them. The no physical Vita thing is the same as no PS3 version, it’s not profitable. They released a PS3 version in Japan due to the large still active base this there. Most Japanese developer’s were surprised on the quick uptake of PS4 in the West.

      For me I will be only playing Square Enix games for the rest of the year.

      Star Ocean in June
      I am Setsuna in July
      Deus Ex in August
      Final Fantasy XV in September
      Dragon Quest Builders in October
      Tomb Raider in November

    • We have quite a long history of not agreeing with each other, don’t we :)

      So yeah… I don’t agree with you.

      Vita is not PS3. It is understandable to not support PS3 with PS4 being successor. But VIta is the current generation handheld, and while it’s not selling as good as PSP or 3DS it still has large fanbase of over 13kk.

      Large fanbase with extraordinary attach ratio… in 2014 it was above 10, for PS4 2-3. That makes it viable to release games on Vita, and many publishers earn a lot on Vita.

      You don’t believe me? Sure, it’s your decision. But you can check what MixedBag said about Futuridium, 35% of copies of that game released on pretty much everything sold on Vita. And they said it themselves on Twitter 3.09.2015

      That’s small game… sure… but than let’s take a look at Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment which sold around 3 times more on Vita than on PS4.

      You can earn on Vita, people who claim otherwise have no experience with Vita and should probably ask real life developers how to earn on it. Because it is possible.

      About what SE is doing?
      FF XV – not really FF for me anymore, it would be fine as Versus XIII but action rpg as mainline FF nope
      Tomb Raider – not after their deal with Microsoft which was disrespectful.
      Hitman – episodic format
      Deus Ex – ok
      Star Ocean – it’s ok game, but bit flawed compared to previous parts.
      Dragon Quest Builders – again not my cup of tea + digital only
      Romancing SaGa – mobile only, which is shameful thing to do
      I am Setsuna – desipcable insult to Vita fans.
      Adventures of Mana – another insult
      Type-0 HD – another insult

      Square Enix will be over if they won’t change.

    • I hope more.companies do digital on Vita just to make you sad physical or nothing people mad.

      Actually don’t release it on Vita at all no point lol

  • Be great if we could play this with ps vr, please make it so Playstation

  • Thank you so much for bringing this game to Europe, especially around the same time as the US. I know these games are niche so I appreciate when we are given the opportunity to buy localized versions of these type of games. I hope this breaks out and turns into a hit – come on all you Minecraft fans, buy the game!

  • Thank you so much for considering the Vita Version, oh and I still wish for a chance of I Am Setsuna to be localize for Vita

  • Great News, I’m getting this for PS4 already played the Japanese Beta

  • Come on Sony/Square – no hint of one of those gorgeous silver Vita models? (http://psp2roundup.blogspot.com/2015/11/slick-new-japanese-vita-dragon-quest.html)


  • Not a Minecraft fan at all but this is Dragon Quest and it looks amazing..so go on then,take my money :)

  • madmanwithabox12

    Square Enix localising a Vita game… you’re not pulling some elaborate trick are you? You’re not going to just make it vanish like Setsuna, Romancing SaGa 2, Adventures of Mana etc. right?

  • Great news, my Vita is thrilled to play it!

  • Haha haha, after I platinumed the Japanese version…oh well I can get my second on my EU account as well

  • ApocalipticGhost

    Im so happy my favorite series got a western localization as part of its 30th anniversary celebration!
    Had a blast when i imported the game. Im gonna buy it for PS4 when it comes here. Im so glad it got announced, its such a fantastic game. I hope people can enjoy it as it is (a single player game) and don’t punish its reviews for not having multiplayer…
    Builders is a great way to celebrate #DQ30th, specially because its linked to DQ1! Can’t wait to get my copies of DQ7 and DQ8 for 3DS and Builders for PS4.

  • Hmmm. So it is Minecraft with better graphics and actual story campaign? Still not sure if this will be a game for me (depents on story quality and length. a building possibilities – especially some interactive elements like different sensors and reactors that can be combined into some machines. and how much they overuse grinfing). But so far Im interested and watching this game. I may actually like this.

  • Absolutely great news.

    I will buy the special edition if there is one. I also can’t wait for Heroes 2 as well.

  • Where is the PS+ announcement? Ridiculous.

  • Ps announcement will be next week..as we don’t get it till the first Tuesday of a month…June 7th

  • Great to see a Vita version. Torn on the lack a physician release though… Any options elsewhere in the world for English language on physical.

  • I can’t wait!

  • madmanwithabox12

    All you silly “no physical, no buy” kids better not ruin this for the rest of us. I like having a collection as much as the next guy, but this is a rare opportunity we’re seeing. Square Enix, notoriously against releasing their Japanese games on Vita in the West, are throwing us the smallest of bones. How about we take it and don’t send them the message that the Vita isn’t worth supporting?

    Why do you even own a Vita if you’re afraid of digital games? Do you enjoy missing out on amazing titles like Severed, Guacamelee, Hotline Miami, Rogue Legacy and Velocity 2X because they’re digital?

    This game is going to be digital only on Vita. Get it over it. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

    • To be fair, the only game I found remotely good from the ones you listed was Rogue Legacy with no interest in the other ones.

      As for me, I’m around 95% digital and I only get physical games if there’s no digital version.

  • we all need more Dragon Quest games :) let’s support this amazing franchise.

  • I’d have bought this if the vita version had a physical release.

  • i’ve played the Japanese demo a bit, loved it, can’t wait for the English language version.

    i don’t suppose it’ll be cross buy will it?
    and will the Vita version work on PSTV?

  • That’s Amizing

  • So when can i pre-order this please ? i want it on PS4 & Vita !!!!

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