Survival adventure 7 Days to Die hits PS4 on 1st July

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Survival adventure 7 Days to Die hits PS4 on 1st July

The Fun Pimps’ PC hit makes the leap to PlayStation

Hey there! Rick here from The Fun Pimps. I’m thrilled to share a look at our “survival horde crafting game” 7 Days to Die with you!

A few years ago, my brother and I talked about making a game that would combine elements of some of our favourite games into something new. We’re huge fans of the Fallout series, and Minecraft, among others, so we started working on what would become 7 Days to Die.

7 Days to Die has sold over 1.5 million copies on PC, which is mind-blowing to us. We’re so grateful to have had amazing support from the community from the very beginning, and now, we’re beyond excited to bring our game to a new audience on PlayStation 4.


So, what is 7 Days to Die? 7 Days to Die combines first-person shooting, survival horror, tower defence and role-playing elements in a mix of combat, crafting, looting, mining, exploration and character growth to create what we hope you’ll think is a unique, addictive experience.

It’s an open-world sandbox game to play alone, via splitscreen, or online, that gives you an enormous amount of freedom to choose how to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

You’re dropped into a harsh environment with almost nothing – not even clothes on your back. Through scavenging, crafting, and hunting, you’ll eventually put together the basic items you’ll need to live. You’ll have to deal with cold, heat, hunger and thirst, and there are wild animals that see you as prey. But that’s not the worst, because you’re not alone — the undead wander all around you. Slow and relatively easy to avoid by day, at night they become merciless, fast-moving killers, hungry for your flesh.


Once you have the basic tools of survival, you’ll need to find or make shelter. Start out with a humble wooden cabin, and over time, as your skills and scavenged loot improve, you’ll be able to build a fortress. Craft weapons, forge tools, sow crops, dig-in and survive. But even the most prepared survivalist can find that their well-laid plans can come crashing down around them… literally!

Everything in 7 Days to Die is fully destructible and moldable, and just as you can shape the world to your needs, the undead can tear it apart. You might have reinforced the doors and windows, you might have crafted mines and traps, but what about the floor under your very feet? Did you strengthen the foundations? What if the undead dig right in from underneath you?

We’re incredibly excited to be working with Telltale Publishing and Iron Galaxy to bring 7 Days to Die to PlayStation 4, with exciting new features and exclusive pre-order skins from The Walking Dead – A Telltale Games Series, including Lee Everett and Michonne!

7 Days to Die will be available to download from PlayStation Store, or can be bought on-disc from your favourite retailer on 1st July!

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  • How has this been greenlit for PSN when it’s still classed as in Early Access on Steam?

    This game is still in Alpha, v14.6 to be precise, with no confirmed date as to when it will be leaving Early Access and be considered a finished product. There is no Early Access model on consoles, thank the Lord, so why is this being allowed to be hosted on PSN when the product page on PC openly states that this game isn’t finished yet.

    If the PC version is going to be leaving the Early Access program at the same time as the console release, then sure, bring it on and lets see what the reviews and gameplay videos show of the final product, so that gamers can make an informed decision as to whether it’s good. However, if the PC version remains in Early Access, and effectively the same product with a few tweaks gets sold to console gamers as complete, then we have a problem.

    • “There is no Early Access model on consoles”

      Xbox One does have an early acess model, Ark Survival Evolved, The Long Dark, Elite Dangerous and i do believe Subnautica was announced as EA game for X1.

      On PS4… well… you do have something similar, they release broken games (ex. Grow Home, Mercenary Kings, Tower of Guns, Lichdoom Battlemage, Broforce, etc) and then the game gets updated to fix the problems… … … some of them. Not officially EA Model but in theory it’s the same. :)

    • Personally I like the early access games, had more fun on Arma 2 DayZ than any game on any system. Surely it’s a good thing people get even more choice than the same old stuff for the masses.

    • What I wanna know are we paying to test an alpha that will be turned into a finished product that we will have to pay for again once finished

  • Interested in this , but a little concerned with the above comment. Think I’ll wait for some reviews. Also…..the price?

  • Concept sounds interesting, although graphics look a little PS3-like, and UI looks very cluttered! Hope this gets sorted out before release.

  • Who cares if its on early access or whatever, oh what’s that, we gonna get before it’s finished on steam. Good what the hell are you doing here anyway f off back to your stupid PC. frankly I don’t care for PC gaming and this will make a welcome addition to my beautiful PS4.

  • H1Z1, DayZ and all these other survival games have all been announced for PS4 you may be the first (excluding Minecraft) to actually release one if you can keep that date.

  • Wow, you cannot be serious about that price surely?

    Also completely echo the point of poster 1. It’s a very disturbing scenario which will prevent me parting with any money – we surely don’t want to see this become a trend, and the PC crowd (who’s money you have taken) should expect a finished game. Not to fund your console ports.

  • This better be available for Australia or i’m going to crack it,lol.
    Been waiting for a survival game for consoles, so count me in.

  • Classic_Shooter

    Well about time Sony, you hear that nothing like this on consoles AKA Ps4, at least i have The long dark and Ark on Xbox. what’s Ps4 got, Minecraft. Finally get to play a real survival game with my friends. But i can’t see this hitting June/July, no footage or screenshots yet ????

  • Well done for adding a game that’ll keep me entertained for more than a day, it’s about time something good is added to the store!

  • disaster graphics.

  • TertiaryCitadel

    Like the concept but get the feeling it’s going to need a LOT more polish to make it worth the price.

    Wait and see for me.

  • What I wanna know are we paying to test an alpha that will be turned into a finished product that we will have to pay for again once finished

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