Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival release date announced, new trailer debuts

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Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival release date announced, new trailer debuts

The PS4 exclusive footie reboot takes to the field on 17th June

Hi everyone. Today, I’m happy to announce that Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival will launch on 17th June 2016, exclusively on PlayStation 4. Watch the brand new trailer above.

I hope this trailer will transport fans back to the days when the classic Kick Off franchise became legend. It’s nostalgic touch to help you better appreciate the very first gameplay footage of Kick Off Revival also included in the clip!

Dino Dini's Kick Off 2016-05-18 16-07-00-23
Dino Dini's Kick Off 2016-05-18 16-07-36-23

Fans and newcomers alike can take a glimpse of the original spirit of the game enhanced by the improved technology offered by PS4. Of course, the series’ lightning-fast gameplay is as fun and challenging as ever!

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Dino Dini's Kick Off 2016-05-18 16-22-18-72
Dino Dini's Kick Off 2016-05-18 16-34-37-14
Dino Dini's Kick Off 2016-05-18 16-35-49-13
Dino Dini's Kick Off 2016-05-18 16-43-11-70

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  • What about the Vita version?

  • Has the Vita version been dropped?

  • So many happy memories of playing this with friends on the Atari ST. Will be getting this.

  • I shall be getting this for my birthday then :D Cannot wait

  • You had announced this game here, on the blog for PS VITA console aswell. What happend? We don’t deserve a single word of explanation??

    PS VITA, see Sony I’ve said it. PS VITA, ooops said it again. PS VITA, and again. PS VITA, PS VITA, PS VITA, will You delete my comment? :-)

    • PSVITA is still in progress! it will arrives soon!

    • Hi PRIME_Dark, if you want to know what is going on with this game and the reasons behind the decision to delay the Vita version, you can always ask me.

  • So another game skipping Vita then? :((

    • no ! we love the Vita and it will arrives soon.

    • Hi supersmith2500, no that is not the case here. I am not EA or Konami and I work in a spare bedroom with a small team helping me. This means that any decision to delay the Vita will be simply because we ran out of time to do everything for the first release. But rest assured, I am committed to the Vita version. Please be patient :D

  • Hi everyone!

    We are still working on the PS VITA !! :) and we’ll announce a release date very soon! We need to release the PS4 version first as we have the physical version coming with our partner Avanquest during the Euro.

    Please be patient, the PS VITA will arrive soon and it will be cross buy :)

    We’ll prepare a special announcement about it!

  • Hi, Dino here.. to answer those who are concerned about the Vita, this is an Indie title with limited resources… I have been working 90 hour weeks since Christmas. Unfortunately we had to make the call to delay the Vita version, but the game has been designed from the beginning to also work on the Vita. Sometimes the realities of development mean you can’t get everything done as quickly as you would like. Please be patient, the vita version will arrive as soon as possible.

    • Thanks for bringing the game back. It’s great to have the original creator working on his game instead of the “in the spirit of…” games we usually get. The release date in the middle of the Euro 2016 is nice and hopefully helps to sell it.

  • Carnivius_Prime

    Maybe using the words ‘exclusively for PS4’ made it a bit confusing in regards to the Vita version. Depends on how you see the Vita really. It certainly has more of a connection to the PS4 than say the Wii U and 3DS so could be seen as this game is PS4 exclusive with a portable version to take with you too. Heck I don’t know. :P

    I’m no football fan but I liked playing a bit of 8 and 16 bit football games back in the day and this looks like it captures that fun and non-complicated feel quite well.

    • I see what you mean. I guess the point is that it is exclusive to Playstation, but we could not say Vita yet. Anyway, it will be cross buy, so if you get the PS4 version you will also get the Vita version for free :)

    • Excellent, was just going to ask if this was going to be cross buy, but saw this comment. June’s gonna be expensive with no mans sky, this and prison architect!

  • If you want to follow development of the game, I am twitching right from my spare bedroom pretty much every day… https://www.twitch.tv/dndn1011

    • Thanks for streaming development, very inspiring and who knows, may remind the big pubs that gameplay is KING, it always was and always will be.
      Also huge thanks to Shahid for Kicking this Off (pun, no apology).
      Glad to see Dino wanting to return to showing the rest of the industry how fun games are done.

      This needs a Dino vs Shahid twitch stream on release day maybe?

  • madmanwithabox12

    “Exclusively on PS4” is the problem here. It creates the message that it’s only on PS4. Doesn’t help that there’s not even a “Vita is still coming” or anything in the post and the tags are only for PS4. Messaging is very messy.

    Looks cool though. Wish you all the best with it, even though football has never been my thing. This looks simple an fun, a far cry from the likes of Fifa.

  • You know,Super Kick Off is one of those games I played a lot when I was a child,on my Master System and then on the Megadrive.20 or 25 years ago.It’s special for me,so I’m so happy that a new game comes.
    Happy to play it on the vita.Thanks for the work!

  • So many happy memories of playing originals on Amiga with my friends, hoping I can get my son into it so we can make some new ones.
    Thanks for bringing it back Dino

  • Will the cross-buy be possible for the retail version of the game? Thanks!

  • Any idea on price yet?

  • Loved this on the Amiga – much better than Sensible Soccer! :)

    Used to play Kick Off 2 World Cup with England legends team. I’d always put Jimmy Greaves in goal with Peter Shilton upfront lol. Best goalie ever and Shilton could score from anywhere as he had a foot like a traction engine!

  • Great news that it’s coming to PS Vita! Will there be a physical Vita release, or is that only on the PS4?

  • Can’t wait to play some Kick Off, 2 questions though…
    1. When is it available in the US?
    2. Does it have matchmaking for network play?

  • I need this so badly it almost hurts! Can’t wait for the Vita version!

  • Will the Retail version have any extra’s included? Just curious as I saw the retail version will likely cost 10Euro’s more (In a previous comment)

    • It is actually quite expensive to do a retail release, and most Indie games these days do not get that. Many fans of the game want to own a physical copy and that is the point of it. It may seem strange, but as I understand it what you get for the extra 10 Euros is basically the box and CD! You won’t be missing out on gameplay features if you opt to get the digital release. But everything I said here needs to be confirmed by the publishers, who will correct me if I am wrong :)

  • I am almost crying! Man, I have played that game on my amiga bazillion times! Can’t wait!

  • There’s an interview with Dino and Kick Off Revival gameplay footage right here: https://youtu.be/ehPsTOtNWL4

  • Shame I can’t add it to my store wishlist, I will probably forget all about this.

  • Both this AND Sociable Soccer – who will win? Blood will be spilled, lives will be lost…..

  • For the love of God PLEASE let there be an option to play with original, ie Amiga graphics. I am sure it will be great to play but gotta have original look and feel. Hope Sony let you do this!!! Good luck with the game Dino.

  • Can’t wait for this game. Proper football returns!! When can I preorder from the store?

  • Instant buy!But i hope for PlayerManager more!Kick it

  • Unluckily I dont own the improved technology yet to run such a tech-masterpiece, so I will stick to fifa16 in my ps3. I am great fan of Dini and Kick off and feel very sorry about that attitude towards their fans. I will be changing field soon,after soooooo many years

    • I am not entirely sure of what you are trying to say; the game was made possible by Sony’s investment, and for many good reasons I am using Unity, which does not really support PS3. A PS3 version is not currently in the plan. In making a video game, we like to try to keep everyone happy, but that is generally not possible. I feel very sorry that you feel very sorry about something, but my attitude to my fans is that I never gave up after over 20 years of trying to get a new football game published, and have finally succeeded in doing so. I hope that this new beginning will allow me to make more games, which is all I wanted to do since the mid 90’s. Cheers.

    • Thank you for your reply. In fact I am accusing sony not the creator, wrong stated probably (my english is not optimal). I am a huge fan of you and I enjoyed playing your games, as I would enjoy playing the new kick off in my ps3. But Sony seems to not take serious their fans anymore and profit is the only concern. Of course profit must be a serious concern but not the only one. Noone buys a PS4 to play such games (I am refering to graphics only) and noone buys a console to see it get outdated 3 years later (awaiting ps4.5). In general I am really disappointed and frustrated and in addition I see kick off not coming to ps3. If sony had decided otherwise, you would have been told it to programm it for ps3 as well. The decision was to use nostalgy and a very beloved programmer to drag user into buying ps4.
      I wish you great success, I hope your game rocks the market and I will definately play it in some friends’ ps4.

    • @dimiseva, there is a huge difference between making game on ps3 compared to ps4.
      It is no easy task and you have to factor in, even if Sony were willing to invest in a ps3 version… well, it is still just Dino on his own making this game!

      Oh, and I say this as only a ps3 owner too ;o)

  • Hi Dino, great to have you here. I was a child of the 80’s so remember the KO games well, even going back to microprose etc. I still own my Amiga. Good luck with the release, I’ll defo be having a go. (I did defect to sensi when it came out, sorry, although I owned all your games). Its the gameplay/replayability that make these games great!!

    Spent most of my youth on John Barnes Soccer of all things!!

  • Thanks, I hope not to disappoint you :)

  • OMG. Memories, memories… even if mine were primarily through ANCO’s player manager.

    • ANCO were the publisher, but Player Manager was my game… I am looking forward to reviving that one too :D

    • So am I, please do! It probably was the game that turned me into a cheater though, I remember save scumming to repeatedly to get the best two 18yo talents every single season…

  • Hey Dino, fantastic that you are doing this. Thank you.

    Also being an 80’s gamer, one of my fave footy games was also Handball Maradona. Strangely I love being able to have keeper control….so was wondering if there was any option to control the goalie in this revival?

    Just a question out of curiosity – it won’t affect me buying the game and hopefully this leads to the future projectsyou have in mind!

    • Thanks! The game will be refined over time, so who knows where we will go in the future, but I always felt that it was best to have the goalkeeper automatic most of the time :)

  • This looks amazing!

    I feel lucky for beeing born in 1980! I can say i had the privilege of growing up alongside some of the best games ever made, and there is something about old school games that cant be reproduced nowadays, but it can be revived!

    Match day, Kickoff, Swos, Goal, MUFC, Gary Lineker, Italy 90…man it brings back so many good old memories! Thank you for bringing Kick Off back!

    You know what would make it perfect? Leagues and Euro Cups ;).
    Any plans to add them to the game in the future?

  • Wow, less than a month, that’s surprisingly soon! Will it, just like the Shadow of the Beast remake, also include the original Amiga version?

    • No, at this time there are no plans to include the original version. But, who knows what the future will bring :)

  • Great to see this and Sociable Soccer aiming to break the FIFA/PES monopoly on footy games. As many above have said, my Amiga memories were filled with work choice and variety… Kick Off 2, Goal and SWOS may have dominated (and rightly so), but I also enjoyed Man Utd Europe, Football Glory and many more. The only variety we get now is 13, 14, 15, 16….

  • Fifa, PES… close the door on your way out.

  • A chance to redeem myself and actually buy Kick Off, instead of playing it from a copied disk.
    Not looking forward to meeting S Screech again though ;)

  • Thanks a lot, Dino, this news made me so happy!!!

    I was a Kick-off hardcore player in my Amiga 500 when I was a child (I was addicted to KO, KO:ET, PM, KO2 and KO2:FW) and I know I shall wait a bit, but getting it on my PS Vita sounds soooo nice.

    I have one question, though… will we ever get the chance of the 50% speed play? I liked the normal pace a lot, but I truly enjoyed slow speed games, too.

  • Is the release date for Europe only?? if so then what about the release date for North America

  • Ok, how much does a PS4 cost? :-D
    Ready to buy a game-machine after 15 years!

  • Why is this game not on the store when you said it came out today?

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