6 Easter eggs you really need to unlock in Shadow of the Beast

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6 Easter eggs you really need to unlock in Shadow of the Beast

Heavy Spectrum’s PS4 exclusive is packed with nods to the 1989 original

Few words better describe the talented folks over at Heavy Spectrum than ‘meticulous’. In bringing to life their bold re-imagining of 1989 side-scroller Shadow of the Beast, they combed the classic series obsessively and turned up an absolute stack of cool odds and ends. While dozens of these little touches are woven directly into the game, there’s a whole trove of additional features you can unlock as you progress.

You’ll accrue Mana as you progress through the game, with more skilful play and higher combos returning bigger rewards. Once you’re back on the world map, hit [TRIANGLE] to open the “Wisdom of Shadows” menu and spend the Mana you’ve earned. There’s a whole host of extras to unlock, but here’s our recommended must-haves:

  1. Roger Dean’s original artwork
    Few artists working in the fantasy sci-fi genre during the ’80s and ’90s were as influential as Shadow of the Beast’s original box art designer Roger Dean. Hidden away in the game’s unlockables you’ll find a hi-res scan of the original artwork, leant to the team by Dean himself.
  2. E3_2015_Mediakit_018

  3. David Whittaker’s original score
    The synth-laden 16-bit score to the original Shadow of the Beast is iconic among fans of the original series and still holds its own, even today. Build up enough Mana and you can unlock the score to play alongside the team’s shiny new visuals.
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  5. The Martyr’s Fire special move
    Okay, so we’ll come clean, this isn’t really a clever reference to anything – but holding your enemies aloft and blasting a red-hot beam of explosive magic through them is pretty damn cool. It’s definitely well worth spending a little Mana on, in any case.
  6. E3_2015_Mediakit_018

  7. The original Amiga game
    Yup, Heavy Spectrum’s new Shadow of the Beast is actually two games in one. You can unlock an emulation of the original 1989 Amiga version of the game to play on your PS4. If you struggle with the notorious difficulty, there’s even an infinite lives cheat you can unlock as well!
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  9. Subtitles
    There are no less than five alien languages spoken across the distinct world of Karamoon – none of them English. While the well thought-out visual storytelling means you’ll never be at a loss as to what’s going on, there’s a whole heap of extra narrative to be uncovered if you unlock the alien subtitles.
  10. E3_2015_Mediakit_018

  11. Retrospective
    As a parting love letter to the game that inspired this project, the developers have also included an illustrated retrospective on the iconic Shadow of the Beast trilogy of games, charting the inception, development and lasting legacy of the fondly remembered franchise.


Shadow of the Beast is out now to buy on PlayStation Store.

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1 Author Reply

  • Any chance of the retail disc hitting Europe?

    Seems really bizarre to release it in Asia only, especially when Shadow of the Beast was mostly popular in Europe during the Amiga days.

  • You know what the world really needs? The Btmap Brothers games. Yes.
    Magic pockets
    Xenon 2
    Chaos Engine

    These are the Amiga classics the world deserves.

  • I’m still not sure I want to unlock the subtitles. I really like kinda guessing what they’re saying. Having english translations might make me lose some of that appealing other-worldy feel that I’m so enjoying from the game. :)

    • I can’t totally understand that though I can’t say I had a similar struggle – I’m a total lore nerd, so it’s in my nature to dig! The world-building in SotB is super deep too, so once you start looking into it you find stuff everywhere.

  • This is so awesome, really well done :)

    Other old Amiga games I would want to see on the PS4:

    Pang!, lots of 2-player fun (a new PS4 game was recently released but I would like the original Pang! too, Arcade or Amiga version)
    Rodland, lots of 2-player fun (Arcade version would be nice too but I prefer the Amiga version)
    Stunt Car Racer (still the best racing game ever)
    Super Cars II
    Turrican 2&3

  • Yes! Bitmap Brothers games were the best, and I had an ST too so a nod to that machine would be good :D I always thought the music was better on the ST than the Amiga anyway :P

    Xenon 1 was an awesome game with awesome music.

  • love this game i had it on my Amiga many years ago big thank you to everyone who made and brought it to the ps4 look forward to more

  • Any chance for the Amiga version of Shadow of the Beast being released as a stand-alone?

    Oh wait.

  • How to unlock the Amiga original game?

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