Gran Turismo Sport launches on 16 November 2016, watch the new trailer

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Gran Turismo Sport launches on 16 November 2016, watch the new trailer

Pre-orders for retail, limited and digital editions open today

Today, at an exclusive unveiling event with Kazunori Yamauchi, we revealed that Gran Turismo Sport will release on 16th November 2016 (18th November in the UK).

Feel only speed

Gran Turismo Sport places you straight in to the driving seat of some of the fastest, most aspirational cars on the planet. These include the very latest road cars recreated with unprecedented precision by the team at Polyphony Digital to deliver the most detailed and authentic models in Gran Turismo history.


The game is available to pre-order now from both PlayStation Store and retailers across Europe. Before you race off to secure your copy though, you’ll need to decide which version is right for you. On top of the Standard Edition full game, we’ve also got several additional options:

  • Gran Turismo Sport Collector’s Edition
  • Gran Turismo Sport Steel Book Edition
  • Gran Turismo Sport Bonus Edition


Gran Turismo Sport Collector’s Edition includes an exclusive miniature model of the Mercedes-AMG GTS and a detailed car-lover’s guide written by the experts at Polyphony Digital themselves. Both the Steel Book Edition and Bonus Edition, meanwhile, come jam-packed with a selection of digital exclusives and extras.

Selected retailers will also have a range of themed ‘head-start’ packs available to pre-order, so make sure to check in with your local shops to see what’s on offer.

PS4_SW_Inlay_3D_GTS_STANDARD PLUSPS4_steelbook_GT Sport


FIA Pre-Season Championship

Today’s unveiling also marked the first chance community members have had to get hands on with Gran Turismo Sport, as a select group from Europe, Asia and US competed in a special FIA-licenced GT tournament.

If you’re reading this before 9.30pm BST on 19th May, you can check out the livestream of the event here and watch all the drama as it unfolds. If not, then not to worry – the event has been fully archived on our official YouTube page where you can catch up on anything you missed and see who was crowned the first FIA Gran Turismo Sport Pre-season Champion.


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  • Looking good! Can’t wait to see more.

  • Return of the king?

    Return of the king.

  • Return of the King?

    Return of the king.

  • So, I’m guessing those ‘editions’ will be a GAME exclusive?

  • What. A. Year. 2016

    So are their off-road physics finally legit this time? Will it slightly be able to contest against DiRT.

  • The 18th? It’s out on my Birthday then ;) (in the UK) What a lovely Birthday Present erm I will be buying myself then :D The PS4 is smashing the competition so far :P Well done SONY ;)

  • Are you sure you were supposed to post this trailer before the livestream starts?

  • Still no sign of any damage, though.

    In the past, I’ve always said it doesn’t really matter… but these days, I’m not so sure. It really is time it was implemented, even if it’s only visual/superficial and doesn’t affect handling. There’s not really any reason/excuse now.

  • The standard box art looks pretty poor, especially the font.

  • In my serious opinion as an avid GT fan, I don’t think it looks nearly as good as it could look.

    We’ve seen Driveclub and Uncharted, we know the kind of looks the PS4 can push out. You can see a LOT of pop-in, dynamic reflection refresh rates and quality, shadows are SERIOUSLY lacking and static backdrops in photo mode, really? I dunno I had better hopes. :\

    • As for the pop-in, reflections,… Don’t forget this game is still in development. Those things can still change ;). With the static backdrops: you’re right.

    • Driveclub and Uncharted has 30 fps, GT as always trive for maximum 60 fps !! as it should be, you can have both ways, (unless also PS4K) je je

  • A bit early to announce the release date. Bold move.

  • For someone who purchased the original playstation for GT and bought every game since I’m struggling to think of something positive to say, I think I’ve been spoilt by Driveclub.

    Maybe a replay of an offline race in GT Sport will help change my mind by showing us the quality of the graphics, the superb sound and an updated AI since GT1.

    But it is only May and we’ve got 5 months plus the updates after launch, it could be amazing by this time next year

    Trying to think what would get me interested, if we’re remastering older games how about GT3 or GT4, the peak of the series.

    • I would also love a remake of these games however, if they have lost any of the licences or no longer have the licences for some of the cars/manufacturers this would be a stumbling block.

  • Is this kind of like a prologue demo ahead of a full game or is it an actual full Gran Turismo title?

    • It should be a full title as far as I know

    • Full totle confirmed 118 offline events, photomode, 137 cars at launch with 20 cars added every month trough DLC, seasonal events and regulated with FIA

  • Looks absolutely terrible for a PS4 game in my opinion, they can say what they want but this has clearly been built for the PS3 and is just being lazily ported to PS4, you can tell this just by watching the videos for the game, terrible frame rate and graphics for a supposedly PS4 game .

    I was going to buy this but after seeing the videos I won’t be buying it now, this looks totally outclassed by Driveclub, Forza 6 & Project cars, This will do more harm than good when released and I definitely can’t see me buying GT7.

    • You’re forgetting this game is still in development. Give it some time.

    • People always say that not realising that the next six months is just bug squishing time. Never in the history of gaming have graphics improved in the final six months of development, they usually get worse.

    • What a world we live in eh? Where graphics like this can be described as terrible

    • GT6 still released on ps3 at the switch of generations, so clearly they couldn’t have been working on this with ps3 in mind. This is their first game for a new generation and it didn’t took them years like with GT5. It’s not even a full numbered one so it might be akin to one of those prologue things to keep us busy until the real thing arrives.

    • What!!! Check your eyes mate, there already are comparission and GT Sports has better graphics than Failza 6

      Also all modes will be compatible with VR and have weather, something that Failza dont even have (just for Failza 6 added nignt ja ja

    • P.s gran turismo always has delays as Kaz is a perfectionist

  • I don’t think they’re terrible, Just thought how that might have looked haha

  • I’m not a big racer guy but I’m always good for some GT. Just casually enjoying the feel of the cars and mechanics. Really missed this series on Vita too, perfect series for portable gaming as well. I figured this would be like a prologue thing but it looks like it might have enough content and variety to warrant a purchase and keep my racing needs in check until GT7.

  • Graphics are never in question with GT. It’s about the physics and handling, which dived off a cliff during PS4 days.

    I look forward to what they can do with VR but it always frustrates me that Poly take an absolute AGE to produce games, and this isn’t even a full GT game.

  • Are we ever gonna be able to play earlier releases of the series on the PS4?

  • I have said it before but for the final time…I have £100’s periperhals that they refused to allow us to use on the PS4. I will never buy any ever again. Shame, I loved this game but ditched it after the stuffed us over and I am not the only one. How short sighted of them.

  • Hope there will be a beta :)

  • MarcelFaraFrica

    Actually gt sucks..but this game for ps4 looks good. But gran turismo on ps3 was a total failure.

  • Return of the KING!!!

  • Looks a bit underwhelming, spending so much time on photo mode in a gameplay reveal is also a bit silly and gives a poor impression. I was expecting great things but in such a quality market these days it just comes across a bit average. I’ll be fair though and reserve proper judgement until we’ve seen a bit more, just my impressions of the reveal.

  • ImmovableTonyG1

    Looks very nice, but the problem I have with the GT series is I just found the last two games very dull. The music, menus and game play were all rather tedious. When I think back of playing the original GT on PS1 I loved that game and played it to death! The magic has gone somehow. I only hope this game tries to recapture some of the excitement and energy of the original GT games. Same is happening with the Forza games on XB1, although not to the same extent.

  • MenstrualSatsuma

    I hope it has split screen for local races with friends. Recent racing games are only multiplayer online like Project Cars, Driveclub and Assetto Corsa. I know there might be reasons for that like not being able to do 2 player in 60 fps but I wouldn’t mind a lower framerate. Nothing in the video suggests it will so bad news I fear. Not everyone plays online. If it doesn’t I’ll probably have to get an xbox one just for Forza. It’s not perfect but at least you can have a few races with friends after a few smokes at 3 in the morning.

  • why they canceled the beta :(

  • The cars look amazing, the engine sounds (from the live steam) were awful, the tracks look very flat as do the run offs and grass etc. I know they have 6 months until release but I can see this being delayed. Its been a hell of a long time in development and I suspect Assetto Corsa will be out before it and will be better. Hell at the moment I will be sticking with Project Cars for a long time.

  • Anyone know if gt sport wil be released for ps3 ? ??

  • Is the collectors edition available to pre order. And if so where to order

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