Shadow Of The Beast roars onto PS4 today

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Shadow Of The Beast roars onto PS4 today

Check out a new trailer for Heavy Spectrum’s epic action reboot

We’ve reached the end of what for us has been an epic personal journey. Our take on classic action-adventure Shadow of the Beast is finally going to be released to PlayStation 4 gamers today!

The wonderful people at Sony have created a new trailer for our game, pulling together some of the thoughts shared by people who’ve previewed the game and editing them with some great footage of it in motion. It’s a wonderful (and humbling) way to celebrate the launch of our labour of love:

We’ve packed everything we can into it – a deep combat system, a mysterious world to explore, lots of secrets to uncover, the entire Amiga original, a whole heap of Easter Eggs for fans and hopefully a few memorable moments for everyone!

After three years, it’s strange to have reached a point where we can’t add any more. We’re not a big team and we know it’s taken us a long time to get here, but I can genuinely say we’ve done everything we were able to. We hope the result is something that people will enjoy spending time playing; and that the dedicated will savour the challenge of mastering the subtleties and uncovering all of the game’s secrets!

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SOTB - PS4 - Environments - Graveyard Of The Fallen_without Logo

We urge those who’ve pre-ordered the game to give the Roger Dean dynamic theme that is included a try; it was such a wonderful thing to make as fans and we’re really proud of the result. If you want to immerse yourselves still further in the games universe, and maybe take it with you on the move, you can buy the Original Soundtrack which Sony have released on the PlayStation Store today as well!


Thank you for all the support on our journey, and we hope those who choose to play the game enjoy what we’ve made.

Thank you,

Matt and the team at Heavy Spectrum

DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004
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  • Lets hope I can complete this version, could never complete the original without a cheat. Guess I’ll find out in 1.5 hours when I get home from work!

  • Really enjoying the game, you guys have done a great job bringing this classic into the 21st century but the combat controls need tightening up. I’m a huge fan of twitch combo hack/slash games and can SSS rank DMC games and Master Ninja my way through Gaiden with the best of them.

    With this though the combat goes from super tight to unresponsive in a heartbeat, at times ignoring inputs completely. Every review I’ve seen says the same thing and I have to agree. I hate to criticize something you and your team have clearly poured a lot of love into but either we’re all missing something or something is off.

    Combat niggles aside the game is absolutely gorgeous and a tonne of fun to play, well done!

    • Weird. I haven’t noticed any control issues yet. I still struggle keeping up with the Rage combo as it gets faster and faster but that’s about it. :P

  • Looks really good, I’ll be waiting for the Asian version (released in the next couple of weeks) because it’s getting a retail release.

  • Really enjoying it. Just finished Hydrath Castle (not 100% though) and really like the combat system and the huge amount of effort gone into the game and recapturing the feel of the original game while updating it. :)

  • Just getting into the game, but here’s an idea though: get the original t-shirt included with the Amiga game onto the PlayStation Gear Store! :)

  • Really enjoying it .Just getting into the game,ž told hem with all right now that games -_-

  • I’m really having bloody gory fun with the game. The team has done a wonderful job.

  • I pre-ordered this game, but haven’t really had time to play it yet. I look forward to it later this week though.

    That said, I am a bit disappointed. Lots of Shadow of the Beast avatars were released, but not a single one of the Amiga Beast. Bummer.

  • Lots of nice little nods to the original in there. The tree entrance ( which now has hands ), climbing up the well, the trophy named after the cheat for Beast 2. Oh and did the intro to Beast 2 inspire some of these scenes with the taking of the 2nd child?

    What a gorgeous game it is.

    Had a go on the emulated original and you really see what the old CRT monitors did to disguise those pixels. I’m still rubbish at it though!

  • I’ve said many things about my own personal hype surrounding this game since you first revealed it almost 3 years ago. Now that I’ve played it, I just want to say 6 little words:
    Well bloody done team.
    Thank you.

  • Enjoying it a lot :)
    Now if anybody can explain how I can do the blood for health thing with the r1-square button.. I can’t get life energy back. :-/

  • Found a little Easter Egg. Just before you enter Hydrath’s Castle you have to climb up to gain that mark on your hand that can light up in dark areas. If you look at one of the stone columns on that upper level there is a hidden image of a man with a sword, a sprite from something I think though I don’t recognise it. Its near the edge where you climb up and as the camera moves it will be revealed as objects obscure it at certain angles.

  • may anybody tell me how to get tze trophy “i know who did this” i finished the game two days ago…with every trophy and sincethat time i try to figure out how to get it…start making me crazy…i watcjed the credita 50 timea in different ways…fast slow with rescrolling up etc etc…still nothing meanwhile i think i tryed everyrhing possible with the game and the menue options. .please help me before something Bad happens to my beloved ps4 ;)

    • This one gave me some trouble too, but I finally figured it out over the weekend


      You have to unlock all encounters and all endings. Once you’ve done this you’ll unlock a secret minigame that plays during the credits. If you’ve done everything you need to do there’ll be a short loading screen before the credits begin to roll. You’ll need to defeat every large enemy (you’ll know them when you see them!) to unlock all of the hidden art.

      It took me a few tries, but once they were all defeated the trophy popped and I got the Platinum.

      I hope that helps!

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