New trailer for PS4 & PS Vita JRPG Grand Kingdom showcases character classes

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Take a closer at NIS America’s upcoming JRPG, due next month

In a game of strategy, the number of pieces on your board and the type of pieces you control can completely alter the outcome of a battle. In the careful balance of Grand Kingdom‘s classes, that is especially true, and I’m happy to announce a few more pieces that you’ll be able to strategise with when Grand Kingdom releases on the PS4 and PS Vita this June!

Those of you who’ve been following Grand Kingdom closely will recognize these classes as paid DLC from the game’s Japanese release – whelp, we’re giving them to you for free and including them in the regular game! That’s right, you’ll have access to all 17 classes listed on our game website as soon as you install the game or slip in your brand-new disc on 17th June.

Now, new characters are always cool, but how about some new game content as well? You bet your spoils of war! (That could be a saying, right?) We’ve also decided to include the four Great Nation campaigns that were DLC in Japan with the regular release of Grand Kingdom. Yup, that increases the game’s campaign content from 12 chapters following the exploits of The Guild, to a whopping 48 chapters of story delving into the far reaches of Resonail’s expansive lore and nations.

Nation Art

In each Great Nation campaign, you’ll align yourself with a particular nation and dig deeper into that nation’s motivations and history. You’ll be introduced to brand new characters, discover the deeper ties that bind rulers to family and nation, and perhaps even discover something about yourself as you decide which nation tugs at your heart the most.

These additional campaigns really flesh out each of the Great Nations of Resonail. While you’ll probably be jumping into Grand Kingdom’s Online War from day one, I found that in my endless quest to fill my mercenary purse by completing each Great Nation campaign, I discovered which nation I really connected with. After completing the campaigns, I decided that I’ll be exclusively supporting one particular nation in the Online War no matter who my friends are fighting for. I can’t wait to see who all of you choose to support!

Screenshot1Screenshot 2
Screenshot 2

And, as if that wasn’t enough good news, you can also pre-order the PS4 digital version of Grand Kingdom today on PlayStation Store to save 10% on the game, unlock an exclusive theme, and snag yourself a few cool Charm Scrolls that will let you re-customise your mercenary units once they hit level 20. (Pro-tip: if you have a favorite mercenary troop after you finish the campaign, you can use the Charm Scrolls to make them match your favorite Great Nation and send them to war dressed properly!)

Phew. That was kind of a lot to get off my chest. If you aren’t sure what kind of strategy Grand Kingdom holds in store, be sure to hop over to the official website to learn more. I’ll see you when the war begins on 17th June, dood!

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  • Really enjoyed the beta. Pretty unique gameplay. Looking forward to the release.

  • I also enjoyed the beta too..the battle system was clever and alot of fun but to be honest I can’t see myself spending hours and hours just doing battles..I don’t know,have alot to get on with at the moment but may pick this up later down the line :)

  • This looks pretty cool, sad that I’ve only heard of it now and missed the beta. Looks like a buy come June. I love the devs that continue to support the vita.

  • I missed the Beta, but from what I see in the videos, this seems to be a meaty tactical JRPG experience. I love the graphics style too! I guess I’m buying it!

  • The beta was really fun and convinced me it’s worth a purchase. Probably not at release but i’ll definitely pick it up at some point.

  • Its a bit of a shame this comes out right about now, with Odin Sphere (either that or reviews for this have to be stellar) and No mans Sky having my attention. Does look cool.

  • It MUST be confirmed that everyone chose Landerth because of Gladius’ titties. The ratio to them was insane. RIP my Valkyr homies.

    Keen on the game.

  • Im totally hooked on disgaea 5 right now, but let me tell you this;
    All jprpg is very welcome. I really love and enjoy to play them and have done it
    for more than 15 years now, so let em come^^

  • Wasn’t sure about this at first but after playing the beta definitely looking forward to this on my vita

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