New on PlayStation Store this week: Shadow of the Beast, Homefront: The Revolution, more

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New on PlayStation Store this week: Shadow of the Beast, Homefront: The Revolution, more

Plus, Wild Arms 3, Soft Body, My Night Job and Perfect Universe

What’s that? You’ve finished Uncharted 4 already? Well, if you have raced through Nathan Drake’s ridiculously enjoyable new adventure, we’ve a handful of shiny new things to tempt you with this week.

Today sees the release of rebooted Amiga classic Shadow Of The Beast, offering grisly combat, side-scrolling exploration and some beautiful visuals. Then on Friday, check out FPS sequel Homefront: The Revolution; or if you’re after something a little quirkier, Perfect Universe and Soft Body should tick the boxes.

See the full list of new releases below.


18th May

  • Warframe
  • Vauban Prime Access Pack
  • Vauban Prime Accessories Pack

19th May

  • Fallout 4
  • Far Harbor

20th May

  • Homefront: The Revolution
  • Expansion Pass

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store on your mobile, tablet or computer.

Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers in May

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4 Author Replies

  • New sales tomorrow? : D

    • Previous experience suggest yes. The on sale items currently going mostly end of thursday so it seems likely.

  • Wild Arms 3 and Valkyria Chronicles Remastered. Today is a good day! :D

    Also, is there any news on King of Fighters PS2 Classic on PS4? Was released in NA, but yet nothing here. We’re not getting it at all, are we? :/

    • at around 5am this morning, I woke up. Bought Wild ARMs III and let me tell you.
      I wish I could have bought it yesterday :D I had a half day at work then ^^

  • Can you confirm Letter Quest is coming to Vita too?

  • Btw, today is Norway’s independence day.
    Wish a Norwegian a happy day…and promise to not steal their fish ;)

  • Carnivius_Prime

    Been really enjoying Shadow of the Beast. Very satisfying mastering the combat in that too. :)

    • Carnivius_Prime

      Oh and the Dynamic Theme is gorgeous. Roger Dean’s classic artwork come to life on my PS4 menu screen. :)

  • Carnivius_Prime

    Is Kinetica good? I don’t even remember it coming out on PS2. Never heard of it til today but it looks kinda neat!

    • Can’t tell if it’s good (maybe have a look at some YouTube-videos, it gives me an Extreme-G vibe) but about the release:
      It was released in USA only back in the day (2001) so it’s no surprise that you don’t remember it (assuming you lived in UK back then).

  • Hi Francesca.

    First, thanks for fixing the issue with the XMB theme “Lego Star Wars: May the 4th” for PS3 that i reported last week.

    However, there’s still a “small” issue: i can’t “purchase” it (i.e. add it to the cart and do the checkout), it’s only downloadable from the PS3 itself, and it doesn’t “tie” to my account, it downloads a .p3t file and that’s it. Is it supposed to work like that, or is it like those old “static themes” (or all the wallpapers/backgrounds available in the Store) which can’t be added to my account, and my download list? Why certain things have to be downloaded manually every time?

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks in advance.

    • Oh and i forgot to say, the PlayStation 20th Anniversary theme for PS3 had a similar issue (to the Star Wars one) in the past, but now i can obtain it like most themes and DLC. So to say.

    • Hi Lance, I’ve just asked about this and unfortunately in terms of making further changes to how the file works, it won’t be possible. It should be installed from the themes section in the PS3 settings.

    • You probably don’t even know what i’m talking about, as expected.

      I didn’t ask where the theme is installed, i was asking if this theme is supposed to be downloaded exclusively (and directly, without putting it in the shopping cart and doing the checkout) from the PS3 like most wallpapers, and not from the Download List after being “activated” on my account. If the theme gets delisted someday, i won’t be able

    • *CONTINUED* i won’t be able to recover it. And i SWEAR the same happened to the PlayStation 20th Anniversary theme, again the PS3 version.

    • ps: “the same happened with” means that the theme eventually became possible to add to the cart and tie to the PSN account, not that it was delisted (because it wasn’t.)

  • Hope we get some good sales this week..

  • StevenJamesHyde

    Credit where it’s due – £15.99 for Valkyria Chronicles is an excellent price, and the 25% Plus discount on Wild Arms 3 was the difference between “hmm, maybe when there’s a sale on” and “another one for the backlog!”

    • Wild ARMs is sooooo good.
      Seriously, I love it. Was one of the only games my dad also loved.
      Remember moving into my first own apartment. Had the game on just listening to the intro over and over while I set up the rest of my stuff in the apartment. My dad comes up, he is giving me some money just to keep me afloat since everything I had went into the flat and as a freshly out of school student…not much cash :D
      He stops and wonders what that nice music is, is it from the game? And then I spent like the next 10 minutes explaining the premise as he takes interest and stays just to play the game for 3-4 hours until my mom calls and wonders what’s taking so long. Old dad bought it for himself and even he really liked it ^^ Was so cool to find another thing to bond with my dad over. Not only sports, work and life but now I had him with my games as well.

      Sorry for the story but man I love Wild ARMs and I can’t stop shaking with excitement over Kaneko-sans and Naruke-sans teasing over Twitter.

    • Actually that’s a nice surprise, i remember reading somewhere that it was going to be 40€ for Valkyria Chronicles, that was a terrible price considering that the pc version was 20€ and there wasn’t any new content to justify the price difference.

      So, as you said, kudos for Sega unlike Square Enix that sells FF Type-0 for 25€ on PC but on the PS4 is 70€ (or FF X/X-2 Remaster for 20€ on PC and 50€ for PS4).

  • StevenJamesHyde

    I notice that Kings Quest Chapter One is now free for everyone on all formats. That December PS Plus giveaway just looks worse and worse doesn’t it?

    • It’s OK, we’ll all bury our heads in the sands and people will stop complaining eventually.

      It bothers me that we pay for PS plus and there’s actually no commitment from Sony to give us anything.

    • StevenJamesHyde

      What’s the betting that, if your PS+ sub expires, you won’t be able to play the Plus version of Kings Quest Ep 1 any more and will be locked out of buying the free version?

    • Noticed that, hated it

  • Does anyone think we should address that kings quest episode 1 is now free for everyone and completely undermining PS plus. As we always said, we didn’t get a game that month.

  • how about some decent PS2 games for PS4? i remember when Sony announced PS2 games for PS4 that they would release a bunch of PS2 games every week yet all they have manages is one PS2 game every few months and not very good ones at that. this is exactly why we needed actual PS2 emulation so we could play any PS2 game we wanted instead of waiting for dripfeed of awful shovelware.

    i havent spent money on the PS4 in months as nothing good to play.

    • How is Wild Arms 3 not decent? Because it’s great?

    • You spent money on a PS4 to play only PS2 games. o.0

    • You’re right, people spent money on PS4 to play only PS3 games.

    • Shovelware..Wild Arms 3, Dark Cloud, Dark Chronicle, Rogue Galaxy, Canis Canem Edit, Arc Twilight of Spirits have been shovelware? Just because you don’t like JRPG’s (excluding Canis Canem Edit) doesn’t mean they are shovelware.

      There are 11 physical releases this month alone for the PS4. Even I bought a PS4 game this month (Valkyria Chronicles Europa Edition). Two humongous AAA titles are released this month and although not my thing most people probably bought both Uncharted 4 and Doom.

      You seemingly don’t understand the term shovelware – as they are usually games released yearly, rushed and reusing the same assets or lots of games based on films. Superman Returns would be shovelware…even Magus was better than that

    • spacedelete, learn what “shovelware” really stands for.

    • @Izorpo: Assassin’s Creed and COD are not shovelware, even if they’re the same eveyr year. Real, genuine shovelware are movie tie-ins, and crap like Unearthed and Magus, or the “Imagine” series for Nintendo DS, or certain games published by Midas back in the PS1/PS2 days.

  • No Letter Quest in PS Vita?

  • Wild Arms 3 is a nice surprise but I still have all the PS2 games to hand. Now if never-published-in-Europe Wild Arms 2 appeared on the store…. (I could complete my collection… :) )

    • I hope that, for completion’s sake, they publish Wild Arms 4, too. But a proper version where you can get 100% completion!

    • hah, I get that feeling. Have them all here as well. Collectors and normal releases but it would be really sweet to have them all digitally as well…even if 2s translation is….let’s call it wonky :D

  • Pre-Ordered Shadow of the Beast and was REALLY dissapointed in it. I appreciate the style the devs were going for but unfortunitly, it just doesn’t work as a game :(

    Can’t really recommend it to anyone and this coming from a huge fan of the 1989 original…

    • Didn’t they slap in the original as well?
      Anyway, to bad you don’t like it :/ I’m giving it a try later on but first, Wild ARMs ^^

  • Just one thing: Wild Arms 3 <333
    I played it back in 2012 (and it made me purchase all WA-games in physical form =) ) but I will gladly enjoy this game on the PS4, again. An additional thank you for the PS+ discount for this gem. :D

  • I’m sad seeing how SCE gave up on JRPGs, so many great IPs like Wild Arms being eclipsed by interactive movies.

    • oooh I don’t mind the “interactive movies” like them as well but I do agree with the sentiment that it’s sad that the JRPGs are gone :(
      I mean I was totally surprised by Oreshika, I liked the game, but I want something heavy and meaty, you know? :)

  • Are you ever going to mention Rocksmith DLC or release Shadow Complex?

  • Wild Arms 3 and Valkyria Chronicles made this a very good week for me! I’m hoping we can see more great PS2 games get released on PS4 as well this year.

  • Is it “indies that didn’t warrant a blog post” week on ps4?

  • Hi Francesca. More than a month ago i asked if there was any information about updating the PAL version of PS2 games (on the PS4) for 60Hz and you told me that you were going to try to find out. Now, i’m going to assume that you weren’t able to find out so is it possible, at least, to point who is the person that we (i’m using we because i know i’m not the only one that wants this) can tweet or email to get an answer about this? Thank you.

    • I made some enquiries about this and at the moment I don’t have any conclusive solution – apologies that it’s taking a while.

    • GTA III and GTA VC have been updated (I did not test it, but the patchlogs say so). GTA SA did not and neither did the other PS2 games I have. But I guess they are working on it. Hopefully this will be fixed as it will be much nicer to run on modern TVs then the 50hz versions.

  • Why not just bring wild arms to ps3 as well i know you have to sell ps4s but this is ridiculous.

    • Because the PS3 in 10 months (EU) will be 10 years old and they only claimed they would support it for 10 years. Have you looked at the physical releases coming to PS3? Shopto has 1 release this month and for the next 6 months 5 physical releases and Free Realms which has been TBC for years.

      They don’t “need” to sell any more PS4’s because they have sold so many and is the main reason plus has declined since the PS4 release. Xbox need to sell their latest console hence why so many complain about plus vs gold discrepancy.

  • When is Shadwen coming out in Europe?

  • Any news about the game INSIDE by Playdead Studio?

    Or is this game going to be released in 2027?

  • Another update and no Gryphon Knight Epic. No KOF 2000.
    I thought the old ps3 days were gone but i guess not

    • Hey DPatriot, how are you? I’m one of the devels of GKE. We are working hard to make it available to you guys in Europe. It will take a while yet due to localization and PEGI rating. But its on they way! Thanks for the interest in our game :)

  • Forgot still no DMC4 Special Edition avatars either

  • (Because the blog doesn’t mention it):

    Letter Quest Remastered is also on PS Vita, and is cross-buy. It’s up on the AU store right now.

    Also, a pre-order option for SteamWorld Heist is up (also PS4/Vita cross-buy).

  • Why is Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4 (English Version) not on the German PSN Store yet? I can only find the German version and usually the English episode should be on the store by now. I bought the Season Pass so it’s kinda a pain for me.

    • By Season 6, are you referring to the TV Show? Season 6 is still airing so it’s not available on any of the PlayStation Stores to my knowledge.

  • I’d like to play games I download but when 800 mb takes 5 HOURS it’s beyond a joke. Try investing money in your network. Oh I’ve got fibre optic if you’re wondering and I’ve done 3 separate tests, it’s NOT ME. Its been like this since LAST NIGHT!!

  • Vita games! Please add. Clearly there is at least one this week. Tut tut.

  • I still dont understand how Sony can CONSTANTLY get away with not releasing stuff each week. It’s annoying.

  • The 19th is so far away…any idea what size Fallout 4 Far Harbour is suppose to be? Feel I’m going to need to clear some space.

    Will be picking up Wild Arms III tomorrow just in case there is anything of interest in the sale tomorrow…here’s hoping.

  • Romero_Carpenter

    Star Wars Mega Bundle for PS3 was removed during may 4th sale I’m assuming because half the titles that are supposed to be in the bundle aren’t even on PS3. Now it’s back at full price and the same games in the bundle are still misiing?
    Or is this bundle just for people who own both PS3 & PS4.

  • Store’s updated but Far Harbor still not available. When’s this going up?

  • Why is the Shovel Knight theme for the PSVita not in the NL-store?

  • hi sony

    very sory to see you puting again icone where i do not want on mi ps4 ( ps now = need to be where you tube + others are = service )

    also price = no go
    i do not want renting monthly ( if i want to play 1 game = 5 € = keeping 2 weeks whith option to buy if you like )
    ( try demo of the game also + point )

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  • Wild Arms 3 is not even purchasable anymore apparently. The only thing I can do is set it to my wishlist.
    Nice to have it for sale for a few days. In the future I would not even do the effort of mentioning it in the blog and put it on the store.

    I really don’t get stuff like this. Why is the store so broken.

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