7 tips to help you take great shots in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’s Photo Mode

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7 tips to help you take great shots in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’s Photo Mode

Get behind the lens and show us your best pictures

The deliciously detailed world of Uncharted 4 just begs players to hit the SHARE button and grab a few mementos of Drake’s latest adventure. Handily, the day one patch includes a special photo mode that, once enabled in the Options menu, will let you capture the action with a photographer’s poise.

There’s a wide range of options to choose from, so we’ve put together a few handy tips to help you nail the perfect shots.

1. Get up close and personal.

Uncharted 4’s Photo Mode Camera controls come equipped with ‘Dolly’ settings allowing you to ease in and out (R1/ L1), tilt controls (Left/Right on the Directional Pad)to put your own slant on things and a ‘Field of View’ adjustment that allow you to focus in more closely on specific details.

Don’t be afraid to try some different angles and go a little rogue with your photography.

Up close and personal

2. Draw focus.

A great trick to highlight specific objects in an image is to place them in direct focus. Uncharted 4’s Photo Mode features a ‘Depth of Field’ setting which will allow you to draw focus to objects at a certain distance, making it stand out within the image.

We’d recommend upping the intensity of the effect initially (R1, setting the exact distance you want and then gradually rolling back the intensity (L1) until you hit the perfect level.

Depth of field

3. Hide the characters.

Sometimes less is more. If you’d rather just capture a dramatic landscape or a stunning piece of architecture without any of the cast ‘photobombing’ you, you can always choose to remove them from the scene with the ‘Hide Characters’ option.

Best of all, you don’t have to remove everybody: you can opt to remove the player character, your buddies, your enemies or even civilians and just capture exactly what you want.

Hide characters

4. Set things in motion.

A little natural motion blur is a great way to add a sense of movement to a static image. Swinging across a ravine can take on a whole new sense of drama when the sheer cliff faces are whizzing by in a blur.

You can add as much or as little as you like, so play around until you’re happy with the balance.

Motion blur

5. Add some finishing touches.

Once you’ve set up the perfect shot there’s a whole range of options to tweak the final look. Some of these you might have come across before, some might be less familiar. ‘Sharpness’, ‘Brightness’ and ‘Saturation’ will likely be familiar to most, but some others may be less so:

  • Chromatic Aberration is a phenomenon commonly seen in photography where certain colours of the spectrum appear to ‘bleed’ from the edges of objects in an image. We’d suggest playing with the filter to see what we mean.
  • Film Grain adds a filter to image that replicates some of the traditional ‘noise’ found in analogue recording. It’s a funky effect that gives pictures a classically cinematic look and feel.
  • Vignette creates a bright focal point radiating out from the centre of your image, darkening away towards the edges. It’s great for adding a sense of brooding or foreboding to an image.


6. Break out a filter.

Uncharted 4’s Photo Mode includes a range of pre-set filters to add a unique twist to your images. You can add a warm vintage feel to your images, some moody noir tones or go super classy with a black and white effect. Each brings its own particular feel or look to the image, so play around and find the one that works for you.

Filter - Black and White

7. Use PNG format for the highest quality.

By default, the PlayStation 4 saves your screenshots in a compressed ‘JPEG’ format. These are a great way to save storage space, but it does come at a cost to the quality. If you really want to capture every intricate detail, switch to PNG.

You can adjust this from the ‘Share’ menu by pressing [OPTIONS], then selecting ‘Sharing and Broadcast Settings’, ‘Screenshot Settings’ and toggling ‘Image Format’ to ‘PNG’.

With all these tips in hand, you should now be poised to capture some breath-taking shots from Uncharted 4. Please share your favourites with us on Twitter – we’ll RT the best!

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1 Author Reply

  • Just finished the game and found 480 screenshots in my gallery O_O

    • Yeah, I won’t lie, my first playthrough took a real toll on my hard drive space! Hard to resist though…

  • I was looking forward to Photomode but then update 1.03 arrived, with only 800mb remaining of the 5GB download I’m now back to having to download 4.2GB (Have turned off PS4 and it still shows this amount)

    Thankyou for a wonderful update.

    An extra disc should have been included in the box for the multiplayer and or the missing bits, it’s seems I’ve purchased an incomplete game.

    So will wait for another 2 weeks or for the updates to slow down as limited on data for each month.

    • Updates don’t restrict you from playing singleplayer, which is where you use the photomode. Also the whole reason there is an update isn’t because the game is incomplete, it’s because the discs go into manufacture weeks in advance of the game’s release. That means weeks of potential development time to improve on what they already have. Wouldn’t make sense, or be possible, to put an update on a disc hahaha

  • Finished this today 5 stars

  • I didn’t know we are able to change the image format. Going to change that the first change I get. Trying to show off the game doesn’t work as well with Jpeg.

  • Would be nice, if you could actually get those PNG screenshots of your PS4 an easy way instead of a USB stick. We need a share.playstation.com or similar site, or maybe talk Twitter into upping their limits from 3MB.

    • What works for me is sharing to a PS chat group and then saving it from my mobile, where I have all share options I want. Bit of a workaround but beats USB sticks.

    • The filesize limit is 5mb, for whatever reason the PS4 wasn’t letting it happen but now it works fine. My largest Uncharted upload was 4.81MB. Prior to that I would always take the PNG screen, then change settings to get a jpeg for uploading.

  • Lost count of how many times I just sat there taking photos of landscapes and characters and close ups of their amazingly detailed and lifelike faces. There really is no more beautiful game out there than Uncharted 4. It’s a masterpiece.

  • Great game but I’m afraid the new multiplayer system has really spoiled it. No ranking system like uncharted 2 and 3, I may leave the multiplayer alone until it’s patched with a traditional ranking system!

    • I think I like the new ranking system. Also using items more times to unlock better features on them is a nice incentive too. Have played a lot of the MP the past week. Only thing I’m really missing is the co-op modes and I’m hoping ND add those in an update.

    • No ranking system, no co-op… MP looks like it’s been tacked on at the last minute.

  • One thing to note with Uncharted 4 is that, unlike the Nathan Drake Collection, the Photo Mode can also be activated in the cut-scenes… you just can’t move the camera.

    My album: https://flic.kr/s/aHskAdKaMA

  • U4’s very limited photo mode makes you realize that this game looks nowhere near as gorgeous as the previous episodes on PS3.

  • My one gripe about this photo mode is the same as any Sony game that uses it, it’s stuck to the character. If you want a fine example of a great photo mode, I suggest looking to Mad Max. It allows you to move the camera wherever you like and at great distance allowing you to get some spectacular shots.

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