Uncharted 4: How Nolan North and Troy Baker brought the Drake brothers to life

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Uncharted 4: How Nolan North and Troy Baker brought the Drake brothers to life

The two actors look back at 10 years of Uncharted in brand new video

Folks, it is so close now. In just a matter of hours, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will be in your hands and you can dive into the latest adventures of Nathan Drake. And as you might have gleaned from reviews, the wait is absolutely worth it.

To help pass the time, we’ve prepared something a little special for you. Earlier this month we caught up with Nolan North and Troy Baker – the actors responsible for bringing Nathan Drake and his brother Sam to life. Watch the video above to witness them discuss 10 years of Uncharted, how they approached their respective characters and – for Nolan especially – what a huge impact the series has had on their lives. Prepare for feels…

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  • 6 hours…. 6 hours damn it. Just release it now!!! Lol

  • 5 hours 46 mins

  • I don’t know how many theives have finished this game since days ago.

  • Can’t wait no longer ☺️

  • What will you be playing 1st

  • Single player or multiplayer

  • Carnivius_Prime

    Mine arrived today. It’s fun. Played a chunk of single player and some of the multiplayer. I had planned to be productive today until the mailman brought me the game I been waiting for more than any other. Ah well, I can do my work next month…

    • “It’s fun”. Wo0o0w greatest disappointment of all time. It needs to be so good that it makes you write incoherent hype comments from 110% onomatopoeia .

  • Interesting interview. Gotta love Nolan. He just is Nathan. His charisma, his humor,..

  • IT’S HERE!!! Can’t wait to pickup Special Ed. at the local.

  • Prem-aka-Prince

    3:00 “People understand, they get it.” Hey there’s that fourth wall!

  • Fred, please ask/pass along to relevant people the app showing latest updates to tv sevices is beginning to make system unstable, am posting here because unfortunately i got kicked from a game (destiny) last night after your home screen decided i needed to see ign’s app review of the latest (and am sure very goid) uncharted4, reviews/gamepay i imagine?, now i had been with a team playing to reach a endgame boss for over a hour when this happened.. by time my ps4 recovered/stabilized some of the ppl had to leave meaning i had wasted a hour But more important like st a opportunity to complete a (to me) important part of a game I am interested in, sad it firces it’s way to front of my games/apps each time a new show is added to now or other silly reasons, i start and quit 15 games to remove the offending advert from front, can’t be good for console? small thing but you know how us ‘players’ feel about small things, ie they someyimes matter.
    sorry to have had to pass this along on a naught dog post.

  • autocorect mistake.. missed a opportunity is whst was intended.

  • lol.. just remembered about mr norths voice role in game i was playing, ghost was also gutted we never reached end boss… autocorrect has made mincemeat out of my words today..

  • Fred Dutton, hi!
    I think you should know that russian retailer DNS-shop, which is have exclusive rights to sell Special Edition of Uncharted 4 in Russia screw it up again. So, people pre paid orders in 100% and can’t get them at release date (and retailer can’t tell when can we get our orders). I just want to know why that happend, because of retailer or because Sony send special editions to Russia to late? It’s not the first time we have problems with DNS, maybe you shouldn’t give them exclusive rights to sell special editions of games?
    Fred, I guess this is not direct question to you, but maybe you know who can answer?

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