The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth hits PS4 next week

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The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth hits PS4 next week

New areas, items, game modes, bosses, music, playable characters, more

Hello, Binding of Isaac fans! I’ve got some awesome news. The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth is just about ready to launch on PS4. In fact, it’s going to be out on 10th May.

If you haven’t heard, Afterbirth is the extremely extensive add-on for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth delivering 100+ hours of gameplay. Features include:

  • A new final area and final boss for the main game.
  • The new Greed Mode
  • Daily Runs to compete for high scores and best times
  • 1,000+ new room designs
  • A new playable character, Lilith, mother of demons
  • Eight new bosses
  • Four new alternate chapters with specific enemy types, visual themes, and surprises
  • 25 new enemies
  • 120 new items (bringing the total past 525)
  • A massively updated weapon combo system
  • New alternate soundtrack
  • 10 totally new and awesome challenges
  • Tons of new secret transformations
  • Loads of new Trophies

But enough with the lists. Here are the awesome details on some of Afterbirth’s new content.


Greed Mode

Greed Mode is a totally new game mode. It mainly involves fighting off waves of randomly chosen sets of enemies that spawn around the room. These waves ramp up in difficulty and continue to stack on top of one another until you hit wave eight, press the stop button, or die.

The more waves you string together without hitting the stop button, the higher the cash bonus. If you’re able to do it without taking damage there is another bonus in it for you. After wave eight you’ll get a breather to cash in your winnings and the button mysteriously changes to a skull!

Pressing said skull will start the “boss waves,” an easy wave (on par with a basic boss from that chapter) and a med wave (usually an easy level boss with a small mob). You’ll get a lot more time to kill these waves, but depending on how fast you are there is a high chance that the second boss will spawn in alongside the first. You can always sacrifice half a heart to stop the next wave from spawning if things are looking dire.

Once these boss waves are finished, the exit door will unbar and you will be able to progress to the next level… or you can take a chance with the “nightmare boss wave” in order to unlock the devil room door.

A single room in Greed Mode is 100% new, cursed rooms yield totally new surprises, secret rooms have bigger payoffs, and the content of devil rooms aren’t exactly what you are used to. In fact, all the pools in Greed Mode are totally new and have been heavily modded to fit Greed Mode perfectly.

All in all, Greed Mode will feel like a totally new experience that will not only yield tons of rewards for completing it with each character, but also features a very unique ending that should have you coming back.


Daily Runs

For those of you who have used “seeds” in Rebirth, the short answer is Daily Runs are daily seeds that are universal to everyone playing that day.

Every day, Afterbirth will generate a new “run” for everyone who owns the game to play. But what makes Daily Run different than seeds is that Daily Runs will be identical for everyone in every way.

It doesn’t matter what you have or haven’t unlocked, Daily Runs don’t play by the rules! Everyone is on an equal playing field here! Doesn’t matter what you have or haven’t unlocked. If you wanna go for Mega Satan from the get-go, then go for it!

Beyond all runs being universal, Daily Runs will choose a specific character for you to play as — and everyone is forced to play as him/her/them that day. This includes The Lost. But don’t worry, those will be rare days. That said, nothing can be acquired or unlocked in daily runs. Much like seeds, Daily Runs do not yield any progress rewards so it’s best to play the main game more if you want game progress.

The great part about Daily Runs is that we’ve linked Afterbirth with leaderboards dedicated to Daily Runs. So you can see how well you did in terms of score, time, or both!


New enemies

Afterbirth features loads of new enemies and bosses and even some alternates to existing ones.

Little Horn, for example, is a new and much welcome “stubby” demon boss. Not only does this guy break the mold with his AI, but he also has more attacks than normal bosses. Easily one of the most fun boss fights thus far.

Afterbirth will feature five new champions! Champions in Isaac are twice as large, do a full heart of damage, have twice the life, and usually drop something special when they die.

New items

There will be new cards, pills, runes, bombs, hearts, chests, and even a few new item types you will run into and/or unlock via one of the 10 new challenges.

  • Diplopia – A new one-use item that does something pretty interesting: it doubles items and pickups. Not all items are ones you want two of, but I’m sure some of you can think of more than a few that would be nuts to have two of.
  • The Friend Ball will insta-kill any non-boss enemy, trapping them inside the ball. Then you can release the trapped enemy, now charmed to fight alongside you for the duration of the room!
  • Dead Eye is a fan-suggested item that raises damage with each consecutive hit and causes your tears to become red glowing balls of death if you play well.


Alternate levels

Some of the more interesting features of Afterbirth’s main game are the alternate chapters. As many of you know the game currently features alternate chapters for each existing level set (i.e. the basement’s counterpart is the cellar). Each alternate chapter has its own set of levels, themes, and enemies that are semi-exclusive to it.

We wanted to add more stuff like this without muddying things up by actually making a full third alternate for each existing chapter set. In Afterbirth, each chapter set will feature a variant that will go over the top of whatever theme you are currently playing, so regardless of if you are in the cellar or basement, there is a small percentage chance that whatever level you are in will become a new Afterbirth alternate.

Aside from how different this looks, The Burning Basement also features many different changes. There is a high percent chance that many different enemies will become “flaming alternates.” All new level alternates will feature modded stats and new attacks; there is a small percent chance that rocks will become fire pits. These seem like minor changes, but in a lot of ways these new levels will act as “champion” variations of levels, making things slightly harder but also raising the possibility of more reward. Each new alternate will also feature new music, visuals, and effects.

And that’s all I’m telling you for now. Thanks for reading!

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  • I assume the lack of mention of Vita tells us everything we should know about porting it to the world’s greatest handheld? :) I’m looking forward to Afterbirth anyway.

  • Sounds great, but also interested whether it’s coming to Vita or not.

  • I loved the game enough to platinum it, but on Vita. AS most people are wondering, can you at least tell us for sure if the Vita version cancelled or if you are going to try and make it?
    SAying that I will buy thhiw DLC, you did a great job with the game and I can’t wait to play Afterbirth too.

    PS. I suppose that cross save will be canceled now? Iit is only natural ofc, just asking to be sure.

  • Hey Tyrone! You say The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth hits PS4 next week… BUT is it in the pipeline for VITA, too?

    I can live with Afterbirth coming to Vita a little further down the line, but it’ll be a hugely disappointing if Edmund McMillen’s highly anticipated DLC misses our favourite handheld altogether!

  • Ok so I got the vanilla game for Vita when it was on IGC but I didn’t have a PS4 at the time so I don’t have it for that. In order to play Afterbirth, I will have to buy the vanilla game for PS4 and then pay for Afterbirth as well? No thanks.

    • Vanilla game is cross buy, you should be able to just download it, as for the DLC of course you have to pay it.

    • StevenJamesHyde

      Both versions were on the IGC at the same time, but it is *not* cross buy. I downloaded the PS4 version at the time but need to pay for the Vita version if I want it now

    • Correct StevenJamesHyde. There doesn’t seem to be any real reason for it. I think it was around the time when multi-platform games weren’t automatically cross buy as they almost all are these days.

  • Yay at last,but boo as no Vita.I played stupid amount of hours on the Vita version.Read ages ago it was canned,so that’s a pity.Any price yet?

  • Don’t get me wrong I will still buy this DLC but I doubt I will play it more than 2-3 hours on my PS4. This is coming from a person who sunk 50+ hours on it on Vita (my favourite in flight game). Hope you guys can find a way to port it over. Also cross save functionality is surely going to be lost then?

  • i still hope its coming to the vita sometime in the future. its really the perfect platform to play the game on

  • I’ve only been playing Isaac on Vita (it’s a perfect pick up and play title) so if support is being dropped I don’t think I will support this to be honest :(

  • Sounds great and I will defo pick it up…. But only if a Vita version is released!
    Clearly this game is perfect for the handheld and the Vita deserves a port of the dlc too!
    You must have expected a burst of Vita release questions when posting this blog, so I hope an answer is coming shortly?

  • loved this on vita, pity the DLC isn’t coming to that platform. Don’t think I’ll be getting the DLC for PS4 only as I only play this game on vita

  • Bring it on vita!

  • Any news on Vita? Would prefer this on the handheld instead of the Ps4.

  • cool i guees i’ll try it eventually cause i loved the basic game . but any word on price ?

  • Game is amazing on Vita, would buy the DLC for it…

  • No Vita? No buy!

  • This is the perfect game for Vita… oh wait…PS4 only. No thanks. I’ll just play it on Steam.

  • Awesome news! Been enjoying the crap out Rebirth, can’t wait to explore and unlock more of this gem of a game. :D Having my fingers crossed that you guys added a way to quick-restart a game, either through button presses or on the pause menu. :)

  • Better late than never, I guess.

  • Can I expect a better price for Rebirth + Afterbirth price at launch or should I just buy Rebirth now since it won’t affect the total price when the expansion comes out? Because I haven’t bought the PS4 version yet considering that a pack with both versions would come out cheaper than buying them separatedly.

  • Would buy for the vita, not interested in the ps4 version.

    Perfect game for gaming on the go/short bursts…

  • Loved playing The Binding of Isaac Rebirth and I can’t wait for playing Afterbirth on PS4. When you say “Loads of new Trophies” I just hope there are more than the 7 trophies that show up on the trophy list. Was expecting a lot more, they are one of the reasons that make me want play the game many times. But hey, maybe it’s just me. Anyway, keep the great work, loved 100% Rebirth.


  • If vita sales were relatively proportional to comments it would be leaving PS2 and wii in the dust and shooting passed 200 million units.

    Also where is the vita version?

  • Only 5 comments not mentioning the vita. Nice work.

  • Posting to raise support for a Vita port too.
    I simply don’t buy that it can’t work on Vita.
    They were going to make BOI for iPad and the dev believed the Vita was more powerful than a Wii U, doesn’t inspire much confidence in his words that it can’t be done for Vita.
    Really hoping it can anyway, it’s where I play BOI, if I can’t play it there, I probably just won’t play it.

  • I posted a comment here yesterday, but feel compelled to post another in the (somewhat unlikely) hope that Tyrone or Edmund read it. An actual reply would be even better (and even more unlikely).

    As a PS4 and Vita owner, The Binding of Isaac is right up there with Nuclear Throne and Rogue Legacy as one of my absolute favourite – and most played – games of the last two years.

    Now don’t get me wrong, Isaac is a fantastic game on PS4, but for me, Vita is definitely where it’s at. I’ve played around 5-6 hours on PS4, but in stark contrast, I’ve ploughed well over 50 hours into Isaac on Vita. I want to point out that as someone who works from home and rarely travels, playing McMillen’s wonderful roguelike on the handheld is out of sheer preference, not necessity. Nothing comes close to a great run while chilling on the sofa or kicking back in bed.

    There’s clearly huge demand for Afterbirth on Vita, and I’d happily hand over £10 or £15 for the expansion. Particularly seeing as I got the base game for ‘free’ with the IGC on Plus.

    With all this in mind, it would be great if Tyrone could actually communicate the situation with Vita-owning Isaac fans… Is there a chance of a Vita port? Has it been canned altogether? And is anyone working on a Vita port for release at a later date? These are questions that need answers. Unfortunately, Tyrone’s silence on the matter is deafening.

  • I think developers (and Sony to an extent) should really research their audiences in deeper ways. It was obvious from reddit and gaf that this game was much more important for Vita owners. It’s not even an isolated case: Spelunky, Hotline Miami, OlliOlli, Shovel Knight or even Super Meat Boy are all good games on PS4, but GREAT games on Vita (because of the handheld and suspend/resume factors). To be fair, there’s also games which are the opposite: mediocre handheld experiences while being excellent on TV. I’m thinking about Uncharted, Flower, and other games that are completely forgettable on Vita, but shine on a big screen TV.

    It saddens me because you (Sony) were actually the ones who designed these machines, so you should incentivise developers to bring their games to the proper platforms. It doesn’t really matter if PS4 as 4x the installed base size of Vita – there are games which will complete fall out of the radar on the PS4 ecosystem and that will shine on Vita’s instead. Drinkbox understood this, as well as a few other developers, and they are being rewarded by a community which is highlighting their game (Severed) instead of being swamped in the PS4 store or worse, on Steam or iOS.

    As a PS4/Vita owner, I have no interest in buying this game on a living room console (PS4). I’ll tell you more: I’d probably never have played the base game, if it hasn’t released on Vita. I’m glad I did but now I have mixed feelings because I feel like the developers were just checking a box when they released this on Vita, instead of fulfilling the natural destiny of this game, which is to be available on the best handheld console in the market, with proper dual stick controls.

    So yeah, you can add one more “No Vita, No buy!” to the choir…

  • +1 No Vita version no sale.

  • 33 comments, awesome to see the game generating so much interest. Hope it sells amazingly, especially considering a large percentage of PlayStation players got Rebirth with plus.

    They just couldn’t get Afterbirth running stable on the Vita, you wouldn’t want a stripped down or buggy version would you?

    • Lets hear that from an official reply, not a comment which has zero affiliation with the dev/port team. The Banner Saga team was very upfront in the Vita version being in trouble. Here we have “crickets”.

      In the communication age how about some communication?

  • dude Tyrone’s mentioned it several times, it wasn’t running to the level they was happy with. Both him and Ed are genuinely nice guys.

    SONY are the key reason the Vitas releases have dried up so badly, its unfair to keep bringing it up in every blog thread here that features a ps4 only title. Lots of the big selling AAA fps and sports titles are dropping ps3, its evolution years old technology will eventually get discontinued.

    • Their nice ok, lets hear from them. Last I checked Isaac was available on Vita and still sold as a product. Consumers deserve to know what the status is of that. Is cross save being taken away if the platorms are going out of step and more.

      We shouldnt need to follow twitter to find this info out which answers are not there anyway. . Your points don’t change that at all and you really don’t need to speak for/defend them or Sony. Highly doubt the Vita is losing money with how indie titles have been performing on the system with it punching well above its weight for numerous titles too like Volume, Severed.

  • If the big boys can’t make it profitable, how can you expect the little guys to do it… Ed will never get his next yacht if hes losing funds on a port for a machine even its manufacturers ignore.

  • This took so long that I actually lost interest.

  • I noticed Tyrone addressed the subject on the US page but nothing here..

  • @smokeypsd I know its harsh but sooner or later you overlooked vita owners are going to have to concede its game over, its impossible to financially support a machine thats lost its market share. It isn’t over companies not caring for the device but 99.9% of people would prefer to use their phones for mobile gaming. Look to the future not the past, ps4 for home phone when your out. Sure protesting sony’s blog proves loyalty, but it won’t change the fact people no longer require a separate handheld console, camera, mp3 player or whatever.

    @Deicides true love waits, good luck finding such a wickedly wrong yet spontaneous and fun experience elsewhere on PlayStation that rivals Isaac… and if you do lets hear about it. Think positive the pc guys beta tested it during its rocky launch, we get it balanced & bugless and we don’t need to blow funds on dualshock4’s to play it at its best, because we already have ’em.

    @noodleboy1972 Dedicated fans have followed its countless dev interviews, streams, social media news and savoured over what reddit information its userbase unearthed. This blog is pretty much a sales pitch only, for the more casual gamer to find out whats hitting the EU store.

    Eve of Afterbirths ps4 launch, perfect time to listen to the new Radiohead lp and do a few Eve runs.

    • I wouldn’t say 99.9% of people are gamers either. I would say any gamer would prefer gaming on a handheld than a phone for sure. That combined with 99.9% of mobile games are f2p and I’m sure the Vita isn’t in such a state as you think it is. Devs are still making games for Vita, people are evidently still buying them. I don’t think I’ve met a person yet who bought a Vita and disliked it.

  • Having played Afterbirth for a good few hours today I can honestly say guys, I fully understand how it wouldn’t have worked on the Vita screen let alone on its processing power.

    During greed & boss rushes Lilith’s friend duplications truly insane, add ‘car battery’ you can easily duplicate 3 or 4 times over the 8 waves. So imagine x4 on 5 or 6 familiars, thats like 20/30+ streams of bullets for your dps alone. Add to the chaos many of the bosses duplicate into smaller versions or mass drop bombs. Your Vita screen wouldn’t cope let alone its processor.

    I had a successful Lilith greed run before with car battery plus demon baby, with rainbow tears & bff… she’s so op imagine 6 streams of scythes at once.

    Anyhow guys believe what you will, but I’d whole heartedly take Tyrones twitter comments as being genuine… it just wouldn’t have worked, theres far too much happening for the little handheld.

    @LAA612 I’ve never spoke with anyone who hated it either. I’d have likely bought one myself if it had been better supported by Sony’s 1st party studios.

    Afterbirths amazing and 100% worth the admission. Everyone at Nicalis thanks for releasing it, we can’t wait for ‘For Mojo Rampage’ next, and erm can we get Afterbirth trophy fixes please, they’re not popping.

  • There is a huge problem guys, I downloaded the after birth add on yesterday and it didn’t work. I let it sit over night and it’s still not working. I’ve uninstalled both rebirth and the afterbirth add on twice but nothings working. What do I do?

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