New PlayStation Store discounts: Star Wars Battlefront, Evolve, Resident Evil 6 HD, more

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New PlayStation Store discounts: Star Wars Battlefront, Evolve, Resident Evil 6 HD, more

100+ games go on sale from today – see below for the full list of deals

Immerse yourself in the epic Star Wars battles you’ve always dreamt of with our latest Deal of the Week: Star Wars Battlefront!

Available on PS4, create new heroic moments with offers on the Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate editions. Don’t miss out.

Games Under €20 / £16* (until 18/05/16)

Grab a great deal on a range of top PS4 games this week. With titles like Call of Duty: Ghosts Gold Edition, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, The Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls Collection and F1 2015 under offer, there really is something for everyone.

You can find local pricing information on the Games Under €20 / £16* page, but here’s a full list of what’s available in the promotion:

*Promotional pricing dependent on region

Other PlayStation Store deals & offers

Deal of the Week and  Games Under €20 / £16* aren’t the only great offers available now on PlayStation Store. Click here to visit the PlayStation Store and discover great savings in our ‘Digital Discounts’ and ‘PS3 and PS Vita’ offers.

Here are the latest additions to the Digital Discounts promotion:

And here are this week’s discounted PS3 and PS Vita titles (PS3 unless stated):

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  • Nothing really there for me, Kinda annoyed Shanti’s pirate curse has gone that low that quickly, I bought it on the day feel ripped off now ¬_¬

  • Kinda sucks that I just bought the Banner Saga when it was last reduced in mid-March and now the price has been cut even lower about 4 weeks later.

    • Is it any good? I’m been a bit iffy on picking it up (waiting on a decent sale). Does it have a village or camp sim attributes (some of the pics showing the art style of the game is why I ask)?

  • Battlefield 4 Dragons Teeth and Battlefield Hardline Robbery DLC should be free this week, the BFH Robbery DLC still says 14,99 for me. Can you look into this?

    • I am wondering the same. I am afraid this offers is only in US because no one cares about EU :(

    • It won’t be free here. Eu rarely gets any love. Even playstation themselves rarely do anything for us. Just this week they released promo images for Season 2 of powers. This a show we paid for being plus subscribers and we’ve had no word on ever getting Season 1

    • I advice buying some US PSN store cards (with $50 on them) and making a US account. US has better sales, generally – especially the flash sales. Making a US account only takes a few minutes.

      I got Hardline for $9.99 now and Robbery for free, and will be getting the other DLC as they make it available.

    • LastMinuteSavior

      Both DLC are now showing as free on PS3 and PS4.

      Grab ’em while you can!

    • Thanks for the heads-up. Had no idea about this. The game wasn’t all that great but I might play it again sometime if premium is at the right price.

    • @Cleggworth just a note on Powers season one is showing on Spike in the UK Freeview 31 Freesat 141 and Sky 160 hope that helps.

  • StevenJamesHyde

    Some great prices there, Gravity Rush and God of War 3 remasters are very tempting

    • Cool. I just realised the PS4 remaster is on sale. I loved it on the vita. It might be worth a replay on the big screen.

    • I agree those are the highlights at those prices. Heavy rain/Beyond bundle tempting too.

  • Zen Studion announced different discounts for Star Wars pinball in Europe and NA.

    Should be:
    Star Wars Pinball – 77% off
    Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the Force pack – 50% off
    Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within pack – 50% off
    Star Wars Pinball: Rebels table – 50% off
    Star Wars Pinball: The Force Awakens – 33% off
    Star Wars Pinball Season 1 bundle – some discount and addittional for PS Plus

    Star Wars Pinball – 37% off
    Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the Force pack – 37% off
    Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within pack – 37% off
    Star Wars Pinball: Rebels table – NO SALE
    Star Wars Pinball: The Force Awakens – 37% off
    Star Wars Pinball Season 1 bundle – NO SALE

    Are Europe not worthly again?
    Or we can still expect proper discounts today?

    • basicly we pay more to SONY SCEE, to allow them to give major discounts to the SCEA market..
      Its like that since day one of the playstation store

  • X_Blood_Curse_X

    Crypt of the necrodancers “discount” price is just the launch price before they raised it…

    • Not to mention it has been at the new price for about a week. So its not really part of this sale

  • Nice discount unfortunately Uncharted 4 is coming so…

    BTW i haven’t seen any discount or 12+3 for PS+ subscription since few years

    • What is you avatar from if I may ask???

    • What is your avatar from if I may ask?

    • I would have thought it was Senran Kagura – being quite buxotic but I’m probably wrong

    • Yea, you’d think with the major disappointment some (most?) of their consumers are experiencing with PS+, they’d do great sales regularly on the subscription, but no, this is their cash cow now and it hasn’t been getting any rest since PS4 joined the fray.

  • It’s a shame not to see Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time and Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus on sale as every other game in the series (Minus the PS4 game) is on sale.

    • Kinda true but it’s good to finally see the HD remasters again on sale. Bought already and intend to compare the remaster with the remake :)

  • Disney Infinity 3.0 is now cheaper than Disney infinity 2.0. Strange they’re not both discounted when a situation like that arises.

  • Some nice ones here.

  • Carnivius_Prime

    Had been waiting to see God of War 3 Remastered and Gravity Rush Remastered get cheap but you do it the same week I’m saving my pennies for Uncharted 4’s release next week. ragh! Ah well. :D

  • Very nice sale.

    What game will be the deal of the week? Please be Uncharted Collection. Would be nice to play them again before Uncharted 4.

    • Yea weird not to see the collection in it so close to launch. Probably would’ve gotten it under 20 euros just to save me the trouble of having to switch consoles this once..

  • Amazing list! There’s a few that is catching my attention. Thanks :)

  • I’ve said it before when it has gone on sale but where is Star Wars The Force Unleashed II, i keep getting a page not found, can you fix it please? Cheers

    • That game was meh, nowhere near as good as the first one. Well, I’m sure it’s worth a play at the price it is now but I got it at full price on launch and was very disappointed.

  • I feel sorry for the people that bought star wars battlefront for full-price; that game has been on sale almost continuously the past few months!

    • I feel sorry for anyone buying it full stop. It’s a horrible benchmark for how modern games are released. Broken, incomplete and needing a season pass to even get everything out of that damn thing. The thrill of blasting stormtroopers was quickly extinguished by a feeling of owning a shell of a videogame and not an actual videogame.

    • I feel sorry for people that are needlessly bothered about feeling sorry for people enjoying a game they bought.

    • Not to mention it was on sale almost immediately after release. Same goes for Fallout 4, which did deserve better..

  • lol Actually purchased Resident Evil 6 just last night. Only a paltry 3 quid saving so not really that fused. It has however once again re-inforced my resolve to never buy a game off of the the store at normal price. I’ve been caught once or twice in the past so had stopped. The first time I break my golden rule though – hahahahaha Awesome timing.

  • Lots of interesting stuff on sale, is Malicious Rebirth less confusing than PS3 version?

    I wish that whoever releases arcade archives games would please please please release Amidar. I would love to play this game again and would buy on release.

  • Oh dear, I can kiss goodbye to a few hard earned ££££ I think

    • Lol I just pasted a similar comment about atd where its £16.99 or the pair I didn’t spot yours

  • Thank you SIEE, keep up with these big sales!

  • An observation…the price drop section could you possibly put items that have a permanent price drop instead of just sales items. There are lots of PS3 and vita games that have had permanent price drops, not that people would know unless they search (re: PS3 games price low to high).

  • Come on, We are not that stupid!!!!!

    Monopoly plus was 2.99$ (from 8.99$ in the holidaysale
    it was at that time for 7.99€ in the EU store
    Now we can buy it for a discounted price of 14.99€ for 7.99€

    sony wake up and smell the coffee..
    in the netherlands the consumeragencies are watching false advertisements like this and i’ll add this one to their attention

  • Some really good Prices. A bit anry about Day of the Tentacle is now on Sale. Release one Month Ago, Preorderd with Special Discount and now its cheaper. It didn´t expect it go on Sale this fast.

  • These games under 20 euros deals are definitely my favorites. This is the first decent sale for me in ages, although I already own everything I want..; Gravity Rush at that price, I’ll get it just to experience it again on big screen. God of War 3 I’m getting as well at that price, been a while since I played it.
    Heavy rain/Beyond bundle at 20 euros is very appealing too but I prefer physical, especially for games like these with replay value.
    Nothing much else besides the regular EA sales and those games like Wolfenstein that appear in every sale.

  • Romero_Carpenter

    PS3 – Star Wars Racer Revenge, Bounty Hunter & Starfighter are not available on the store seperately? Only in bundle?
    But two of them are available seperate on PS4, Starfighter isn’t?
    So if someone buys the mega bunble for PS3 are they paying for PS4 games in that bundle?
    I’m confused.

    • Romero_Carpenter

      So the Star Wars Mega Bundle has now been removed for PS3. Will it be back? Or have the sith lords won & the 4th is no longer with us.

  • @Sony/Codemasters

    Crazy idea:

    What about discounting the truckload of Dirt 3 DLCs on PS3? I’m pretty sure noone has bought them in years, especially at their current exhorbitant price. Make a bundle and profit.

  • Will we ever get the Street Fighter V avatars that the US get?

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