How Shadow of the Beast on PS4 is honouring the Amiga original

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How Shadow of the Beast on PS4 is honouring the Amiga original

The Heavy Spectrum team has packed its upcoming reboot with Easter eggs

Hi there PlayStation fans!

Today, we’re delighted to share with you details of a part of our game that means a great deal to us: heritage. We want to tell you a little bit about the fantastic legacy of Shadow of the Beast and how we’re doing our best to honour it. First of all we’d like to share a video featuring Martin Edmondson and Roger Dean – two of the key creators behind the original game – as they share their thoughts on our modern take:

As fans of the original, we wanted to offer new players to chance to experience first-hand the game that inspired us and offer fellow fans of the original a chance to re-live it. To that end, we’ve included a full emulation of the original Amiga game (we think this might be the first time an Amiga emulation has been published on a Sony console!) as an unlockable bonus in the main game – that means you’ll get the entire original Amiga game alongside the new Shadow of the Beast!

As Martin said in the video, it’s a notoriously difficult game, so we’ve added an infinite lives mode and some other helpful features that should give you a fighting chance (though, these can be disabled for anyone brave enough!).

Music is incredibly important to the atmosphere of Shadow of the Beast. Talented composer Ian Livingstone has produced a fantastic dynamic soundtrack specifically designed to complement our take on Shadow of the Beast’s universe, with each level featuring a unique theme which escalates to match the intensity of the action. In his pursuit of the right sounds to properly define the uniquely alien universe of our Karamoon, Ian investigated and utilized many unique instruments to help realise a truly haunting soundtrack. Fans of the 1989 game's music will notice many elements and themes familiar to them have been subtly woven into the soundtrack for our modern take.

There are even more treats for fans of the original music though as we’ve also included the original David Whittaker score as an unlockable in the game. And seeing many requests for one particular feature made us decide we had to include it: once you’ve earned enough Mana within the game you can unlock the option to play with David’s amazing music as an alternative soundtrack!


If you end up loving the music as much as we do, the complete soundtrack will be available to download as a standalone purchase on the PlayStation Store when the game is released.

The amazing art of Roger Dean will undoubtedly have made a huge impact on anyone who had the famous long-box originals. Roger kindly provided us with a super hi-res scan of the original painting that was used for the box art. Play the game well enough and it can be unlocked to view and zoom in on so you can examine his incredible work in exquisite detail – an incredible chance for fans of the original cover and Roger's work!

As fans ourselves, it's been a lot of fun adding all these little nods to the original game (and even a few other Psygnosis titles!). We hope that anyone else with fond memories of that era will find something to reminisce about, and maybe even newer players will be driven to look up a bit of gaming history!

We have still more to unveil, but if this has fuelled your interest then I’d like to remind you that if you pre-order the game you’ll receive a dynamic theme featuring a creature designed by Roger specifically for our title. This was a dream come true for me to see and I hope it’s exciting for some of you too!

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  • Been on my wishlist for a while but just pulled the trigger. Knowing the original soundtrack is in there sold it completely.

  • Thank you for making this game!

  • Thank you 1000 times!

  • This is sounding really promising, I can’t wait to play it.

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When this was first shown, at the PS4 console confirmation reveal, it alone was enough to make me preorder the PS4. Then we heard nothing about this game for 18 months and I thought it had been cancelled. Then it pops up again and I had it ‘preordered as soon as I saw it. I’ve been waiting over 20 years for this. Thanks for including the original as well as the music. Can’t wait to play it!

  • I have such great memories of Psygnosis on Amiga and later the PS1. I spent way too many hours on games like Leander, Agony, Armour Geddon 1 & 2, Ork and all three Shadow of the Beast titles. Psygnosis games always came across as having high production values and from what I’ve seen the new SotB looks as though it’s very much a spiritual successor
    I can’t wait :)

  • Yes, like you @Rebmahc I fell in love with the PS4 when this was revealed. So excited and I hope the team can bring back More Psygnosis awesomeness to the PS4.

  • LieutenantFatman

    Oh wow, you’ve emulated the original game for PS4, that’s amazing. I’m really impressed with the effort you’ve all put in here. Fantastic stuff. Well done.

  • So, whats next? Awesome ? The Killing Game Show? Or maybe look at Rainbow Arts and do Turrican ?
    Or just some well earned rest first ? :)

    • The Killing Game Show, now that had a cracking soundtrack. Could do with a new Obliterator please, proper controls instead of the stupid mouse would make it an epic platformer.

  • Wow, this is so crazy awesome!

    And thinking about it, there sure are a bunch of Amiga games I would like to see emulated on the PS4. Agony, Rodland, Pang!, Super Cars II and the Turrican games just to mention a few.

    • Turrican 2 was insane fun! They should reboot other Amiga gems such as Renegade – the punk beat -em-up or Newzealand Story for those who love Platformers

    • @McShooter0001 Renegade is already on PS4 as one of the “Arcade Archives” games on special offer at the mo. :)

  • I already pre-ordered quite a way back. This will make me love this game even more.

  • Just amazing! It’s great to see a Psygnosis classic resurrected with such a perfect blend of old and new. Wow Heavy Spectrum, wow!

  • Hmm, just the perfect way of preparing a remake. Others should follow your example.

  • Really can’t wait! My PS4 is crying out for this game

  • The original (I’m an old fart) was captivating in part down to a very haunting soundtrack which still sounds great today. The game was hard as nails too.

    I hope to see the original trilogy re-emulated in this way eventually.

    Looking forward to this even more now.

  • I was a bit hesitant with the intital reveal as it felt off tone with the original, which TBH for me was always about the artwork. Since then you guys have shown you’re including elements that I can relate to as a fan off the Amiga version, now I’m in a position where I will be preordering early next week. Great work and solid sell, look forward to it.

  • This game, back in the Day, made me get the a500 and yes it still rocks. The Music and graphics are still great. Amiga4ever

  • Carnivius_Prime

    Oh wow! I’d already pre-ordered this ages ago but now you’re saying the original game is in there too along with being able to use the original music with the new game? Those are great bonuses. Heck, the game looks like my sort of punchy thing even without it being Shadow of the Beast but I’m even more looking forward to it now.

    Also yes please let this start a trend of Amiga emulated games on PS4. We’ve had a couple remakes of things like Alien Breed & Superfrog but there’s so much more out there. So many other classics to be played by potential new fans. :)

  • Carnivius_Prime

    Also got me wondering how many games on PS3/4/Vita have Amiga music if not the Amiga game too. Superfrog plays the original tunes when you play the original levels (though the levels themselves are generated through the remake so not quite Amiga looking) and the various versions of Super Stardust HD have the option to play the original Amiga soundtrack too. No disrepect to the musicians behind the modern soundtracks which are very good too, but there’s just something about that old Amiga tracker mod sound I love. :)

    • Did Pinball Dreams and Pinball Fantasies see a Vita release? I’m sure I have them on PS3 and they have the original, awesome Amiga soundtracks. I didn’t know Super Stardust had the Amiga music in there, will have to check that out. People could do amazing things with Paula’s 4 channels and I agree that there is something about them that stands out, maybe cos we know that its a sequenced piece rather than just a pre-recorded MP3 playing. I have loads of MOD files on my phone that I play every now and then.

    • StevenJamesHyde

      Flashback did as well, I think

    • While the Flashback remake did include the original Flashback, it was the DOS version without any kind of music at all. Plus is was played in a virtual arcade cabinet which I found to be annoying, I just want a fullscreen game screen like normal. So it wasn’t very well made, and they could have presented the original better for sure.

      Pinball Dreams and Fantasies were released as PSP Minis, and thus work on PSP, PS3, Vita and PSTV without any issues. Shame the PS4 can’t play PSP Minis, or PS1 games for that matter.

  • Still really happy to see this. Back in the day, I wouldn’t mind dying in Shadow of the Beast 2 because the game over music was incredible (look it up on You Tube).

    I hope the combat isn’t too punishing on this new game as I never completed the old games without cheating.

    Looking forward to seeing a new interpretation of something that stuck with me all these years. Still hoping to see the Blimps flying by in the background!!

  • I am so excited.
    If I didn’t have this game pre-ordered already, I certainly would now.
    Emulated original, original soundtrack as bonus and now the info the pre-order bonus dynamic theme is with new art from Roger Dean. Wow!
    You guys are killing it.

  • “we’ve included a full emulation of the original Amiga game”
    This is very cool, thank-you and I hope it somewhat opens the door for more Amiga games to be ported.

  • Loved the original on the old Amoeba :-D Certainly looking forward to some excellent nostalgia with this.

  • Looking forward to this even more the original is also included

  • Excited for this preordained last week. The extras are great. PLEASE do the same for the Amiga version of Turrican 2!!

  • Preordered…. [DELETED]predictive text :(

  • It says it all when the Amiga original from 1989 still looks and sounds miles above this uninispired reboot.

    • I’ve still got the original on disk, and the second, and the third!

      Think i’ll be buying this :)

  • Seeing the work these guys are putting in, I was intrigued by the reboot, especially after I have all 3 games and the boxes to boot. Plus the art in those covers were superb.
    Knowing that the Amiga game will be in there too, that made it an instant preorder.

    I have so many if my original Amiga games with boxes, instructions, extras such as maps, guides and anything else that was added at the time, it makes what is being released today look like a joke when you consider what they want to charge for some of the collectors games.

  • I loved this game on my Amiga so looking forward to this game and playing the classic version on my ps4 as well Big thank you to everyone who made thing game.

  • Carnivius_Prime

    Dunno if anyone’s gonna see this but I I thought the price had been changed from the original marked £15.99 down to £11.99 but my pre-order payment occured last night and still took £15.99. Is this right or a mistake?

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