Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare launches 4th November on PS4

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Full details on Infinity Ward's ambitious return to the fray

We are thrilled to reveal that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is officially the next title from our studio, and we’ve got a ton of fresh info to share with you today.

Infinite Warfare represents a departure for us in several ways. This will be Infinity Ward‘s first Call of Duty to benefit from a full three-year development timeline. That means we’re bringing an ambitious approach and employing state-of-the-art design methods during our development. We’ll also have a little extra time for even more of the high-quality polish and refinement to make this game everything it can be.

Infinite Warfare will redefine what players think of as the traditional narrative experience for the franchise. Human conflict under extreme pressure unpacks character personalities, character depth, and story in a manner that few games have explored. Our goal is to create the most gripping and immersive story ever told in a Call of Duty game. We’re doing that by thrusting players into wartime leadership against a relentless enemy, and making them truly feel the weight of command.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

Finally, Infinite Warfare will be the first game in the franchise to venture beyond the reaches of Earth, framing a plausible future war in our solar system. To be clear, we aren’t developing a science fiction or space battle game — Infinite Warfare is first and foremost a Call of Duty game, which means visceral boots-on-the-ground infantry combat as well as piloting combat vehicles. But, by expanding the scope of the action into the vastness of space, we are taking this experience to exciting and surprising places in many ways.

Though we are putting a great deal of emphasis on the game’s engaging story, Infinite Warfare will of course continue to push boundaries for online multiplayer. Our maps will showcase never-before-seen environments depicted for the first time in franchise history. And, with fast, fun, and frenetic gameplay, our multiplayer will challenge players to achieve their goals in various, novel ways.

Additionally, Infinite Warfare will introduce an original cooperative Zombies mode that takes players on a wild ride through a new storyline with unique gameplay features and mechanics. More details about multiplayer and the new zombies experience will be announced at a later date. For now, we’re excited to say that PS4 owners will get DLC Map Packs 30 days early. So plan your upcoming holiday season weekends carefully.

One more thing — we’re delighted to confirm that we are working on the Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition, which includes Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered,* bringing the most critically acclaimed title in Call of Duty history to PS4 for the first time. Executive produced by Infinity Ward and developed closely with the amazing team at Raven, Modern Warfare Remastered will include the full, iconic story campaign, and the original multiplayer mode with ten of the biggest fan-favorite maps that redefined Call of Duty forever, fully remastered for PS4.

Set your countdown and be ready for launch. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare blasts off worldwide November 4.

Thank you reading up on and watching the latest. We’re excited to share more details about Infinite Warfare in the coming months. For the latest intel, check out the official site

*Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered contains only 10 MP maps from the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game. Modern Warfare Remastered is a full game download. Internet connection required. For more information, please head here.

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  • Will the MW remaster be available on it’s own, without IW?

  • I’m not a CoD fan, but I loved CoD4 (and the sequel, then I stopped playing), and I really like the theme of this CoD. So, buying the legacy package is a no brainer. I’m in, looks awesome, both games.

  • Assassin-_-MerKz

    Call of Duty 4 HYPE! Also the Modern Warfare Remastered FAQ page is not available yet.

  • please let us by call of duty 4 separately. it will not harm sales of infinite warfare at all as both are completely different. also hopefully this means we will get the previous call of duty games like World At War and modern warfare 2 remastered as well and this will help lower fatigue the call of duty brand is at right now.

    • I would buy the game in a heartbeat, in case they do the stupid thing of put them together ONLY i would use the download code and bin the disc with the futuristic no-sense

  • when do preorders go live?

  • Sorry, but you shouldn’t be adding zombies. That is Treyarch’s realm, not yours. I know Sledgehammer did it, but they were new and had a new way to fight zombies – you guys don’t, and are clutching at straws.

    Will the online have space maps? That would be cool.

    Poor choice with the remaster as well – should just be a £20 voucher off a MW Trilogy, not just one game! At least put all 20 maps in!

    • Better to try and fail than to fear failure and never attempt at all. Imagine if Treyarch never tried to introduce zombies, we wouldn’t have that either. Give them a chance and stop being a damn pessimist.

    • Better than the waves thing they’ve been doing atleast. I personally never liked zombies very much although I did enjoy it surprisingly long in BO3, mainly because of the introduction of weapon leveling that provided me with a reason to keep replaying despite the repetitiveness and is of advantage altogether, and the 1940’s Morg City that is pretty much the first map I enjoyed in zombies since the start of the mode.
      So bring back the weapon leveling in zombies, IW, I leveled them all to max in BO3.


  • It shows just how far CoD has fallen when the MW1 remaster is all anyone cares about.

    The fact they are forcing people to purchase the new game to even access it solidifies it.

    • it’s a dodgy trick isn’t it. A MW remaster would sell like hot cakes. It’s like saying you can watch the original Star Wars trilogy at the cinema but only after you’ve watched the new fantastic four first. It’s a brilliant way to sell a product that has basically run its course. So piggy back it with a sure thing. Very stinky.

  • I want Call mw1… I dont want Call of duty space oddity…

  • Infinite borefare

  • Human soldiers fighting on alien planets, PLEASE tell me this means Starship Troopers 2.0, we don’t need to fight humanoids just because it’s Call of Duty, take this new space theme as an opportunity innovate and introduce arachnids and new alien enemy types, the franchise needs some serious innovation now.

  • massive dog act not selling the remaster separately. i’ve been wanting to go back to MW for aaaaaaaaaaaaages and i am 100% not interested in the new COD now the remaster is coming out. but i have to buy it anyway? dirty tactics. I’ll wait until you undoubtedly release it as a standalone download a few months after release.

  • TertiaryCitadel

    I would buy the remaster of MW1 in a heartbeat but have absolutely no intention of buying another jet pack fuelled, laser weapon quickscope fest.

    Saying that, they’re probably bundled because there’s a good chance the old game would outsell the new one if they came individually.

  • I didn’t like advanced warfare and I didn’t like black ops 3. Just go back to how modern warfare was.

  • I liked survival from MW3. I would have liked it even more if it was 4 players.

  • COD4 is my favorite by far and the only one in the series I really loved. Every single map was visually pleasing and tactically interesting (in the other games I only replayed the one or two favorite maps I had). Every perk and killstreak had a raison d’etre, was well balanced and wasn’t there in abundance like now (good old 3,5,7 kills for a decent extra, none of those overpowered killstreaks that actually encourage camping and ruin the whole flow, and the perks were a lot more helpful and accessible). Every weapon was interesting to experiment with and felt original, unlike how they now (well, the last ten years really) all feel like variations of older versions with a new skin.

    But the two things that bug me most and really ruined the series for me after the whole incident with the original and amazing InfinityWard (after World at War in terms of games) are the bullet detection – which never felt quite right after that, and the sudden, ridiculous emphasis on hearing enemy footsteps from miles away on maps that are so small they can hear you from spawn to spawn, all the time O_O I never managed to pull it off myself and it’s a major handicap.
    You used to need some actual aiming practice and skills to come out on top, now your players can’t even play the series properly without having a constant UAV in the form of audio or having a couple of gorillas as backup via party chat. Came a long way from being a total badass holding down an entire enemy team in flank with actual shooting skills and surpression so my own entire team could slaughter them from the back, to getting killed by campers who don’t even have to make an effort at that anymore, since they can hear your every position now.

  • And I was kind of excited about the rumor of a remake for it, but only 10 of the maps and bundled with the new one makes it less appealing, especially since the bullet detection won’t be on point anymore like back then and the whole audio thing and party chat closet friends and everything.. Would regularly play the original one if it hadn’t been a complete cheat fest after some time.

  • Had they told us they’d give us a standalone after a while, I would’ve considered buying the IW Legacy Edition. Seeing that they claim they’ll never release a standalone of Modern Warfare Remastered, I will not even consider buying it. It is a cheap marketing trick by Activision, and a foul one as well. I will not support a company falling to these kinds of ugly marketing tactics!

  • 2 things.

    1. Why only release 10 of the 16 CoD4 maps?
    Call me cynical but surely Activision aren’t planning on releasing the other 6 as paid for DLC?

    2. Is this going to be the ‘thing’ now for each future CoD release, a higher price and a remaster of a previous game?
    Are we going to get Black Ops Remastered with Black Ops 4 in a couple of years, MW2 remastered with next years effort? With extra price DLC for the remaster due to not all maps making it over (see point 1).

    • TertiaryCitadel

      They’ll almost certainly release the other maps as paid DLC.

      Why? Because people will buy it. Or more, the XxX_Qu1kksc0p3rz69_XxX crowd will have their parents buy it.

  • so… it’s CoD:Killzone.
    Wow, the game is not even remotely finished, and you are already talking about DLC. Have some decency. I’d buy MW remaster without blinking, but making it part (paid separately, I guess) of another bad cod game is a richard move.

  • No thanks i wil not buy this

  • IW is going to be bad just like AW, I’m pre-ordering only because of MW remastered!!

  • 1 = a /legacy edition = not buy ( if you buy legacy 89€ + pas separtly 50€ = 139€)
    b/game + pas +- 99,99€ ( no remasterd )
    c/ digital delux game + pas + remasterd 109€

    if you are smart launch a cod whit old war instead of zombie modus !!!!!
    i never play zombie but modern + old in one game = wy not

  • I don’t know why Cod is doing this to the series. I bought MW and MW2 for the realism. Since when do soldiers have jet packed exoskeleton and fight wars on other planets. Come on Activision get it together. If I wanted a space war I would get a xbox and play Halo.

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