Coming to PlayStation Plus in May: Tropico 5, Table Top Racing and more

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Coming to PlayStation Plus in May: Tropico 5, Table Top Racing and more

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 and Switch Galaxy Ultra also inbound

The PlayStation Plus team is excited to present your next batch of games, available for download on 3rd of May.

First up is tongue-in-cheek dictator sim Tropico 5 – a fully-fledged city-building game set on a fictional island nation. Stepping into the boots of virtual dictator, El Presidente, you’ll guide and direct the everyday life of your beloved Tropicans. Farm llamas, build textiles plants, and occasionally concern yourself with the well-being of your residents, while secretly funneling money to your Swiss Bank Account. Tropico 5 also has four-player online multiplayer where you can battle it out with other would-be dictators online.

Next up, Table Top Racing: World Tour is a high-octane combat racer from Nick Burcombe, the co-creator of the all-time classic Wipeout series. Get behind the wheel of one of 12 ultra-cool, fully-customisable miniature cars and attempt to master 24 race tracks in Championship mode. There are a series of Special Events to beat, or you can go online and challenge up to eight friends to find out who is the ultimate racer.

And that’s not all. Here’s the full line-up of games available for download on 3rd May:

I’ll see you in the comments section. Enjoy.

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  • Click on one of the two comments below that corresponds better on how you feel about this ps+ update.
    Please, click only one (and vote one time only), so that the results are representative of our feelings towards it. Thank you.

    • >> I enjoy this month’s ps+ update.

    • >> I don’t enjoy this month’s ps+ update.

    • umm… people are voting they enjoy this selection?! I normally defend PS+ but this is pretty bad. I would be ok with dropping the PS3 games and maybe having just 1 Vita game so that they can get better PS4 games.

      They won’t do that anytime soon, because the quantity of games is a nice excuse for them not to offer better quality on the PS4. Well besides the traditional “The PS4 is still too new!”.

    • I was somewhat pleased until I found out Locoroco on PS3 actually is an interactive screensaver from 2007 that costs £2.49.

      Wow Sony, that is insanely cheap on your part.

    • You say this every month its getting boring now !

    • Who votes 4 alphaembryo to stop doing the boring poles each month 1 yes 2 yes

    • You forgot the corresponding comment;

      I am an entitled millennial that deserves everything free because my student debt is ruining my life

    • why dont you ask if : wish ps plus continue to give ps3 stuff or not
      could be interesting

    • I’m surprised you still do this every month. It has never made any difference and it never will.

      The only way to cast a meaningful vote with Sony is financially, ie sub monthly and miss the months you don’t like.

    • Well the figures show, without a doubt, that people prefer this month’s update! Good stuff.

    • I wonder why this guy keeps creating this post when there’s already a rating system thing for the articles. Although I guess it doesnt show us how many hated it, just how many who liked it xD

      Still, he seems desperate for likes or something.

  • Keep scraping that barrel!

    • Keep complaining about free games.

    • Free?

      Remember when the online was free? Even then the games were not, you paid for access to those.

      Now you pay for access to the games and online play and you stop paying, you stop playing.

      There is nothing free going on here, never has been. This is a subscription service for access to content and if the content is poor, month after month, I’ll be here complaining about it.

    • Not actually free, Your renting them!

    • to the guy saying “keep complaining about free games”… are you for real?
      PS4’s plus offerings are so ridiculously below the standard of what we were used to get on ps3 that it isn’t even funny.
      MANY immediatly shouted that as soon as sony announced ps4 online to be behind a paywall, the quality of games would take a nose dive.
      On ps3, psplus introduced me to a plethora of amazing games. On ps4 I count with one finger the ammount of good games we got. Rocket League. That’s it.

      Fans wanted to believe sony when they told us they’d keep the quality that we were used to. Most already knew better.
      And when microsoft of all companies has better offering in their GWG, you know something is wrong.
      I’m sick of this indie crap. It’s been 3 years. There’s already a good library of AAA games out there to choose from.

    • Free games?? Last I checked PS+ is a paid service, that is the opposite of free. I would imagine about 99.9% of people who are paying for PS+ are doing it because we are blocked from online play if we do not. Sony knows this so they have ZERO reason to give us any good games, they do have to give us 24 games per the membership agreement and thus far rocket league was the only one worth the hdd space.

      I would imagine sony will eventually drop the “free game” line and just call it what it is, a fee to play online.

    • @GoncaloPacheco Tropico 5 is a AAA

    • @copper_coated. One AAA title does not make up for months of crap. Is this just going to be the new trend?
      Sony will just give us complete crap to play for 4/5 months and then give us one AAA title and suddenly it’s all ok again for another while?
      We are all paying for a monthly subscription service which would make you think that the quality of the service would be the same every month? Is this not the case with every other monthly subscription out there. If anything this offering should stand to show us what Sony CAN give us. But it looks like we only get these kinds of games if they have something to apologise for. Like to say “Sorry for the past few months. Here’s a good one”.

      Just wait until next month to see if this is still such a great service with good games to offer……

    • Exactly, I’m not paying for an online service I don’t use here. Plus for me is supposed to be about the games, the same as the Humble Monthly Bundle subscription.

    • Pay no attention to l0ng_shot. He has no Playstation plus so is clearly trolling. If not, his opinion has no value as he doesn’t pay for it.

  • Woho! That’s only half bad.
    I mean Tropico 5 was in a Humble bundle lately and I gifted my copy away, because Tropico 4 is so much better. And that game is this month’s highlight, besides that PSP game. So I’ll give Sony credit for some real “effort” this month.


    • That’s the problem, Sony is continually giving away games from Humble Bundle, Monthly Humble Bundle or heavily discounted Steam games. These aren’t unique titles but games being offered dirt cheap by publishers, Sony is just offered the same prices and then slaps it on Plus.

  • Playstation plus you’re dead to me

  • table top racing: a mobile game, I have it on vita and is way poor…
    Tropico, well, I’m not in this kind of games, but at least is a good game

    bionic comando: good medium budget indie (great for the oldies, I remember the capcom classic) I will play it
    locoroco, I wont judge this game, I tried the locorocos on psp and did not liked them

    Switch galaxy, another mobile game… limited playability, but good visuals… well, could be worse
    god of war gos, a good psp game, if we must choose between this and shutshimis, please bring psp games

    not as bad as another months… but where it is watchdogs and tetris?

  • well… they are ok, and I could try tropico, but these are meh overall. at least uncharted is gonna fill my May time :D

  • Good month, some interesting and varied titles, thanks.

  • Nice, would love to see more psp games for the vita, there are so many good ones!

    • Second this. Vita still has some great games available, but PSP has so many gems that it’s criminal they’re not on the store yet!

    • They could honestly raid a lot of these games, upscale the slightly, add trophy support and sell them as vita remasters. I would buy some of them. Wish the silent hill PSP games were on vita.

    • I agree. But that would mean Sony cares about preserving their handheld lineage in the same way they do about their home consoles.

    • 3DS kind of won the handheld market. It doesn’t help that games like Monster Hunter games (outside of Japan) are released on both wii-u and 3ds.

      Also less than a year they end support for ps vita tv or playstation tv. The only thing keeping the vita “alive” is Japanese games and those aren’t to everyones taste.

    • Yeah i agree. Its just a shame there isn’t a similar ammount of quality games worth getting designed for tge Vita to actually use its hardware.. i can literally count the Vita games that interest me on one hand with a finger and thumb to spare..

  • I guess it’s officially over with new quality games. Good thing I’ve got like … 100 good games from PS+ which I didn’t even play once until now!

  • Man i bought Tropico in the sale a few weeks back, the rest is kinda week i guess, heres hoping for next month

  • This month is good for ps4

    table top racing is a more fleshed out version of the original title.
    tropico 5 is a good game and a “bigger title”

    PS3 is getting to the point its almost better to take it off plus as the games are so old and have been sold for next to nothing at points.

    The vita is an after thought at best, could you not just treat us to the god of war hd collection native to vita, that would have been nice after a poor showing for months.

    • Dude the Vita god of war game is a bit of a mess. Trophies don’t pop, the graphics and sound are bad (it looks worse than the PSP games!).
      They have never bothered to fix the trophy glitch since it was launched. I stopped playing half way through GOW1 when i realised trophies weren’t popping. i waited for an update that never came

    • Never knew any of that.

      i never download the psp games when they are on plus TBH only native vita stuff.

    • You should give it a try, ghost of sparta is a great game, not even close to the original ps2 titles, but worth playing anyway.

      And it should look great on the vita screen!

    • I have played it back when it came out on psp.

      i would only revisit it for the trophies if it was the vita version

  • I guess the Playstation division is busy ploughing all its cash into that new PS4.5 that they think I’m going to buy……………… none left to afford some decent-ish games.

    Would have like to see something like Killzone Shadow Fall, I have a PC for strategy games…………………..

    • Killzone came with many of the PS4 system boxes and it’s pretty cheap on almost every store. I’d rather have “newer” not-AAA games.

  • also if anyone bothered to watch the video it states that you get 24 games a year meaning they are close to removing PS3 and Vita from the igc.

  • come on!!!! LocoRoco Cocoreccho! (PS3)



    • It’s not a screen saver, or your ears will cry at some point :)
      Anyway, it’s really a nice game to play with kids, it’s cute, there’s some hidden stuff to discover (hint: shake). I’m glad I’ve already bought it (but was not able to discover all the map and complete the … game … ?).

    • I bought LocoRoco years ago – I enjoyed it. I guess the biggest complaint for some people is that it doesn’t have trophies.

  • Pretty good month for me. Always fancied trying out the Tropico series, and Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 doesn’t look half bad either. £3.33 well spent! :-)

  • Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, i’ll give it a try.

    Sometimes i prefer these PSN games rather than receive a 3A title i’ve already owned.

    • I think it’s a good game, although inferior to the first one. The worst thing is that online DRM, though…

  • This line-up sucks and Sony knows it. Especially the PS3 line-up. So yeah another month of Games with Gold that surely will keep me busy.

    Plus, I knew that the recent leaks were false, because I said myself that Sony won’t pay so much money for their customers.

    • the games with gold line up is pretty bad this month.

      last month was awesome, this month is crap.

      if you were doing a head to head then plus wins this month (not the last few months though)

    • ”We want triple a Sony!”
      ”ok, here is tropico 5”
      ”no no we don’t like that game give us something else!”


    • @hayzink

      Grid 2 is a pretty awesome racer, don;t see how this is crap.

      Dpo;t forget that PS+ on PS3 and Vita is just about the games.

    • @Gate_Guard

      Haven’t said anything about the PS4 games. Tropico 5 is a freaking awesome game which should be played!

    • Ah.. ok? so why is your comment full of ”blah blah this line-up sucks”.. i mean, if you like the ps4 line-up, be positive about that at least?

    • grid 2 was on ps plus ages ago.

      we also got the newer one

  • Awesome i was just saying two days ago i wished Tropico 5 would come to plus so some of my friends owned it so i can do they multiplayer with them lol. I already have it but i’m please that i will have some friends to play it with now.

  • I was going to buy Table Top Racing so I’m really pleased. Cheers.

  • Erk, less PSP games, please.

    • I agree for the most part, but I’d rather a good PSP game to something like Reality Fighters or Dragon Fin Soup..

    • Are u kidding ?? I want psp games since I enjoyed a lot of them on umd and didn’t want to buy them again and psone games too !!!! Give me dungeon seige TOA gta liberty/vice city stories Chinatown wars the warriors metal gear portable ops + burnout rivals starwars battlefront 2 Sega mega drive collection cap com classics tekken medal of honour silent Hill ghosts n goblins ultimate so many good games only to be played on the vita better controls

  • Sorry folks. None of these tickle me this month so I’m not feeling the urge to re-sub. £3.33 well saved! ;)

  • We really need better games on Vita, throw us a bone and give us Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, Toukiden Kiwami or something. It’s not like theyre still selling

  • So what do the middle east members get instead of Son of Sparta since it is not on the store?

    • they will give us a bad game that you will not waste your time to download it, just like last year with God Of War Ascension.

  • Bionic Commando Rearmed 1 and 2 Bundle is the same price as Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 on it`s own, why can`t we have the bundle instead, stupidity……

    • Wasn’t the first one free on PS+ previously? That could probably explain why.

    • It might have been free at an earlier time. But how about giving the bundle, for those of us that didn’t get the first one free. The price is the same.

  • How can people still complain? you asked for triple a, they got you tropico 5, and yet you still find reasons to complain.

  • PS Plus had awesome chance to proof how good it was and how good can it be. PS Plus had realeased games like BioShock, PayDay, Okami, Remember Me and other games. Unfortunately I didn’t catch that… But I still bought PS Plus, but last 5 months I am so much dissapointed. I don’t have any reason to buy it. I know, PS Plus isn’t only about free games, but sales are poor to. Please PlayStation you are the best console and I am going to buy PS Neo (if it will be). But PS Plus is big minus now.

  • Unless you’re actually going to reply to comments, you should really stop ending the post with “I’ll see you in the comments section. Enjoy.” Just my two pennies worth! ;)

  • Do you really like it?
    Do you really like it?
    We’re lovin’ it, lovin’ it, lovin’ it
    We’re lovin’ it like this…

    Do you really like it?
    Is it, is it wicked?
    We’re lovin’ it, lovin’ it, lovin’ it
    We’re lovin’ it like that..

  • Does Tropico 5 include the two DLC packs?

  • So glad i ended my ps plus subscription 4 months ago. So glad.

  • Shocking Really, Poor Watch Dogs, I Should Have Known.

    • Watch_Dogs is a terribly over-hyped game that isn’t worth the price of admission. Only my opinion of course.

  • Not too happy about games for PSP being included in PsVita’s PSPlus games… That just seems really cheap.

    I mean, imagine the uproar if Ps3 games included Ps2 classics.. The reason I took out PSPlus was for the monthly PSVita games..

    • A large collection of PSP games are of far better quality than a large portion of Vita games though.

      And considering the PSP games are so expensive in comparison (digital to physical), I welcome them. (Like you, I’m more interested in the PS Vita games per month – though unlike most people, I don’t care for trophies, so that maybe why I enjoy PSP games..?)

    • Cheap? PSP games really? Unless you bought some of the JRPG’s in a sale many moons ago for £2 or £3 or bought the ones offered with £7.99 price drop – then no PSP games are not cheap. DOA is £44 that costs more than most games I pre-order for the PS4.

      See for yourself!/en-gb/psp/cid=STORE-MSF75508-PLATFORMPSP||price~desc

  • When had the PS3 had better games! I moved to PS4 and do not offer quality games! Very disappointed. I do not play online and provalmente will not renew plus in June.

  • Wait is that a PSP game? Serious just get rid of the PS3 & Vita games if that’s the kind of crap we’re going to get every month & put it towards better PS4 games.

  • Hey Greg, I have a few suggestions for you.
    1. Change your title, from SCE to SIE.
    2. Get clearance from Andrew House to tell the community why PS+ is mandatory to those who want to play online (excluding f2p and sub games). Is still to improve the server capacity of world largest online gaming network or is it just to keep the shareholders happy.
    3. Explain why the quality of the games decreased. Is it because you have service 3 platforms? Do the publishers demand more money? Are SIE paying less to developers compared to PS+ on PS3.
    4. If you feel a subscription is necessary to maintain PSN then change/split the service so those who don’t want the games have a cheaper alternative.

    Suggestion 2-4 should greatly improve the user satisfaction depending on your answer.

    • Forgot a few “the” and “to”.

    • Spoiler Alert: They won’t even read it.

    • 2 – Because it makes money, they barely improved the network, hell, the past 3 days (including today) people are being randomly disconnected from the chat party;
      3 – Because less quality equals less money spent, less money spent equals more money in the pocket for Sony;
      4 – Not going to happen, they want everyone to pay up the 50€/$, that’s why they’ve raised the price of the lower subscritions (1 or 3 months, can’t remember which one it was or if it was both).

      Just answering you because you won’t get any other answer from Sony and even if you did, they would spin it with excuses.

      Dunno, people need to realize that they’re not good people, they never were, whatever they od is for the money and nothing else, i mean, it’s the same people that made the whole deal about drm free video at E3 and yet used small letters to hide that ps+ was mandatory for multiplayer.

      “But but but, ps+ discounts”… Uhm… I’m sure i can get better discounts on pc without the need of any subscrition…

    • I always felt they had a certain degree of mutual respect towards their customers back in the days. Their products were a bit more expensive than the norm but always offered better quality down to the smallest details. I personally never experienced them entirely as this money hungry ‘evil company’ and never felt cheated by one of their products (unless maybe the Move and Vita with their lack of support), and in a way they were much truer to their current motto ‘for the gamers’ than now that they’ve adopted it. And ofcourse money making is the point of the whole thing, but back then I got the feeling they also tried to improve upon gaming in general, for gamers, as opposed to just fill their pockets in this most disgusting manner. There was that drive to make their customers happy, whereas now they seem to be content by publicly robbing us and handing out some “shovelware” in the process to please the more naive.

    • I never thought I’d say this and always considered them exclusively worthy but I sincerely hope Sony loses their lead next gen. They come off better as the underdog. Hopefully they can fix the reputation damages they’ve put on themselves and go back to their old ways.

  • Good month. Tropico looks fun

    Keep waiting on Killzone folks even though you can pick it up for around 5 pounds second hand.

    • £4.99 delivered off the Game online store. I bought it last month. I’m happy with this month’s offerings and am (stupidly) surprised to see so many people complaining about Tropico 5 being this month’s big download. It’s newer and less people own it than do Watchdogs, which I’ve also seen in stores for £5. At least I haven’t seen people crying out for Knack this month…

  • I already own Watch Dogs and I wasn’t too happy about it anyway, so I’m glad that wasn’t the game. I’ve always wanted to try a Tropico game, so I’ll give 5 a try. The GOW PSP game is great, but I already own it since the PSP days.

  • This month actually isn’t that bad to me as a whole, but seriously… A SCREENSAVER AS A PS3 GAME???!!!

    And no more PSP games as Vita games please! All the good ones are frequently on sale at great prices! Most people (including myself) that are interested in these games already own them!

  • I still wonder if Sony ever realizes that they could actually give VITA games…
    There are no more random thing they can give, everyone says no one cares about Vita so… how about you start giving out Japanese games?

  • Tropico is great on the PC with a mouse, but I think I’d die inside playing it with a dual shock controller.

  • LocoRoco Cocoreccho isn’t even a proper game. They didn’t even try this month.

    Well, at least there’s that other news about Sky Force Anniversary coming to all Sony platforms and cross-buy, to make me happy for today.

  • I usually defend Plus, because I pay for something and in return I have 6 games per month (PS4,PS3 and PSVita), but this month it’s bad… so bad…

    Well just look, LocoRoco? A “game” with a description of “screensaver”?? Really??
    And I have a PSVita, not a PSP, so why the hell I want a PSP game?? For that I use my PSP and my copy of Ghost of Sparta!

    Come on, just give PSVita games! I don’t ask for excellent games, I just need games from PS3 and PSVita and not screensavers and PSP games

  • My subscription lapsed in March for the first time since it started. I’m not putting up with it any more. Damn though, it does mean having to grind through Dark Souls 3 offline for May and possibly even longer. The Dancer is murdering me. Ugh. We used to get such good games when it started. What’s next? Vertical integration into a never ending loop of console upgrades? Oh wait!

  • Tropico makes this a little less abysmal than it has been all year around, but obviously still facepalm material in general. Doubt I’ll give it a download so yet another month of paying extra for nothing. At this point I have lost the will to try to reason with them to make it better or split the costs, all that’s left is just disgust for their entire PLUS philosophy and operation. Crazy how you managed to break 3 generations of customer happiness in just this generation, and keep adding insult to injury. All the while getting a worse opinion of the company that I used to consider a godsend in almost every aspect.

  • When you say you’re excited to present this month’s games, do you genuinely mean it?

  • An interactive screensaver and a psp game!. Table top racing is the silver lining but there a lot of clouds.

  • I thought Tropico 5 Table top racing was a game for a minute. That would be weird. Like Age of Empires power tennis

  • So yeah.. This would’ve been a good line-up..
    But LocoRoco Cocoreccho!? I mean REALLY?!…
    A €2,99 2007 game without trophies… There’s so many PS3 games out there it’s insane.. It’s like “ohlol Tony, we forgot the 6th game..” “Lolkek let Steve pick a random one from our first party Sony vault..”

    Don’t be like Steve.
    Please fire Steve..

    Much love <3 XD

  • Tropico!!! Awesome :)

  • better idea for sony

    everyone with Playstation plus gets free playstation now and you don’t have to bother us anymore with this level of games….

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