Hitman – Episode Two: Sapienza is out now on PS4

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Hitman – Episode Two: Sapienza is out now on PS4

New story mission, challenges, weapons and gear for the assassin sim

The second episode of Hitman, out today, sees Agent 47 travel to the beautiful, sun-drenched coastal town of Sapienza, Italy. This episode adds a new story mission, new challenges, new weapons and gear, the Italian suit and of course new targets, opportunities and disguises!


With a whole town to explore, Sapienza really gives you the feeling of needing to plan your hit. There are locals getting ready for work, others relaxing on the beach or fishing in the harbour and doing some shopping. Many more are visiting the San Giorgio church or watching street entertainers. Sapienza has its own idyllic rhythm and 47’s ultimate task is to complete his objectives without anyone knowing about it. Subtlety is the mark of the true professional.

Those objectives are simple: Eliminate Silvio Caruso and Francesca De Santis and destroy their scientific research. If you want to know more, Diana has been trusted with the specifics, as always.


New contracts every week

Hitman Live Content will also continue with Episode Two. We’ve added new content to the game every week since we released the first episode on 11th March and that continues with Episode Two. You’ll be able to create your own contracts and play Featured Contracts that were created in Sapienza as well as play our popular Escalation Contracts. Within the next few weeks, the first Elusive Target will also be available, although we’re not promising that they’ll turn up in Sapienza. We’ll let you know, so keep your eyes and ears open.

Alongside Sapienza comes a sizeable game update that adds a host of improvements to the game for all players. Significantly improved loading times, new options for the HUD and Challenges, menu tweaks and updates – plus a whole lot more. Take a look at the full release notes for all the details.

The Sarajevo Six

The second target from The Sarajevo Six is also available with the launch of Episode Two. Gary Lunn, also known as “The Enforcer”, has been located in Sapienza where he is currently working at the Ether corporate bio lab where he is supervising high level security efforts. Lunn is a highly trained professional and can most likely be found moving around Villa Caruso or the bio lab.

PS4 players have exclusive access to these six bonus contracts that tell a self-contained side-story revolving around former members of a paramilitary unit called CICADA. A new target will be available with each new location, so we’ll have details on the third target when Episode Three takes us to Marrakesh.


Anyone who owns the Full Experience will already be able to see Sapienza listed as a new destination in-game. If you own the Intro Pack, you’ll need to purchase Episode Two separately or buy the Upgrade Pack to also get all future episodes.

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2 Author Replies

  • Was the lip syncing ever fixed?

  • i really enjoyed the Paris missions. I’ll probably buy episode 2 in a few weeks after im done with Dark Souls 3.
    One thing, please put the first elusive contract in Paris. We’ve been waiting for it since launch. it would not be fair to early adopters for it not to be in Paris which at least everyone has.

  • no one cares. get your online DRM garbage and get the hell out of here.

    • It’s gonna be on disk so I don’t understand the problem

    • The problem is that digital gets to play it two years ahead of the physical, if that comes at all. It’s not a good idea to have an aggrieved group in favour of another (being forced to PLUS for online gaming is bad enough for many). These exclusive advantages to digital purchasing need to be boycotted and die out before they are even considered by developers and get accepted by the general public. It’s because of this careless attitude and easy acceptance of gamers in general that we’re now all paying for online gaming, which could have easily been avoided if consumers spoke with their wallets and gave a clear message that this goes too far. This is just a first step towards an entirely digitalized market, which only creates a monopoly for the online retailers, which is good for them but bad for gamers and consumers.
      I wish these new generations of gamers had the ‘bigger picture’ in mind and would be more conscious in what they support and reject, as it affects the future of gaming.

  • Awesome game i bet episode 3 will be bigger

  • I’m in Canada, it was supposed to roll out between 8 and 10, it’s now 1030. Am I missing something? I have the full experience.

  • Will wait for another episode then jump in!

  • So when will the update actually allow you to download Sapienza..have the full experience and yet after 10am it’s still a quarter of the experience

  • Got!

    Loving the new hitman.

  • When is the full game likely to be available?

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