Alienation touches down on PlayStation Store today

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Alienation touches down on PlayStation Store today

Find out what to expect from Housemarque’s glorious orgy of destruction

Hello Earthlings, Tommaso from Housemarque here. The time to stand up for your planet has finally come! Alienation was announced at GamesCom in 2014, and since then we and Sony XDev have been working hard to make this the best game we’ve ever released together. Alienation is not only a testament to PS4’s raw power, but also an important milestone for the arcade games of the future.

Fans of Dead Nation will find the same ruthless gunfights and overwhelming tide of enemies they loved to hate in our zombie title – with a boost: there’s no place to hide or escape, only skill and planning can get you out of the carnage in one piece!


At the same time, those who appreciate Resogun will be mesmerised by the same familiar brand of total destruction and kinetic neon action that our 2013 title is famous for. And then there is all the new stuff, propelling Housemarque to new heights and players into a vicious loop of “one more game and then we’ll stop…”

Alienation features three fully customisable classes, four players drop-in/drop-out online multiplayer (but you can play solo!), a bunch of game-changing active and passive abilities, loot of various rarity, XP and character leveling, an Invasion mode where you hunt other players down or defend from invaders, fully configurable weapons and gear and much more…

Like what, you ask?

We never really mentioned it before, but did you know that Alienation is geared for replayability, offering randomised enemy spawns including stronger alien “bosses”, challenges sprinkled all over the levels, post-campaign procedurally generated levels, alien hideouts to explore, and different “World States” (our own version of New Game+) unlocking new things to do?

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All this makes the game fresh each time you pick it up, because you can’t just learn enemy patterns, events and maps by heart: on the contrary you’ll have to figure out how to face different configuration of obstacles at every playthrough.

It doesn’t end there either, as in a typical Housemarque fashion you’ll compete against others for country XP, Invasion ranking and best completion times. Expect great things in the months to come, as we work to add more features in a similar fashion as we did for RESOGUN. Particularly, we have had a few requests for local multiplayer and so I am pleased to say that we are looking into this already and we will announce full details of the plan to support the game further very soon. Just keep watching this space.

​Go to PlayStation Store today and show the Xenos they’ve come to the wrong planet!


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  • Congrats on the launch! And have to say this is seriously the best twin-stick shooter you guys have made. Loving every minute of it. Really hope it does well!

  • Will there ever be Housemarque Physical Collection which would include Dead Nation, Resogun and Alienation since I like to have physical versions of the game.

  • Pre-ordered it yesterday, can’t wait to play! Ohh, and i’ve got a theme.

  • WOO HOO!! It’s here. I’ve been playing (&replaying) Dead Nation on the PS3 for years and it was the first game I bought for my PS4. I’m a huge walking dead fan and Dead Nation puts a smile on my face every time I play it. So, it was with great anticipation that I ordered Alienation a month ago. And I finally got a chance to try it this morning before I had to go to work (ARRGGHH!!). Anyhoos, what I saw put a big smile on my face (but it also has some variations to the game play that will go a long way to making the game play different from Dead Nation). Congrats guys on another amazing game. I’m looking forward to months/years of enjoyment wiping the alien race from the face of the Earth. Now it’s time to get back to work. Toodles :)


    I love the game. I literally stayed up all night to play it. Gameplay, graphics, all pretty much awesome (except the fact that Invasions (PVP) have no level restrictions (Level 30 could invade a level 1), that might have to be reconsidered).

    BUT the Remote Play controls on Vita… they’re not even laughable. They’re… how can I say this.
    Oh, okay.
    You shoot your gun via the top right corner of the front touchscreen.

    Now, some will say that you can reassign your buttons in the options menu, and this is true. You can definitely change things around, but sadly:
    A) you’d have to change this every time you play on Vita and change them back every time you play on the TV
    B) it doesn’t much help, anyway, since you cannot change the Basic Remote Play Control Scheme (which is set by the Devs) – and this one uses the upper and lower touchscreen corners and not the back touchpad.
    C) you shouldn’t have to, since the devs should take care of it, ESPECIALLY for a PS4 exclusive. Look at the wonderful Remote Play Controls on the Division, Dishonored, Destiny, Fallout 4. All NOT exclusive, but all made the extra effort.

    Why is the Basic Remote Play Control scheme they used bad? Because the game needs you to be constantly moving, aiming, shooting, reloading (including a timed quick-reload). You need both thumbs on the thumbsticks as much as possible, and the only way to do that on the Vita is by at least putting something onto the back touchpad.

    The way the controls are mapped though, is:
    L2/R2: Touchscreen, Upper left and right corners
    L3/R3: Touchscreen, Lower left and right corners

    And since you need pretty much every button (a lot), except L3, well, it’s not easy to do. For me, it’s impossible.

    The way it should be:
    (DS4 -> Vita)

    L1 (Rush) -> L (since it’s used much more often than the grenades – and by accident, this one is actually already correct)
    R1 (Melee) -> Back touchpad, right side (there’s some aiming involved here)
    L2 (Grenade) -> Back touchpad, left side (also needs to be aimed)
    R2 (Shoot Gun) -> R
    R3 (reload) -> front touchscreen, lower right corner (since you cannot shoot while reloading, hence you don`t need to have your thumb on the aiming stick)

    Face buttons stay the same. It’s simple, I just thought about it for five minutes and it would work. The Vita is NOT a DS4, but with a little effort you can still make it work.

    So… Housemarque: Please make it work.

  • Game is looking good so far I’m enjoying playing it, I’m a bit surprised it’s not got local co-op on launch but I did read it is coming so happy to hear that as I enjoyed playing dead nation with the wife and she was looking forward to playing this game also. Hopefully it gets released soon.

  • This looks so good…

  • The past month or so I can only see the 1st couple games on the store when looking on my mobile device tried different browsers still the same..

    Like looking on mobile on Tues to see whats new they don’t update on ps4/vita store as fast

  • Played it all of last night and really liked it. I hope to see the great ongoing support for this that we saw for Resogun, great work guys.

  • I spent a good few hours on this last night and I’m very pleased with my purchase (was also my first PS Store pre-order too). I’ve also had a go through Remote Play and the buttons aren’t particularly well thought out when the standard button reassignment is made.

    Now I know this may be outside of Housemarque’s hands for this and I know I can remap the controls myself, but is it possible to allow for a couple of save-able configuration choices, so I could use the default for the game on my PS4 and use an alternate config when I’m remote playing on my Vita?

    Aside from that, I really do enjoy the game – thanks :-)

  • Finaly !!!! Waiting for this game for so long !!

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