PES 2016 – UEFA Euro 2016 is out today on PS3 & PS4

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PES 2016 – UEFA Euro 2016 is out today on PS3 & PS4

Get ready for the football event of the summer

Hey guys! Quick introduction, my name’s Asim Tanvir and I’m the Online & Social Media Manager at Konami Europe. With PES 2016 – UEFA Euro 2016 released today on PlayStation, I thought I’d pop over here and give you a rundown of what to expect from the package.

Released as a boxed copy for the PS4 and PS3, with Welsh superstar Gareth Bale as cover star, the game will include a fully updated PES 2016 in its entirety plus all the new UEFA Euro 2016 content. That means not only will you get thousands of new stat updates and hundreds of stunningly accurate player faces, but a lovely new UEFA EURO 2016 cup mode too.

EURO 2016 England vs Wales
EURO 2016 France vs CroatiaEURO 2016 Germany vs Portugal copy
EURO 2016 England vs Wales
EURO 2016 France vs Croatia
EURO 2016 Germany vs Portugal copy

All 24 teams that qualified for UEFA Euro 2016 will feature in the mode, with 15 of them fully licensed. That number includes hosts France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Iceland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Northern Ireland, Croatia, Albania, England, Portugal and Wales. The mode will also have the official tournament branding, match ball and addition stadium in the form of the spectacular Stade de France.

Just like our official launch trailer above says, you’ll be able to recreate those dramatic moments a major tournament like this provides in PES 2016 thanks to the UEFA Euro 2016 cup mode. Who will you pick to try and go all the way to win the Henri Delaunay Trophy? Personally, I’ll be going with England. Come on, Three Lions!

EURO 2016 EnglandEURO 2016 SpainEURO 2016 France (Home)
EURO 2016 GermanyEURO 2016 Italy
EURO 2016 England
EURO 2016 France (Home)

Wait, there’s more. If you do pick up a copy of PES 2016 – UEFA Euro 2016 on PS4 or PS3, you’ll get a number of amazing myClub bonuses. You’ll get your virtual hands on our ambassador agent, EURO special agent and 10,000GP for 10 weeks. Both agents will land you a number of top players for your myClub team (see above). So if you’re into the mode, or just fancy building a team of superstars, then getting a copy will serve you well. Plus, you get the awesome box art with Gareth Bale!

Thanks for dropping by and reading, if you have any questions please feel free to post a comment here, tweet us at @officialpes on Twitter or post on our PES Facebook page. I’m your friendly neighbourhood PES related, online and social media superhero.

EURO 2016 Italy
EURO 2016 Germany
EURO 2016 Spain

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