Dinosaur combat phenomenon ARK: Survival of the Fittest is coming to PS4

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Dinosaur combat phenomenon ARK: Survival of the Fittest is coming to PS4

Studio Wildcard’s multiplayer hit launches on 19th July

It’s only been a month since the release of ARK: Survival of the Fittest as a stand-alone game on PC, and already thousands and thousands of people are playing it. Complete with cash prizes, invitational tournaments, and of course, dinosaurs as far as the eye can see, SoTF was built from the ground up to be full of competitive action. And we’re bringing it all to PlayStation 4 players on 19th July!

Spawning almost naked with a group of hostile opponents, it’s do-or-die in what we’re calling a Multiplayer Online Survival Arena (the big hats keep telling me to push the acronym until it becomes a thing ;)) where you use your wits, your cunning, a little bit of brute force, a hatchet, an anvil, some arrows, a triceratops, a few guns, an explosive or two, a couple of stegosaurus, a sniper rifle, and in dire cases, your own poop, to be the last tribe standing when the final curtain is drawn.


Tame dinosaurs, craft armour, forge weapons, harvest resources, build bases, make friends, and slaughter some Bobs (ARK’s term for newbs), in what is frankly the deepest combat arena that’s ever hit consoles. The breadth and depth of strategy, and potential avenues for victory are enormous, and we’re working insanely hard to make sure that no matter what approach you take, if you’re clever, you can come out on top.

The PS4 has actually given us an interesting opportunity to bring a different kind of ARK– and a unique type of game– to the platform. Nobody has yet brought a Multiplayer Online Survival Arena (MOSA) to console, and we thought it was kind of a shame that the space was being neglected.


One of the fantastic things about multiplayer console gaming is the huge pool of players all playing on the same hardware, which make things like matchmaking and competitive gameplay far more fun. This allows us to make a lot of optimisations for these players not just in terms of performance, but also in terms of gameplay; there’s no question of whether a user will be playing on lower settings for better fps or to remove some essential gameplay element, and there’s very little concern about cheating, because of the awesome security of the platform.

In addition to the fact that it’s untackled ground, we’re really looking forward to some of the unique elements of console gameplay; splitscreen, local LAN play, and we’re even looking at introducing bots which you can play against offline to challenge yourself, or to practice, or maybe just to see the world that ARK takes place in. Whichever way you want to approach the game, online or offline, with friends, or against bitter rivals, it should all lead up to one thing:

The Survivor League.


That’s right, we’re bringing the Survivor League to PS4 as well, and that means cash prizes for the best of the best every single month. In addition to these prizes, you’ll also qualify yourself for our invitationals, and for future events that we are planning. We want players to be able to get some return on the investment that they make by playing our game every day.

The Survivor League will track the top players in every available game mode and automatically display their rankings on our official site, so the world can see that you are in fact the cream of the crop. www.survivetheark.com/survivorleague

We look forward to seeing you in the arena on PS4 starting on 19th July – may the best tribe survive!


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  • Is it free to play like the PC version? Also is Ark Survival Evolved still coming to PS4?

  • Is the real game going to still come to ps4

    • I don’t know much about Ark, is it kinda like what they’re doing with H1Z1 cutting it down to a pvp battle game for the console market? I thought it was meant to be more of a prehistoric survival game.

    • @pure it’s two different but similar games Ark: Survival Evolved and now ARK: Survival of the Fittest

    • @pure it’s two different but similar games Ark: Survival Evolved and now ARK: Survival of the Fittest.

    • @pure it’s two different but similar games Ark: Survival Evolved and now ARK: Survival of the Fittest

    • Glitch.

  • The new game/mode looks interesting but I hope you don’t use it as an excuse to delay the core game.
    The Ark: Survival Evolved announcement trailer got over 4 million views on the PlayStation channel so I expect many to be waiting that, myself included.

  • Holy crap that looks fun

  • So PS4 gets the dumbed down version, not the proper game, and months after other platforms?

    Where is the major discount?

    • From what I gather the full proper game Ark Survival Evolved is still coming. I doubt it will reach it’s June 2016 date. What do you mean mean months after other platforms? The game is not out yet on other platforms.

      You can “buy” into the early access on PC and Xbox One. Meaning you get to help test the game up until release then get the full release version. I have the early access on PC. Even though the game is good. It still needs a lot of optimization as it runs horrible on my decent PC. Also runs rubbish on high end PC’s at the moment.

    • Saw it confirmed earlier today that the core game will be released sometime after, link here

    • I’m fully aware of what early access is. My point being that they have excluded PS4 from any version of Ark up to now, and we still dont get the option of the main game.

      So they should be giving us a discount imo.

  • i am waiting The Ark: Survival Evolved ( not intrested in above game )
    also when comming i hope whith vr.

    to sony ( neo = bad to the ps comunity / you consummers )
    bringing out when you gone launch vr = very bad move
    so now i tinking vr/new ps4 ? if i go new ps4 = no vr now ore in future !!!

    you take rong move to not palce empty sockets in ps4 so later new upgrades can be instaled + are saying to yo day 1 consummers ( xxxx you )
    i end i tink i wil not suport games who have lots beter specs on neo ( so no neo – no vr – no ps5 but wil buy pc next time )

    bring out new ps console in 2 jears whith games who are compatibel with ps4 /ps5 ( more gamers wil have no problem whith ith )

  • ps.
    only ting i see neo working correct = if you let consummers return ps4 then pay 100-150 € max to new model

  • Looks like we’re getting the full core game sometime after this http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sojf04


    Whats with all the MP half [DELETED] games, first H1Z1 with king of the hill and now this.
    Already own ARK on XBOX, it’s more of a disappointment that anything. Skip ARK and wait for 7 days to die in June. finally a good survival game on PS4

  • I’m hep er sin in kan Niet each ten wander die uit Kom

  • Ik kan Niet wachten tot hij uit is hi hi loop selfs al af the telen

  • Right we want this game on early access and not a silly little bone to keep us happy. Look at one petition so far has loads of interes thttp://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bring-ark-to-ps4
    Sony you ignore your custemors and you dont give us what we want. Answer me and tell us why! I am so gutted to have a ps4 right now and so are many others. Supply and demand sort it out.

  • BladeofHarmony25

    It makes absolutely no sense for Sony to not allow Survival Evolved as an early access title, if they’re going to announce the spin off to be released during the Summer. Clearly, a lot of people are waiting for this game, so I see no downside to releasing the current version before the now 7-month wait for the game to be done.

    Seriously, Sony. How is this not obvious?

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