Shadwen announced for PS4, from the team behind Trine

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Shadwen announced for PS4, from the team behind Trine

Frozenbyte shows off its brand new stealth adventure, due out next month

Hello PlayStation fans! It’s a great pleasure for me to announce that our upcoming stealth-action game Shadwen will soon be making its way onto the PS4. We’re aiming for a May launch window!

Let’s start off with the announcement trailer:

Shortly put, Shadwen is an explosive stealth game where the only rule is to remain unseen at all times. If you get caught, it’s game-over.

Luckily there are a bunch of gameplay mechanics that make this a lot of fun. Firstly, time only moves when you’re moving, so you have ample time to plan your moves even in mid-air. Secondly, should you make a mistake or wish to try some manoeuvre (a kill for example) in a different way, you can instantly rewind time and try again!

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The premise of the story is that Shadwen, an assassin on her way to kill the king, has a chance encounter with an orphan girl, Lily. The girl has been caught stealing, and you (Shadwen) decide to help her out of the precarious situation.

Throughout the game you have the option to play either lethally or non-lethally, starting from the first encounter. The story will be different depending on your choice to kill or not to kill. You will, however, need to take action in one way or the other!


Physics and the movement of your character play a big role in the game. You’re free to effortlessly move around the medieval city with your grappling hook and impressive acrobatic skills. You can topple over crates and barrels from high up to surprise unsuspecting guards, or plant bombs and other deadly devices onto various types of objects, and watch your opponents die in gruesome ways. There’s a lot of room for experimentation, and pretty much anything can work!

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You could for example load a cart with poison dart traps and push it downhill onto a group of guards. If it doesn’t quite work out as you first pictured it in your mind, you can instantly rewind time and try something different. Perhaps exploding bombs would have been the deadlier choice, or a pure distraction the stealthier option?

Stay tuned for our launch in May, and please let us know what you think in the comments below.

You can also follow @ShadwenGame on Twitter and ShadwenGame on Facebook if you liked what you saw!

DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004

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  • Will keep my eyes on this, looks like it could be a great deal of fun :-)

  • Sounds interesting. So you’ve taken one of my favourite mechanics – stealth, added a really cool mechanic from another game – Superhot (I wonder if this is where you got the idea from?), and put them together with great visuals. I’ll keep an eye on it, it’s probably a game I’d enjoy.

    After Trine 3 though, and the fact that it wasn’t a completed game due to financial restrictions (still released it though!), I’ll be waiting for reviews first to make sure this one lives up to any expectations I have. Hopefully you’ve learnt from your mistake though, and have managed to get the full story and levels into this game. Any idea how long it’ll be, and what sort of price point you’re looking at?

  • Kai Tuovinen

    There’s 15 levels all-together so it should take a good while to complete. Also has a full story with alternative endings depending on which way you play (lethal vs. non-lethal).

    For the regular price it’s going to be around 16.99 eur/usd but should come with a launch discount.

    Glad you found it interesting :)

  • This looks great defo keeping an eye out for release

  • Sounds interesting… bit of a mix between Hitman and Assassins Creed maybe?

  • You released an incomplete game (Trine3) i’m going to pass sorry.

    • It was financially impossible to make it any longer, that’s why.And by not supporting them, you are part of the problem.

    • Part of what problem MaxDieHard?

      Consumers can, and should, vote with their wallets. It’s way more effective to improve the video games industry as a whole, than just whining on ‘social media’ for a week.

    • @MaxDiehard

      Thanks a lot. You might like incomplete games but i don’t.

  • This looks really interesting – a blend of Dishonored, Thief and Superhot. I can definitely see the Trine influences too! I have two quick questions I think are spoilers, but I’ll ask anyway:

    * Can you spare the king?

    * Does Lily serve a gameplay purpose (and is she why Shadwen considers non-lethality)?

    Thanks in advance!

    • I just saw a synopsis on PCGamer that said Lily sticking with you is a potential motivator to play non-lethally. So you got TWD too, sweet!

    • There are different ways to finish the game as mentioned (lethal and non-lethal) and the story will change accordingly.

      The Shadwen-Lily dynamic will also change depending on whether you decide to go on a murdering spree in front of her, or think that little children should not witness such things. Up to the player really :)

  • Hey guys! Don’t buy this mess. There is a demo or was on Steam. This games was a play more to get the full game at a low price type of thing. You can rewind the time, but whatever you do, for example i tried to kill a guard then everyone spotted me and tried to kill me. Then i had to start the whole level from the beginning. This game doesn’t worth a penny. Sorry devs, this is the truth. This could be a better game from a great developer. I loved Trine and i expected much more..

    • Sorry to hear you didn’t like the demo on Steam. There’s not really any point in the game where you *have to* restart a level as you have the time rewind mechanic that you can use at any point.

      Because the game is all about stealth there are very few ways to fight the guards if they’ve been alerted, but traps and well-timed heavy objects can still prevent them from sounding the alarm situated at the end of each level section.

      Using your dagger you can kill by sneaking behind the guards or attacking them from above. Head-on attacks will not not be favorable for you!

    • Correct answer. I’ll probably try again the demo. (Sorry for the grammar mistakes anyway. I hope you saw the flag next to the like button. In Hungary we speak in hungarian not in english. That’s all that i’ve learned at school.)

  • Since this is from the guys who made Trine, will this game also be in 3D?

  • Started out as looking interesting, until the point where actions change the story and ending. Now it’s an easy pass.

  • Is this two player? I saw 2 characters moving. Really enjoyed Trine with girlfriend

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