Dark Souls III is out now on PS4 – watch the launch trailer

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Dark Souls III is out now on PS4 – watch the launch trailer

A new trailer ushers in the latest instalment of From Software’s nightmare opus.

Dark Souls III is finally out! The long wait to get your hands on the third opus of the great Dark Souls series is now over, and it is time to defy the occupants of the Kingdom of Lothric.

Dark Souls games have always been challenging, and we are sure Dark Souls III will get the best out of the gamer and warrior inside you. No games manage to give you a sense of gratification and self-improvement quite like the Dark Souls series does.

Believe us, some enemies will leave your hands sweaty, but what a sense of accomplishment you will get! Some of the bosses left us tired, but happy to have finally found a way to beat them. The Curse-rotted Greatwood was one of those for us – you’ll understand why in due time!

Dark Souls III - Screenshot (6)Dark Souls III - Screenshot (1)
Dark Souls III - Screenshot (6)
Dark Souls III - Screenshot (1)

We are confident that Dark Souls III stays faithful to its roots, while offering new opportunities and new ways for you to explore its unique gameplay. Battle Arts have been introduced to make them feel more unique, and mastering them will make you a greater warrior. You will need to do so, as the enemies are even more diverse than before, each with its own unique combat strategy. You’ll learn them through experience and experimentation. Study the level design, as crafted and intricate as ever, and take any advantages you can get. Some enemies may be more vulnerable to some elements, so think twice before wasting all your firebombs…

Rise from your grave, grab your weapons and head for the Kingdom of Lothric. It’s time for you to fight the Lords of Cinder and learn more about the deep history of this amazing game.


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  • I must admit that I’m playing the game on PC… But having said that, it looks amazing so far. Can’t wait to keep exploring the world.

  • Does Dark Souls come with it for free, or is that just Xbox?

    • Just Xbone, due to backwards compatibility.
      And as good as getting the original for free sounds, there are just too many new games to play to get around to it I reckon.
      Old games are old and all that jazz.
      Saying that, if they released a remastered version of Dark Souls on PS4 running at 1080p and 60fps I’d be in like Flynn.

  • My body is ready to die,die,die……

  • Sony doesn’t let me purchase anything

  • Just got my apocalypse edition. Can’t wait til I get home!:D

  • As of today I can’t buy anything neither on ps4, ps3, phone or online, trying multiple cards. What the hell Sony?

  • Oh yes, and I bought a PS4 mainly for DS3, yay.

  • Fair Warning to all Vita Remote Play Hopefuls:
    After the pretty great Remote Play Control Scheme from Bloodborn they actually managed to mess this one up.
    L2 and R2 are on the inconventient to impossible to reach upper touchscreen corners (screen, not pad). And the nice and easy to reach lower corners are mappes with L3 and R3.
    The back touchpad – which worked great in Bloodborne for the camere recenter and lock-on – is not used at all.

    Now, using the upper touchscreen corners for ANYthing is bad enough, but deliberately putting the more used actions on there (Skill/Parry and Heavy Attack as opposed to Center Camera/Lock-on and… nothing?) really adds insult to injury.

    Apparently it was the same awful setup for DSII, but after Bloodborne I was sure they had learned something there. Seems like they didn’t.

    And I just cannot figure out why they didn’t stick with the Bloodborne Setup. Or at least switched the upper and lower touchscree corners.

    My second playthrough of Bloodborne was 90% on Vita. This I couldn’t stand for more than five minutes.

    • Thanks for the warning. I suppose if nothing else it’s a good way to encourage people to give Windows remote play a try instead…

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