PlayStation’s 3.50 system software update out tomorrow

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PlayStation’s 3.50 system software update out tomorrow

Full details of tomorrow’s big PS4 update: PC Remote Play, online notifications, scheduled events and more

Our next major system software update for PS4, version 3.50 (codenamed MUSASHI), is out tomorrow! For those of you participating in the beta, we hope you are enjoying the new features and thank you for your ongoing feedback. While we outlined some of the features last month before our beta program started, we wanted to give a more detailed look at the update and share some new info. With 3.50 it is now easier to play together with friends through new ways to connect, improvements to existing features and the user journey.

Appear Offline

On your Profile tab, Quick Menu and login screen, we’ve added a new option called ‘Online Status.’ From here, you can choose to ‘Appear Offline.’ This could be useful if, for example, you want to fully concentrate on your game or watch a movie without interruption. You will remain ‘offline’ until you chose to change your setting. Don’t forget to turn it back on to fully experience your PS4.

Appear Offline

Friend Online Notification

Now you can choose to get notified when your friends come online. To receive notifications, access your Friends profile, press Options, and select ‘Notify When Online.’ For quick management of your entire Friends list choose to ‘Select All’ or ‘Deselect All’ of your friends via Settings > Notifications.

Friend Online Notification

User Scheduled Event

On the Events tab, we’re adding the ability to schedule gameplay sessions with your friends. Just select ‘Create Event,’ and you’ll be able to make an invitation for an upcoming gameplay session. Choose the day, time, game, and send it to individual friends or a Group. When your event starts, users who registered will automatically be added to a Party so you can start playing right away.

You can also share an event to a Community. Once shared, the event will be posted to the Community wall and members can register from there.

User Scheduled Events can also be created in the PS App.

User Scheduled Event 1User Scheduled Event 2User Scheduled Event 3


Play Together

This feature allows all members of a Party to see what each person is playing so that you can easily join a friend’s game, or start a new game together.

Play Together 1Play Together 2


Remote Play (PC and Mac)

With this update, we’re expanding PS4’s Remote Play capabilities to work with PC and Mac giving you more freedom and flexibility to play your PS4.

Remote Play on Mac / PC is compatible with the following system software:

  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10 or later
  • OS X 10.10
  • OS X 10.11

You’ll be able to select from the following resolution and frame rate options, depending on your Internet bandwidth.

  • Resolution options: 360p, 540p, 720p
  • Default resolution – 540p
  • Frame rate : Standard (30fps), High (60fps)
  • Default frame rate – Standard (30fps)

You can use one DUALSHOCK 4 as the controller for Remote Play, which needs to be connected via a USB cable.

Download the Remote Play app to your PC or Mac here.

Remote Play PC 1Remote Play PC 2



You now have the option to broadcast to Dailymotion.

Social Improvements

Share your friends’ best moments to your feed for everyone to see…spread the glory. You can also tag players when you Share videos and screenshots to Facebook and Twitter, make sure your friends don’t miss out on any of your great gaming moments – tag ’em!

PSN Status

To quickly check the status of the PlayStation Network Services, you can view this via Settings > Network.

Teen Account Creation

Teens (aged 13 – 17 years) can now create their own account and start playing in offline mode until parents approve the account and complete the parental control set up at their leisure.

PlayStation Plus Hub

Plus members can now enjoy easy access and management of their online storage. You can also see from your PS Plus Games which of your friends also play your monthly Plus games.

PS App

System software update 3.50 for the PlayStation App is also out tomorrow. This update offers PS App users some of the same great new features outlined above. Enjoy PS4 and PlayStation experience more easily and more conveniently, anytime, anywhere.

  • PS App main additional features.
  • User Scheduled Event – Users can schedule gameplay sessions with your friends.
  • Dailymotion has been added to Live from PlayStation.
  • Other players’ shared activities appear in your activities.

That’s a look at some of the big additions in this update. Of course, there are lots of other refinements and improvements to the system software overall. Download it tomorrow, and enjoy!

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  • When are you going to let us delete items from our libraries?

    • this. i have a bunch of games i either have no plans to ever play again or regret buying as they were awful that i dont want to be reminded i wasted money on.

    • Also demos and even worse old useless Betas

    • Dumb feature.

    • A simple hide x would suffice.

    • pretty sure that it’s already possible to delete them. If you go to settings – system storage management – applications then you should be able to select and delete your games including betas.

    • @Sidone Yea even a hide option will be great.

      @tenomedualc You can delete them form the storage data, but their icons are still in the library.

    • I would take this feature over all the new features they have just released. All I want is a folder with all my games inside, and the option to hide or delete games icons once I’ve finished and deleted the game.

    • this ^ ^ ^… and don’t forget demos that have been pulled from the store,where accidentally clicking on them in your library gives rise to endless failure notifications. “P.T. Demo”, is one example.

    • Yes! I have a bunch of PES crap that came free one month and would love to remove from my download list

    • Maybe in the future we could see Remote Play on Apple TV?

  • Still no backwards compatibility? You are the only one not offering it

    • And you won’t get it. Accept it already.

    • 7 day free trial to PS now, or go play your actually ps3!

    • It would be nice to have it :)

    • Thats where havingba PS3 with 160+ games comes in handy lol

    • Backwards compatibility ia not a software matter, they’d have to change the hardware in order for the PS4 to be able to play PS3 games. Microsoft however has made the deciaion to release a new Xbox One with backwards compatibility.

    • you do realise that the x1 doesn’t either ?

      they actually do a selective backward compatibility program. just like psn can do it with psnow.

      come back to comment that – when the others will actually do backward compatibility.

    • PS4 will likely never be compatible with PS3 games. PS1 & PS2 games may be possible. The PS3 unfortunately was designed with a very unique architecture making it very difficult to emulate. The Xbox 360 and Xbox One are different architectures but much similar, so emulating is difficult but possible. Sony would most likely need to add more hardware to achieve this raising the production cost and also the retail cost. It would be cheaper to just buy a PS3 realistically for those who want to play PS3 games. Or if PS now does become a successful venture they may deploy it fully and allow people to buy content on the service, because it’s still is being developed they won’t give ownership of content so if they decide to shut it down they don’t get sued.

    • DarklingLewis The xbox one is emulating nothing. X1 and 360 is the same as PS4 and PS3, X86 on the new machines and PowerPC on the old ones, which is really hard to emulate. Have you wondered why X1 backwards compatibility needs to download the game when you put the disc in? the disc is merely authentication. It then downloads a ported version of the game from the xbox live servers. A version that the BC team has ported to X86 code. There’s no emulation going on at all. And that would be waaay too hard for the system to handle, and have games running at 3fps..

    • Yeh. And a way to connect ny ps4 to my old black and white tube TV via coax cable! For full backwards compatabilutu!

  • The only new useful feature is “Remote Play PC”.

    • But it won’t work on the most popular OS, Windows 7.

    • no excuse not to have windows 10 since its free for windows 7 users.

    • Windows 10 is great people should switch to Win10 but true huge numbers of people still using Win 7 which is certainly 8 years old operating system.

    • @Xodoius

      Had 10 for 2 days, and uninstalled it.

      Was insane driver issue with it and seems to still be the case.

    • Appearing offline is extremely useful

    • Just do what you did with windows 10 then and boycott the update xD

    • Not everyone want and can upgrade to Windows 10. First of all it looks like crap and have no reason to upgrade, and secondly I use Enterprise Edition and I’m obligated to use Windows 7, nothing different.

    • at least it works on Win8.1, my father’s laptop has it but i’m too scared to update, even if it’s currently free.

    • Ja.. Windows 7 Support would be great.. Maybe there is a way to manage this :)

    • @Xodoius: Not true, there’s plenty of reasons to not upgrade to Windows 10.

    • i can understand people still being on 7. driver support being big issues for those not migrated to 10. i was lucky in that my laptop manufacturer released drivers on release of 10 (it was an 8.1 laptop). others won’t be so lucky, as not every hardware vendor is quick to update drivers, especially for relatively older devices.

    • Yeah but no windows 7 ;(
      I hate when people say “NO EXCUSE” not to have windows 10! Maybe some of us don’t like it as much!!! It don’t work for everyone and windows 10 is not better at everything maybe in a year or two but not right now.
      Was going to upgrade until my girl friend upgraded her computer and now it works like crap. Not working better now even months after release!

      Windows 7 Support please! Let people choose! New computers is more like ps4, no choose anymore!

    • I know why there is no Windows 7 support. Cause nobody is using it! Just look at the march market shares:

      Windows 7 – 51.89%
      Windows 10 – 14.15%
      Windows XP – 10.90%
      Windows 8.1 – 9.56%

      Oh, wait…

    • If you like all of your activities recorded with no way to shut it down. By all means update to Windows 10

    • Windows 7? Last decade says “hi”.

    • Disappointing that the Remote Play app for OS X requires the PS4 controller to be connected via USB. How lazy, when the PS4 Controller works perfectly fine over Bluetooth in OS X for EVERYTHING ELSE that supports joypads.

    • @mh637099 My install of Windows 10 died spectacularly and because I did not have a copy of any licence key, I had to go back to Windows 7.

    • @yorsta10 you don’t need a w10 license key to reinstall it. Everyone who upgraded for free has the same license key. w10 saves your device information on their servers, when you reinstall it knows that you have the right to use w10, and authenticates just fine.

  • Is there a link yet to download the PC remote play software?

  • Can’t wait for the Remote Play Feature to my stunning Mac Screen. When plugged in via USB to Mac will the Dual Shock 4 Features all continue to work as normal, Eg Touchpad, Rumble etc?

    • Yeah, I was excited too to play PS4 on my MacBook with Retina display before I saw next line: “Resolution options: 360p, 540p, 720p” :(

    • Of course the resolution will be capped – streaming at 1080p is just not viable. It still looks great though, trust me.

      The pad will work as it does when playing direct on your TV

    • Why would it scale to a retina display when the PS4 itself is capped at 1080? Think dude.

    • But it is not even that useful? What would you use it for?

    • What are you on about? Steam has had over 1080p resolution streaming for a long time now, it’s viable, Sony just sucks and won’t give us options.

    • You would use it to have access to your PS4 when the TV there is unavailable, or use it via the internet on a laptop when you’re away.

    • @MoazNasr

      Steam is PC software. PC’s don’t have a set resolution but PS4 does.

    • So the Xbox One can stream at 1080p but the PS4 can’t? Sucks hard on Sony’s part.

    • It doesnt even look like 720p…

  • Looking forward to tomorrow Might buy a game off PSN to celebrate.

  • Remote play is great but… how do I actually connect? Is there an app? Where can I download it?

  • Can’t wait to Remote Play from my Macbook!

  • Looks like no one with WIndows 7 can remote play…

    • WIndows 7 is outdated. Upgrade already.

    • ^^^^

      Windows 10 is a free upgrade but the issue is some manufacturers aren’t updating drivers for Windows 10, by backup 2011 Dell being one of them.

    • If drivers aren’t available from manufacturers, chances are you need to just upgrade your PC components as it’s probably outdated.

      That’s why consoles are better in this respect, you know software will work on it.

    • ^ and that’s why PS4.5 will be a real thing lol.

    • PS4K is just a load of nonsense. Something like that just alienates the majority of the current userbase of about 40 million.

    • @MaxDieHard I very doubt this PS4K is actually a more powerful PS4 that can play games in 4K. It is most likely just a PS4 redesign. But with 1 or 2 added features. Like HDMI 2.0 and able to play 4K blu-ray movies. It makes perfect sense if Sony do this and keep it as £320. As the PS4 would be the cheapest 4K blu-ray player on the market by over £100 meaning more PS4 sales for Sony.

    • @MaxDiehard: Doesn’t feel outdated to me. Besides, Windows 10 is horrible. It’s blatantly obvious it’s not designed to take full advantage of traditional computers (its UI is full of ugly mobile stuff), and then there’s other drawbacks too.

    • MaxDiehard not outdated but free of critical holes. W8 and 10 are living their own lives. I’ve already lost a lot of data on w8 at work just ‘because’. It just disappeared after a random system crash. People are losing GB’s of data after upgrading to w10. Some are getting them back in parts, some getting all, and some getting back after returning back to w7.

      I don’t want OS to do what it wants, and w10 do exactly this. And 8 is just piece of …… with those stupid square menus on all of the screen. Menu should be clean and readable at first sight not drag over 5 screens of 21″ monitor.

    • I would like to install it on my pro computer but with Seven it’s impossible.
      I can’t upgrade to W10!
      So why Sony? Why exclude W7?

    • @Ocelot07 The current PS4 is already capable of rendering photos and videos at 4K, just not games.

      PS3 was also able to render photos at 4K.

  • Decent! This might just push me to upgrade to Win 10. *might*

  • Hopefully Sony can confirm that Remote Play works locally without needing an internet connection. People aren’t going to want to be stuck playing at 360p just because their on broadband when they have a fast local network

    • That’s how remote play already works on phones, Vita, Vita TV.

    • Why would you need an internet connection? If you are in the same house it will work locally by connecting to the local PS4 network. If you are outside of your house you can use the internet to remote play but the performance isn’t great.

    • The download is live in the US Blog.

      Just installed it on my iMac. It searches for a PS4 System through the internet by default but allows you to connect to the PS4 ‘Manually’ By going into the PS4 system setting and clicking on ‘Add Device’ and entering a 8 Digit Code.

      Entering the code won’t work on the current version it errors out. The moment the PS4 update goes live it should be working correctly

    • I’ve used remote play via the desktop app and it states when setting it up that it is recommended to have 12Mbps bandwidth down AND up for a 720p 60fps stable connection. So it REQUIRES an internet connection instead of connecting locally.

      Plus the blog actually states the below if anyone actually cared to read it:

      You’ll be able to select from the following resolution and frame rate options, depending on your Internet bandwidth.
      Resolution options: 360p, 540p, 720p
      Default resolution – 540p
      Frame rate : Standard (30fps), High (60fps)
      Default frame rate – Standard (30fps)

  • Remote play is a god send, when i used to work away the free wifi bandwidth would be dominated by my bloodborne obsession and that was on a PSTV with the worst wifi in history. Awesome feature to add it to PC/Mac good job!

  • Nice little update. Maybe next time we can delete trophies? How about being able delete demos from our library/download list or at least have a filter on it. Would be great to be able to see everything we own in one place no matter what console we are using, just like you can on the desktop version of the store. More options when we compare trophies would be nice too.

    • Wasn’t already possibile to delete trophies? Because youre NOT talking about the non-0% trophies, right?

    • Hey Lance_87, it’s possible to delete the 0% trophy lists and hide your trophies but I’m talking about deleting them. Such as games that have unachievable 100% or platinum trophies due to servers shutting down or even ones that you wish you had never started.

    • Oh, well, they’ve already said many times it’s not possible, because “what if hackerzzzz enter your account and delete your trophiezzzz” and things like that.

  • Will you do 1080p 60FPS streaming with the PC App?

  • Bring Remove Play to Linux.

  • Bring Remote Play to Linux

    • In South Africa we can’t even do remote play due to our fast internet speeds being so damn expensive and I’m a working gamer with a regular job, earning quite well but I’m not prepared to pay the equivalent of appr. %100 pm for internet. I’m currently already paying about the equivalant of $45pm.

    • …..$100…….

    • Sony how about catering for slower internet speeds with remote play and game sharing for PS3 games?

    • You can’t just ‘cater’ to slow internet speeds for streaming. It’s something out of Sony’s hands.

      It’s common knowledge that you need a fast internet connection to use something over the internet in real-time.

      Move to a country that doesn’t suck.

    • ^ you make it sound like it’s something easy to do, LOL.

    • Im getting really sick of corporations not acknowledging Linux.
      The sole reason why i bought a Playstation is so i do not have to game on Windows or MAC, Now Sony is not supporting Linux? This is exactly why i hate Microsoft. Don’t make me hate Sony too i Really love its console.

  • now add features people actually want like removing games from library, folders, miracast support and sorting trophies in alphabetical order which PS3 did years ago. why are you slowly drip feeding small features over 6 month periods? updates need to be done every month.

    • Right on my man, I agree. Some of these new changes were on xb360 4yrs ago already. When I transfered to ps4 in Nov14, I realized they weren’t on and that was a bummer. I also support the other changes u mentioned, and agree that updates should be monthly. I mean look at android’s updates which is almost on a daily basis?

    • Thanks for speaking for the people.

      As one of the people I could use pretty much every update listed above. The ability to schedule gaming sessions is going to be a god send, along with appearing offline when exploring yarnham or the wastelands. Remote play via pc may get used every now and then too. It’d be better if it was made available for tablets I think.

      Point is, it’s an update. Some folk will make use of it, some won’t. You don’t speak for me or anyone but yourself so calm yourself young ‘un.

    • I would like to have an option where I (as the user with digital game purchases) have the ability to tell which games my kids may play or not, on a per game case. The parental controls do not give me the required flexibility.

      And by this I mean I want to be able to say that can play but not although both games have the same age-limit assigned by Sony/gamestudio.
      My kids must be able to play PvZ:GW but not SW:Battlefront or GTA-V

    • Sony did do updates more often than this for PS3 but some people complained at the time about having to install mandatory updates when they wanted to play a game.

  • Hi allow us to put are trophy list in alphabetical order on PS4

  • Excellent stuff ;) Thanks. But still no ‘Folders’??? :( :( :( + it would be cool if the PS4 could read other Hard drive formats to.

  • Appear offline? That option should’ve been on PS3, too.

  • Great news! I hope it will be working well – especially remote play!
    One request from me – it will be even more great if you add possibility to upload data (like screenshots) to internet drives (Dropbox, Google Drive) directly from the PS4 to next update.

  • Macs just became relevant for gaming, lol

    • hahahaha indeed, i thought the same! Just show of to your friends your playing GTA 1080p 60FPS on a macbook air

    • Hopefully the input lag isn’t terrible!

    • @FlorisTijn

      I think the framerate will be not only dependent on network connection, but also by the framerate of the game. So, GTA V would always be 30fps.

      Unless it works like emulation, and you can play game ultra fast, which is essentially 60fps. It’s not really 60fps as it wont be native, but its similar.

  • Please bring the PlayStation App to Windows Phones.

  • Does it have to be high-spec PC to run the remote play? I meant the resolution and FPS rate..

  • Streaming to iPad/android tablets would have been good…

    • That’s what I’m personally more excited for. I’m more likely to be carrying that around then my laptop these days.

    • This kinda already works. There is an app for Android. Officially, it works only on Sony devices, however some guys managed to make it work on any Android device, complete with Dualshock support. Just google it, I managed to make it run on my old Galaxy S3.
      As for iOS, no idea.

  • Why is there still no remote play for android? I have a Note 4 which would be perfect for remote play when someones using my TV…come on Sony im not going to buy a small Xperia just for remote play just release it for android already!

    • just search the internet, there will be an option :)

    • @Floris Tijn….their ain’t such an option as far as I know?????

    • @IRONMANAJM There is, but only on Sony phones. You can do it on Note, it’s just not official and doesn’t have DS4 support

    • There is an option for that. Unofficial app, or more precisely, official Sony app hacked to run on any Android device. I got it running on my Galaxy S3. Also possible to add DS4 support. Just google it.

    • Cool, cause I have a Sony Xperia C3 phone, so I’ll check it out!!!!

  • A bunch of stuff no one really needs. Good for those who believe or have been led to believe that they actually DO need it.

    • What stuff do we NEED then? Tell us.

    • How should I know? Thankfully I’m not a we, or else I’d have to believe streaming me to the internet while playing a game was somehow crucial to my gaming experience.

      Being able to manage my ‘library’ at all would be decent in my opinion, or a regular audio cd compatibility (even the first PlayStation had that (although there was no Spotify around that was tried to be shoved up everybodies behind back then)).

      Getting rid of trophies would be a blast. They’re a scourge on gaming.

  • Please bring in Fall update
    – UI folders
    – offline trophy sync
    – video chat
    – (maybe one time?) username change

  • How will i remote play on my pc is there any remote play app for windows

  • We need dts, DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD support for the Media Player App. WAV and FLAC support would also be useful. More detailed info on videos during playback when triangle is pressed, like realtime video bitrate, realtime audio bitrate, format, channels being processed ect…the PS3 supported AVCHD Folder structures this was very useful, the PS4 does not currently support it and it’s a major step backwards, I would like to see this capability added to the PS4. These features are essential for gamers who also want to use their PS4 as the center / hub of their entertainment setup.

    • Or just use a system that’s made for media, not a games console, as the PS4 was always marketed as.

  • Must be time soon for a Vita firmware update that removes some more features Orrr
    System stabilty ;)

  • As a former Xbox gamer (thank god I’ve eventually seen the light in flipping to PS4 lol) I see a few of these new changes being on xbox 2yrs ago already. And this is what I missed when I started with ps4 in November 14. Come on Sony, catch a wake up call lol!!!

  • Will we be able to connect our console directly to the pc/mac via ethernet cables for improved streaming speed?

    • If you’re connecting a PS4 to PC via ethernet, then what’s the actual point in using Remote Play in the first place if they’re going to be in proximity?

    • Find me a laptop with HDMI input. A lot of people would find it useful as a second TV if anything

    • @MaxDiehard you may want to play in another room, on the same home network, not where the PS4 is usually hooked up (e.g. not taking up the lounge room TV, rather sit in another room on your PC)

    • I am currently playing on my PS4 over the internet. Sure there is some compression but not much and doesnt appear to be an interface/input lag. I have been using remote play for some time on my phone, shield and PS TV.

      In response to MaxDiehard, my PS4 is in my living room, I don’t want to cart it around to different rooms in the house if for example others are using the main TV. Like my bed has a TV built in which I have connected upto my PS TV. That way if I want I can lounge in bed and play on the PS4 without going downstairs. This is all over ethernet so I get the best possible resolution with little to no compression artifacts.

    • Or you could carry your console to said room. What a great idea, a portable gaming system. Call it PS Viva or something.

  • See the US post here for a link to the download (available when the firmware launches tomorrow)

    I imagine the EU guys are going to post the link tomorrow when it is available…


  • Remote Play is my hype for this update! Would like to have more info on how to setup

  • So I guess the Windows 10 and 8.1 only RemotePlay signifies a crappy Windows Store App then? If not, what can a 5 year old PC with Windows 7 not do that the same PC with Windows 10 can do with the exact same hardware, except not having access to a crappy app store???

  • Looking forward to the PC remote play.

    About time on the Friend Online notification. It only took you almost 2.5 years!

  • No linux support? :(

    • Linux is more functional as a server OS than it is as a OS for the regular consumer. Not many people us it in comparison to Windows, or even OS X. There is really limited support for Linux when it comes to gaming or a lot of things to be honest.

    • Linux is very similar to OSX and has DS4 driver in kernel for a while :) (at least ubuntu does).

    • @DaddyDirection: Not true. It’s pretty much perfect for everyday use, even for people without much computer expertise. My girlfriend has it on her travel laptop, hasn’t haid any trouble. I installed in on her dad’s laptop. Now it runs faster, has no issues it had it Windows, and he hasn’t reported any trouble at all. And my personal experiences are similar too. Linux may not be very popular among consumers, but it’s really great even for a lot of them.

    • @DaddyDirection I have ran Linux for 9 years now.
      It has been far more stable and the only 2 excuses that are acceptable for using Windows or OSX are:
      A) Gaming(Which is why i bought a Playstation)
      B) Propriety software your work needs that can not run on Linux

      There has to be a change, Linux is going to take the world by storm and Sony clearly is not ready for it yet.
      This is the time for a company like Sony to build trust with its community and be on the front line of Development, In my opinion they are missing out on a huge boost in users and profit.

  • Some great features

  • I am not looking forward to this, it ran like crap in beta on all versions. And it had a big download issue where you couldn’t download anything while playing a game or using an app. I have a feeling this is going to be worst yet.

  • Great, waiting for remoteplay support however couple of questions to ask and wanted an answer for it:
    1) only 720p :( shame, why not 1080p?
    2) what about surround sound, will it come too with remote play? dts?
    3) remote play is only for imac and windows, not for android device?
    4) what with games with portals for ex disney infinity and remote play? cause my main ps4 is in living room, the other is in attic, where i sit to play with remote play, am i able to connect the portal then with my windows pc in the attic?
    5) any hardware requirements for windows machine? (and if android possible, for android too?)

    Lots of questions where i can t find an answer

    • 1) same resolution as for PS Vita or PS TV. If you select 720p @ 60FPS then your PS4 will most likely disable videorecording just like when selecting the 720p with highest quality on PS Vita or PS TV.
      2) I think the PS4 is not powerfull enough to real-time encode an 1080p stream.
      3) remote play is available for Android, but only for Xperia devices. There is a work around for non-Xperia devices but there are some issues
      4) nope, because the portals you have designed for PS4. You can’t connect a Xbox version of the portal to your PS4 and expect it to work.
      5) if your laptop/computer can run Win 8.1 or 10 or OS X 10.1x then it will be enough. They will be much more powerfull than the PS Vita or PS TV :) (yes I know, different architecture, but it only has to display a stream .. nothing more)

    • Actually for Disney Infinity, Skylanders and Lego the portals are cross platform with the exception of Xbox ones

    • This download link show the hardware specs needed etc.

  • Can you please update the Live from PlayStation PS Vita app? There’s only Ustream and Twitch support, so we can’t watch PS4 YouTube or DailyMotion streams.

  • disappointed by the lack of support for Windows 7… I know theres a free upgrade but I’m happy with 7 (obviously ignoring 8). I’ve heard too many conflicting reports regarding 10 to see it’s worth.

    Surely can’t be too hard right?

    • Yeah, this decision seems quite bizarre. I have no idea why there’s no support for Windows 7, considering adding support for it shouldn’t be very difficult.

    • Hopefully one day someone will find a way to make Win7 compatible. Remember when PS3 remote play was supposed to be exclusive to Sony Vaio computers? Heh.

  • As someone who participate in Beta 3.50 I can say that this is a really cool new firmware version!

    Wishes and improvements for PS4 firmware

    • Auto-sync of trophies in background
    • Background wallpaper for PS4 Menu (downloadable + from USB-device)
    • Capture videos in 1080p and 60 frames per second (1080p has priority)
    • Copy multiple links and quotes from websites and messages like we know it from PS3
    • Copy music (MP3, AAC, ATRAC etc.) on PS4’s hard drive
    • Copy photos from USB flash drive on PS4
    • Different sound if someone joins a party (there was actually a different jingle before 2.0)
    • Folders to sort games and demos
    • Notification if a friend goes online/offline (with an option to select friends whom I would have a notification)
    • Notification if a friend starts broadcasting gameplay via Twitch/uStream
    • Opportunity to be invisible for friends while logged-in in PSN
    • Option to delete only game’s install file, so you can keep update file (would save many time if you want to play a game months later).
    • Playback of Audio-CD
    • PlayStation Store: Add a wish list.
    • Save some messages like we know it from PS3 or at least 500 (not 200 as currently)
    • Send several pictures at once in a message. This also should be possible for uploads on Twitter, Flickr.
    • Screenshot Upload to Flickr
    • Screenshots Not sorted as a list where you have to scroll up and down but multiple screenshots displayed side by side (e.g. 5), so it’s easier to navigate and you see a little photo of them.
    • Screenshots: Zoom-in/zoom-out with right Analog Stick in pictures
    • Support for Sony Bluetooth Headsets from PS3 (those with only a microphone)
    • Video chat on PS4
    • View trophies even when you are offline (it worked fine on PS3)

    Wishes and improvements for Media Player app

    • Add a volume option in videos to increase/decrease volume
    • Screenshots and photos not only sorted as a list where you have to scroll up and down but multiple screenshots displayed side by side (e.g. 5), so it’s easier to navigate and you see a little photo of them.
    • There is no playback of music data with ATRAC. Why? This is a Sony audio format. Please fix!
    • Videos with higher IQ and framerate (60 fps) often got issues in playback (stuttering, slowdowns) e.g. some high quality videos from

    • Wishlist on Store is already possible on PC. Nobody should use stores from consoles unless is strictly necessary, IMHO.

    • that is a good one

    • -Trophies already auto-sync if you have PlayStation Plus.
      -Friend Notifications and the ability to set them to select friends are what’s coming in this update if you’d actually read it.
      -Appear Offline is also a feature in this update.
      -Twitter only allows one photo upload per post, so that’s out of Sony’s hands.

    • @MaxDiehard:

      – Trophies already auto-sync if I have PS Plus? As far as I know this is not included. Do you have a screenshot or link for this? Thanks.
      – Yes, Friend Notifaction and Appear Offline were just part of my old list ^^
      – No, you can upload four screenshots on twitter. Definitely possible. Just look at many tweets where people post their PS4 pics (for example DriveClub).

  • Litte mistake by me! Of course you can delete “Friend notifications” and “Offline appear” function. It was just part of an older liste on my PC :D

  • Confirmed! The PS4 is not powerful enough to allow you to sort your games in a good way, for that we need PS4K/PS4.5!
    No more updates, if it’s not folders/choosing what games to show/ability to permanentely delete what you don’t want, please.

  • So, is Remote Play for PC an app in Windows Store or will it be standalone software with exe file?

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