Final Fantasy XV out 30 September

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Final Fantasy XV out 30 September

Full-length feature film, anime series, and deluxe editions revealed.

Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV is a wrap! For months we’ve been teasing what we were going to do with a mysterious “March Event” with the hope that we would announce the release date for the next Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy XV

With Final Fantasy XV we had to bundle things down into 15 items… so if you missed it, here’s the quickest recap of all time!

  1. Hironobu Sakaguchi — the man, the myth, the legend — took center stage to open up the show to talk about how he’s looking forward to Final Fantasy XV becoming a challenger yet again.
  2. A brand new trailer titled Reclaim Your Throne showed off new combat and a brand new rendition of the classic song Stand by Me, which is the theme song to Final Fantasy XV.
  3. Yoshitaka Amano, legendary Final Fantasy artist, designed a brand new animated project titled Big Bang!
  4. Stand by Me was revealed to be sung by none other than Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine.
  5. All-new gameplay was unveiled featuring chocobo riding, updated battle mechanics, magic, and how Titan is summoned.
  6. World of Wonder: Environment Footage brought a soothing tone to showcase how vastly open-world the game is looking to be.
  7. Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood

  8. A brand new surprise, Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV was announced! A five part anime series telling the backstory of all of the friends — the announcement trailer and episode 1 are available to watch here.
  9. Final Fantasy XV

  10. Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy, a fully CG movie was announced! Blurring the lines between animation and reality, Kingsglaive tells the story of Nyx — a member of the elite armed forces, the Kingsglaive.
  11. A partnership between Audi was uncovered to show a one of a kind, exclusive Audi R8, themed after the world of Kingsglaive .
  12. An all-star voice cast for Kingsglaive was revealed! Aaron Paul, Lena Headey, and Sean Bean headline this star studded affair.
  13. Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo

  14. Justice Monsters Five, a brand new mobile game was showcased to the world for the first time — a brand new pinball mini-game will be available on smart phones later this year.
  15. A completely free and quirky demo, Platinum Demo — Final Fantasy XV was shown. Set in a whimsical dreamscape, you play as a child Noctis traversing the world with your new pal, Carbuncle.
  16. Two blockbuster editions were announced! The deluxe edition which contains both Final Fantasy XV and the Kingsglaive movie will be available in limited quantities. And in even more select quantities is the ultimate collector’s edition (which contains more content than this entire blog!) — pre-order your edition of choice here!
  17. Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition

  18. The release date was finally uncovered and confirmed! 30 September, 2016 worldwide!
  19. Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector's Edition

  20. Lastly, the Uncovered Extended trailer debuted even more gameplay and dove deeper into the story.

We have a solid 6 months to make 2016 the year of Final Fantasy XV, so we hope you’re just as excited for Final Fantasy XV as we are!

What were you most surprised by?

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  • Is the demo gonna be avaible as soon as the us and jp store ? or do we have to wait longer ?

  • When will the demo be in the EU/AU store? Already up on the US store.

  • I have waited since this game was announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII and I will definitely get it regardless of what other games are coming out.

  • Well its not up and the US store has so nope, you gotta love Sony Europe.

  • They didn’t show that much gameplay as I expected. Downloading demo right now, hopefully it will answer some questions for me. Gonna get them KH vibes probably, considering the setting.

  • No Demo up on EU PSN, and pre-order for Ultimate Edition isn’t working….. Awesome.

    • It didn’t work properly for ages but I managed to get confirmation of my order at about half 6 this morning… After trying for an hour and a half

  • It’s on the EU Store now!!! Enjoy

  • Demo downloaded from the EU store.

    U can find it under Games – Demo.

    I got up for this and i am not dissapointed. Looking forward to everything, the anime, the movie, the minigame, the game itself and the demo in a bit.

    I never doubted them and it seems everyone can stop complaining now, its finally coming. Pre order isnt going thru atm site seems overloading ;).

    Enjoy everyone!

  • sigh…I can order from the Boutique but the UK store and the US store is messed up :/

  • Did anyone manage to get a collectors edition from the Europe Square Enix store? I can’t see in on there anywhere!

  • Please fix the pre order site for places outside the US and Canada! Dutch here, keep getting an error site and don’t want to miss out on the ultimate collectors edition!

  • Awesome show… Downloading it now, tomorrow will be a fun day

  • Oh gawd! DAT HYPE!!!

  • Is this the blackest high fashion game ever seen or what.

    • Hah.. My thoughts.. Looks like the charcaters are running around in a mix of Rick Owens, Julius and Demeulemeester outfits.. :)

  • I would buy the col pack, drop the price 120 and drop the figurine.
    the rest i would want.

  • Hey, thanks for dual audio Square! First Star Ocean, now FFXV – I really hope this will turn into a new trend of releasing all JRPGs with original voice tracks. Definitely a day 1 for me.

  • Great idea to have the very limited collectors edition on 1 website. That won’t make it crash and make it impossible for ppl to order it. Whoever came up with that idea should get a raise!


    • Yeah… been trying to order for 30 minutes…

      At one point I had it in my cart 3 times, took 10 minutes to sort that out. Now im on log in attempt 3…

    • Its the LE from them. at least there is 1 place to get it, instead of 10 everywhere were you can browse half a day.
      not that i know why people would pay so much for it.

    • It worked when I used my phones browser instead of my pc! Try to preorder using your phone, pc broweser for some reason gives me error messages.

  • too bad SE store doesn’t ship in my country……

  • Guys the ultimate edition is now up for preorder- £189.99 ! However at just 30,000 being made worldwide I expect it to go quite quickly- get in ! :)

  • So, umm, WHAT?! I’m gonna have to watch an ANIME series to get the backsground story to the MAIN CHARACTERS of your game? What’s so hard about letting the game tell me that? What’s up with stretching things out like that? What happened to ‘one game, one story’? Now it’s ‘one story, three games’ (FFVIIR) or ‘one story, one game, a movie, a series, etc’ (FFXV).

    Way to kill the hype.

    Will it at least be a free ps+ launch? Heard they love putting incomplete stuff in the instant game collection.

    • Some people…
      You dont have to do anything.
      Do what YOU want, no1 is chewing it for ya.

      Most people are happy they get an expanded universe. They can enjoy an anime, a minigame, a movie to tell more then the story the game offers. Just like FF7.

      They saw the succes of expanding the universe FF7 had. So now they did it in advance. You should be happy. The movie is free, the anime is free, the demo is free, Nothing but good here.

    • Most people voted for fascism, that tells enough about most people, I guess.

      And where in this blog post does it say the ‘extras’ are free. Because some of the stuff is bundled with uber-expensive editions of the game? “Oh, what a deal, I pay way more and get stuff for free.”

      And still, the history of main characters of a game should be told by the game, if it is needed.
      Minigame? Ah, you mean that phone stuff? What does that have to do with a ps4 game?

      Meh, just drink your kool-aid, everything will be fine, you don’t need brains. Thinking for yourself is way overrated.

    • Comparing cross-media marketing to fascism, I can’t… Even tell if I’m more astonished or embarrassed…

    • Did you even bother to watch the whole event?
      If you did you would understand. If you didn’t you have no right to complain.

      U can already watch the anime, and the movie will be able for download/stream. Free free free. To bad braincells arent free or you would have some ;).

  • I couldn’t find the demo on store. Someone posted a link directly to it but it came up as an error instead. Do I need to update the demo I already have that came with Type-0 to play it or will it be up a bit later for me?

  • Everyone having troubles pre-ordering look at this: I wasn’t able to preorder using my computers browser, it kept giving me error messages. But someone on twitter tipped me to try to buy it using a mobile phone. And surely enough, I was able to pre-order the Ultimate Collectors Edition using my phones browser. So try that if you keep getting error messages, or you are told the store doesnt ship boxed items to your location.

  • Hi Mat Kishimoto is there any chance we can get the Japanese box art for the standard edition instead for the black cover that US and EU have?

  • That deluxe steelbook is just beautiful… bit steep though

  • Framerate needs fixing.
    Combat is dull.
    I like the weird stuff though. On the whole its better and worse than the Episode they released

    • If your talking about the demo, what ya expected? Ure in a kids dream. It was just to show you the different elements.
      Combat will be better if you have real and more xeps in your hand, and it also is how you fight yourself.Everyone can play DW by smashing Square… Its all how you play it.

  • All that information and they neglected to mention that the Ultimate Collector’s Edition is £190/$270! I reckon The central individual parts – game, soundtrack, film, book, figure – are worth at least £50 less than the RRP. That’ll be the steel books then.

  • Isn’t too cheap for all the bonuses for 49.99?=)))) every other game will cost for about 70 pounds))))

  • At this point I’m way more hyped about the movie as Advent Children is still my one and only favourite full CG movie. Even if it doesn’t have the background of FF7 that AC had, just look at those amazing graphics, especially considering it’s full CG, people and all included. Wish this was done way more, so sick of the real life characters in front of green screens and everything looking fake around them on screen. I find myself wanting for more live action to be live again, providing real sets, locations and characters a la Game of Thrones, and CG to be fully CG (including people!) like the magnificent work done on Advent Children. But well done full CG is still so rare..
    Thinking back, I used to grind hours through the games just to get to those beautiful cutscenes. And in this day and age, where cutscenes seem to have taken a major step back to provide all gameplay, despite the extra power and advancement of graphics, getting to see one of these movies of quality is a dream come true.
    As for the game, I’ve knowingly kept the hype low for myself. First, I’ve been waiting for this since it was VERSUS13 for ps3, so the hype has worn off a little by time. Secondly, the 13 trilogy didn’t do wonders for the series’ reputation either, but I still have high hopes for this :p

  • the box are looks amazing! this is my second most anticipated game for ps4 after persona 5 (from the games that have a confirmed west release)

  • I read that you can name carbugle in the demo, if that’s true, what name will you give it?

  • Yessss we made it boys!

  • FINALLY!!! It’s been a looooong 10 year wait lol

  • All I see here is not a game but a marketing plan.

    RIP Versus.

  • Delux edition will be for USA only? Can’t find it on any Europe store. Also I would love some FFXV and KH avatars and themes for PS4 some time in the future. Thank you for working hard on this one!!

    • The only place I’ve seen Deluxe edition for sale in Europe is on the european Square-Enix shop. So it may look like that’s the only place to get it.

  • I miss Dan, he would be here to share the hype with us :(

  • Impressions from the demo:

    – Game will be extremely pretty (we knew that anyway).
    – Main game combat as adult Noctis will be alot of fun.
    – Framerate/input lag needs tweaking before release.

    Overall got a good feeling about this game.

  • Sorry but the framerate is absolutely horrific at the moment. Makes it unplayable.

    • I wouldn’t call it unplayable – given I completed the demo just fine. I’m not sure it’s even a bad framerate per-se. It’s seemed like it was more unstable and skipping frames during scenes with lots of updates.

      Knocking over the blocks in the dream certainly cause the framerate to drop. Yet during combat (especially the proper battle at the end) it was fine. Also in big scenes the framerate dropped during camera rotation. Probably something inefficient going on in the lighting engine.

      The frame issues with the blocks is likely an inefficiency with the physics engine, but probably not an issue in the main game as I doubt the main game will have many elements that have the same kind of physics requirements.

    • This is why they shouldn’t do demos for these kind of games IMO (open world/rpg/..) A demo is never representative for the quality of the final product, that goes double for aforementioned games.
      I remember trying out the Mass Effect 2 demo on ps3 and being totally put off by the technical quality, to the point I wanted to give up getting the full game. Luckily I didn’t and as soon as I started playing the full game it felt like heaven and became one of my all time favourites.

    • Their FF games usually run really smooth, despite the size and graphics of things. I’m not even gonna try the demo, don’t want to be spoiled and don’t want it permanently in my DL list :p

  • Nah for me it is knocks the enjoyment out of it with the horrific framerate. The PS2 games ran smoother.

  • Please announce details on a PS4 / FFXV bundle!

    So many people would buy this!!

  • We really do need a revised and more powerful console already, I guarantee the performance issues are final. The unannounced inevitable PC version is going to be more desirable, probably to anyone with a three year old computer or newer.

    • It’s not necessarily about how powerful the hardware is, but how they can manipulate it to get the best out of it.. I figured pop-up etc. would be a thing of the past this generation, but sadly we’re not there yet.

    • There wont be a more powerful console.

    • No need for a more powerful console. Performance issues can be fixed in an update just like with the Hitman beta, which ended up having a much better framerate in the final game.

  • I am so excited for this.

  • I’d love to order the deluxe edition but the link doesn’t work properly. It won’t let me choose my country on the order page because the bottom 8 countries are covered by the picture of the game box!

  • I Hope Sony Make A Free PS Plus Weekend When This Game Comes Out Cuz I Might Get This And Imma Try Online First

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