Become a dual-handgun-wielding badass in PS4 action platformer Seraph

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Become a dual-handgun-wielding badass in PS4 action platformer Seraph

Dreadbit puts an interesting twist on a familiar genre

Hello PlayStation fans! My name is Daniel Leaver I’m delighted to be posting here once again. You may have heard of Dreadbit‘s previous game, Ironcast, but today I’m proud to announce something entirely different, Seraph, coming to PS4 in 2016.

Seraph is an acrobatic platforming shooter with a unique difference; all weapons are automatically aimed by Seraph, our title character!


That’s right, Seraph will aim at the demon-spawn of hell for you whilst you are left to focus on snapping off controlled bursts of gunfire as you back-flip from walls and tumble through the air. It’s high-octane platforming action without the limitations of aiming.

“But, Daniel, what is this madness? How can you possibly have a skill-based shooter without aiming?!” I hear you cry. Well, having grown up with mind-blowing action films such as The Matrix, Christian Bale’s Equilibrium and, of course, anything directed by John Woo, I’ve always dreamt of playing a video game that could truly deliver on the promise of the player becoming a dual-handgun-wielding-badass too! There have been some games that came close, but it always felt to me that the slick acrobatic choreography often came second to the player having to aim at the same time. A task made even more tricky if aiming two weapons at different enemies!


So, I thought, why not ditch the requirement for the player to aim altogether and instead let them focus 100% of their attention on acrobatic evasion and, of course, accurately landing Seraph’s divine special powers? Seraph effortlessly aims her dual pistols at the oncoming demon hordes whilst the player shoots, flips and dodges the rapidly moving unholy spells and attacks. The thought turned into a playable prototype within a few days… and we were utterly convinced.


“But, Daniel, if you don’t aim isn’t the game just easy-mode-auto-win casual fodder?”

Another excellent question from our astute PlayStation fans! The answer is of course not. Because the player doesn’t have to aim we instead allow them to focus on all of the stuff that matters more: evading exploding pillars of flame, sliding down a wall firing an SMG one-handed, and cartwheeling over a boss whilst simultaneously unloading a shotgun shell into its demonic face. Because the player doesn’t have to aim we have room to make this kind of gameplay really challenging!

This is what playing Seraph is all about – looking and feeling amazing.

In addition, Seraph also features an on-screen, dynamically scaling difficulty rating, so it will always match your ability level. The better you play the harder the game becomes! But don’t worry, the higher the difficulty rating the greater the rewards dropped by slain demons for our crafting and upgrade systems.


Ultimately, if you’ve watched the trailer then you’ll already have a pretty good idea of what it feels like to play Seraph. There’s tonnes of unlocks, daily challenge modes and special Twitch streamer features we’d love to talk about more but I’m out of time.

Thanks for having me, PlayStation fans! Why not drop some questions in the comments section below and I’ll get right back to you.

Follow us at @DreadbitGames for loads more news and development livestreams of Seraph in action over the next couple of months.

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2 Author Replies

  • Woah, this looks great!
    What style of game is it?
    Rogue-like and randomised, predetermined path, or the metroidvania style?
    Not that it really matters, I’m in!

    • Hello there JuDD3rd! The game is not a rogue-like (as you can die and restart from several points throughout the game), but each level layout is randomly generated, including what enemies you face and pick-ups you find.

      We can’t wait till you get your hands on it. Later in the year. :)

    • Nice.
      Lot’s of replayability (not sure that’s a real word…) then.

  • Wow this looks great!

  • Is there a story to this, if not, could there be an option for a male character too? Gay guys like me like playing a guys.

    • There IS a story! You’re the first person to ask! :)

      The game stars an angel, known as Seraph, who’s fighting to restore its lost power and ultimately escape a prison infested with demons. However, dark magic has trapped the angel inside its human Vessel: if the Vessel dies, so will Seraph.

      The Seraph has no gender, however, it’s female host was taken captive around 30 years before the events of the game. She was imprisoned within the ‘Corangelus’ Facility by ancient runes and special rituals by the religious Faith that worship her.

      But, to really answer your question the option for a male character really just comes down to the amount of work required to really just offer another cosmetic alteration. It wouldn’t affect the story or gameplay in any way, but it’d be a whole new character, set of animations and of course supporting artwork to make it happen.

      I never say never, but for now we’re happy with Seraph being a lady for the time being. Hope that’s not too much of an issue?

    • Na it’s not a problem. I know all too well the priorities and sacrifices of game development. It’s just a nice option to have, even if it comes in a future update or DLC. :)

  • Seems like it could be fun :)

    Back in 2009 WET was released for PS3/360, and while you had to aim one hand, the other one was auto-aimed. I rather liked that.

  • This looks good man. It reminds me of a 2D Gungrave (the stylized shooting aspect.) Does it have any Metroidvania aspects to it? I see you mentioned on the blog that the game does have a story but how long is the campaign?

    Also, I like the circle “explosion” thing when enemies die, that looks sick. However, can you PLEASE allow us to turn off/on the xp notifications that pop up? Personally for me, I don’t like seeing that type of info, especially when I’m playing a story type game.

    BTW, what are your plans for marketing? Are you guys doing anything with ancillary goods?

  • That’s a very unique approach to the genre. I will keep my eye on this one until it releases.

  • Looks great, any chance for a vita port? Vita is the holy grail of 2D games atm.
    Vita fans are more hard core and would buy this instantly, while on ps4 this game will constantly be in the shadows of all the huge AAA games.
    So why be in the low ranks in a huge console when you can be on top ranks on a smaller sonsole?

    • I wouldn’t say Vita fans are more “hardcore.” However, I’d say Vita fans would be more receptive to it due to the Vita library being overlooked and some people trashing indie Devs just because the game isn’t “AAA.” And while I own a PSTV and not an actual Vita, I purchased it for a 2D game (Muramasa Rebirth) and understand where you are coming from. So, on behalf of Vita and PSTV owners (even though I think the PSTV is being discontinued) I too am asking fir a vita port.

    • I own both a Vita and PSTV. Seeing as Sony brought both out with the clear intention of not supporting it, it’s only fair that us owners ask the indies to support it for us.

  • Looks cool and interesting. Would love a Vita version as this gets more air time than my PS4! But either way I’ll be looking to pick this up if it plays aswell as it looks!

  • At least an original game. I will definitely play this

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