PlayStation Plus in April: Zombi, Dead Star, Shutshimi, more

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PlayStation Plus in April: Zombi, Dead Star, Shutshimi, more

I Am Alive, A Virus Named Tom and Savage Moon complete the line-up

Hi everyone – we’re happy to announce the monthly games for April. Whether you’re looking to pilot a warship escaping from a dying star or survive zombie-infested London, we’ve got you covered.

First up we have Dead Star, a fantastic team-based space-shooter-meets-RPG that we are excited to have launch as a PS Plus title. Dreamed up by the folks at Armature Studio (founded by key members of the Metroid Prime team!), Dead Star is the result of a “wouldn’t it be cool if…” process that started with a space shooter foundation that builds in elements from strategy and RPG titles.

The result is a 20-player (yes, 10v10) online experience that’s both easy to pick-up-and-play and also offers a great deal of depth (skill trees, ship upgrades, team strategy, and more). Dead Star has been a big hit at shows like PSX and PAX, with players finding something really special in the game.

The second title this month is Zombi, a survival-horror FPS from the same Ubisoft studio that brought us Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil. Given that legacy it’s easy to see why this is such an intriguing title! The London setting combined with deliberately-paced gameplay really sets Zombi apart as something a little different within its genre. Add-in the extra challenge of the ‘permanent death’ feature and it’s easy to see why this game has become a cult favourite.

As a lifelong gamer, I love seeing the evolution of the medium. In the last several years, we’ve seen lots of experimentation with the blending of genres and this month’s PS4 titles are shining examples of this kind of rich, layered gaming experience.

Here’s your full line-up of games for next month, launching on 5th April:

See you in the comments section. Enjoy.

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  • Click on one of the two comments below that corresponds better on how you feel about this ps+ update.
    Please, click only one (and vote one time only), so that the results are representative of our feelings towards it. Thank you.

    • >> I enjoy this month’s ps+ update.

    • >> I don’t enjoy this month’s ps+ update.

    • i’m very happy with getting Zombi and thats the only game i’m interested in this month. overall better than i expected as i was expecting something worse like a 2D pixel game. PS3 offering is only decent with I am alive but Savage moon is mediocre and the Vita offerings is laughably bad as always as i have never even heard of them. basically i’m happy for once getting Zombi but i feel sorry for anyone who brought it.

    • Sony, the people are speaking. For the last few months people have overwhelmingly voted ‘ I didn’t enjoy this month’s update’. Please listen and respond accordingly. BEYOND

    • @spacedelete1 ‘I’ve never heard of it so it must be bad’ great logic. (Obviously Paraphrasing) But yeah I think this lineup is pretty lackluster honestly, although it’s got a little better.

    • Curtis, the people are speaking but when has SCEE ever listened?
      Zombi only looks good because we’re comparing it to all the rubbish we’ve had over the last few months. I love zombie games but even I’ve avoided it, I’ll give it a chance though.

    • supvic go back to nzgamer and make some controversy there in the article posts. never seen you comment there

    • @CurtisUKC You really think anyone at Sony is gonna care about 1355 (at the time of writing) unhappy people that have voted? They have millions of subscribers around the world, and that’s all any company cares about – paying customer (which is perfectly understandable). If people stopped subscribing, then they would care and maybe secure better games for PSPlus. That’s the only way to change things – by action. How many of those 1355 unhappy people will still pay for PSPlus? I’m guessing a lot.

    • Most of those unhappy subscribers will have extended their Plus memberships during the good times when low cost deals were around. I’m stuck with mine until July 2017 so can’t vote with my feet until then. Do I like this month (bit meh!!! For me) but I (and many others) can’t leave the service even if we wanted to.

    • Bubbles, it’s a large sample size so I’d say the polls are very representative of the whole, it’s always very consistent.

  • Soooooo, Plus is just turning into a pass for online access?

    • For me, it always was a way to backup locked saves and getting better discounts :P

    • No you get 6 games for free every month :)

    • Will people like ANDROID-TM ever give up with the “free”claim?!? It is simple: if you have to pay to have access to something – IT IS NOT FREE.

    • @Android-TM, they’re not free since you have to pay for PS+ to get them. If they were actually free in the true meaning of the wouldn’t have to pay anything to get access to them.
      They’re more like bonuses.

    • At this time, he’s right. We are currently paying for the online experience, for the discounts and for the cloud storage. Games with this ‘value’ supposed to be free.. (may have a few excepts..)
      If this time still be at the PS3 era, you would be right ’cause you paid for the games.

    • If you own the three systems it works at 69 cents (.69 euro per game) if you own one system it works out at just a little over 2 euro per game. (This assumes the RRP of a yearly PS+ subscription)
      The subscription is mainly about online functionality. The cloud saves, games and PS+ discounts are added value to the subscription. In other words the games may not be “free” but their insanely cheap.
      Tell me what kind of game you would expect for 2 euro if you decided that the IGC was the only reason to subscribe to PS+?

    • So you are asking me right? Do you remember when we get 4 or 6 PS3 games? Most of them, half of them was a triple A title. Infamous 2 and Ratchet All 4 One was the reason for me to buy a subscription. They should give us The Order 1886 or Tearaway or Black Flag or some Lego games. (from the newest. for example Batman 3)

    • Forget to mention it, i own all 3 systems.

    • *sigh*
      The games are not free, nor are they a bonus. They were the main incentive for PS Plus before and until the launch of the PS4, when Sony decided to implement online into the subscription as a paid service.
      Sony is using the included online service as an excuse to cut back on the quality of the instant game collection.

    • Personally its always been about the cheap games….i dong use the cloud save feature, buy games in the store or play online. If i get 1 great gamr each month im good, but im usually happy with the lineup.

      My only gripe is no longer being able to “purchase” all games on my ps4 so i have to turn on the ps3 and vita to add those.

      I would like more aaa titles on ps4 or any really, plus im sick of every other game in general being a retro style game with no saves, die and start over. They aren’t fun.

    • Just read an interesting article suggesting that PS+ is a victim of its own success and that publishers were more willing to give away games when there were around 1 million subscribers but now there are 20 million that’s not viable as its not publicity it’s killing game sales. Not something I’d really thought of.
      Still think there must be games past any point of additional sales by this point though. Surely 3-4 AAA games a year would be a fair compromise.
      I think zombi is an improvement on recent months.

    • Android-tm is right, your paying for the service Sony give you, the free games are free and are part of the bonus of being a member (something to persuade you to join). You’re really paying for all of sony s online functions.

  • What??! A game i actually considered buying is in the PS4 lineup? What trickery is this?! :-O THough the game is not that great and the rest of the lineup is pretty bad…again :-D

  • I dont own any of these so thats a good start. Two brand new games for Vita and I am quite pleased.

    • Shutshimi isn’t brand new, it’s been out since August last year

    • Shutshimi has been on PC for about 97 years

    • @StevenJamesHyde: As has A Virus Named Tom. What I meant say was: “Two brand new games, for Vita, and I m happy. Except I am less happy now as I realised I got Virus named Tom in a humble bundle years ago, and it wasn’t very good. Oh well Shutshimi has good reviews.

  • Great lineup this month, Almost bought Zombi a few weeks ago.

  • well… another dissappointing month, games with gold put a shame on IGC, zombi it’s a second rate game, and that’s the best they offer… ps3 lineup is a laugh… old digital games not so good either, it seems ps3 finally ran out of lack.

    What you do with vita is worth a piece of hell for all sony’s managers in charge of this depised hand held…

    well… when the supscriptions ends, I will buy a XBO

    • Microsoft have to offer a better line up than Sony as they’re so far behind. They’re probably doing it at great cost and great risk in a desperate hope to reduce their losses this generation. You can’t realistically expect Sony to offer the same sort of line up. If you want to move to Xbox for their superior free games catalogue, so be it, but once they see an increase in their console sales their free games line up will fall in quality I assure you. You do the community a disservice by comparing the two, as it results in Sony offering poor AAA FPS games like Zombi, instead of actual decent quality indie games which a large portion of PS4 gamers are perfectly happy with.

    • Don’t blame you, wolf among us xbox one, dead space xbox 360, sunset overdrive Xbox one and saints row 4 for the Xbox 360, I’m glad my subs up this month won’t renew till gtav ps3 is free or better games for ps4 are added that I actually want.

    • @Basquilly It is not a disservice to point out the dearth of quality on PS+ in relation to the competition. Sony are currently resting on their laurels and they need to be told about it.

    • Fun part is that Sony started giving games to subscribers wayyyy before MS has, while MS had their paid service required to even download some demos lol. Everything you see in games for gold was in PS+ LOOONGG ago. It’s normal that they run out of games, unless they start giving the same games again and then another dormant group of entitled people will wake up to bash Sony while people like you will go to MS forums to say how much better games Sony gives. Just human nature.

    • See ya

    • @jarekmasta — Sony has “run out of games”? Are you serious?

    • You’d seriously buy an xbox just because it has better free games…

      I agree that 9/10 games with gold is better but there’s nothing about getting old games for free that you could buy for a tenner anyway that makes me want to buy a whole new console, I think your being a little melodramatic

    • One game though I can see the statement of getting a decent indie game is Reality Fighters in March as oh my god that game was awful. Very little variety in the combat system, the fact you cannot play the game normally, you have to be in an angle to use the VR camera (still cool though), and well… it just wasn’t well done at all.

  • Finally! Shutshimi is getting a EU release!

    Also, much better line-up than March.

    • Games with Gold this month on Xbox One: Sunset Overdrive and The Wolf Among Us with Dead Space and Saints Row 4 as Xbox backwards compatible titles.

      Sony gives us this indie garbage and no PS3 backwards compatibility, time to swap consoles everyone?

    • Off to 720P glory…

    • @whistletom There comes a point when pixel adoration and forever reliving old battles wears thin. Something tells me that time is fast approaching.

    • I’ll tell you what’s tiresome: This constant whinging from people about not getting AAA games for peanuts as if they are entitled to them. What’s also tiresome is people dissing games that they haven’t even played yet. The 720P comment was purposefully glib but not without truth. Given a choice which would you pick? Play cross platform games on an objectively technically inferior platform with mostly mediocre games available with the subscription or play on a technically superior platform with mostly mediocre games available with the subscription. I guarantee you that if PS+ had Bloodborne and the Witcher 3 there would still be people complaining.

    • Yeah, I’ll swap my console for inferior versions of multi-platform games, exclusives I’ve no interest in, and the ability to play old games I’ve already played.


  • I am Alive ? That game was free on last month’s Plus.

    • … what are you talking about?

    • That was “The last guy”

    • I do believe it was a mistake on the US ps+.

    • Hahaha, i can’t believe he confused those games. It’s not like they shared some words in their titles…

      “the” “last” “guy”

      “i” “am” “alive”

      I could’ve understood if it was “the last guy” against a hypotetical “the last of us”…

    • Oh, by searching on Google, you’re both correct. They replaced Super Stardust with I am Alive in the US (because OUTRAGE?). Wondering what they’ll get next.

    • Oh, apparently, after replacing it, it was REVERTED to Super Stardust. So yeah, some US members will skip a game this month.

    • Well, last month a little psplus pic on my ps3 told me I Am Alive was part of the IGC that month, but it wasn’t. February, I think. Maybe that’s what he meant.

    • No, the theme was free last month.

  • Half decent but still pales in comparison to games with gold.
    They got wolf among us and sunset overdrive.

    • Microsoft have to offer a better line up than Sony as they’re so far behind. They’re probably doing it at great cost and great risk in a desperate hope to reduce their losses this generation. You can’t realistically expect Sony to offer the same sort of line up. If you want to move to Xbox for their superior free games catalogue, so be it, but once they see an increase in their console sales their free games line up will fall in quality I assure you. You do the community a disservice by comparing the two, as it results in Sony offering poor AAA FPS games like Zombi, instead of actual decent quality indie games which a large portion of PS4 gamers are perfectly happy with.

    • Thats short term thinking.
      PS4’s success is based on all the ‘costs’ that Sony paid during the PS3 gen, on which they are now getting a return.

      What will really ‘cost’ Sony is allowing MS to finish respectably this gen and have more momentum going into next gen and gaining back returns for what you are refering to as ‘costs’.

      You are doing consumers a disservice by looking from the perspective of businesses designed to squeeze as much cash out of us as possible.

      “instead of actual decent quality indie games which a large portion of PS4 gamers are perfectly happy with”
      If that were true, they wouldnt have removed the official poll and they would proudly boast about the download numbers.
      Last time there was a poll on what people wanted, RPG, action adventure and shooters came out on top:
      I’d still take a second rate AAA which I’d atleast download and try over a second rate indie game which I wouldnt even spend 10p on the humble bundle or Google play for.

    • I agree that I personally prefer xbox’s line up most weeks but at the same time I can see Sony’s thinking behind it, I guess they think that it’s better to give a new or New-ish indie game worth £20 than an old game worth a tenner

  • Yeah, for me it’s nice, as I have PS3, PS4 and Vita as well, but I guess someone with one or two consoles will be disappointed. I don’t mind not having AAA titles, as long as the games will be good (we’ll see.)

    • Good point. I forget that some only have one or maybe two of these consoles. I feel those of us with all three consoles get it pretty good. 72 games a year for 70 bucks is pretty good.

    • Atm I’ve the PS4 and Vita. And still think Sony are having a laugh…. I don’t understand why sony fail to put decent retail game on ps4 and ps3 then a cross buy game so that it goes on all 3 systems. I noticed how I dint put the vita in the list for retail games that’s because Sony fail to support the thing properly.

    • i’m just happy getting a game on PS4 that isn’t a 2D indie game.

  • Savage moon goes for less than 8 bucks (Aud) and its dlc is 6 dollars. Maybe throwing us the whole lot might actually seem less cheap Sony.

    • Value of last year IGC was over 1000$ for 60$ subscription and you are complaining because you don’t get a 6$ DLC, wow.
      Also, by PSN price, this is (almost?) the price that your subscription costs, in one month.

      You are an example of how people find things to complain about even when they got what they wanted (retail games in the PS+). Even by getting Knack or Killzone, we’ll see people saying the month is garbage because X or Y -_-.

    • it’s the principle, not the price…

    • also, 60 dollars? what?

    • PSN prices are HUGELY inflated so don’t tell me we’re getting $1000 worth of games when it’s more like a quarter of that at best! We’re paying top dollar for dirt cheap games just to rent them. Either you work for Sony’s marketing dept. or you’re incredibly deluded, wake up.

    • If you had no interest in them and didnt download them, they are ‘worth’ £0.00 / $0.00 / €0.00 to you, regardless of what they are ‘valued’ at.

  • Zombie U is a great game, pretty happy about that.

    • I happen to have it on Wii U. But never played it.

    • Yeah I read it was great on the WiiU but without the wiiu gamepad the game was not that great. Zombi is a step in the right direction but its no wolf among us or lords of the fallen is it.

    • I have Zombi U on wii-u as well seemingly the wii-u version is better than ps4 Zombi. The PS4 is a port of the wii-u version. About the only thing you can say about it is people will be able to play it that don’t have a Wii-u

      So I’m guessing it’s a Ubisoft month as I Am Alive is also Ubisoft. I remember years and years ago it was suppose to have a retail release but never did. This was before all those earthquake survival games were removed from sale in Japan after the 11th of March earthquake.

      E3 should be interesting (waits patiently for Nintendo NX news) and the realisation that the PS4 will probably just become a blu-ray player or chocolate teapot like ps vita tv and the vita and plus and pretty much anything that reeks of Sony.

  • Good month, always value PS+. Has introduced me to some great games I never would have played over the years. Always appreciate free games!

  • I Am Alive and Zombi for me this month, thanks!

  • Rubbish. Can I atleast assume these games will run okay this month? Unlike Broforce

    • I’d like this comment 1000 more times if I could. Tried to tackle the end boss of Broforce last night and couldn’t manage it due to all the performance issues.

    • Broforce has performance issues on PS4? I thought that game would run flawlessly on a on Sega Megadrive..

    • Yeah bro force had terrible performance issues, however I only experienced them online with friends.

  • Nice lineup! I already have I Am Alive, but Shutshimi and Zombi are the games will definitely play, and A Virus Namd Tom I think :)

  • Not really any excuses now for lineups like this having seen Xbox’s offerings the last few months. Nearly every month now it’s an indie arcade shooter and something else. LBP was £8 the other day on the store, might as well have made a statement given that away

    • So you’re expecting more for your hard earned £3.33 per month?

    • When you consider how many thousands maybe millions subscribe to ps plus, that £3.33 turns into a heck of a lot of money. So yes we deserve better for our loyalty.

    • Microsoft have to offer a better line up than Sony as they’re so far behind. They’re probably doing it at great cost and great risk in a desperate hope to reduce their losses this generation. You can’t realistically expect Sony to offer the same sort of line up. If you want to move to Xbox for their superior free games catalogue, so be it, but once they see an increase in their console sales their free games line up will fall in quality I assure you. You do the community a disservice by comparing the two, as it results in Sony offering poor AAA FPS games like Zombi, instead of actual decent quality indie games which a large portion of PS4 gamers are perfectly happy with.

    • Tolq we expect a service comparable to Xbox live for our 3.33 a month as we pay the exact same price for it. instead on psn we get constant network outages and crap games every month is it any wonder why most consumers see xbl as better value for money, over the last year, we’ve had more than our money’s worth where as plus has about 7 games worth it total. xbl is just better value.

    • XBL is probably better value but I own an Xbox One and the unintuitive, unresponsive UI makes me want to slice my face off.

  • I Am Alive is a great game. Don’t miss it.

  • 2 days before April Fools, you nearly got me there! Nice try! Or maybe… no, you wouldn’t!?!?

    • I can’t believe they used to warn us of that, they wouldn’t do that anymore though, it makes too much sense.

  • Fuming!! I’m sick of you putting games on sale then giving them away free not long after. It’s every month now. I told everyone I guarantee you ZOMBI will be next months plus game. well what a surprise. I really hate you Sony

    • this is why you never buy anything that has even the remote chance of going free. this is why i only buy stuff like COD and Battlefield because the chance of either going free is zero. stop buying games it will be cheaper and better value for you if you just live off the free games.

    • They used to at least watm you if that was going to happen.

      Unsurprisingly it’s just another communication they can’t be bothered with anymore.

  • Mmmmm its ok-ish, i suppose, but tbh X1 has beat it yet again when you consider Sunset Overdrive a much better quality game than Zombi, also xboxs real backwards compatible capability, meaning ill get to play Dead Space on top… So yea X1 for April….

  • People moaned for months that they wanted “retail games” cos indies aren’t good enough apparently so when they finally put one on, some still aren’t satisfied. And you wonder why the blog staff don’t engage with us anymore?

    • Well yea it’s annoying when the game was just on sale cheap to make you buy it… so they could make more money then announce its on plus… It’s every month now they put games on plus that were just on sale. Very cheeky

    • If you’re on about Zombi, it’s a mediocre Wii U launch title that was on sale like a month ago for £6.

      Oh how they spoil us -.-

    • Blood… it was (is?) part of this years easter sale.

    • Zombi is not a retail title it’s a digital re release. Also people want good games not 5.0 scoring games from metacritic. We want knack, killzone, GTA v, last of us remastered, ac4 black flag, battlefield 4, battlefront, fallout 4, witcher 3, just cause 3, tomb raider definitive, heavy rain, beyond two souls, metro redux, ffx HD any warriors tecmo koei game, tales of zestria, transformers devastation, wolfenstien the new order, Lego marvel super heroes, Lego Batman 3, Lego Jurassic park, Lego avengers, any call of duty and disgaea 5 any of those would make up for last year.

  • It’s not a brilliant month and of course GWG is way better but at least us PS4 players for once get a 3D game. Only the second one since the legendary month of July 2015 (Styx & Rocket League).
    That’s the kind of lineup I would get behind if it would be surrounded by two even better months.

  • Might play 2 out the 6. Nearly bought zombi couple times. Thankfully I got a backlog. Any possibility of good child friendly games on ps3 for plus as my sons plus use has been fairly poor except for backing up saves

  • “See you in the comments section. Enjoy.” Is Sony secretly trolling us? They knew that this month’s PS+ would still get a lot of flack.

  • logged in to congratulate Sony for the first time this year ;) really liking the choice for PS4, Zombi is a really good one and I might pass some time with Dead Star too.

    <3 some love for Sony ;) and credit when it's due

  • Another trippy space shooter! Yay!!!!…………………..

    • Don’t judge a book. Dead Star is more of a MOBA type Conquest game. It actually looks great. Sure it’s a twin stick shooter, bit it’s not trippy. It’s a tactical game with 10v 10 multiplayer. Look closer.Google it.

    • I don’t see many comments here about Dead Star. It’s unfortunate, but it looks like many have seen the screenshot and assumed it’s another crazy twin stick shooter. It isn’t. It’s more of a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena with tactical elements and a spot of RPG. It’s a game that needs teamwork and so much deeper than a side scrolling button mash.

      Don’t miss this game by assuming it is something it’s not. Google the game, it might be the best thing on PS plus this year.

  • I think is time to reduce the ps3 and vita games to one per month and boost the games offers.
    Also, why so many shoot’em up, last month Galak Z this month Dead Star…

    • I don’t think it will be long before this happens, as they seem to be running out of ideas, but I seriously doubt the ps4 games would improve in quality anytime soon, they got ur cash, they know you have to pay for online play so don’t care at all

  • This is a great month in my opinion. However I have all them titles except for the Vita ones. Still Zombi is a good game and is a retail title that cost millions to make. This is what everyone wanted right?

    • Zombi is a retail title? News to me.

      I had it on wii u – terrible stuff, died in a matter of seconds it was so dark, i turnex it off and sold it. Im hoping not having a gamepad will help.

  • It’s quite obvious by now.Sony wants to give a boost to software sales… especially on new releases.
    By avoiding giving away big AAA titles a lot of people will actually get to use their wallets to buy the new releases instead of skipping them for another time because they could get their AAA “fix” for free out of PS+.
    In April there is Dark souls III and in May where the IGC will get worse, Uncharted 4….see how that goes?

    • pretty much this. whenever theres a month with AAA games releasing it means the offering will be even worse than usual. so for example when Uncharted releases the free games get even worse and this won’t improve until the hype dies down but by then PS VR will release meaning they won’t give good free games until this time next year.

    • Most AAA games can be picked up 6 months to a year later for next to nothing new. I bought I Am Alive on release years ago and Savage Moon was released in 2009. It’s pretty poor for PS3 (as I Am Alive has been on sale numerous times and like The Last Guy is something most people interested in would have bought many years ago. I have Zombi (ZombiU wii-u version) and I’ll reserve judgment on the other PS4 title and vita ones.

      I guess I should be grateful as it means time to play more of my backlog of games and Nights of Azure when it arrives.

  • I couldn’t get into Zombi for it’s atrocious running mechanics. You need to hold L3 in order to run – no, I don’t want to ruin my gamepad, thanks.

  • Sony you’ve let your rivals beat you at your own game again. Come on guys sort it out. An instant games collection was your invention. It’s embarrassing for you.

  • There is nothing more in life that i dream of than getting IOS ports and games that nobody has ever heard from.
    Money well spent on PS Plus for yet another month :)

  • Ah well, nothing this month that particularly appeals to me and that’s the first time in ages. Have had hours of fun with Broforce though. Loved that and now playing in multiplayer which is even more frantic chaos and fun. :D

  • I remember when I used to feel so much excitement wondering what the next IGC games would be, then the blast I would have playing them.

    Please Sony put the fun back into PlayStation plus. I have faith in you

  • Ah great, Zombi, a game I wasn’t interested in when it was on sale for a few bucks just recently, or is it still on sale? Really don’t care.
    And did I understand that right, Dead Star is mainly a multiplayer only game? Again? Would make it the second really don’t care.
    Got enough to play at the moment, anyways.

    What’s up with Persona 5 in Europe? Anything?

    Oh, and when will my PS4 play regular audio cd’s? It’s uncomfortable to unplug the 4, plug the 3 just to listen to some music. Spotify you say? PlayStation Music? Aaaah, supporting audio cd’s is bad for business. Yeah.

  • i cri evrytiem

  • Sigh…….I suppose that it’s something that they have put a game on ( Zombi) that doesn’t look like it was released back in the 80’s, but they have gone for a game that looks like it was released in the 90’s

    Not sure if i will bother again this month either.

  • Decent line up of games. Happy that none of the ps4 and ps3 games are 8-bit side scrollers!

  • My PS+ ran out last month. I was thinking “I guess I’ll re-subscribe next month, there’s bound to be something good”.

    But for the first time, even as an indie game fan, there’s nothing there this month that makes me want to re-subscribe.

    Oh well, I’ll be back in May? Perhaps?

    • Me too. Zombi and I Am Alive look ok but vita games look gash. Tbh I have enough unopened games to play anyway and probably wont re-sub until I’ve finished UC4.

  • Oh yeah! Wiiu game in ps plus, what an exclusive content!

  • “As a lifelong gamer, I love seeing the evolution of the medium. In the last several years, we’ve seen lots of experimentation with the blending of genres and this month’s PS4 titles are shining examples of this kind of rich, layered gaming experience.”

    What lol, evolution of the medium…you mean devolution of the quality..
    And lots of experimentation… It’s nearly the same stuff over and over, indie shooters,indie platforms, indie shooters with platforms, twin stick shooters, and not to mention one chapter of an episodic game..
    Did someone at Sony make you write this to try and justify the poor quality of the games
    Shame you can’t listen and improve like your competition has

  • As a Sony fan I would like to say this. Once Yoshida-San said: ” I like indies, they are fun to play and creative.” YET 2 days ago he was playing Dark Souls 3 on his ps4 and earning trophies. So What are we getting ? Some garbage and bunch of indies… I like Zombi but already got it. Dead Star ? it’s a multiplayer indie. For ps3 games ? They’re 8 years old god’s sake and not AAA. For Vita ? I didn’t even hear their names before… If you can’t give decent titles, just give it up Sony…

    • It’s times like this I wish I could downvote on this site

    • you’re right mate, we don’t want AAA titles every month but even indies are garbage. Why should I play Dead Star ? it’s look like multiplayer version of Super stardust. I swear to God, If it’s not for Division, Rainbow 6 Siege, Star Wars and other multi games I wouldn’t renew plus until it gives some decent titles…

    • @kratos_tayfun He actually wanted to downvote you.

    • downvote me ? He can downvote himself by being a blind person, who supports Sony like its family …

    • No company is gonna give you new AAA games free each month and also available for over 10million to download. Keep dreaming

  • Oh, and what exactly are Shutshimi and A Virus Named Tom. Neither the blog post nor the little trailer say anything about them…bad blog, bad, bad blog. Now sit.

  • The best line up in months at long last. Very happy customer! I have zombi on the Wii U and although not a great game it is very enjoyable and I am looking forward to giving it a go on the PS4.

  • Yet again we get crap games, they really need to hire some new people who knows what the gamers want.
    I just platinumed Zombi just today…. and i hated every minute of that game.
    Gotta love how the zombies just swing in the air infront of you just swinging not hitting but you still get hurt.

  • I just don’t understand how you can put games on sale then put them on plus. I mean you knew ZOMBI would be this month’s PS4 game so you thought oh let’s put it on sale cheap so people will buy it so we can make money before its on plus…. So far I’ve predicted 2 at least 2 games every month this year… You will put them on sale at the cheapest they have been then put them on plus.. Next months plus games will have recently been on sale… I’m saying RIDE, Alien Isolation, Black Flag, Rogue, will be on plus next month or month after. You watch

    • It’s more likely that it will be Knack. Can’t see it going any lower than £5.79 on the store. Surely anyone who really wanted it would have bought at this price.

  • Not a bad month at all, but it doesn’t make up for the months of drivel we’ve had.

    Zombi is a decent title to offer. It’s a game that has got my attention a few times but never tempted me enough to buy it. Dead star doesn’t interest me but i can appreciate it’s a new title and i’ll give it a try. The problem is, they’re more support titles. To use a restaurant analogy, it’s like going for a 3 course meal and only ordering from the starters menu. They may well be very nice starters but you’re not getting the variety and sustenance a main meal (A Triple A title) offers.

    Speaking as someone who owns all 3 systems I also think it’s about time you dropped the ps3 support, as the titles on offer are substandard at best and perhaps restrict the Vita offerings to just the cross play titles. Then maybe go with 3 ps4 titles with at least 1 being a vita/ps4 cross play title. That way you can use the money saved to ensure the titles on offer are of a sufficient standard.

    • I played ZombiU , was quite good. Well I’ll see what the port is like , but I know it’s missing a fun 2-player mode

  • Annoys me that i have switched from ps3 to ps4 over a year and a half ago and I still get ps3 games that i will never download/play as i have moved on.

    Can u either give us another game for those who no longer want ps3 games or lower the subscription or something.
    I would say remove the vita aswell but the difference being its a portable & its newer than PS3

    • And how exactly are they to tell who wants only ps4? I own all three as do a lot of people. What about what we want? The platforms aren’t dead so why stop supporting them in plus? Can’t just ignore a large customer base because of what you want.

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