SingStar gets new songs this week, plus discounts on existing tracks

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SingStar gets new songs this week, plus discounts on existing tracks

James Bay, Jason DeRulo, Weezer, Rudimental among the newcomers

Hi everyone. It’s time for the latest SingStore update! We’ve got some pop classics, ’00s indie folk, three song packs and more for you today! On top of the new songs, we’ve also discounted 50 tracks for you as part of our Easter sale. Check out the full list of new songs, song packs and sale tracks below…

We also wanted to give you a little update regarding the frequency of SingStore updates.

As you may well know, the content and music licencing teams work very closely with the music industry to get the best music we possibly can. Everyday we speak with partners from all of the major record labels and publishing companies who represent the artists and the songs that you love singing.

For every song that is added to the SingStore we need to get clearance from everyone (from across the globe) who contributed to writing the song. Artists and songwriters also have a say in what forms of media they do and do not want their music to appear in. As we are a singing game, we sit under the karaoke category – which some artists do not wish their music to appear in. Finally, there are many other legal reasons as to why an artist’s songs might not end up in SingStar, for example, separate record deals with multiple labels across different countries.

As our main aim is to deliver large updates with quality content, and for the reasons we’ve mentioned above, our next update will be in the summer – just in time for the holidays.

We hope you enjoy this update and the sale!

Isabel x

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#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5) #08 - Co_Op (5)

New songs

  • Amor Electro – Rosa Sangue
  • Bananarama – Robert De Niro’s Waiting
  • Ben Howard – Only Love
  • Boyzone – Words
  • Catatonia – Road Rage
  • Datarock – Fa Fa Fa
  • Egotrippi – Uusi Aamu
  • Flo Rida Feat. Timbaland – Elevator
  • Girls Aloud – Sound Of The Underground
  • India Martínez – Vencer al amor
  • James Bay – Hold Back The River
  • Jason DeRulo – Ridin’ Solo
  • Maldita Nerea – Perdona si te llamo amor
  • Miguel Araújo – Os Maridos Das Outras
  • Rudimental Feat. Ella Eyre – Waiting All Night
  • Rui Veloso – A Paixão (Segundo Nicolau Da Viola)
  • Sanni 2080 – Luvulla
  • Weezer – Perfect Situation
  • Years & Years – Desire

Song packs

  • Weezer
  • Violetta
  • Violetta 2

Songs in the sale

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4 Author Replies

  • I appreciate the reasoning but we used to get updates fortnightly on the PS3. Has Sony reduced the number of people on the Singstar team in the past few years?

    There are still songs on PS3 that I can’t transfer to PS4, if these were approved for PS3 is it not a simpler process getting these back on the store than the process for sourcing new songs?

    Is there any chance Singstar will end up with a subscription model one day? I would love the option to pay a fee for an evening and have access to everything than purchase individual songs.

    • Hey Ryho-ohki!

      All songs on PS3 were licensed specifically for PS3, so migrating the songs over to PS4 requires new licenses which can take a while and it’s something we’re still working on. Now when we get new tracks for SingStar we license them for both consoles, so it’s actually a little simpler than re-licensing them for PS4!

      Hope this explains the process a little more for you :)

    • @Isabel

      Why not license them for future consoles? If you are already contacting all of them why not go all the way?
      Also what is wrong withi current music? Sony has a record lable and this could work very well.

    • No record company would licence them for future undeveloped hardware, its too open an agreement when they dont know what that hardware is yet.

  • How about letting us import songs from our PS2 and PS3 discs? Both Rock Band and Guitar Hero managed this

  • Which songs are in the Weezer pack?

  • Needs more Britney!

  • I don’t wanna sound ungrateful but most of those songs sucks! Isn’t the time for you to fire the person who picks the songs? ‘Coz he is doing a horrible job. I bet he is old… he is only picking song to his taste, not ours

  • I understand the licensing process, but surely it’s *somewhat* easier to make songs available on the SingStore that have previously featured on SingStar discs?

    I’m thinking of Ultimate Party in particular… still quite a few not available as DLC.

    • Hi Topov81!

      A bit like how making PS3 tracks available on PS4 requires different licenses, making songs on discs available in the SingStore requires licensing the tracks for DLC.

      We are trying to get more disc tracks over to the SingStore as that would be awesome! But it can sometimes take a while… I hope this explains it :)

    • I desperately want the Disc tracks in the store, I have terrible problems with my hands so can’t use Discs.

  • The list of new songs above is incomplete. There’s also Radiohead (Fake Plastic Trees, Just, Karma Police, Paranoid Android and Pyramind Song), Seal (Killer) and a few individual ABBA tracks that were previously only available in Song Packs.

  • Is there any chance for support SingStar discs from PS2 and PS3 on PS4? Can we count on the new SingStar discs on PS4?

    • Hi Danio_100!

      Unfortunately the PS4 isn’t backwards compatible which means that SingStar discs aren’t playable on it :(

    • Any chance you could explain why my BF4/COD Ghosts discs get recognised and allow me to launch the PS4 versions after upgrades. The machine can clearly detect the disc as such, couldn’t it detect the Singstar disc and unlock those songs?

    • User AbandonedTrolley is completely right. PS3 is compatible with SingStar discs from PS2 . Despite the fact that the PS3 doesn’t support PS2 games . Please , work on it. The issue of compatibility for the PS4 is really very important.

    • I’m afraid that you have been misinformed, Isabel Reubin. The PS4’s optical drive is perfectly capable of reading PS3 bluray discs as well as PS2 DVD discs. While everyone is aware that the PS4 is not able to play old SingStar games, it is capable of reading data off of the discs.

    • Hey Isabel, the PS4 can play Blu-Ray discs (which the PS3 uses) and DVD’s (which the PS2 used), so there is no technological reason why the PS4 could not “READ” the SingStar song data from previous PS2 & PS3 discs. It doesn’t need to boot the discs, it just needs to read the data from them.

      Just like the PS3 supports disc-swapping to PS2 discs. The PS4 could and should be able to disc-swap to PS3 and PS4 discs, but currently the free version of SingStar on the PS4 doesn’t even support disc-swapping to the Ultimate Party disc on the PS4 which is kinda ridiculous (the only way to play those 30 songs are to boot the game using the disc). What happens when future PS4 SingStar discs are released? Or are there no plans to release to any more PS4 SingStar discs?

  • Epic fail since ps4 release try giving customers the rest of the songs that was bought on ps3 instead of new songs first, the biggest complaint people give you all bought ps3 songs not tranferd to ps4, you should try to listen to your customers and take a leaf out of harmonix book about transparency with customers and listening to them.

  • hi Isabel, any ETA for the removal of the XMB icon from the PS3? i’m fairly certain more than 90% of the players didn’t ask for it.

    and it’s been 3.5 years.

  • Can someone please explain why ABBA Song Pack 1 is not transferable from PS3 to PS4 if you bought it before the PS4 version became available?

    I have tried to get PS support to raise this higher but they claim I have to buy the song pack again on PS4 which I’m not going to do.

    • The issues with the ABBA and Radiohead packs should have been fixed with this update. PlayStation Support are useless and clueless when it comes to problems with SingStar content.

      Have you tried Restoring Licenses?

      Are you using the “transfer method” to get the songs onto the PS4? (Launch SingStar, go to Play SingStar, press Triangle and filter for “Transferable from PlayStation 3 System”)

    • Yes I was doing the transfer method (which also resulting in charging me again for one of my songs but they did at least EVENTUALLY refund that, after a long long long discussion and having to find it in my purchase history).

      The issue here though is that if I look for ABBA Song Pack on the store (web, PS3 or PS4) it asks me to buy it. It still works on PS3 from when I originally downloaded it but I suspect if I delete it and try to download again it I will be unable to do so.

      Looks like I’m going to have to do that as it seems to be the only way support are going to rectify the situation, if I can prove it wont even re-download on PS3.

    • Well it does let me re-download via the Singstar app on PS3, so that’s something at least.

      I still believe the fact the store says I do not own it is a glitch though and if fixed would allocate me the license for PS4. I guess I’m fortunate that I think the new app is rubbish so am still playing on PS3 via Singstar Queen anyway.

  • Theres A Problem for me all the songs on the list are normal priced and I want them for discount easter sale price I have the recent version on PS3
    Please discount them on the list because their still $1.49
    Also the packs are still $6.99 for Little Mix and Lady Gaga Please fix this because I really want to buy some of those songs on sale
    Price not for $1.49

  • Why isn’t the Weezer song pack listed on the Deals & Offers\SingStar Page from the PSN store?

  • Alsom Violetta and Violetta 2 are not listed on the sale page and the cost is still £5.35. Could you help please?

  • I get it. Licensing Is Hard. Some songs are unavailable because of [REASON]. What about the others? Are you able to make changes to your internal processes to facilitate a larger volume?

    • I don’t think “Licensing Is Hard”.

      The question that SingStar refuses to answer is: How were they able to deliver fortnightly updates from 2007 to 2013, but can’t now?

      They continue to avoid answering that question on Facebook and Twitter.

      How are games like Rock Band (Harmonix) and Rocksmith (Ubisoft) able to secure licensing for current songs and release DLC on an almost weekly basis?

      Sure, there’s no video clip, but Guitar Hero Live (Activision) offers the videos in their in-game GHTV Live channels for new & current music.

      You’d think SingStar (London Studio, being a part of Sony) would at least be able to acquire licensing from it’s own partner labels. They’d also be in a better position to acquire licensing from record companies for artists that currently appear in the SingStore than any other game developer.

      They’re just not trying hard enough, or not willing to invest the money to obtain better songs for us!

      I’ve said it before, i’ll say it again. SingStar was a better game when Nina was there. Sorry Isabel.

      SingStar is what made London Studio what it is today, yet they waste money and resources on games that flop (DanceStar, EyePet for example). VR Worlds will quite likely fail too, since it requires some rather expensive hardware. Then they wasted time and money giving SingStar not one, but two facelifts. A major redesign in 2014 was their excuse for putting DLC releases on hold. Then they scrapped that and gave us yet another new look in late 2015. All that those new user interfaces have done is frustrated long term players as there are/were major problems with the games and core features were removed from the game. Again, time and money that would’ve been better spent on releasing decent, recent music for the trusty original version of SingStar which still works better (albeit slower) than the other versions.

    • Did you not read the original post, Graffin_G? “Licensing Is Hard” is basically all that Isabel said.

    • If the demand was there they would do more, clearly demand is less now than it was before.

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