More discounts added to PlayStation Store’s Easter Sale

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More discounts added to PlayStation Store’s Easter Sale

Save big on Star Wars Battlefront, Just Cause 3, Fallout 4 and Destiny: The Taken King

PlayStation Store’s Easter Sale continues this week, with a number of big new titles joining the fray, including Star Wars Battlefront, Just Cause 3, Fallout 4 and Destiny: The Taken King. See below for the full list of new additions.



PS Vita:

All discounts run until 6th April 2016.

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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  • Decent selection of games, unfortunately the prices are pretty much all more expensive than the last time I decided not to buy them on sale. e.g. Destiny TTK was £19.99 before, it’s now £23.99. If the difference in price had been the same in the other direction I’d buy ti

    • I’ve noticed that myself. Quite a few games that are on sale now were considerably cheaper a couple of months back. Is that legal? I know Sony are experts in skating around consumer loopholes, so that odds are it is legal.
      I’ve been buying games off PSN for almost ten years, and have come to the firm conclusion none their ethics are “For The Player”. Sony are riding high right now…which traditionally means things are about to get worse. #forthegreed

    • Not sure why people are asking if it’s legal or not: a sale just means it’s cheaper than its normal retail price – there’s no guarantee, or law, that says something that goes on sale must be the same price or cheaper than the last time it was on sale (though it’d be expected but that’s not always the case).

    • The comments here can be so incredibly stupid sometimes. ‘Is discounting this game not as much as before legal?’

      Yes, yes it is. Do you expect everything that has ever been discounted to always be cheaper each time? Ridiculous.

      Though, this place is a hive of entitled complaining so, whatever.

  • What only one game for the vita?

  • Only one game for Vita?

    • One additional game for Vita there are still the offers announced last week :)

    • @guitarist18 No, I was talking about how terrible it is they only added one more game to the Vita sale, When they put multiply games on PS4 and PS3

  • Bad joke for PS3 and Vita :-(, we need more sales for them.

  • Hey Chris,

    Would it be possible to get some discounts in any of the older Marvel Pinball tables in one of the upcoming weekly deals? US get some tables discounted from time to time, but we aren’t that lucky here in Europe :/ Thanks!

    • Been ages since any of those were on sale. Even Pinball Arcade had more recent discounts, and those come once a year, if at all.

  • Does anyone know why Crypt of the Necrodancer has actually INCREASED in price?!

    After its introductory 10% discount expired, it went up to its regular price of £9.49. But last week, without any warning or explanation, it jumped to £12.99. I was hoping it was a mistake and that the price would have corrected itself by now :0(

    Weird, right?

    • Yeah I was keeping an eye out for a sale and then I saw it had increased in price out of nowhere.

      Not gonna bother buying it at all now, I guess £9.49 was just too much of an absolute bargain? -.-

    • I thought £12.99 was the original price and £9.49 was the the introductory offer (even though it’s not 10%)

      Oh well another game to watch out for in a sale with stuff like binding of Isaac, super meat boy etc. I don’t know why all these ex PS+ games don’t go on sale for a better price point.
      My sweet sale price for these Indies are around the £4 mark XD (I picked up a load of Indies for this price or less…..eyeing up Titan souls……I know it’s only £1 difference but ,£4 the sweet spot XD )

  • Fallout 4 (disc) + PERK poster is $59NZD on MightyApe until 29th.


  • Any chance of DLC sales for PS3 games?

    • Like the last couple of times? They’ve been doing more PS3 sales than anything lately. Hope it’s an indication that they’re finally phasing out the last gen stuff, personally.

  • No Lords of the Fallen? Then i wont buy nothing.

    • If you have a PC, it’s currently £3

    • I have a ‘good’ pc.
      [4 cores AMD A6-3650 (2,8Ghz)
      8 GB DDR3 RAM
      GTX 750 Ti 2GB] I tried to run the game, (the pirated version) but it’s mostly under 30 fps which is annoying on pc.

  • Discounted prices 44-49 €. That’s funny. Not.

  • Bit of a lame selection, a bunch of overpriced AAA games. Feels like added filler for the sale rather than some actual good new discounts

  • Is it April’s Fool already at Sony, or another kick in the face?

  • Thank you for The Witcher 3!!!

  • I really need the Tekken TT2 sale….is almost 1 year….

    • I’m sure I’ve seen it multiple times on sale for under £5

    • No point bro. Tekken 7 soon. Unless you really like holding on to tag.

    • Didn’t the first TTT have an almost cult following that kept it alive well beyond other Tekkens? Maybe it’s similar, just without owning the game? :D

      Joke aside, been a while since I’ve seen it on sale. But it can’t be too expensive as a physical copy, anymore.

  • Lego avengers £40!!!! That had to be a price error. It’s not even that much at normal price in shops

    • And it’s not even April 1st.

      All those samey lego games would’ve been perfectly suited for a Disney Infinity style. Buy a lego base kit and add different playsets, or even a build mode with different styles, like lego technics.

  • Got to wonder what goes through there head when they think these prices are good.. It’s like Sony is run by GAME

    • You didn’t realise this before? That’s why they were introduced PS+ online multiplayer, we have to pay for almost everything. They have a bit of a loss at every selled PS4. The build up and the parts were expensive than the retail price. (Sorry for the mistakes!)

  • Aww man.. For a minute there I thought the Witcher 3 : Hearts of Stone expansion was FINALLY on sale, but it’s just the full game again.. Taken King still too expensive after all this time too. More of the same at their usual sales prizes, nothing to see here.

    • It’s maybe because the season pass holders would riot if dlc went on sale before all dlc contained in the pass has been released.

    • Oh, but I think €10 is still a decent price for Hearts of Stone. It’s worth that. Great characters, moments and emotions. Well, depending on how you play it, I guess.

    • Hm, thought it was more expensive than that. Guess it makes sense then, that’s totally worth it for this :p And yea, there’s another expansion coming. I just try to keep my digital purchases as low as possible since that content is never ‘permanent’ like with physical media and I’ve been disappointed by my fair share of overpriced, unworthy DLC. Which obviously isn’t the case for this, quite the opposite :p

  • Get paid April 11th feelsbadman

  • Hey, you may wanna check out the Divinity Original Sin – Enhanced Edition on the PS4 Store. When I want to check out the videos/images then all I see are Layers of Fear images and videos C:

  • this sales are not worth. Nothing is worth in this console, how i miss my xbox one.

  • Any news on Persona 5 in Europe? Just askin’.

  • Bad Selection, only FPS’s and western games.
    Man I swear god I nearly got out running from home when I readed “The Witch…er” … though was “The Witch and The Hundred Knight”… man you guys got me there.

  • Would it be too much to ask for Naruto Storm 4 to go on sale.Even if it was like 25-30£ I’d still buy it

  • You guys have lost sight of what sale prices are supposed to be.

  • i buy Destiny: The Taken King now ( corect price fore litel dlc = need to lounch on 28,99 € 30 € + = not worth my mony ) sale = no ( sale price around 20 € )

    more prices coming down = more buying digital

  • also to sony + other publishers
    stop giving games to streamers !!!!! jes i now = free advertising
    but you games are geting no wow factor enimore
    2016 end more = world wide release of games on same day !!!!!! ( so we paying consumers do not get spoilers by ign -you tube – twitch ……… ) al 4 the players ? i do not tink showing streams before launch = 4 the players.

  • Sony support did it again.
    Sony has release a video about the easter discounts and one of the game that was showing was Fallout 4 for 39,99 euro. But if you look in the store, you will notice a price difference of 10 euro.

    Calling support: and this is what they answered to me. Sorry we cannot do anything for you. And actually if this is happening at Xbox live, they will also giving you the same answer.

    Yeah Sony, good job!

  • Would like to see these on sale:

    God of War Acension
    Crash bandicoot PSone games


  • I want to check before purchasing, Just Cause 3 is listed under PS4 for the sale but on the store it shows PS3? I thought it wasn’t available on the PS3, so is this a mistake?

  • When is the next sale?

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