Yakuza 0 is coming to Europe in 2017 – watch the new trailer

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Yakuza 0 is coming to Europe in 2017 – watch the new trailer

Sega’s fan-favourite organised crime saga returns next year on PS4

Yakuza 0 is set in a decadent world of over-indulgence, where cash rules everything and there are a million ways to spend, make or take money – everyone wants to get in on the action!

The year is 1988, a chilly but electric Tokyo is the backdrop for the rise of the Dragon of Dojima. See the genesis of series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu as he ascends the ranks of the Yakuza – the name for the notorious criminal gangs operating in the seedy underworld of Japan.

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The story starts in the familiar location of Kamurocho. A young Kiryu is blamed for a debt collection that quickly ends in murder. This murder happens on a coveted plot of land in Kamurocho and Kiryu finds himself in over his head trying to regain his honour and save the reputation of his savior and father figure, Shintaro Kazama.

Meanwhile in Osaka, series familiar Goro Majima is living life and runs an above-board cabaret whilst possessing an intense desire to rejoin the Yakuza clan, he was ousted from.

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For the first time ever, fans of the series have a unique opportunity to get into the story-driven action and play as the Mad Dog of Shimano; Goro Majima – the most eccentric character in the Yakuza series. Along with his unique fighting style and abilities, players will gain an eye-popping insight into his penchant for turning sleaze into profit – while trying to complete impossible tasks set by seemingly unforgiving bosses!

Are you prepared to learn about the origin of the Dragon & overindulge in a decadent era of late 1980s Japan? How far will you go to prove Majima’s loyalty in Yakuza 0 – when the Mad Dog is unleashed?


Yakuza 0 launches in the Americas & Europe for PlayStation 4, early 2017. That’s PlayStation 4 only…even though the game released on PS3 and PS4 in Japan, only the PS4 version will be released in the west.

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5 Author Replies

  • will the be available physically this time?

    • Yakuza 0 will be available as a physical & digital release.

    • English dubbing, would be very appreciated, ’cause it’s really tiresome to always read the english subtitles.

    • @Barrow30
      Dubbing would mean bigger localization cost and imho would destroy the Japanese feel of the game just like in Yakuza 1 (yet another reason to have Yakuza 1&2 HD Edition in English on PS3 – Japanese voice-over!).

    • I prefer Japanese voice overs too, but Yakuza 1 English dubbed was really funny.

    • @Finka_Karfein
      Yes, I know, it was just wishful thinking. :)

    • Yes, could you please completely ruin the game with English dubbing? That would be nice.

  • Early 2017! Thank you based Sega and Sony! The dragon lives!

  • You know what would be killer? Have this game (on a PS4 disc) and the PS3 game Yakuza 5 (on a PS3 disc), in a single limited collectors edition of Yakuza 0.
    I bet we’re not even entitled to a physical edition of Yakuza 0 =( but I hope so.

    • I signed in just to like your comment. Well, it’s still SEGA so we can be glad here in Europe we will get Yakuza 0 on Disc. But combined with Yakuza 5, this would be a blast. I still refused to buy Yakuza 5 just because of my Retail-Collection. Call me old fashioned, but the Publisher is doing, what’s best for him, and I purchase, what’s best for me so I still wait with the purchase of Yakuza 5.

      Anyway. Yakuza 0 is announced. If they announce Yakuza Kiwami, Retail, too, I will not hesitate to buy Yakuza 5 digital. That’s a promise I made to myself a few month ago.

    • I think the fans who stick with it for so long, deserve a limited physical release of the game, I’m sure that it won’t make a huge profit for SEGA, but SEGA would get my love again… I mean, I stopped buying games from EA / Ubisoft, don’t enjoy the way they treat games and DLC..
      Yakuza 5 digital only was a bit of a low blow =x Like, you can play this, but you will never have it.

      I wanna grow old and get back to play some old games, like I do now, playing PS2 games from time to time, 2 weeks ago me and a friend did a Monkey Footbal tournament on Ape Escape 2, AGAIN, I can’t say that for digital games, like Shinobido 2 going out of the PSN, or PT… Digital IS NOT, and will NEVER be reliable in the long run.

      Niche games, or cult games, deserve a physical release, just for the sake of the oldschool industry we grew up with and love. Even indiegames like grooverider had physical releases on the PS2 (not saying that indie games now don’t have, but you get my point).

  • That’s a long wait. But gonna be so worth it! Thank you Sega and Sony for doing this! There’s no such thing as too much Yakuza!

  • please give us a physical release in EU to proudly sit in our game collection. also everyone please support this game as they are the best and most immerse games on a PS console. also Sega please remaster Yakuza 5 for PS4 as well. we appreciate this very much.

  • For everyone that is concerned, there will be a physical version: https://twitter.com/JohnLHardin/status/712281184894517248


  • Gonna buy a PS4 for this game and King of Fighters XIV. Take your time to deliver a high quality localization, we will be waiting.

  • YES! YES! Finally! :D

  • Great wanted this game on PS4, hope theres a retail release

    Oh and can you bring Yakuza 5 to europe on Ps4,

  • Awesome! I might have bought and completed the Japanese version by then, but it’s great that the series is coming West.
    Also, you could play as Majima in Yakuza Dead Souls/Ryu Ga Gotoku of the end, so it’s actually not the first time you could play as him. Just saying….

  • Better late than never. cheers Dan! Now please make a English patch for Yakuza Ishin :)

  • Will buy this one on day one unlike Yakuza 5 which didn’t have a physical version. Hoping Y5 Will go on sale soon since i don’t want to pay that much for a digital version :/

  • Sorry for double posting but this question is really important for me: Persona 5 Eu (physical version) Soon? Have said it before but Persona 5 is My most wanted game this generation!

  • Sweet, I’m a sucker for a bit of Yakuza, thanks Sega!

  • First must have release of 2017, thans Sega and Sony!!

  • @Dan Sheridan

    I actually skipped over Yakuza 5’s western release due to no physical (though I do own a Japanese version even though I can’t understand it XD). I actually own physicals of them all ;) Though would love English subbed versions available physically (i.e Kenzan, 5 and 1&2HD), will there ever be any chance of them being released physically over here? You’ve got Atlus under your belt now, I’m sure they could knock Sega out a translation in no time :)

    • The digital version is on offer at the moment in the Easter Sale.

    • I know it’s on offer ;) I just don’t like the idea of digital copies :( Especially when other places have a physical :)

    • I don’t like digital only releases either, but finally caved in after realizing that there won’t ever be retail version and I won’t get to play Yakuza 5 otherwise. And boy am I happy that I broke my principles for this one, since Yakuza 5 is by far the best installment in the series imo. Give it a try, especially at the low sales price

  • Does it require too much effort to release digitally the title for PS3? Just purchased Yakuza 5 and would prefer all Yakuzas that has PS3 release in Japan being available in West on same platform; Kiwami included.

  • I just hope that the wait for Yakuza 6 will be shorter than 2 years from original release… This games look amazing, they even look great when released with such a delay. But for a time when they ACTUALLY released they are one of the best looking openworld games available. They deserve a big fanbase. And I think they can get one (even if slowly).

  • Why the heck PS4-only?! :( Could you give a detailed explanation for that?

    I have already a hard time getting my friends to the series due to lack of Yakuza 1&2 HD Edition in English and now this as well… Not everybody has the money to buy PS4, you know? It would be awesome to have Yakuza 0 and Yakuza 1&2 HD Edition on PS3 at least in digital – Yakuza 3 on PSN would help as well.

    If you could get at least 1&2 on PS3, you’d probably have more sales on 3-5 thanks to people that could start the Yakuza adventure. And Anthology pack could be possible to make then.

    Reminiscences are not enough to bond with characters. Please, consider releasing 1&2 in HD in the west and putting Y3 on PSN.

    • I still have my PS3 and play it almost every day (backlog), but once Yakuza 0 will be here, we have to move on to PS4 eventually.

      By the way, you and your friends have one year time to save up some money for a PS4. :p

    • We are more than two years into the lifecycle of the ps4 and have to wait another year for this game to launch and ps3 hard- and software sales already completely dried up, but you honestly expect a PS3 version of this game? A version that would add immense additional costs it would never recoup? A game where we and Sega can be happy if the PS4 version turns a profit?

    • In some countries it’s really hard to save for a PS4 even having a year. Hell, even PS3 is not that small of a deal for some people. Stop being so smart when you earn money in euro currency. I had the luck to be able to get PS4 but some of my friends are not at all interested in PS4. They don’t look at graphics and PS3 owns PS4 in terms of exclusives so why bother with PS4 at present (PS Now is not available here and there are no Tales of games, Catherine, Ni no Kuni or previous Yakuza games available anyway)?

      And what would be the cost of having the game localized on PS3 when it’s already being localized on PS4 – a license perhaps and some adjustments? What would be the cost of localizing Yakuza 1&2 HD Edition when they already have them translated so just copy the non-previously-cut content from PS2?

      I won’t stop asking SEGA for those games. Not until they say definitely that there is absolutely no way. So I request those titles up to this day. Heck, I even ask for Yakuza: Kenzan! since they always say that there are CURRENTLY no plans for localizing it. So I am currently waiting and bothering everywhere I can.

  • Shame no 2016. It’s nice that Sega started localizing games like Project Diva or Yakuza, now it’s time to do it a bit faster. Look at Koei-Tecmo or Square Enix – Atelier Sophie and new Star Ocean are getting released only a couple of months after Japan. It’s not like you have anything better to publish, and I guess for a change we can wait a bit longer for another Sonic or Alien game.

  • I’m glad to hear it’s getting a physical release which I will be buying as I still prefer physical copies over digital. I just hope Yakuza 0 manages to sell well enough so Sega can bring more of the games to Europe. The Yakuza series have a great story and I always look forward to the mini games which Yakuza 0 has Super Hang On, Space Harrier and Outrun which is awesome.

  • 2017 is a long time, please hurry up. And bring Yakuza kiwami with it. Please.

  • Im exceptionally happy with this announcement!
    Weren’t we due Kiwami as well though?

  • great news! thanks!

  • Great news SEGA & Sony, but like so many other Yakuza fans out there I’d appreciate a physical copy of Yakuza 5 for the PS3 to be released. It would be a nice thing to give to fans while we wait for future games in the series. I can’t imagine it would be a massive undertaking to release it physically seeing as Valkyria Chronicles is being released for PS4 for a budget price.

  • Yeah! Just got Yakuza 5 on the Easter Sale! Now all I need besides 0 and 6 is for the HD Collection of 1 and 2 to come out in Europe! Make it happen ’cause I never got to play those two!

  • Is this a remake of the first or a prequel?

  • that’s really good news! I just hope they don’t remove a lot of staff like they did with Y3 (they even remove mahjong and some other side games), heavy localization/censorship can ruin a game, so I hope they keep it as minimum as possible

    • I doubt they’d get rid of anything. But I hope they get rid of any ridiculous stuff, if it has any. Like, I saw a mini game called catfight in youtube, not sure which Yakuza game it was. It’s like Ching Chang Walla. And 2 girls fighting.

  • Amazing news, thank you Sony!

  • Thank you very much, I don’ t know if iI will buy a retail or a digital copy of the game, I am only sure that I will buy it! :D

    After 250 hours on Yakuza 5 I need some rest but for 2017 I will be ready.

    If I can suggest ask people via poll or surveys if they want Ishin or Kenzan or HD remaster of Yakuza 1 and 2 or make a kickstarter campaign to localize in english sub.

    Anyway, thank you for the news, You made my day :D

    • Yakuza kiwami is a remake of Yakuza 1. So if we get that we won’t need Yakuza 1 HD remaster. Just Yakuza 2.

  • amazing news can’t wait

  • Looking forward to it.
    It would help the series if all the games were available on one console though. For a series like Yakuza where the story is a big part of the game, it can put some people off if they need more than one console to play from the beginning (or three for Yakuza).

  • I wish SEGA brought over more of their Japanese titles, like PS Nova for instance…

    More Yakuza is always a good thing though. Hoping for Ishin one day, too!

  • Thank you Sega for a retail release, i was worried that it was going digital. i hope to see more sega titles trying to get a retail release, ps.. i hope it’s possible for Yakuza 5 PS3 Classic title on PS4 i would love to play it

  • 2017?!?

    A cross gen game PS3/PS4 from 2015 it will coming to West in 2017….. Nice ¬¬.

  • Great news, guess I will have to buy a PS4 soon then.

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