New on PlayStation Store: Day of the Tentacle, XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus, more

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New on PlayStation Store: Day of the Tentacle, XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus, more

Plus, Trackmania Turbo, Republique, Manhunt and Bully

Look out for a clutch of interesting new releases on PlayStation Store this week. There’s DIY stunt racer Trackmania Turbo, revamped adventure game classic Day of the Tentacle Remastered, acclaimed stealth game Republique and a PS Vita release for much admired strategy reboot XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus. See below for the full list of new releases.

PlayStation StoreOut this week



  • 101 Ways to Die
    22nd March

  • Doodle Devil
    23rd March

  • Trackmania Turbo
    24th March


  • Republique
    25th March


  • Doodle Devil
    23rd March


22nd March

  • Fallout 4
  • Automatron
  • Star Wars Battlefront
  • Outer Rim
  • Driveclub
  • Finish Line Expansion Pack
  • Driveclub Bikes
  • MV Agusta Expansion Pack

23rd March

  • Far Cry Primal
  • Wenja Pack
  • Warframe
  • Renown Pack VIII Dendra Armor (20% PS Plus Discount)

24th March

  • LittleBigPlanet 3
  • SpongeBob SquarePants Costume Pack

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7 Author Replies

  • pretty early update!
    I downloaded XCom this morning for Vita. Graphics arent perfect but so far it plays really well. im very happy!

  • Is Day of the Tentacle Cross Buy?

  • I had no idea Xcom is coming out on Vita today! And I do follow gaming news.

    Guess thats the standard for vita games in the west after all…

  • XCOM Vita! I completed it on 360 and have it on PS3 via Plus, but I’ll happily buy it again. Hopefully it’ll go a small way towards proving that there’s a market for XCOM 2 on consoles…

  • Couple of days ago Eurogamer’s twitter announced, that Fallout 4 season pass is free.
    Many people bought it.
    Now this purchase marked as expired on March 21.
    But now it is impossible to properly buy Fallout 4 add-on (store says, that you can not buy this item) and season pass is listed as “purchased” and you also can’t buy it.

    • You weren’t supposed to buy it, and now you’re “paying the consequences”. Wait more days and/or contact the Customer Service.

    • Someone at Sony made a mistake – unaware customers paying for consequences.

    • You saw a glitch, knew and understood it was a glitch (unless you honestly believed Bethesda suddenly decided to gift EVeRYONE the season pass) and decided to take advantage.
      You got what you paid for mate.

    • @Scuffy_P yes it was obviously a glitch, but Sony have a strong track record of honouring them. My free copy of Killzone Shadow Fall and £4 copy of Minecraft PS4 still work, for example

    • Bethesda aren’t obligated to honour a mistake Sony made, and neither are Sony. If people honestly thought they’d get the FO4 season pass free (especially when Bethesda have recently announced they’re raising the price shortly), well they’re a little stupid; to be polite.

    • Should they honour a mistake or not, that is not for us to decide.
      We can’t do anything anyway (Sony can do anything, thanks to ToS).
      What I’m trying to say, if they decided to revoke access, then, at least, must do it properly (without breaking purchasing ability).
      And Sony can’t even do that.

    • They should have the right to revert their mistakes ONLY if they also do it when it harms the customer (such as erroneous store listings that claim games are multiplayer or buggy games), or when customer makes mistake (buys wrong version of game for example).

      I get that they messed up and need to revert that, but it’s double standards and poor customer service

  • How much change is there to Canis Canem Edit on PS4 besides trophy support? I know Jedi Starfighter ran at 60fps on PS4 compared to 30fps on PS2.

    • nothing i guess exept trophy support, too bad we dont get the HD revamped version the 360 got . would be awesome.

    • I just want to know if it has a Platinum trophy, that’s the deciding factor on whether I buy it again or not,

    • I’ve bought a large number of the PS2 classics and they all have platinums, so can almost assure you this does too.

    • @MaxDieHard – it does have a plat. @onewingedmenace, not all PS2 classics do, for example Parappa 2 doesn’t

  • Hey Francesca, wondering if we are getting Bubble Bobble on the PS4? Already asked the publisher but no response : |
    Also any news about the pre order of Guilty Gear Revelator?


  • I know the reason listing prices got removed, but honestly most of these store update posts feel useless without the prices.

  • But what about taco master?

    • I’ve been waiting for this one too. Its been ages since it came out in the US :/ Maybe try sending a tweet at about it. I’ve sent them a couple but don’t get a replies but if more people do it we might finally hear something.

  • I bought Bully earlier as it one of my faves on PS2. Looks crisper on PS4 if not necessarily smoother. I’m happy with it. :) The Warriors next please.

    • Do you know how to access the map? It says press select, but there is no select on PS4. The options button does nothing and the touch pad is the start button. I am confused.

    • Try pressing the left side of the touchpad? Just a guess, though.

    • On dark chronicle “clicking” the right side of the touch pad acts like start and the left side works for select so should in theory be the same! Hope that helps

    • It did mention it when I first loaded up the game too. :P

    • For PS2 emulated titles on PS4, Start and Select are assigned to the left and right of the touchpad. The games state this in the User Guides and upon first launching the titles.

  • Great and oddly surprising news about XCOM. I know it has been rated and so on but wasn’t expecting it to release quite so soon.

    Will download when I get home!

  • More to the point where is civilisation revolution for the vita

  • Will new deals be added to the Easter Sale tomorrow? Any hint at what some of them may be?

    Picking up Bully today, played the game on the 360 a couple of years ago but never finished it, now im gonna try and get the play :)

  • Glad to see the DARIUSBURST addon was released directly as a bundle with all 3 addons.

    But why the MGO addons released last week for PS3 did not receive a bundle? The PS4 version did, though.

  • Regrettably I didn’t pre-order Day of the Tentacle but the store doesn’t have the option to purchase it at the moment. Will this be available to buy today?

  • Will you guys please insist the publishers of dynamic themes add a trailer/video on their item page. The US store makes them do it, so why not EU? Now that Sony is allowing the usual dodgy suspects to create themes for the PS4, surely it’s against the law for the consumer not to see what they’re buying? Yes, yes, I know they’re not expensive, but that doesn’t stop the frustration of buying a theme for £2.50 and it discovering it’s absolutely dreadful. We shouldn’t be forced to YouTube in the hope that another gamer has uploaded a video.
    Sort it out.

    • Also I know it was peanuts but when I could have bought Firewatch on its own with day one discount 10% or whatever it was and yet I wanted the one with the theme as well however it was cheaper to get the game on its own with the discount and but the theme separately?! Bit odd like I said was only 20-30p difference but put me off buying day one I’ll just wait for it to go in the sale ;) I bought rapture and Ethan Carter and not got round to either yet so I’ll prob do same with Firewatch backlog is building up, all greats game tho. Firewatch is in the watch list along with Gone home and about 15 others feel free to have a look Sony and put them all in the next sale ;)

    • the US got the rewards system , the more you purchase the more dollars you get , like xbox live everywhere, they offer protection plan for the ps4, and so much more than in Europe… i think it’s because sony put all there effort since the difficult start of the ps3 worldwide into the US market, they left us behind because they know we are more granted to their cause compared to the USA. sony will tell us it’s complicated to make the same market with the same fonctionnality across europe, but if the main contestant is making it real .. then they have no excuses… that’s the thing i don’t appreciate about sony. despite being a huge buyer…

  • After not having the option to buy GTA trilogy day one in U.K like America did I caved in and bought GTA3 (luckily got my credit on the cheap) however barely a week later US got all the GTA games in the sale, we got the trilogy which i didn’t buy as used my 10% off voucher to grab my copy of vice city but then the trilogy goes up in the sales within a week or 2 of U.K getting £14.99 for all 3 games?! What a joke. I knew they’d go in the sales but that’s quick how about a launch day discount 10-20% sweetens the blow when it’s more like 30-40% off a week or so later. I love Bully and it is a great game but I’ll be waiting for that, Manhunt, and hopefully Max Payne 1-2, Red dead 1 and Warriors aren’t too far behind and I’ll grab them all in the upcoming sales I know all games go in sales at some point but a week or so later and it’s mainly the fact the Trilogy wasn’t available in U.K for some reason until after they’d all gone up on the store absolutely fine individually? Odd and bit annoying I value my money.

  • Any word on an EU release date for Catlateral Damage? It released on the US store today.

  • Still great game tho really and after rockstar finish with their classics I won’t be needing Sony to do a deal for upgrading my ps2 classics that I grabbed on PS3 as I’ll have them all only had all the rockstar games and psychonauts anyway oh and Maximo 1-2 but yeah liking that we’re getting some absolute classics pretty much each week keep it up Sony we’ve still got all the truly great ps2 games to come… Also maybe psOne games at e3?! I hope there nice on vita but would be amazing to have them all on the one system, sure ps4 can manage it one way or another.

  • Timesplitters 1-3, Tony Hawks pro skater 3-4, Onimusha 1-3, Metal Gear solid 2-3 substance and subsistence versions. Yes please. Gran turismo 3-4.

  • Max Payne ??? I’m happy to discover Bully in the meantime but don’t forget to release Max Payne at some point. ;)

    Also same question as #18, I was expecting Catlateral Damage to be released today, where is it ?

    • Hey Alex! Pretty cool to see Bully and Manhunt but I’m sad we have no update on Max Payne still :( Wonder what could be going on

    • Hi TachikomaShiki, it’s good to see you wondering about it as well. Let’s hope they haven’t forget about it because I feel like I’ve been waiting forever… :(

    • Yeah, I remember first reading something about it back in December and since then we’ve had trophies and that random release date on March 1st I think it was… then nothing. I really hope it turns up soon too!

    • Me too. :(

  • @ Francesca
    What’s the price for Republique when it launches?

  • Wow, XCOM plus got a surprise release without any annoucements, news or anything? Sounds cool.

    But still no Towerfall Vita, Shutshumi, Saturday Morning RPG, Breach & Clear and many more Vita games that has yet to get a EU release.

  • Francesca, is “Doodle Evil” a F2P title like on mobile?

  • XCom bought! Happy Michael :-)

  • I understand this isn’t the perfect place to put this, but can we please get some more information regarding Microsofts open invitation to cross platform play, and where Sony stands?

    I get that it’s a huge step, but j think we’d all appreciate knowing more.

    • They replied- do a search. Your not going to get more info than that.

    • I am well aware of what they said thanks, but it’s a big thing and so I don’t I’m the only one that would appreciate updates and a larger response than was given.

  • Hope Xcom wasn’t accidentally put up for sale…

  • Great marketing for Xcom Sony, not even a blog post to say it was coming out

    • I think It’s generally down to publishers to get In contact with Sony for blog posts.
      Sony has done a pretty decent job by Including It In the title for the store update IMO.

  • will manhunt be available on the US store today after the store update?

    • I’m EU store only, so I don’t have any information on the US store. The US blog guys might be able to help with your query though.

  • Francesca, is it possible to get any information about the 50/60hz situation with some of the ps2 games for the ps4? Or when will be an update for the 50hz games? I could have bought some of those titles but as it is i rather buy them from the american store where they’re all 60hz.

    • You’re better off just buying them from the US store. I know it’s not ideal to split your purchases across different PSN accounts, but it’s a combination of them using the original PAL PS2 games as the source for the ports (which ran slower), and probably not being able to just use the NTSC U/C versions in a lot of cases due to “regional licensing” or whatever. I’d be surprised if they ever started releasing the US versions on the EU stores.

      Also, they’re cheaper on the US store cos they know we love getting ripped off.

    • Yes and no, i would rather have them on my account in case there was a problem with the purchase or the account since it would be easier to communicate with support, besides, i was interested in Rogue Galaxy (and even Dark Chronicle) currently on sale for 8€, on the US it’s $15.

      Apparently the US store isn’t also having a easter sale otherwise i would have purchased there in case it appeared with the same discount…

      I’ve read that they’ve updated the european PS 2 Star War games to 60hz so maybe (?) they’ll do the same for the rest of the games but as always we’re left in the dark when it comes to information…

  • There is currently a special offer for people who are not subscribed to PS Plus with -25% off for the yearly subscription. Many folks had no clue that was the case until now with this stealthy special, and my sub runs out on the 1st of April due to the recent 1 day outage compensation, the offer is not available to those who already subscribed. I find that rather silly, hence why I would like to ask Chris or Francesca to find out whether it’s possible to extend the special offer duration at all, and / or maybe allow people who are already subscribed to buy it.

    • You’re already subscribed, they don’t care about you, you will continue to pay full price. They’re just trying to hook new customers in with it.

    • Although it’s unfortunate that your subscription runs out the day after the offer expires, I don’t think it will be possible to extend the duration. There are likely also those whose subscription runs out on April 2nd, and 3rd, and so on, and as such we have applied a fixed date.

  • When is Okage hitting the EU store? Came out in the US today. Please for the love of god don’t say it’s US only.

    • Just read the reply a couple messages up. Contacted the US blog but it doesn’t look like they reply to comments. I really wish Sony would be more open about this sort of thing. Leads to a lot of false hope and dissapointment. They could atleast dissapoint us as soon as they announce these things

    • If you’re referring to Okage: Shadow King on PS4, it was released today.

    • Thats great news. Thanks very much for the heads up

  • *sigh* Where tf is the Rock Band exports?

  • @Francesca
    Do you know if we will get Okage in Europe as well? :)

  • Why can’t I buy Xcom? On my Vita it won’t go through and tells me to try tomorrow and on the online store I get told I can’t buy when I try with either Paypal or my card. I was able to get Day of the Tentacle OK.

  • Is Okage Shadow King coming to Euroep?

  • Cool Driveclub updates and DLC make me sad now.

  • Please put Def Jam Fight for NY on the store! Miss being able to play it

  • where is THE PARK ps4 horror game hurry up and re add it sony i wanna buy it i hope it wont be next months ps plus game i want to buy it and keep it for ever

  • Francesca Mead all we need now is the warriors ps2 game on ps4 and il be one happy bunny

  • Has everyone else who pre-ordered Trackmania Turbo found they are being asked to pay full price again to upgrade to the full game from the beta?

    • Yeah same thing has happened to me. I am absolutely furious as i’ve taken the day off to play it. Someone from the blog needs to look into this ASAP. I’ll be expecting compensation or may just get a refund. How can they be so stupid?

    • Yeah me 2…..just been on the phone with sum1 at sony and they are aware of the situation and are looming for a fix thats wot the wife on the pbone said anyway

  • Okage The Shadow King says on the store page that it supports English, German, French, Spanish and Italian subtitles. Is that correct? The game was never released in Europe before, so a localization seems unlikely?

    Can anyone confirm/deny?

    • Someone said the game is the NTSC version and English only, so the store description is most likely wrong (and false advertising)

  • I hope what’s gone wrong with trackmania turbo 2day dont happen to DIRT Rally when its released in 11 days…….

  • Scusate un’informazione ma qualcuno ne sa niente sui giochi Ps plus di aprile a parte Dead Star?????? Spero che non sia giochi che non funzionano come Broforce.

  • Why oh why is Manhunt STILL banned in Australia? A game released around 12 years ago. Considering there are much more violent games available now on the Australian ps store (with alot more shocking graphical detail) this is ridiculous. Please sort this out!

  • The Free DLC Costumes for Republique on the PSN Store are unavailable for those whi bought the Physical Disc Version. However on the Canadian / USA PSN Store they are Available. Way to go Sony for screwing over Those who bought the Physical disc copy in UK. Please sort this ASAP

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