Paragon Early Access starts today on PS4

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Paragon Early Access starts today on PS4

Jump into Epic Games’ ambitious new MOBA and start levelling up

Today is the start of Early Access for Paragon – we hope you join us on the battlefields of Agora.

Everyone on the Paragon team is looking forward to watching the game grow with our players. As we’ve written before, Early Access is something new to us, a real commitment to listen and refine the core game of Paragon alongside early players. Sure, you’ll notice our rough edges, but we’re building and improving at a rapid pace. Join us and you’ll be able to play new Heroes, earn new cards, and more every few weeks.

While Paragon is designed to be completely free-to-play in open beta this summer, our Founder’s Packs let you get in early. You can play in Early Access today, by purchasing a Founder’s Pack from PlayStation Store, joining us on the journey.

Our first new hero, Sevarog, ships in a couple of weeks; with Iggy & Scorch to follow. These Heroes, like all our Heroes, will always be free to play. More active cards (think in-game items) are in the pipeline as well. And never forget, all cards in Paragon are only earned through gameplay.

Whenever you choose to join us in Paragon, we hope you’ll follow along on the PlayStation Blog as we reveal new Heroes, cards, and more surprises.

Founder’s Packs are available now from PlayStation Store starting at €19.99. We’ve designed them to deliver an exceptional value on in-game content as well as letting you play early. Progress earned in Early Access is real and permanent, so get in and level up.


The Founder’s Packs start with access, then layer on more and more Master Challenges and boosts. Each Hero has its own Master Challenge, which is designed to give you extra rewards for playing that Hero, including exclusive skins and emotes that can only be earned through Master Challenges. They also include a permanent XP boost for that Hero. The higher level Founder’s Packs also contain a unique skin and an extra Founder’s Pack you can give to a friend.

Please join us now in the Early Access Season or later this summer in free open beta!


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  • The game is f2p but to be a beta tester people need to pay. Uh… This generation is really weird.

    • I’d imagine it’ll launch like SMITE, founders pack players 1st, then keys from game sites, then an open launch.

      I’ll give it a try when theres free access, I really like SMITE but doubt I’d rotate playing (grinding) two MOBAs at once. Even though this visually looks better, it’ll likely come down to which I enjoy most that I’ll eventually spend money on.

    • That’s what everyone calls pay to win..

    • Erm, no, that’s not what Pay to Win is. P2W is when people buy DLC that boosts their character for example, which levels their character over people who are simply relying on in-game upgrades/rewards. I think you’re referring to ‘Pay to Play’.

  • Wow, prior to mine this game had prompted 3 comments. My comment on this game would have to be….”It’s not for me”.

    Remember, “PS4…this is for the players”….wherever they are.

  • If I buy a Founder’s pack, and later on I decide that I want to upgrade to Challenger’s/Master’s Pack, for how long will I be able to upgrade?

  • I always wonder how many people buy these early access F2P bundles thinking they’re buying a full game. I can’t see anybody doing it on purpose.

    • In Paragon’s case, it’s quite clearly labeled what people are buying into. My issue is actually the price. However, the Challenger and Master packs get a Founders pack you can gift to a friend. But who is willing to pay £75 on early access is a mystery. (or an absolute mug)

  • Do developers, especially large US companies like Epic, actually read blog comments from gamers? When the blg was first announced it was a great idea. One on one contact with developers who can give updates and info about their games. Now? It’s just advertising space printing PR fluff written by the marketing departments. The US blog is SLIGHTLY better for responses, which is silly considering how large the EU consumer base is.
    Now offence to Fred, but someone new needs to come in and DRAG the blog back on track because right now it’s pretty redundant.
    (I’m only here now on a Monday because I clicked the wrong site in my bookmarks)

  • If I wanted Early Access on PS4 and PC because I’m not sure which platform I want to play on, do I have to buy 2 different Founder’s packs? I know this is the case for actual games, but since this is F2P and people are actually nice and pay to test it, it would have been nice to let us get Early Access (not even the skins, that could apply to one system only) on both platforms.
    However, since 19.99€ is the price of many not-F2P games (let alone 59.99€ or 99.99€), I’ll resist even if I really want to play the game and I’ll wait for the open beta weekends or the actual release.

    • According to the Paragon FAQs, if you buy the PC founders pack, you can play on PS4. Doesn’t specifically say the other way around, but would assume so since access is linked to your Epic account.

  • Slim chance i figure, but anyone have a spare friend founders pack code? itching to try this game out! won’t go to waste already got a friend playing and love the moba genre! If not i understand not wanting to give a code to a stranger but thought it was at least worth a shot =)

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