PlayStation VR launches this October, priced £349.99/€399.99

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PlayStation VR launches this October, priced £349.99/€399.99

A transformative new gaming experience is nearly upon us

With the annual Game Developers Conference in full swing, I’m pleased to give you an exciting update on PlayStation VR. Today, we are announcing that PlayStation VR will release in October of this year for a recommended retail price of £349.99/€399.99/AUD$549.95/NZD$629.95.

That is a bit later than the timeframe we previously stated, and I want to thank everyone for their patience and continued support. PlayStation VR represents a transformative experience in gaming, and we wanted to take the time needed to launch with a broad variety of content and a sufficient supply of hardware. We are beyond excited to deliver to consumers the amazing experience that PS VR offers.

I’m also pleased to reveal the final consumer version of PS VR, including all of the contents that will come in the package.


Today, more than 230 developers are building content for PlayStation VR, from smaller independent teams to larger studios at the industry’s top publishers. We expect to have more than 50 games available from launch in October 2016 until the end of the year. Of course, the full promise of PlayStation VR will continue to grow over time as talented developers create new experiences and new genres that wouldn’t be possible outside of VR. The future looks bright indeed.

Additionally, The Playroom VR, from our very own Japan Studio, will be available as a free download from PlayStation Store for all PS VR owners at launch. The Playroom VR will include six games that can be enjoyed with friends and family, demonstrating why we believe virtual reality can also be an impactful experience when it’s shared.

All those who purchase a PlayStation VR system will receive a PlayStation VR Demo Disc that will feature a number of playable experiences from some of the best games from the launch line-up.


The standalone PlayStation VR headset will be launching in UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia and Czech Republic, in October 2016.

PlayStation VR will be available to pre-order soon. For all the details on PS VR and information on how to pre-order head over to Please note, the PS4 system, Dualshock 4 wireless controller and PlayStation Camera are sold separately.

With PlayStation VR, the future of gaming is almost here. We’re excited to share more with you as we head into launch later this year.


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  • Don’t forget to add the cost of rebuying your games

    • Oh shut up….

    • All those who purchase a PlayStation VR system will receive a PlayStation VR Demo Disc that will feature a number of playable experiences from some of the best games from the launch line-up.

    • Don’t forget to demand everything for free because you don’t understand how world works.

    • The only thing you going to have to rebuy (assuming u own a ps4 already) is the Playstation Camera.
      AND JUST MAYBE some headphones(like no one owns headphones now a days right?)

    • Oh sorry, Playstation Move-Sets are also a requirement.

  • Nailed that price!! Day one for me.

    • Same here. I’m completely PSVR ready, still have my move controllers, even my gun attachment. It’s a long time through to october though, Luckily I have a Vive coming soon. What a stellar gaming year this is going to be.

    • Agreed. The price is definitely more than welcoming :D

    • I said to myself I would consider this at €250 but I guess I’ll have €250 to spend somewhere else woo hoo thanks $00ny

  • Can we get a list of what’s included in the box. Looks like a lot of wires.

    • – Earphones
      – PS VR headset
      – The box it comes in
      – Micro USB cable
      – HDMI cable
      – Power cable
      – Power brick
      – ‘Black box’ for processing
      – Cable to connect PS VR to black box
      – Quick Start Guide

    • Her pretty little head

  • And the bundle including the camera and two move controllers costs… ?

    • Don’t think they’ve said anything about a bundle with the move controllers, they’ve mentioned one with the camera.

  • With that price I can say RIP Oculus Rift. You had a chance.

    • Different people… Those with high end PC’s who were going to buy oculus won’t suddenly change their mind to this cause it costs less.

    • The rift and psvr won’t have the same experiance.
      So I’m not surprised they didn’t have the same price.

    • I’m afraid you simply fail to understand the difference between the two.

    • Oculus is just a 3D viewer with a gyro.

      PlayStation VR and Vive are the only real VR headsets in the market.

  • Good price point for the launch, shame about the hike on the GBP price again. Kinda wish I was going to Canada this year and pick on up there for the equivalent of £290.

    I’ll be giving PS VR a miss for the time being at least. What the future holds though could mean that I jump in later down the line.

    • I was thinking of having my parents ship me one from America then I did the math and decided against it. In the US they add the taxes at the till. In California, where my parents live, the sales tax rate is 7.5%. On $400 the taxes would be $30 bringing the gbp equivalent to £305. That’s still a better price but then the shipping costs would bring it close to £350 or at least close enough that going through the hassle isn’t worth it. I may as well pay the £350 and get it sooner.

    • The US price wont include sales tax due to the various rates of sales tax applied per state.

      If you convert the $399 to GBP at today’s rate ($1.41/ £1) its about £280, plus VAT @ 20% brings it to £340.

      Still getting shafted as the dollar has been steadily strengthening, but even if it was at $1.5-$1.7/£1, we would probably have had the same price.

      But then again, this sort of information should really be coming from the blog staff, not it’s customers. Still waiting for any sort of response to any of the questions raised in this post alone . . .

  • Why is South Africa not on the launch country list? :(
    I thought it will be a global launch in October in all territories where PS4 is sold

    • Because there’s nothing really “official” about our PlayStation support in South Africa considering we are completely supported by a third party instead of Sony directly.

      I bet we’ll still get it in October or very shortly after much like we did with the PS4.

    • getting information out of SA retailers is like trying to get blood from a brick. All i want to do is preorder and give people money for PSVR

  • Seriously…OCTOBER!! My excitement level has just nose-dived!!! I understand that a product has to be ready for launch but all the hype and we have to wait that long, especially given the other big players are just about to launch! It just feels like it’s being done for a big launch for the Christmas market…there is another market than just Christmas!!! Not cool!

    • You’re so right. The big corps are totally screwing with us, not giving us the latest piece of high tech right now. I’m sick of capitalism just like you, bro.

    • Not much point releasing hardware when there isn’t any worthwhile games for it…

      So far all the games are still being worked on and personally im not really impressed by any of them yet.

    • Same here Moist G. Until I see some real Japanese/Korean Games in it there is no point in buy it. Since all you gonna get are shooting and racing games, like we have been getting for almost 20 years and ppl just don’t seem to get tired of it….

  • Will i be able to use my glasses underneath the head-set? This is the most important thing for me to know before i decide if i want it or not.

    • Yes you can…it’s adjustable for those with glasses. I’ve seen posts/videos from people who have tested it with glasses on.

    • It’d only be those who are near sighted who’d need to wear theirs.

    • Uhm…or anyone with astigmatism.

    • IRL FACT
      My cousin cant take is glass’es off for anything, but he tried PS-VR in Lisbon games week, and said it didn’t felt any discomfort with it.

      So rest assured, Sony got you backed on this one. <3

  • A realistic VR set price and a slew of games. I’m on board!

  • Will be released in October and the just like the Vita, PSTV, Move, PS4 Camera, Wonderbook, Eyetoy and any other add on item that Sony has released it will be supported for about 6 months and then ignored.
    If there are still great games coming out for this after a year or so then I’m sold but Sony has a bad history of supporting anything that is not the main console.

    • You do realize that this uses the move and camera, two of the add ons you mention, right?

    • I agree with you on this one and only time will tell. Sorry but not day one for me. I really hope it’s not just another one for Sony to cross off the bucket list.

    • Sony simply isn’t able to support anything without third party support. That’s what Nintendo ist trying to do with the Wii U – see how that’s working out for them? If third parties support PS VR, Sony will, too. That however depends on customer’s reactions during launch time. Nonetheless it’s a smart choice of you to wait.

    • This stance that Sony kill everything off is quite amusing in it’s wrongness.

      If anything launching Playstation VR with existing technology they already have shows just how serious they are about NOT letting go of existing hardware.

      Same with the Vita…they created the PS TV to try their very best to save that piece of hardware but it just didn’t work.

      You can’t fault them for trying.

  • The price is acceptable, but the release date is too late. I don’t think I’ll be able to go seven months without upgrading my PC and getting a Rift or Vive in that time. I’m already thinking about where the money can come from.

  • I approve of this – reasonable price and launched just before the holidays. Consider me an early adopter.

  • Okay, I’m interested.

  • Great price point compared to competitors, I’ve tried it in Tokyo 2 weeks ago and it’s awesome. As long as October only means a smoother launch and more content so be it…

  • Price is perfect but October is so far away :/ I understand you want to wait so there’s a decent amount of games at launch but you announced during the press event that it can be used with non-vr games so it will be like your prior HMD’s in that respect that would have kept me happy till the games launched. Was hoping for a May/June release so i could play no mans sky in VR! I’ll be placing my order tomorrow (if they go live :P )

  • So excited. I’ll be on board for a day one purchase. Aus pricing is great and better than I expected given competitor products.

  • “Positional tracking with 9LEDs requires PS4 camera” right? :/

    • Yes, I read on IGN the camera is required. It’s not included in the base bundle, so you’ll have too add a bit to the 399… ;)

  • Time to buy a cheap camera

  • iv been with ps vr since day one and I’m so hyped up i bought the camera last year for the ps4 i bought more ps move controllers I’m just so hyped about it but 10000% day one buy for me i know some people be like why buy its not gonna be good but in my opinion the vr brings out the real emotion and feeling thats in the games instead of us sat there playing the games now we get a chance of actually feeling what it like the games m hyped up about is RIGS until dawn rush of blood london heist the walk the vr playroom and theres a lot more.
    iv been a fan of playstation since i was 3 years old I’m 19 next week and every moment all the best memories all the fun has been through playstation and i really think if playstation wasn’t around the moments with my friends and family wound not have happened and i can’t wait to make more memories with the ps vr

    • Punctuation was inventet for a reason. Here’s a quote for you, I forgot whose it is: “One will always struggle, either the writer or the reader” (badly translated from german)

    • i have problems spelling yes i failed english class

  • Seems quite cheap really. I am going to wait tho for a smaller version with no wires to hopefully in the future :D

    • Hm, just know that that is going to take several years. I wouldn’t even count on the next version being wireless, as the latency would increase. But if size and weight are important to you, I hope version two will come out soon, so you can join the joy :-)

    • enjoy the fun while your still alive

    • I’d guess that Sony are already thinking about a PlayStation 4.5 that would be a much upgraded completely backward Compatible PS4 with a large focus on VR performance….I’d expect one of those in 3-4 years if VR really does take of.

  • So you delayed PSVR to manufacture enough units and still half of the europe will not be getting it this october.
    Same happend when the PS4 launched, two months delay in some european countries.

    Europe is big market for PlayStation, and it always feels like we are second rate customers.
    Has it ever happened that you said “we are releasing in 20 states in US, and others will get it at a later date”.

  • The price is quite ok when you compare it to the PC version, but I’ll hold on until I see the games (I like the concept, but I’m only interested if gameplay-based games are done for VR, not if VR-based games with sub-par gameplay are the only options).

  • Great price! Will probably buy this at launch, starting to feel the hype!

  • Cheaper than I thought it would be, but I’m not a fan of vr. I think I saw another vr for around 800, so this is a good price

  • Think I’ll wait to see if they give up on this like all the others things they have brought out over the last few years. As I’ve wasted way to much money on Sony products for them to give up on them within months.

  • The only issues I have is having to buy that camera and my existing games possibly not being compatible.
    But I would consider buying all that if Alien: Isolation is one of the 50 compatible games.

  • No camera, no move controllers.
    It’s a bit of misleading. I understand there are some who already have a camera and/or move controllers but this is no way the final price.
    It’s a lot off cables….

    • Move Controllers aren’t essential, that’s why they’re not included.

      As for the Camera, you can get it pretty cheap now anyway.

  • Yeah! I already have the PS4 camera and four PS move controllers. I can’t wait to get my head in this!

  • That should be the ADVERT!! Get yer head in THIS!

  • …Is for the players!…BOOM!

  • it needs big games like gta 5 to work on it and does it support pc

    • It can’t and won’t manage that, they’d have to massively degrade the image quality, it’d look like a snes game.

    • @CluckNuggets You’ve already made your opinion clear that you’re unconvinced by VR. You clearly don’t know the specs and what it’s capable of, so you’re not really in position to make statements about such things.

  • Nope, this is only worth about £150 and lacks everything needed to make the most of it. Sharing the Play Room sounds like so much fun, you know swapping everyone’s head sweat. The medical issues are unresolved. The substandard content planned just isn’t good enough for a £400+ accessory. Sorry.

    • For the record I’m unconvinced of Virtual Reality on any platform at any price. I just know this setup hits below my own threshold.

  • I can see 1-2 years first party support and being put out to pasture like the vita so sorry but your not getting my money, I’m quite happy with my ps4 and have enough games to keep my vita going for foreseeable future.

    • 100% agree.

    • Yeah. For now, they’ve only announced games that look like technical demos or have Nintendo 64 level graphics (yeah, with better shadows, light and stuff). When they hype is over, only actual game experiences could save it, and: a) It doesn’t have the technical capacity to create a real VR experience with games like GTA V or Witcher. b) They won’t invest too much on the games unless they sell many copies of the system.

  • Excellent news. That’s a reasonable price that should, one hopes, encourage mainstream adoption of the technology.

    I must confess though, having bought into many short-lived novelty peripherals that have not been properly supported, I’m somewhat hesitant to buy into PSVR. Rival devices will support virtual theatre software that allows users to experience non-vr content (ie, movies and games) on enormous virtual screens and so forth, are there plans to bring something similar to Playstation? If it does that would certainly alleviate my concerns.

  • That is a good price considering the OLED screen in the headset. The only negative for me was the release date.

    I was looking forward to “forcing” a controller and headset upon my father soonish, so he perhaps could appreciate what I have loved throughout my life: games. But I am afraid an October release precludes that. Cancer cares for noone.

    Fortunatetely I encouraged him enough to watch me play most of The Last of Us a year ago. His verdict? ‘It was pretty good”, which, bear in mind, is an understatement, coming from Mr. Understatement. So I guess it was OK. Maybe even good?

    Good enough for me.

    I’ll miss you.

  • Price is decent for what you get. I won’t be getting it launch day (unless I can somehow try it out before release). Launch week for me depending if the reviews are good.

  • A couple of things to point out.

    Before that I’m truly excited for PS VR and hope it takes off. Playing games like No Man’s Sky in VR would be most impressive.

    However here are my concerns.

    1. The GBP349 price tag is around 70 pound more expensive than the USD price. As this is a 1st party product it makes no sense to keep doing this kind of nonsense.
    2. PlayStation’s track record with non-essential peripherals is nothing short of abysmal. The numerous camera’s, PS move and so on.

    • The pricing difference between EU and US will never change due to the way taxes work. We have VAT, which is included in the price, they have sales tax, which is not included, and can be 7.5% if you’re in California or 0% if you’re in New Hampshire, for example.

  • Will VR-whiners outnumber the vitawhiners in 2017? It’s a tough competition though they are mostly the same people with closet full of Sony’s abandoned merchandise.

    “I need this on my PSVR!”, “Where is PSVR love?”, “I didn’t buy PSVR to play Pong!”.

    Yes. It’s happening allover again until more people realize that Sony’s business isn’t about entertainment, it’s about hardware. They make expensive gizmos and they don’t care about how much you enjoy it after you have purchased it.

  • Going to wait and see how well it sells and if any good games come out for it its a cheap price ye but old move controllers probably will nother work will have to buy the ps4 versions

  • Will be helmet adjusted so that I can wear it with your Gold Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0?

  • £350? LOL no.

    tbh I wouldn’t fork over more than £150 for an accessory like this. They say they want to reach mass market with this thing. they expect everyone to pay that much? plus they’ll need the camera too… Hell no.

    • Not sure what you were expecting. Are you making a comparison to something else you’ve seen. Given the prices of the Occulus and the Vive I thought people would have been poised for a higher price point if anything. Maybe it’s too much to expect people to be informed about technology and competitors before forming opinions about what something should be worth. I dunno.

    • £150!? LOOOOL

    • Not sure if serious.

    • The point is it’s an accessory. One that’s supposed to have mass appeal. Yet costs more than the console. If they want to get them in homes they need to take a hit to their profits to get it going, or it may stall and lose support.

    • From the jump they’ve (House) said that they’d be treating it as a new platform, implies it’s not “just a peripheral” from their standpoint. It might require a PS4 for now, but I doubt that’s where it will ultimately end up, unlike other peripherals that Sony has rolled out over the years.

    • £150?

      Some people just want something for nothing, they really do…..

  • It’s $400 in America, translate to British sterling and it’s £283.07.
    And Euro is €399. That in British sterling is £313.46???

    • That’s just classic Sony inflation. You can’t take the US price point conversion because tax and various other things are different. However, with the Euro, because we’re part of the EU I’m pretty most of that type of stuff is largely universal, but Sony add a % and play with the numbers because… well, they can… seemingly. I don’t think anyone has ever sussed why it happens.

    • Nothing to do with inflation it’s UK VAT, pretty much all tech is like that.

  • That’s the perfect pricepoint compared to the competition, well done Sony!

    I’ll definitely pre order it

  • Not a bad price point. Glad it comes with a demo disc. One serious question to ask. I wear glasses and can’t use contacts, will I still be able to wear the headset and/or do glasses make viewing vr unsuitable. If someone could let me know that would be appreciated.

  • No1 ever tought about there eyes?!
    I dont think having a screen that close to your eyes can be healty.
    And a couple of ehes arent yet in store available…

    • It’s not just a screen in a box man. you’d just see a blur. It has lenses so the screen is properly focused.

  • The price is fine, but I will wait for reviews and some interesting games to show up first. I have too many Sony systems/peripherals the were rendered obsolete shortly after release. Sorry Sony team, but I’m not gonna trust you this fast.

  • NOPE

    Can see Sony being hit very hard if this doesn’t catch on.

    • Why? Because all I see so far is the most decently priced VR headset out there with a system that’s fully ready to run it as opposed to needing a high-end PC costing around £1000+

  • I want to know why we’re being screwed in the UK?

    Its $399 in the US with £350 in UK equals to $499

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