A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher announced for PS4, PS Vita

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A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher announced for PS4, PS Vita

Check out Ask An Enemy Studios’ clever arcade shooter

Well hello there! My name is Jaycee Salinas. I’m the Creative Director of Ask An Enemy Studios based out of El Paso, Texas. Yes, you read that right. El Paso, Texas. The city that brought you the recently reunited At The Drive-In.

We’ve proven El Paso can export some rad music — now let’s see if we can deliver on the videogame radness front. I’m currently working on bringing A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher to your PS4 and PS Vita this year. Yup, go ahead and let the Kinda Funny guys know that Ask An Enemy Studios fully supports and loves PlayStation Vita!


Risk, reward, focus, oh lord!

ADHD is an arcade-like score-chasing shooter centred on two themes: risk and focus. The challenge comes not only from controlling two ships simultaneously but from the player’s ability to focus on his score and deciding if it’s best to stay in and risk losing everything or leave with the score at hand. If his ship is destroyed any score he had becomes a big whopping zero. So let’s get into how this all works.

Your mission takes place on the planet of Zastrus. The screen is split in half. On the left side we have the HR-D Assault Vessel defending the entrance to Zastrus’ Core while the DF-R Reclaimer is inside recovering resources. The HR-D will not take damage but you must manage your fuel consumption. The DF-R will take damage and if it’s destroyed the result is mission failed and zero score. Amidst the chaos the DF-R can sacrifice Material to refuel the HR-D.

“Parts” are the resource that enable the DF-R’s defences and you must have at least four in your inventory to leave the planet safely and — most importantly — with your score intact. Your final score is multiplied but how much Material you were able to retrieve during your mission. The tagline here is “your score is meaningless unless you exit.”


Live leaderboards

I love leaderboards, but leaderboards hate me. How about we shake things up a bit? On every new run you will wager part or all of your previous score towards your new score. Your wager is irrelevant until you have reached your previous score. From that point on it’s up to you whether to risk it all or leave with your score and wagered bonus.

Your position on the leaderboard will reflect your decision and yes you will go from the top of the leaderboard straight to the bottom. How far you fall though is all up to you.

Community Boss Mode

From the beginning I set out to design a game where Twitch streamers can allow the community to interact with their game. I’ll expand on this one at a later date but it will be one of the final features I’ll be adding to the game.


Ask An Enemy Studios

At the risk of disappointing someone in the industry who made one of my all-time favourite videogames, it must be said that I’ve come this far without the need of a piece of paper on my wall that “confirms” my abilities. Abilities I did not know I even possessed until I started this endeavour.

I have no prior programming experience or game design background — I simply had the desire to learn, dropped out of a school, and carried on. I’ve fallen on my face plenty so far, and “plenty” is an understatement. There’s a huge possibility I can still fail but it must be said because I know there are tons of you out there lacking direction, conviction, or focus. The only thing I can tell you is if you truly want to make a game don’t sit around and think about it. Do it.

Thanks for your time folks. I’ll be back with updates soon. If you happen to be in San Francisco tonight at 7:00pm Pacific you can stop by The Mix and try out an early build — or stop by booth 11089 at PAX East 2016 and say hello. I’d love to talk video games with you guys.


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  • This looks brilliant, loving these arcade style games coming.

  • This looks great, I can’t wait to play on Vita! Best of luck Jaycee!

  • Really like the look and sound of this, ideal for the vita.

    • The aesthetics are in no way final so I’m glad to hear your diggin’ it so far in it’s current version. Hope you feel the same when it’s finally out

  • Love the Kinda Funny shout out :)

  • Liking the visual style. Controlling two things at once has never been fun though. Brothers was a good game but no thanks to the control system.

    However, let me do you guys a solid. ‘A Duel Hand Disaster: Trackher’ is an absolutely awful name for a game. It’s almost like you hate money. Judging by PSN Profiles, some of these new indie games are barely selling at all so the last thing you need to be doing is crippling your game with a name like that. Neither part of it sounds good and putting a colon in the middle makes it even worse.

    Best of luck with the launch. And one love to ATD-i for sure but guys, come on.

    • Thanks. If you want to do me a solid just don’t buy the game and buy something you DO like. Also if you were making the game I would probably think it’s dumb also, but it’s your game not mine.

      Thanks for taking the time to let me know what you thought though. Any opinion is better than silence. It’s shows you care just maybe not about this game. Tons more out there to keep an eye out for ;)

      As for At The Drive-In I find it kinda crazy that ever since Cedric learned to sing and really control his voice it’s changed things a bit. Those screams that used to be angst filled are now more pitch perfect squeals and sure it’s tough to listen to live, at least to the old materia,l but they have some new stuff coming that he can adapt to and that is exciting as all hell. Looking forward to it, sorry you’re not, but again just not your cup of tea I suppose. It’s all good

  • This looks like a great game, cannot wait

  • AAE, I love ATD-i. I wasn’t saying ‘come on, guys’ about them. More ATD-i = a great thing. I was just referring to the game’s name. I do love arcade/retro stuff though and will give the game the benefit of the doubt.

    • Right on!

      Yeah the name means something to me and that’s pretty much all that matters. If I were making a game primarily for financial reasons then I may have named it differently sure, but I’m not, nor would it promise any positive outcome. Clash of Clans is making millions not because it’s not called DartMouthButtface but because it’s designed to make money. I’m making a game that I hope people find engaging, but in the end I’m making a game because I want to prove that I can. Not to you, not to my friends, not to my family, but to myself. If you happen to like the finished product rad, otherwise at least we still have that new ATDI album incoming :)

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