22 new titles join PlayStation Now today, including Uncharted 2 and 3

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22 new titles join PlayStation Now today, including Uncharted 2 and 3

The games streaming service now boasts 180+ playable titles

Me: Knock, knock.

You: Who’s there?

Me: Twenteet.

You: Twenteet who?

Me: Twenty-two titles added to PS Now!

You: X-O

That’s right ladies and gentlemen – we went BIG for your latest update.

If (heaven forbid) you weren’t part of the PS3 generation, then this is the influx you’ve been waiting for. With 22 newly added PlayStation exclusives from a selection of our bestselling franchises, you can finally enjoy the games you missed whilst being totally forgiven for your earlier misdemeanours!

Uncharted 4 is only weeks away from hitting PS4s around the world so there’s no better time than to get up to scratch with the rope swinging, gun slinging series. That’s why we’re delighted to announce that the full PS3 trilogy can be played right this very second on PlayStation Now. What are you waiting for? Go get your stream on people.


Well, for those of you who haven’t already scrambled for your controllers, we’ve also added the award-winning, awe-inspiring Journey, FlOw and Flower, giving you the keys to a dreamlike dimension for you to explore to your heart’s content.

On top of that we’ve also added even more Ratchet & Clank and God of War games to the prequels we already have in the library, as well as tonnes of other titles from all sorts of genres.

Here’s the list:


If you’re not a subscriber yet then there’s no better time to join the gaming revolution – get your one week free trial today by heading to PlayStation Store on your PS Vita, PS3 or PS4 to download the PlayStation Now app, browse the games available and start streaming your favourite PS3 titles straight away. Once you’ve enjoyed your free trial, you can continue to experience the freedom to play for just £12.99 per month.

No PS Vita, PS3 or PS4? No problem. You can also access PS Now via PlayStation TV and compatible Sony Blu-ray players and Sony Bravia TVs. Just connect your DUALSHOCK 4 controller to one of those listed devices to take your gaming to another dimension.

If you’re still here, thank you for reading – now go, absolve your sins.

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  • Any idea when PS now comes to Ireland

    • There is a BETA running right know in Europe, so i imagine it won’t take very long before it launches.

    • When PS Now was announced in the UK they said something about the rest of Europe in the Summer of 2016.

    • Damn that sucks. I live up north and it’s weird to think that you’d be in the same tiny landmass and somehow still not have PS Now :/

  • Yaaaay, this is so much …. not usefull information … when PS Now ise’nt avalible in almost any EU country …

  • Why do I have to pay again to play these games? I already bought them once

    • why are you not playing them then :D
      you also hating because you have to pay for netflix? :D or any other videorental service

    • Imagine the iPhone 7 came out, and Apple says “Sorry, all your music from iTunes no longer works. You can either subscribe to Apple Music, or buy remastered versions of select albums”. You would jump straight on that subscription?

    • That was sublime.

    • Osc89: pretty bad example, lol..

    • Well it would be more like Apple releasing iPhone 7 and saying all your music from iTunes doesn’t work on your new phone you have to subscribe to listen to those but it does work on your older iPhone 6s you just can’t get new music. I wouldn’t subscribe I’d either keep my old device or switch to another manufacturer.

    • Probably a good prediction of the future regarding Apple & iTunes actually.

      Imagine if they took away the headphone socket and forced you to buy your ‘beats’ headphones again. Would you do it?

    • @Osc89
      but sony aren’t saying your games no longer works. If you bought them on your PS3 then you can still access them on your PS3. This is an option for people to play these games on other devices.
      I dont understand why having more options is seen so negatively by people. You have not lost anything by PSNow being around

    • I have lost the convenience of having my entire PlayStation library in one place. Something that everyone else (Steam, Xbox, Wii, Apple, Google…) is doing or working towards.

      Sony has solutions to play PS2 and PS3 games on PS4, but in both cases they would rather squeeze a bit of extra cash out of us than make us have any faith in investing in their digital library. Very shortsighted.

    • @Osc89
      “I have lost the convenience of having my entire PlayStation library in one place. Something that everyone else (Steam, Xbox, Wii, Apple, Google…) is doing or working towards.”

      You want convenience at no cost which is not realistic. PSNow costs money for Sony to run and its giving you the option of playing games on more than just a PS4 so i dont think you can expect it to be free. If youre complaint is lack of backward compatibility on the PS4 then thats different to PSNow. But in any case, you have lost nothing with PSNow being available. Convenience is something you want, but its not something sony has taken away from you by offering PSNow

    • I would say the fact everyone else does it for free means it is very realistic. It costs money for the rest of them, but consumer trust is worth more. And it is backwards compatibility. It requires internet, only has some games, and charges you again, but that just makes it bad backwards compatibility.

    • “Why won’t my Blu-ray player read floppy disks?”

  • I know a lot of knock knock jokes, but I’ve never heard that one before XD

  • Kinda cool, but id like to know when real backwards compatibility is coming? You know like Msoft is achieving with X360 on X1, i own a bunch of games for my Ps3 digitally, and it would be amazing to play them without having to pay and stream them.. Any reply would be much appreciated.

    • It’s never going to happen because the PS3 is vastly too different for the PS4 to emulate PS3 games natively that it would take a huge engineering undertaking and an awful lot of cost to even attempt it, let alone that there’s no guarantees it would reliably work.

    • Because you know that, right?

  • why would you want to stream the Uncharted trilogy when theres already an Uncharted remaster trilogy for PS4?

    • Apparently theres a small bunch of people who just have to play these games when they are not by their PS consoles (and they always find good enough internet to do so).

    • Maybe some people want to play Uncharted 2 or 3 multiplayer since it was cut out of the PS4 Collection.

    • Because PSnow isn’t a PS4 hardware feature.. It’s a service that can be used on a samsung smart tv, bravia or any supported device. Come out of the little bubble you are in that thinks things like this are done solely for your PS4 as a backwards compatibility option. It has nothing to do with backwards compatibility. Its a Sony games library service app.

    • Because they can charge you for silly services that nobody really wants.

  • Sony is proving just how greedy they are this gen. not allowing ps3 backward compatibility, blocking PS2 discs being played even when they updated PS4 to play PS2 games, making ps plus required for multiplayer , downgrading ps plus game quality and wasting money on cash grab services like PS Now. just remember gamers don’t forget Sony and you will struggle selling the PS5 and begging people to buy it. crap, greedy, exploitive company.

    • *YAWN*

    • Fully agree. Always disappointing when a company makes a decision that will mainly hurt the people who have invested the most in them. They are being very shortsighted.

    • They aren’t “allowing” because its not possible. Please give me your best input in how the low powered jaguar CPU will be able to emulate the PS3’s cell well enough that it could then emulate PS3 games. The only way that happens is if they make a new PS4 with a cell in as a secondary CPU for backwards compatibility purposes. But if that happened £350 launch price would not of been anywhere near a reality.

      You are nothing if not short sighted. PSNOW is not just for PS4 gamers to play PS3 games. Its for vita, Bravia and Samsung tv owners, it will eventually probably be everywhere including PC. its a service ala Netflix not a PS4 system feature.

      Educate yourself.

      PS2 games are emulated by their own internal program on each game, its not a PS4 hardware feature otherwise there would be more then just a couple a month releasing. Once again do a bit of research before you just assume everything is how you have made it up in your head to be.

    • @Footos if PS Now isn’t a solution to PS3 BC then they should have no problem making an emulator.

    • @Footos22 If an Xbox One can play Xbox 360 games, A Wii U can play Wii games and PS3 games are easily ported to PS4, it can do it. Please come back when you’re a developer.

  • Me: Knock, knock.

    Sony: Who’s there?

    Me: Iona.

    Sony: Iona who?

    Me: Iona copy of that game already. Can I come in?

    Sony: No, you have to pay again.

    Me: *leaves*

    • No-one is saying or forcing you or anyone else to ‘pay’ again. Sony hasn’t turned up at your house/flat/hovel and taken away your PS3. You can still play those games.

      If you don’t like it then don’t buy it. Also Sony does not have to add backwards compatibility to the PS4 and if you don’t like it then let them know with your wallet/purse/ill-gotten-gains by going elsewhere.

    • ChazzH69>> You are of course correct, although you are providing me with no new information. I feel like you’re barking up the wrong tree; I was merely making a light-hearted comment about the offering, and as you will notice, I decided to *leave* – not burn their house down or throw rotten fruit at it – so there is really no need for you to get your knickers in a twist ;-)

      P.S. Don’t worry, I know perfectly well how to make use of my ill-gotten gains :-D

  • I have to buy the ps TV for playstation now but apparently belgium is not ready to have access to this service
    Any idea When it Will Comes ?

  • alot of hate for PSNow. I love it. It gives the Vita a massive collection of games to play and when you compare netflix are charging £7 for movies i dont think £13 is unfair to play so many games.

    Sony arent taking any of your previous purchases away by having PSNow, it just gives you the option of playing them on different devices anywhere with decent wi-fi.

    Anyway, im looking forward ot playing the god of war games with trophies on my vita!

    • If Netflix literally only had 200 or so movies that I had already watched and perhaps had even purchased directly from them (I know you can’t purchase direct from Netflix in uk) then yeah you could possibly compare the two.

      Until ps now has a hell of a lot more content and possibly new content (ps4 games) it’s expensive imo

    • I’m with you in this. I pay around £11.50 (credit is always cheaper than face price) and feel there are enough good games I’ve not played to make it worth while. The fact my Vita and PS TV get even more use is a bonus. If the price was £9.99 (face value) I’d probably do it each month. Right now I dip in as and when I think I’ll get my money’s worth.

  • Why care. Not here either.

  • I’m so glad I still have my PS3 with over 200 games sitting beside my PS4.

  • I have Playstation Now Beta in Germany on PS4. But i also own a Playstation TV. How can i download the PS Now App there. The German and US Firmware version is the same. It is possible to make a US account to download use the PS Now App in Germany?

  • Why don’t you create a PC and Mac client? Given that you’ll be supporting remote play from the computers surely the next move is to give PCs and Macs a PS Now client too?

    I’d probably think about shelling out then as I could play PS Now from work, as well as numerous other places.

    • I’m confident a PC / Mac client will be released eventually. Remember way back when before the PS4 launch Sony mentioned the possibility of PlayStation Now being on phones and tablets.

  • With all the people grumbling about moving to PS4 before Yakuza 5 release you should aim for that series with your next PlayStation Now library update.

  • How about a yearly sub? £60?

    • I second this. After all there was a limited time only annual subscription for PlayStation Now users in the US.

  • Same here @Mojo__Man. Won’t be paying a penny towards PS Now until they get at least 1000 titles on the service AND there be some PS1/PS2 games with trophy support in there too. Simply not worth it for a small few PS3 games I already own.

  • I think that PS Now is a great idea idea for the vita, but they need to allow you to fully remap all the buttons to both buttons and touchscreen. Currently, you can’t change l2 and r2 from the touchscreen to the vita’s shoulder buttons, making games like alpha protocol impossible to play since you can only aim/shoot a gun via the touchscreen.

    Also we need more rpgs available instead of just the action based or indy games. If there were demon’s soul’s, skyrim, dragon’s dogma, ni no kuni, ffxiii, sacred 2 etc available I would seriously consider subscribing just to play them on my vita.

    • I agree some better button mapping within the app would be great. Failing that you can buy a grip for the vita which adds some physical L2/R2 buttons. Its great for PS1 games and PS Now. Also make it a bit more comfortable to hold and easily defines where L3/R3 are on the touch pad.

      I’d definitely recommend it.

    • Any plans for an annual subscription like the US? I love the service, it adds so much value to my Vita and since I’m often away from home it is great to have access to so many games. I hope you can add more soon and get the service to the rest of the EU.

  • You need to sort out the cloud save service, if I’m paying for your service so i can play my PS3 games from home i should at least be able to use my PS cloud save. It’s a bit stupid that PS Now cloud save is completely separate from my actual PS3 cloud save….

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