Introducing Totally Digital on PlayStation Store

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Introducing Totally Digital on PlayStation Store

New dedicated area for digital-only titles kicks off with some tempting savings

Hi everyone. This week sees the launch of a new area on PlayStation Store. This is a dedicated destination for the best in digital-only games, featuring best-sellers, the latest discounts and pre-orders for upcoming titles.

The Best-Sellers section features the top digital-only releases of the year mixed in with a few favourites from 2015. There should be something in there for all tastes!

In the Digital Discounts section you’ll be able to pick up savings of up to 50% on select digital titles. We add new deals regularly – make sure you check back on 16th March for the next batch of discounts.

In addition, over the next couple of months we’ll also be shining the spotlight on six exciting new digital titles releasing on PlayStation Store. You’ll be able to pre-order a selection of big new titles from tomorrow, and in doing so you’ll pick up a 10% discount on their launch price.

Check out the full list of games below, and let us know which ones you’re planning to pick up.

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  • Salt and Sanctuary for me!!!!

  • Can’t wait for Day of the Tentacle! Was hoping for a launch discount so 10% will do nicely :D

  • Salt & Sanctuary to start with….but I gotta ask.
    Why have you still not returned the PS1/2 sorting/tag system? Or heck, the PS2PS4 sorting? Asked more than 3 years ago and I always get the “looking in to it” answer and one rep even started yelling about how much c%ap she had gotten….well she had a bad day I reckon but still.

    • I remember when they tried to brag about how cool “Discovery” option is…

      I’ve used it once… just to notice how badly designed it was.

      But yeah… we’ve been asking for PSX tag for quite some time already.

    • Discovery is really bad. Whatever Algorithm they are using to recommend me games have nothing to do with my purchase list.

    • @Rildiz
      Disovery =/= Recommended games

      Discovery is that rarely used by anyone tag where there are already for example… all digital-only games (in Indie section), or games under X GBP or open world games etc.

      But yeah I agree with you… that recommended option never worked properly. Just because I bought Theme Hospital it recommended me some horror game… oh and of course Batman Arkham Asylum… because you know Asylum.

    • Ahh yeaj, discovery was that thing that only showed a few PS2, or PS1?, games on PS3. My bad my bad.

  • Can we also have PSX tag back? And also PS2 tag… Please?

  • Day of the Tentacle Remastered is the way to go :D

  • Day of the Tentacle Remastered is the one game I am looking forward to but I am going to wait until it is downloadable for free on PS Plus.

  • The Playstation Store is getting better and better. Way to go guys!

  • CravingForCookie

    Is Invisible Inc coming out on 19 April? I didn’t see any announcement so far. Awesome!

    AIso count me in for Enter the Gungeon, Salt & Sanctuary and Day of the Tentacle (but only if the reviews are positive for these games).

    • If you never played Day of the Tentacle than it is definitly game you should play!

      But if you already played it before…. than unless you want to feel like frozen hamster traveling in time… I would skip it. It’s great game… and because of how great it was, I already had my own share of DotT when I was younger… I know it by heart so I would beat it in just half an hour.

  • So basically all the indies that are too good for PS Plus. Broforce with framerate issues, input lag and sound bugs though? You can have that!

    • Dude, you got Resogun at launch. The most perfect PS4 game out the gate.

    • What’s your point? That was in 2013. The indies we get these days suck, and Broforce barely works. Giving us a good game over two years ago isn’t really an excuse

  • Probably Stories: The Path of Destinies, but maybe not at the launch…

  • I wish people would refer to downloadable games as “downloadable” games, not “digital” games. DVDs and Blu-rays are digital too. There are zeroes and ones on that disc, not analogue data. It’s not a vinyl record.

    What you mean is “digitally-distributed”, but that’s not what you say. Please stop perpetrating this misnomer.

    • 1 THEY are digital games and will always be called digital games downloadable means downloadable to ps4 not downloadable games so digital games are what they are called like it or not!

    • xiuyinghong Exactly, Digital media exists in several forms. People still call Downloadable Content DLC, Not Digital Content. As long as the information is polarized in 0’s and 1’s it’s Digital. This is true in CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-Ray.

      CoolRichy007UK what was your 2nd point and was it easier to read than your first?

  • I hope you guys are reading the comments for feedback on the store.

    I don’t understand why you guys are launching this section- there is already a digital only section under games so this makes no sense.

    What you need to improve is the rest of the store. Look at how the US store is laid out- do that! There needs to be a dedicated classics section, but that’s just the start. Our store is organised so badly, it comes off as lazy. It needs a huge revamp. Of all it’s problems, it seems funny you’re shining the spotlight on a section that’s already there? Please just look at your friends in the US’ efforts, multiple countries and localisation isn’t an excuse for a good store layout.

  • When does it start?

    There’s nothing on Store yet

  • Where the heck is Alienation?

  • Wonder if there will be anything Vita related on there

  • Salt & Sanctuary any good?

  • Looking forward to Salt & Sanctuary on the Vita! It’ll hopefully be like a Souls game on the go.^^

  • Is there an ETA on the new area? I can’t find it.

  • So if my old memory is correct, the prequel to Day of the Tentacle, Maniac Mansion, was playable within the game itself.

    So is Maniac Mansion also remastered?

    • I bet it’s more likely to be removed than remastered. Asked myself the same question, though. What happens with one of the greatest easter eggs out there? Scrambled.

  • So, this post doesn’t actually mention the prices for these games whereas the US one does…

  • Invisible Inc. is a fcking good game!! Loved it on PC, I’ll probably buy it for PS4. Also want Salt and Sanctuary, and Stories: The Path of Destinies.

  • Awwww yes, Enter The Gungeon!

  • I would buy Invisible Inc., BUT… My PS4 was getting broken so many times I lost 4 months already waiting on warranties, will lose another one, still. For the term Sony was responsible, I got it serviced well, no complains (besides breaking down). Critical issues are actually improved in newer consoles, so I am glad I’d have to worry less about that in the future. If you felt annoyed about losing 1 day of PS+ to PSN issues, imagine losing 4-5 months to hardware issues. Just wanted to give some constructive feedback, why I would not buy Invisible Inc right away. I have purchased way enough games to be engaged for a few months. Sony, hardware is important, too! You are losing sales while warranty service takes place. Please, keep improving. Other than that, 2 years with PS4 have been truly enjoyable, and I thank you for that!

  • Invisible Inc. sound tempting (I love pretty much anything by Klei!), but preorder incentives on digital copies make me wary. Why not trust us to buy the game at launch? What are you hiding?

  • Salt and Sanctuary – Your article says its out on the 15th, but i’ve also heard its out the 22nd in the UK – which is it? I’d really like to know, thank you!

  • I preordered “The Park” and now it’s vanished from PSN Store. The link on the above list has also been removed. Anyone know what’s going on? I haven’t received any email accept the preorder confirmation.

  • Nice to see more stuff being added to the store to make it easier to find what your looking for.

    One thing I’d like to ask about. Could we please have the Option to organise our Download lists by Platform for example tabs for All, PS4, PS3, PSV, PS2, PS1, etc. Well you could probably bundle PS1/PS2 into which platform their actually playable on but you get the idea. Right now just scrolling through a list that seems or organised totally randomly is really annoying. Just a thought :-)

    Keep up the great work guys!

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