Pang Adventures promises classic arcade action on PS4 next month

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Pang Adventures promises classic arcade action on PS4 next month

Pix the Cat developer Pastagames puts a new spin on an old favourite

The wait is over. Time to annihilate some aliens. Pang Adventures hits PS4 on 19th April!

If you’re not familiar with the Pang series, either you’re too young or you’re not hanging out in enough arcades! It’s one of the most popular games from the ’90s, a game in which players guide two brothers on a global quest to save humankind from a massive alien invasion. And believe me, these villains didn’t come here for the sightseeing!

We. Are. So. Excited! Pang Adventures is DotEmu‘s first PS4 game, and we’re proud to have teamed up with the folks at Pastagames (Pix the Cat) to create a new episode for this beloved series. We’re equally proud to receive the blessing of Mitchell Corporation, the original game’s developers.


We worked really hard to infuse Pang Adventures with new ideas while staying true to the series’ original spirit. The result is a great balance between the traditional gameplay we loved in the good old days and some fresh mechanics. This new adventure debuts never-before-seen features like unique attack ball types, epic boss fights, and amazing new weapons!

As you can see, the Pang Bros. have upgraded their gear since the last alien invasion. Machine guns, flamethrowers, lasers, shurikens… you name it, they have it! Tap into this awesome arsenal and defeat the attack balls pouring down from the skies!

Adventures are best shared

Cooperation is a proven strategy for defeating bad guys, and this game’s couch co-op feature is tons of fun. Team up with friends and family to develop a successful strategy for saving the world!


Easy to play, hard to master

As my grandpappy likes to say, “The simplest recipes make the best cookies” — and Pang Adventures is a delicious treat specifically designed to please your gaming taste buds again and again. An easy-to-play philosophy makes it simple to start but hard to stop.

On the flipside, Pang Adventures is hard to master, just like the original game. If you want the perfect run, you’ll need keen eyes and razor-sharp reflexes to beat the high score and carve your name amongst the greats!

Enjoy playing Pang Adventures on your PS4. We’ll see you next month on the leaderboards!


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  • I loved Pang when I was younger, Super Pang on the Super Famicom was the best. I’m hyped.

  • Well, despite my thoughts about it (I believe some classics are better off resting on our memories) the truth is this kind of game should be on Vita, or at least on both systems…

    Indie games are ok, fresher ideas, new studios, everything is rainbow and unicorns… but, what’s the point on wasting the power of a ps4 on a game easily played on a game boy advance?

    I hope for you the best of lucks, but I think you are missing the target…

  • There’s any chance of a PS Vita version?

  • Day one purchase for me, I still break my Super Pang Collection on PS1 from time to time :)

  • *break out … (I definitely wouldn’t want to break it!)

  • I LOVED the old PANG Games :P Would be COOL if all the old original PANG Games could come to the PS4 to, to :P + MILLIONS of old Arcade Classics to, I miss them :(

  • This was always one of my favourite games on the Amiga and even remember finding a Pang arcade machine while on a family holiday in Turkey once.
    Great memories of this game and is fun to see it coming back, looking forward to it.

  • Used to play Super Pang in the arcade back in the early ’90s. I loved Panic Mode and managed to get the high score which stayed on the machine until the arcade eventually closed. I feel like a purchase must be made.

  • Whoa, this is awesome. I don’t know how many many many hours I’ve played the original Pang! on the Amiga ~25 years ago. So I very much look forward to this! :)

    That said, it would be very nice if the original Pang! was released for the PS4 too!

  • I would love to play this on the PS Vita!

  • I was just complaining to someone that I missed old arcade classics like Pang, it seems to be one of the more unknown but clearly still well loved games from the 90s. Am dubious about the focus on new weapons though, it could defuse the perfect agony of firing a wire up and missing and reduce it to just a sort of balloon shoot-em-up

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