No Man’s Sky release date confirmed: 22nd June 2016

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No Man’s Sky release date confirmed: 22nd June 2016

Pre-orders for retail, limited and digital editions open today

Hi everyone. First off, the big news: we’re very excited to announce that No Man’s Sky launches in Europe on 22nd June 2016 (24th June in the UK). Players will be able to start exploring Hello Games‘ procedurally generated universe and claiming their discoveries from then on.

The second piece of news is that there WILL be a Blu-ray version of No Man’s Sky hitting shops near you. We know some people have guessed at this already, but we’re pleased to be able to officially confirm it.


In the background, Sean Murray has been working with Dave Gibbons (co-creator of Watchmen and Kingsman), James Swallow (Mass Effect, Star Wars, Deus Ex writer) and famous sci-fi book cover artist Angus McKie to create a comic book sharing some of the lore of the game. We all thought it would be cool to include this along with a gorgeous art book from the game, a SteelBook with unique artwork of the Atlas, and a dynamic theme by Mr Div (well-known 3D visual artist and creator of the No Man’s Sky logo) in the Limited Edition we’re also releasing.


Finally, we’re also opening up pre-orders today on both the physical editions and on the digital version. Please check with your local retailer for details on their exclusive pre-order offers.

We hope you’re looking forward to exploring No Man’s Sky as much as we are! Find out more here.

DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004
No Man's Sky Landing Pad
No Man's Sky Creatures
No Man's Sky Monolith

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  • Staggered release huh? i’ll check out prices for a retail version :)

    • It’s time Sony standardised their release dates so games come out in all territories on the same day – Fridays!

  • Playstation VR? :D

  • 60€? No, thank you.

    • Agreed, pass.

    • this is basically AAA game. if you want shallow milked Assasins creed games go right ahead. the amount of work and ambition is worth paying for to experience a brand new exciting virtual world.

    • @ spacedelete2

      If you like the game and the price, then go head and buy it. I am happy for you, really am.
      In my opinion, the game didn’t justified those 60€, but that’s it, my opinion.

    • and yet you fell for the facade of a game that is Star Wars Battlefront.
      This game is one of the most ambitious things I’ve seen and I really hope the small team do spectacularly well with it, it would be well deserved and a breath of fresh air against the annual dross that is pumped out by other studios and publishers.

    • @ MikLSP

      Dont blame me, i am a SW fan. I would by air if it was labeled “Star Wars”.

    • *buy (sorry)

    • Loooooool. Deluded.

    • From now on im gonna call them goodbye games $60 i dnt care if its a AAA game anyway ratchet n clank will out sell this :D

  • definitely interested in this. I’d like to understand though if there is some kind of story.
    Also seeing in the collectors edition you get “bonus resource” is a bit worrying. I hope there wont be micro transactions

  • So long to wait… please do a beta!!!

  • Will be getting that limited edition if it’s cheap enough.

  • Indie games cost £50 now? I’m out.

    • Why does the lack of a bankrolling publisher mean a game has to cost less? The price should reflect the quality and scope of the game’s content, not how many people made it.
      There are plenty of examples of “full price” games with lots of financial backing and huge development teams which were utterly terrible; Aliens Colonial Marines, Assassins Creed Unity, Duke Nukem anyone? Yet nobody baulked at those carrying a retail price tag before launch.

    • at least they are offering a physicalversion unlike that hipster scam artist Johnothan Blow.

    • Why exactly do you think that a developer who is not bankrolled by a large publisher deserves less reward for their game?!
      It is time people learnt what “indie” actually means and had a think about what sort of people the gaming industry is built on in the first place, because it was on big money publishers pumping out the same game every few months.

    • Game will fail so dnt worry

    • @MikLSP this game is made by a few people. It shouldn’t cost that much to make compared to a AAA title that has hundreds of people working on it. Even large studios bring out games by smaller teams for a smaller price.
      The size or length of a game is irrelevant. Tomb Raider costs as much to make as Fallout 4. This experiment doesn’t.
      Don’t get me wrong, I would love to try the game but at a realistic price of 20 bucks. Now the developer just looks greedy.

  • This is amazing!! Finally!!!

  • Its been treated as AAA title

    • And why not? The sheer scope of the game warrants a full retail price, never mind everything else that it entails.

      People need to stop with the ‘Indies should be cheap as chips’ rubbish.

  • Yes! It’s finally confirmed. I’m getting on blu ray. Ignore the idiots saying it’s not worth a full price release. This game will become the world record holder for how much space there is guys!’

    • Those “idiots” are entitle to have an opinion, same as you. If you don’t understand that, at least don’t be disrespectful.

    • I think it looks rubbish I’m waiting for uncharted 4 and ratchet and clank proper games.

    • Calling people idiots will only get you in trouble

    • Am I entitled to my opinion that people whinging about an ‘indie’ game not being worth full price are idiots?

    • The mere argument that indie games shouldn’t cost as much as AAA releases is fatally flawed, and assuming a small team is somehow worth less money is absurd. You can have your opinions all you want but it’s idiotic to whine about the price when the game isn’t even out yet and no one who’s whining has even played it yet. You only need to look at Ubisoft and the broken Assassin’s Creed Unity to realise that big teams often produce inferior games to indies. The development time of No Man’s Sky is also similar in length to that of many AAA titles. Surely smaller indie teams need support rather than everyone moaning about their pricing? It happened with The Witness and Jonathan Blow stated that there’s over a hundred hours of gameplay. No Man’s Sky is the biggest game of all time in size and while that’s not indicative of quality, for me what I’ve seen is more than enough to justify the price point.

  • £50 is a lot of money. I’m afraid at this price I may not be playing it for quite some time. I don’t believe just because it is an “indie” creates a reason why it should be cheaper but I feel the price is disproportionate to what we have seen as yet.

    • You’re assuming here that fifty quid is the ‘real’ price, as opposed to the ‘what it’ll cost on PSN’ price.

    • Clicking on the pre-order link shows the psn price as £49.99. I was actually hoping for some reason it might follow similarity to other releases and be cheaper physically because of this. But I’m not hopeful

    • You understand it will probably be £39.99 in supermarkets right?

  • I’m have no idea what this game is or does!?

  • Got to say, that Limited Edition is looking tempting.

  • Why does the uk have to wait longer than everyone else for a game that has been made in the uk ? Sony this is poor to say the least, so should I just get an American PlayStation account to get it day one plus I could get it at the cheaper exchange rate. This is by far a shoddy move on your behalf and I hope Hello Games are as disappointed as I know many uk fans are and will be.

  • Day one for me. This is everything I hoped the original Elite would be back when I was 12. :-O The real icing on the cake would be VR support ;-)

    • I’m genuinely fearful for what VR will do to my outdoors life if this is compatible with the PSVR… Goodbye real world, hello space dinosaur friends!

  • Finally! A date as to when I should try to have everything complete in Elder Scrolls Online (bar Emperor)! ;-)

  • Is there any explanation as to why the UK has to wait an additional 2 days to play the game? I genuinely don’t understand this in an era of digital releases. No Man’s Sky is a game of exploration, allowing players the ability to discover/name as they move through the Galaxy. Why should UK based players be prevented from doing this for 48 hours? If this is simply due to a physical release schedule then at least allow UK players to access the game digitally at the same time as the rest of Europe.

    This isn’t the first game to suffer from this. Earlier in the year European players had to wait 2 days longer than American players to get their hands on Bloodborne. I can understand that different regions experience a number of factors driving physical release dates, but there is no excuse for digital releases not occurring on the same day globally.

    Please Sony, have a look at your digital release policy and stop punishing players in favour of assuaging retail outlets carrying physical copies of your games. I just want to be able to jump into No Man’s Sky at the same time as everyone else, and not have to sit and watch the rest of Europe playing it on Twitch for 2 days first.

  • Physical version? Sold!

  • This looks amazing thank you to Hello Games for making this No Man’s Sky.

  • …and then you realise there is also a different PC Collector’s Edition…

  • Game looks amazing, what’s up with staggered release though? I’m definitely going to get it but it’s a shame that I’ll have to wait 3 more days than the US. Just wondering what the reasoning is.

  • Very very very disappointed at whoever made the decision to stagger the releases and, even worse, put the UK last. Only the country in which the game is being developed.

    Seriously bummed right now, not a feeling I was expecting to have when finally getting a release date. And I’m not the only one.

  • I’m sick of hearing about nomads ski now boring yawn.

    • Then maybe don’t look for or read articles about it. It’s not like anyone’s forcing you to like this game or even read about it.

    • I’m just giving my opinion on the game no harm in that, nomads ski looks super boring imo.

  • I need that limited edition though…

  • Cannot believe people are moaning about the price. They are clearly deluded.

    • I wouldn’t download this, even if it was free.

    • Thanks for letting us know. Why are you in an article for a game you have no interest in?


    • It’s just my opinion, don’t take it so seriously.

    • They want the game, but are too tight to actually pay up what it deserves. If they didn’t want the game they wouldn’t be bothered. A lot of people here don’t actually understand what this game is, and thus decide to hate. ITS A FRIGGING INFINITE UNIVERSE. They actually achieved that, AND built a game out of it- they also kept their integrity and kept it a small team working on a labour of love, even when Sony DIVED on it with all their financial backing knowing how much of a big deal the implications of this game are.

  • i think for what it looks like in the build we are seeing now in reviews on gun and other game site it looks amazing and I’m happy to pay more for it on collectors edition.

  • Do international versions come with multiple language options? I live in Germany, but I’m not fluent in Deutsch, my console is set to English as are all my games, I don’t wanna pre-order a game without knowing what languages it will be available on.

  • I am seriously excited about this. I’m so happy there is a physical edition and no doubt at all I’ll try my damndest to get the Limited Edition. Though will admit, I’m saddened to see the PC LE comes with some other stuff. Would LOVE that model ship.

    I note that the post mentions to check retailers for content? Does this mean there will be different incentives? I normally hate this, but anything that indicates the GAME aren’t getting a full exclusive is a bonus to me. Because goddamn am I sick of GAME muddling up my orders for the last couple years.

    Anyways back to the hype! I’m so pleased to finally have a date I need to book off of work! Haha! Well done Hello Games! I’m with you all the way! Ignore the naysayers about the price. The origins of a studio shouldn’t dictate the value of their work. And you’ve worked so goddamn hard, revel in the knowledge that you’ve come this far and soon you can get it out in the wild! :D

  • I’m really looking forward to the game, but in 2016 there’s no excuse for the game not to be released on the same day within the same region, especially when talking about a digital release. *smh*

  • How much is the limited edition going to cost?

  • Oh man 60 bucks is too ….. But i love your concept and if there will be MMO content and breathtaking storyline inside . OK we will see if PS4 or PC will be better for me (i believe in long term support and huge comunity optimalizations )
    I beieve also there wasn´t be lot of stpd repetetive generic missions as in Bethesda titles

  • Day One. I might consider the Collector’s Editions depending on the price.

  • Tim, Tim…Tim :)

    Awesome Limited edition but just one small problem something I hope there’s at least a chance which could be changed

    Can’t you get a more bright and colourful design for the Steelbook? Pretty please.

    I’m so sick of boring silver Steelbooks, the artwork for the game is so bright and vibrant which would have made an amazing Steelbook. Hell the game in question is bright and colourful so why not have a nice front cover on the steelbook with the Atlas on the back.

    There must be a chance this can be changed since it’s only March and the game dosen’t come out in June

    Please give me hope

  • Oh god… Looks like people are really happy to be milked by THOSE companies. They just pay hundreds of euros just for the MICROTRANSACTIONS or some stupid SKINS, MAPS, CHARACTERS for some empty AAA games but when it comes to an indie game “no, it does not deserve it because it is not a milking AAA game”. These people really DESERVE to be milked.

    Anyway, since Joe Danger, I really really waited for whatever comes from Hello Games because I knew that their new game would be awesome and here we are :)

  • COOL, thanks for the physical release! That Limited Edition is mine, it has to be…

  • £50 pre order no thanx it should be £20 well im not buying it

  • Wow such cry babies moaning bout price! I really like to support Hello Games for the huge effort, endless space and bits of innovation! I think it was clear after first presentation that this game will be no 0815 2D pixel indieshooter or such nonsense who better fits ps3 than ps4! Thx Hello Games day one buy for sure!

  • Such polarised opinions from people who have never even played the game. Modern gaming…

  • The physical release and price being higher than might be expected is actually making me more confident for this project to be worthwhile and closer to a AAA experience than your average indie game. It certainly has the replay value down and is graphically appealing in proportion to the potential amount of content.
    Hope the controls and other technical aspects are on point too, and that it stays an interesting experience for a long time. Love sci-fi and can’t wait for this. One of the coolest covers ever btw, got it as my laptop wallpaper too.

  • Where can I preorder the physical limited edition?

  • I stopped buying games over £30 a long time ago.

  • Any chance we might try it before release? Open beta would be fantastic!

  • Can someone please confirm that there is only 10k copies of the limited edition available?—s-Sky-Release-Date-Revealed–Limited-Edition-Detailed.html

    Some people are reporting that already on amazon sites it has a status of “currently unavailable”?

    • As far as I know it’s the PC Limited Edition with model spaceship that is limited to 10k copies

  • Proceedurally generated over 18 QUINTILLION worlds, created by a small team, could potentially last longer than the lifetime of our own Sun, and people complain about the price.

    COD, Assassin’s Creed and FIFA release practically the same game every year, often with bugs which take months to patch, at the same price and people buy them every single year.

    Gamers are a strange bunch.

    • Too true. This is totally worth the money. I’ve never been more excited for a game.

    • Omg someone with sense on here! you are so right, boring old COD, Assassin’s Creed etc. the same old rubbish churned out year after year. People need to realize the scope of this game and the fact that Hello Games are a very SMALL team and what they have achieved is amazing.


  • Have to say this is the first new game i’ve been excited for in quite a while. Sure they’re indie but it’s s full on AAA game not something like their last game.

    But I will say £50 for ANY game is still just too much to charge and I will never ever spend that on a solus copy of a game. I was looking to get this on PS4 but tbh I’ll probably go the PC route.

    Oh and 150 for that explorers edition is mental due to the awful exchange rate we’re looking at about 135-140 for a model ship

  • The hype has got me on this one.. Day one purchase for me

  • Super excited for this game. Who got the L.E for ps4?

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